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Welcome to the Back to You Updates! 

Join me here for my regular well-being blogs, named after my occasional one month long series of shows on QVC UK (last one was January 2016.) 

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andy rooney 1919-2011 ANDY ROONEY – WOMEN OVER 40 – the full article! And who actually wrote it…? Ever read something on Facebook, love it, take it at face value then google it and discover a whole topsy turvy version of what you first read? This pic is Andy Rooney, many years ago. On Facebook there’s a post still circulating three years after his death in 2011 at the age of 92, which has amassed some 500 000 likes! ‘His’ essay on the appreciation of women over forty has even spawned a Facebook Group called, yes, ‘Andy Rooney, Women Over 40!’ He was…
don't wait... Week 7 of 18 – Our Break the Habit Challenge Continues – and some key 'aha' moments... This week - In the Monday Essay - both sides of the Paleo Diet – what’s the logic behind it? ... massiv massiv massiv massiv info about how great Vitamin D is – see ‘other news’ below… My omega Quest continues - listen to the UK’s top expert talking about EPA fish oils and how they help mood, at a recent webinar… Plus see bottom left of this page for the archived Monday updates packed with fab health facts (stretching back to January,…
Never Quit... Week 6 of 18 – Our Break the Habit Challenge Continues Getting Geeky So this week, there I was minding my own business and happily posting merrily away on our ‘Back to You QVC’ and ‘Break the Habit BTU (closed)’ groups on facebook – all kinds of things about health and diet, when lo and behold, up popped a little link about even more studies showing EPA is so essential. Not one, but two! So I’ve put them below. Basically, it helps with arteries and with kids who have lack of concentration. More new studies for Debbie to get excited…
LHS enough DHA omega 3/ right hand side, not enough ...PLUS DEB’S RECIPE FOR A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE! The Magic of Omega 3. In response to a query on the Back to You QVC facebook group, about life after anti-depressants, and how omega 3 fish oils can help so many aspects of your health. This was my response, with input from the leading UK industry expert. I too was on SSRI's for 6 months, once, as some of u already know. (10mg low dose citalopram in mid 2000's) I cut down slowly and came off them after which it took another two years to really get back to normal, but high…
from Feb 1st to March 1st after Freedom Eating THE MONDAY UPDATE Week 5 of 18 – Our Break the Habit Challenge Continues with my second monthly pic! Well here we go with the second ‘before’ pic on my journey towards the end of June as part of our ‘Break the Habit Challenge’ (full info on facebook group – see links at bottom). I’ve found it’s been an enlightening process, getting back to Freedom Eating, my proven method of eating like a slim person (as in Till the Fat Lady Slims book – links at bottom). But of course in ‘98-2000 I already used it to lose 35lb and…