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Welcome to the Back to You Updates! 

Join me here for my regular well-being blogs, named after my occasional one month long series of shows on QVC UK (last one was January 2016.) 

Please note below all the social media platforms you can use to take part in a support system connected with well being too. Come join us!


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Good luck! And remember - don't just start as you mean to go on, keep going on once you've started!



archives -

Go here to read about the Bodyblade - incredibly efficient H.I.I.T. fitness device (here on QVC) - plus the full list of Bodyblade video clips is here - incl original blog beach Super6 with Bruce in LA 

Join the Facebook support group Bodyblade QVC is here. - do join.

Go here to read about TOXIC SUGAR in Aids to cutting back on sugar - impactful videos, blogs and info to help mindset change

Go to the TTFLS page on this website to read all about Till the Fat Lady Slims / Freedom Eating system and get links to where to buy Debbie's semi-autobiographical weight loss books.

Go here to join the Till the Fat Lady Slims Facebook group, and go here to see the TTFLS page with tips to inspire.

Go here to read my self-help book recommendations

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Derek the MDD trainee pup aged 11 weeks - more pics and vids from my trip up to see MDD - the fundraiser - the surprise donations - bruce and leigh tarte links plus imedeen from last monday
Gatineau, BB Q&As - Plus TTFLS - more amazing news - Tova next monday AND Dawn's now lost 11 and half stone! (pics). Another week another round of fab webchats. On Monday 16th it was the turn of pilates expert Marjolein Brugmann who enlightened lots of the Back to You gang about why it works so well and we had some lovely testimonials from people who had become much stronger as a result. More here nb (join the group if you can't access it - nb facebook glitches mean occasionally requests get lost - as verified by other admins on other groups it sometimes happens. if so, do keep trying. if you can see the group you have not been 'blocked' - that…
Back to You update - big Elemis sneaky peek, Xmas chat and Bodyblade Bruce's tricks! BREAKING NEWS - my well-being show is likely to be returning at 3pm on New years Day afternoon - ready to get you ship shape for the new year ahead! More in coming weeks... STOP PRESS! fRIDAY 13TH EVENING WEBCHAT ON QVC UK FBK PAGE - here's the link so you can go see what everyone had to say - and take the fashion sizing survey! click here for Deb's Friday 13th Webchat on QVC UK fbk page FREEDOM Some more health news hit the headlines this week with the whole 'diet drinks can cause heart attacks' message. It did…
Back to You Sister page is launched! And my well-being show returns to QVC UK in January. Well it's here! The members-only Facebook group 'Back to You QVC' now has a sister page - where people can post links and tips and offers and deals that are not necessarily QVC related, all as requested in the recent B2U group survey. To like the page and join in using the 'visitors posts' section, if you have anything to swap or sell or ask for go here - Back to You Tips and Deals page. Webchat This week's webchat was with Fiona from Decleor and can be found on the Back to You QVC facebook group here (just ping…
Cut back sugar and see what happens to obese kids in just 10 Days. Plus - members-only - Back to You QVC group all change! And the Survey Said... So regulars will know what's been happening with my Back to You group on Facebook - but here's a bit more info. From Tuesday 27th October, the status was changed to members-only/closed and immediately the activity tripled! Sharon Harvay our lovelly admin, and my mate who does it all voluntarily whilst being a busy mum and beauty blogger, and I were so happy to see all the lurkers' come out and start joining in more than ever before. And our membership has gone up to over 4200 now too. Results The survey asked members for their…