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Welcome to the Back to You Updates! 

Join me here for my regular well-being blogs, named after my occasional one month long series of shows on QVC UK (last one was January 2016.) 

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part 2 - Getting the help you need - or taking the first step. And more tales from you guys. Part Two - Gaslighting , No Contact and Moving on from an Abusive Relationship I'm pleased to report that the feedback I've had since last week has been outstanding - and so many people messaged me to thank me for highlighting this important silent menace in our lives - those who bully us in private and seem sweetness and light in public. Some horrendous stories of abuse came through which were painful to read, let alone to have gone through. And more on the topic of this thing called a 'narcissistic psychopath' , read last week's blog called Narcissist here…
narcissus... Emotional bullies part 1 Narcissistic... Following the previous article I wrote in which I mentioned my own experiences, a lot more has come out of the woodwork. And then I saw this feature in a magazine about poor Melanie B and her awful partner Stephen. And it's prompted me to write a follow on. Because the topic isn't seeming to go away. And a post on facebook asking about people's experiences has really opened my eyes to how many of us - including people we know who are covering up what's really going on - are sufferinG. there are now 4 parts to this…
Escaping the inescapable - or that's what it used to seem Ok so I’ve got a thing at the moment about creating joy. ‘Follow the joy’ was a short story I wrote and published a couple of blogs ago. And now it’s become a bit of a theme. So when I had a chat this week with a lady who reminded me of a time when my own life was so lacking in joy that I started to lose sight of my sense of self, I thought I'd write about it here. She said our chat had helped her understand things a bit better, so maybe this will help others too.…
wendy's provencale fish stew this is a copy of the latest newsletter which goes out to all subscribers! Hello! Well the final retreat with the lovely Deborah Dooley was a big success. So was the next one - the top picture is some of the girls in the sitting room. We wish Deb all the best with her move onto her cosy houseboat in nearby Bideford. # Since then we have had another week that also went very well. Now I’m pleased to announce the latest dates released for your writing getaway and news of some super themed retreats this summer – see…
NEWS UPDATE ON EPP (16th Nov) Another update for you - I was sent the results of my blood tests, and it turns out that there's this measurement of how much 'protoporphyrins' are in my blood, compared to the norm. Well most people will have less than 0.2 (of this specific protoporphyrin measuremnt) - well my measurement is 14.7. That's about 73 times the norm. ~So yes, I definitely have EPP. (see below if you haven't yet read about my rare genetic condition.) Dr Robert Sarkhany also told me that because of the odds involved and the rarity of what…