Debbie Flint

Blake is 5, Devon is hectic, and sneaky peeks!


Wow, this jacket has gone down well this week again, it’s back in stock having sold out most of the colours last year. I think I have seven different colours now in my QVC wardrobe.

It’s from denim and co, very stretchy and comfortable, has inside pockets, and covers your tushy!! Did I say very stretchy? So comfortable… and stretchy! It’s 177 300, buy it now in your colour before it sells out!

Birthday montage

Blake is five

Went to her party on Saturday and helped out a little, bought her a lovely globe which she liked… My job was to look after little Kaleb, so I went and had a nice coffee in a nearby café while they set it all up. Kari and my son Brad did their daughter proud again – look at this lovely spread. It was a packed party with lots of noise! Blake loved the balloons and so did Kaleb. And then they opened the presents afterwards and Kaleb helped too! It was a lovely day, and I was absolutely exhausted afterwards as you can imagine! LOL. They said they’re not sure if they will do it again like that, it was after all, very expensive in a hall nearby in Parsons Green. There’s a lot to be said for going to a soft play! LOL. Anyway happy belated birthday little Blake who is now five going on 15!

Fun in Devon

Had another very busy retreat this week with a lovely group, it was a just write week, and the girls really enjoyed each other’s company, having never met before. One of the beauties of being away at a retreat just for writers. Lovely Cally did the most wonderful post, she is a very successful author (see below) and this is what she posted for me! Another successful week I think. (PS if you are a newsletter subscriber you will have seen one of the meals I cooked this week as I included a photograph of it in the latest email I send out every weekend!)

Finally if you are a subscriber to my newsletter (click on the newsletter link at the bottom of this page), you will also know by now that the other exclusive is what happened when I saw Gerald the dog, when I arrived at my lovely friend Jennie’s house for a long awaited catch up with Jen. He is so cute, he used to be Daisy’s best friend/boyfriend! LOL. Bless his little heart. The newsletter also gives you the link direct to my new blog when it is posted, all by email! So sign up now.



Another Week, Another Panto

Went to see the HATS theatre players on Wednesday this week, managing to squeeze it into a very busy agenda, with lovely Sheila from Holsworthy on the right, and my old friend Barbara (who used to hang around my Sheepwash house when she was a little girl because her mum used to work there when it was a shop!) Barbara was an absolute star, helping me make roast potatoes for the dinner that night, which I served to my guests before we left. We had a wonderful evening watching Jack and Jill, great costumes, and really enthusiastic performances, a couple of super singers, and some funny turns. Typical am-dram, brilliant for all the right – and wrong –  reasons! They do need more players, so if you live near Holsworthy in North Devon and you’re interested, go and sign up – one local young blonde lady comes from Ukraine and she was just appearing in her first panto. Loved it. Well done everybody concerned. I’d say go buy tickets but I think the Friday and Saturday performances are full. 

Then Barbara and I went back to mine and ate the dinner we had saved from earlier, a delicious roast chicken supper. Thank you ladies for another memorable outing!

Brain Twister

Can you actually read this? I can’t believe it’s intelligible. Well done brain!

view from room

View from my Room

Well, view from the steps outside the door of my room when I am staying in the barn bedroom in Sheepwash. What a beautiful view across the nearby hills. And that was the day we had lovely weather.

Then it poured down, then it was nice again. Another successful week though one way or another 🙂

Watch – so as you may know I do a regular #Thursdaybantz, which is a Facebook live. Regulars will remember that I did 100 nights of singalongs, yes, every single night in the first lockdown. Well over on my Debbie Flint banter group (a group for people that attend the #thursdaybantz each week), the inimitable Fraser Anderson has been reposting some of the singalongs. This one caught my eye, it’s the carpenters and I just love their songs. Still my favourite artists ever I think. So here is singalong 50 (see it here), from May 2020, in the middle of the lockdown, just for you.

I haven’t really been watching any major TV or catch up, or a cinema – more next week hopefully! I never do, on these busy weeks unless I get the chance to go to the cinema with Caitlyn. After all, the panto was this week’s outing! Oh yes it was… LOL  (see, you thought you had escaped those jokes in the text above ha ha.)

Funny – I SO do this! Do you?!

Podcast – Go here to get the latest Inside QVC podcast from Will, and the current one if you haven’t listened yet :-). Don’t forget there’s a massive back list to catch up on, too!

This week will Gowing catches up with leading podiatrist Margaret Dabbs OBE. Margaret talks about recently receiving her OBE, what her friends think and what’s to come! Fabulous foot and hand products, check out the range on our website. BTW, Margaret recorded it when she was away in a mountain in Austria – remember she likes mountaineering, believe it or not! One of the most memorable of the earlier Inside QVC podcasts! It ties in with her new today’s special value which is as below!

Book of the Week – Well I got well engrossed in ‘Solace House’, the latest in the Jackman and Evans series from Joy Ellis. Really gritty, this one. Unpredictable Twists and turns, setting up the plot for the next in the series. She is a really good writer, highly recommended but start from the beginning of the series: Solace House is book 9! 

And because of this week’s retreat, I would also recommend anything from C.L.Taylor. They are mostly stand alone but if you are wondering which one to try first, as she said when she joined me in this week’s Bantz (see vlog below), try ‘The Guilty Couple’. It is an amazing book to read, her stories always keep me engrossed, and are really well written with some fabulous twists. Check them out!

Vlog – The Thursdaybantz with none other than bestselling author, crime writer C.L.Taylor!!  (See it here).


Friday (today) – go to and search ‘today’s special value’ to see and buy what’s left of the Vionic Agile Cassis Zip trainer, a great price and on three easy payments! I always, always use these built-in orthotics, or else Vionic insoles, and really notice the difference in my knees and hips and ankles, when I don’t use them. Even in my middle back this week, in Devon, I noticed it, after spending hours on the hard undulating kitchen floor.

It really makes a difference. Don’t miss out!

Saturday – Tweak’d the Canadian hair care brand return with a cleansing hair treatment supersize duo.

Remember Linco beer? These have a similar all-in-one process, but with far superior ingredients, in my opinion 🙂 PS I used to love Linco beer!

Sunday – Mally is here! She brings a four piece refresh and impress make up collection.

I, however, am on at 8 pm with a whole hour of Prai beauty, followed by the midnight launch of the supper club by Althams, the great taste award pack of eight ready meals, new today’s special value for Monday!

Big deals ending Sunday night

Go to this section of our website each week to discover the current ones which often end on Sunday nights if there are any stocks left!

Big deals are available on air for usually a week, they may be longer online if stocks last. Occasionally they last a couple of weeks but there are new ones every Sunday night so come back again and see them on the link above. 

Next week should include:

– style – a Helene Berman tweed blazer! Wow!

– extra – the Sharpbody recumbent bike

– beauty – M.Asam 2 pc Vino Gold Day & Night set

– main – rush charge portable charger with three interchangeable tips, 4800 mAh.

Now back to the today’s special values for the rest of the week –

Monday – as above, launching on Sunday night, your chance to actually taste eight Altham’s meals, working out at around £9 per meal, from their great taste award collection, on our money back guarantee. After all comparatively speaking, who needs to go dine out when you have this type of amazing food.

Tuesday – Margaret Dabbs’ three piece supersize heroes for hands collection.

I can’t believe the price, I think there must be a mistake! It’s absolutely incredible for what you get for this premium brand! Massive handcream, massive hand wash, and a super size of the nail and cuticle treatment! Please stock up, it will be a flyer!

Wednesday – sachet vitamin company Your Zooki are here with vitamin C one month supply and turmeric two week pack.

Thursday – this is going to be another flyer – the Kipling Dottie phone cross body bag (I have a Radley bag down as well, hopefully it’s the one I said!)

Friday – Clinique’s long-awaited return heralds the three step regime collection in at today’s special value. Time to stock up if you love this brand!

Friday 9 pm – Shark anti hair wrap upright vacuum

Next week – a weekend with the babies in Wales! Have a great week. Hugs. 

Best wishes


PS Happy belated Chinese New Year!

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