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Welcome to the Back to You Updates! 

Join me here for my regular well-being blogs, named after my occasional one month long series of shows on QVC UK (last one was January 2016.) 

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FAB research - literally Do attend the FAB research seminar in Brighton if you can - it's absolutely fantastic value for just £15. It's on Tuesday next week and when I went to the one in Bristol a couple of months ago, it was so enlightening to hear about how omega 3's are helping so many people's health and mental health in particular. If you just google it, and maybe look at some of the Youtube videos done by experts and doctors who have been recognising some of the huge impacts of sufficient omega 3 - mainly from fish oils - you'll be amazed…
To Supplement or not, that is the question... Some Fab discussions going on on healthy eating on the ttfls group atm following the healthy eating fiona philips programme and the benefits of certain specific supplements. Do listen to the Patrick Holford chat to help balance out why some people do benefit from it, specially Omega 3 - it crops up over and again in eg topics like alzheimers too. Some great info out there. Choose what is right for you. Who was it who said they felt a lot more switched in and had better markers of health after high dose EPA? Eileen Davies and i went to…
Sunbuddy is Back! And Coconut Oil - not just for smoothies! This week's Back to You begins with a reminder that protection is better than problem-solving - so make sure you don't miss out on your sunbuddy applicator - the sponge on a stick brought into the 21st century that sold out very fast on its debut on QVC recently. My sis is back with it, so get yours soon. I got mine for both my tan accelerator AND my my Ultrasun, which I can't reach the middle of my back with. Get it here on QVC! Coconut oil And what a brilliant ingredient coconut oil is. i've been loving using…
NSV’s - Non-Scales Victories Special – TTFLS Strikes Again Back to you blog NSV’s - Non-Scales Victories Special – TTFLS Strikes Again It’s been heart-warming to read this week about so many people’s success stories. With my semi-autobiographical weight loss books, one of the principles is not to be ruled by the scales. Weight isn’t such a driving factor and we try to measure successes in other ways – be it belt notches or compliments or movements being easier etc. So here is a little focus on some of those ‘non-scales-victories’ as we call them. The NSVs were coming through thick and fast this week on our Facebook group…
Big news about Omega Threes Make a change for May- omega three Omega three supplementation can help with a whole host of health issues – heart, immune system, skin, hair, nails, eyesight, sleep, depression/focus, attention-based problems, gut bacteria health and a whole lot more. Why? Because we evolved next to water and probably part of our requirement was to eat fish regularly, it is thought. Nowadays most people – most – don’t get anywhere near enough oily fish, which some recommendations put at between 500mg a day (heart health) of EPA, 250mg a day (brain health) of DHA or up to 2000mg depending what you…