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Bee Diamonique is back! And sneaky peeks…

Well it’s finally back! In celebration of world bee day, in May, my bee Diamonique Jewelry returns, with some brand-new designs. Look out for it on my show on Tuesday 2nd of May at 6 pm – for three solid hours! I will have lots of fun with Alison O’Reilly I’m sure.

In celebration, I was asked if I wanted to do a photo shoot. So not what I like to do! As I explain in this week’s newsletter (hopefully you subscribe and you’ve got it), it was way out of my comfort zone! The theme featured Hollywood icon-type images… First I glammed up, a bit like Marilyn! (Okay not much like Marilyn, but you get the idea). 

There was another little white dress as well which was very wedding/christening/floaty, both of them were from phase 8 I believe. Then it was time for a smart black Kim and co shift dress,  Sunglasses, and a beautifully done Audrey Hepburn-esque beehive, courtesy of the lovely June from Makeup Junkies who is a genius. This is one of my favourites from the day, and the top pic on this blog is now my Facebook profile picture!

Over on my newsletter this week the exclusive pictures include what happened when I found out about one particularly adventurous shot… plus the effect of totally inappropriate, entirely glamorous evening shoes, on my tootsies!… 

In addition, check out the funny below – I was giggling to myself when it happened behind the scenes on the shoot!

Anyway look out for the Diamonique special which is coming up, including the three hours on Tuesday which premier some of my lovely new Debbie Flint bee jewellery designs. Also watch out for some of the footage and photographs taken by the professionals, appearing over the next few days!


Dress of the week

198010, a fab Julien Macdonald faux wrap dress was what I slipped into after removing the nonstretch (aka stifling floaty glamorous stuff!) Carolyn the model looked so gorgeous in it when I did the show with her recently, I couldn’t resist. After the promo shoot, holding my tummy in all afternoon, the stretchy fabric was a godsend doing the Kelly Hoppen home decor hour. Several people asked about the dress too, so I will definitely wear it again. As soon as my tummy has recovered!

That’ll be the ‘Wednes-Day…’

Mum treated me, and ex sis in law besties Alison and Nikki, to tickets to see ‘That’ll Be The Day’, at Epsom theatre midweek! It was such a good night, taking a trip down memory lane, with this long-running entertainment show featuring songs through the decades. Reminded me of being entertained in the days when we used to go to holiday camps. Proper sketches, funny sendups including a hilarious Mick Jagger one, and some brilliant, brilliant performances of music through the ages – from the 50s to the 80s. Highly recommended! Catch it on tour if you can 🙂 They change it every year and I think I would definitely go again next year. Thank you mummy!

View from my coffee cup – and a fab weekend with Blake & family

Little Blake came to stay, overnight on Friday. She is five now and was very good company, apart from when she went and put on a load of my makeup without me knowing, and came out with brown eyeshadow all over her eyes… and cheeks! Shame I forgot she had used that brush the next day when I applied my own foundation – you can guess what I looked like!

Anyway I just got my new balcony stacking sofa set I ordered from QVC, which I’m delighted with, because the footprint is so small. I sat out one warm day last week – for hours, eventually getting a throw in order to make the most of it and stay out a bit longer. Anyway, I kept the huge box for Blake, and she made the most lovely camp inside it, getting toys and chairs and tea sets while she dressed up in her Disney clothes. Such a lovely age. And such lovely memories for me.

Brother Derek popped by, with eight-year-old Evie who had a right old game with Blake, so did his daughter Hannah with her son Sunny. Then I took Blake back in the evening on Saturday, and had a little play with Kaleb who sadly had chickenpox but happily he was picking up a bit, bless him. On the Sunday I went to help out at my brother’s new place, where the Flint family gang all got together to help decorate, speedy Gonzalez-style, and slip-slap, the painting was all done and dusted within days, ready for the new carpets to be fitted. My new shark vacuum really helped – see below.

New Shark Vac

It’s so useful for getting underneath furniture and up high – particularly helpful in my 11 foot high ceilings in my flat in the old converted hospital. Always good to snap one up when it is a today’s special value offer. Join me Saturday 9 pm and it’s on all day Sunday!


My lovely mate and fellow QVC Presenter, Alison Keenan made her big announcement this week. Go here to hear it from her own lips. And get a tissue ready, bless her 🙂

Watch 2

I’ve also been watching ‘Unforgotten’, series 5 was new earlier in the year, and am quite enjoying it. Sanjeev Bhaskar is a very good actor! I’m about to start watching ‘1883’, though, the prequel – to the prequel – to the famous popular series ‘Yellowstone’! And discovering what all the fuss is about with ‘Succession’ – just started watching series one! More next week.


Go here to watch something funny that happened behind the scenes on the shoot! It tickled me something rotten all afternoon! Especially with how trendy the photographer was!

Plus – I thought this would make you smile! Our family do sudden selfies, wherever you are you take a picture. Here’s one from when I was in the hairdressers having my highlights done! LOL. Thought it might be a useful antidote to all the photo-shoot glamour this week haha!


Go here to get the latest Inside QVC podcast from Will, and the current one if you haven’t listened yet :-). Don’t forget there’s a massive back list to catch up on, too!

This week Will talks to leisurewear guest Alison Pyne, about her career and how she got onto QVC!


Go here for this week’s #Thursdaybantz. And a very funny episode from when I was on the shoot!

Book of the Week

Well I am persevering: I’m now on book 3 from the D.I. Nikki Galena crime series by Joy Ellis. But it will probably be the last one because I’m afraid the narrator seems to have got worse. This pronunciation and the wrong emphasis on too many words, means I’m just about at the end of my patience as I keep being taken out of the story and distracted. This is a big no-no, as far as audiobooks are concerned. It’s very very very very annoying. Her name is Henrietta Meire and I’m afraid I will be avoiding any books narrated this way in the future. I may even resort to getting them on Kindle and letting Alexa read them to me. It can’t be worse. 

The most infuriating voice is that of Rory the pathologist. Charmingly depicted with a light Scottish camp lilt in another series, (where the same character appears in the novels featuring Jackman and Evans), sadly this narrator makes him sound like a witch in a children’s story. It’s really really bad. 

There I’ve had my rant. 

Almost all the reviews say how bad she is, yet she’s been used for the 10 audiobooks. 10! I won’t be getting any more from this Joy Ellis series with this narrator. It’s a shame. E.g.,

DETT-rit-us for ‘detritus.’

Swoth (swath)

Wayne (wan)

And the worst one of all… Guess how she pronounced beauchamp!!!



Just to let you know, big news for people who have ‘Sky Glass’ TVs, you can now get all of our QVC channels in HD! Yay.

Friday (today) – go to and search ‘today’s special value’ to see and buy what’s left of the Fitquest exercise bike, one with a white seat and a back rest! You can use it while you are on the mobile!

Saturday – Well done if you’ve got the ninja outdoor griddle that was supposed to be the TSV through the day on Saturday. Since it’s already sold out they have brought in 2 super insulated innovations shopping bags instead. But the hour will also feature a similar ninja item, look out for it with the talented Gail and my lovely mate Will Gowing! And I’ll also be launching Shark with another cordless vac on the 9 o’clock show!

Sunday – see above, the fab shark Vac is back, the cordless one that bends in the middle! Yet another opportunity to get it at today’s special value price for one day only, don’t miss it!

Big deals ending Sunday night

Go to this section of our website each week to discover the current ones which often end on Sunday nights if there are any stocks left!

Big deals are available on air for usually a week, they may be longer online if stocks last. Occasionally they last a couple of weeks but there are new ones every Sunday night so come back again and see them on the link above. 

Next week should include:

– Style – Julien Macdonald beaded kimono

– Extra – bell and Howell 300 lm bionic floodlight with remote control

– Beauty – Mally muted Muse dare to daydream three-piece eye collection

– Main – Foreo UFO anti-ageing device with skincare masks and an Issa play toothbrush

Now back to the today’s special values for the rest of the week –

Monday – Clinique Moisture Surge/Summer Must Haves 5 Piece; going on sale early, get it now!

Tuesday – Dannii Minogue printed bias cut satin skirt and a second one, a button sleeve blazer, into different lengths, as usual!

Wednesday – Crafters Companion Gemini II Diecutting and Embossing Machine with Accessories; going on sale earlier in the week, look out for it.

Thursday – Ultrasun 3 Piece Supersize Collection, also on sale early and an astonishing price!

Friday – Carole Hochman Cooling Jersey Dress in two different lengths.

Friday 9 pm – Shark return with a steam scrubber with steam blast, the S7201!

Plus the big bank holiday weekend will feature lots of gardening items especially all day Sunday with a Richard Jackson special for your lawn.

Next week – attending a New Scientist one day seminar in London called ‘understanding your brain’ – if I make it and my brain wakes up in time after a late night on Friday! Plus a flying visit down to Devon to help at the local elections.

Have a great week!

Best wishes


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