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Welcome to the Back to You Updates! 

Join me here for my regular well-being blogs, named after my occasional one month long series of shows on QVC UK (last one was January 2016.) 

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strong women Saw a fascinating Horizon show this week – really made me think. Thinking being the operative word, considering it was all focussing on the power of the mind to help healing take place. THE PLACEBO EFFECT Had to include a little ‘essay’ this week therefore, on the wonders of the placebo effect (see bottom) … (of the page, not of me! Lol)… I’ve always been fascinated by the brain and this week’s Horizon stirred me into writing this piece – the links is below too, to watch it on i-Player if you missed it. Week 4 of 18 – Our…
Week 3 of 18 update, the Break the Habit Challenge continues. Dangers of aspartame. And more lovely comments from you guys! Week 3 of 18 – Our Break the Habit Challenge Continues. Fab ‘Break the Habit’ success stories. Aspartame the Dodgy Sweetener. And a valentine’s treat – or two! This week I’ve been mainly – - not eating till 6 on the hunger scale, - choosing what my body really wants (not my brain), - stopping when satisfied, and - giving my meal full attention. Yes, that’s the freedom eating credo, as fully explained in Till the Fat Lady Slims. This week, from 18th-21st Feb, I’ll be uploading a little freebie basic beginners outline to what Food Freedom is all about,…
7 February 2014

Escape the Diet Trap

Dr John Briffa's Book Week 2 of 18 – Our Break the Habit Challenge Continues. This week on the facebook site there’ve been some lovely ‘shares’ – individual stories of a journey that’s led to being down, or overweight, coupled with the determination to change things this time – do go have a look. And of course we now have our lovely closed group, for those most initimate shares and several ‘before pics’ have been posted too. I can’t tell you how proud I am of our girls on there, for lots of different reasons. Go here to read the Back to You QVC…
Before WEEK 1 of 18 - countdown to June. Hello one and all! If you're a regular on my Back to You QVC Group on facebook (go join if you're not) you'll know all about my new challenge. It's all explained in the long letter at the bottom. I'd love you to join me - just go leave a message on the facebook group and take it from there. The question 'which habit would you like to break' doesn't have to be concerning eating habits, weight loss, or fitness, even though mine are. And if you want to also send me…
feel better Final show of the series! What have you enjoyed most? And Kim from Kim&Co gives hints and tips about dressing right. It’s gone so fast, hasn’t it? January? Already we’re at the final show, this Monday night at 9pm on QVC UK. I do hope you’ve enjoyed what we’ve been doing and whilst it hasn’t always been possible to schedule purely New Year New You items, we’ve done our best to tie it in! KIM AND CO COMPETITION AND FASHION TIPS Since this week’s theme is health and beauty, I thought I’d mention Kim’s range, since in the promo, most…