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Welcome to the Back to You Updates! 

Join me here for my regular well-being blogs, named after my occasional one month long series of shows on QVC UK (last one was January 2016.) 

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How Far They've Gotten This week, post Easter guilt fest? If you’re one of the many having a ‘start again tomorrow’ weekend, due to all the easter eggs around, have a look at some of the Info below – it’s so interesting, including how we self-sabotage when it comes to weight loss. Plus the Monday Essay is a big extract from my book Till the Fat Lady Slims, hopefully giving you an insight into a possible rescuer for anyone who’s fallen, post-Easter. And there’s a link all about the valuable job that spirulina may do – is it the new coffee!? Plus how about…
Hugging Medicine In this week’s Monday update – sharp reminder why health has to be top priority, Devon Yoga teacher explains ten different types of Yoga and Dating dilemmas – part one. First - Till the Fat Lady Slims Update – was well chuffed to see a strand on our closed Facebook Group ‘Break the Habit BTU’ this week extolling the virtues of how well the Freedom Eating system has worked for so many of you – thanks girls! Many are using my semi-autobiographical weight loss book TTFLS in order to get eating behaviour under control and there is a new version…
the emotion code In this week’s Monday update -– stretching – if you can’t puff yourself out exercising, you just gotta stretch! And meditation – seriously good in the battle against emotional eating. Plus ‘The Emotion Code’ by Bradley Nelson – a fascinating insight into trapped emotions creating disharmony and issues in the body. After another weekend of solid writing, this week I’m devoting the Back to You Monday Update to body issues and helping your mind. Meditation is something that’s been part of my life since 1991, when I regularly used to babysit seven under-fives including my own two, and thought I…
Well hello there Mr Mooli! Another fab week, including some interesting home cooked food for me at the writing retreat I went to over the weekend – gluten free stuff and some really tasty brownies! And I hate brownies! Except these ones. Deborah Dooly at Retreats for You in Devon is an amazing cook. So tapping into the old Freedom Eating choices was made extra diverse this week. (Long way of saying I had some cake! Lol). Funny how it makes my hand joints ached a bit next morning. Still – once in a while won’t hurt. However, we are now half way to our…
Debs on air 21st March qvc uk This week - In the Monday Essay – how amazing are shitake mushrooms? Plus news of how to get my Freedom Eating (semi-autobiographical 2002) weight loss book for 99p next weekend! Plus the Bodyblade is rocking our group! And the lower carb chocolate that could help solve your cravings. In ‘other news’ below… switch to Stevia? Can this new sugar substitute be the salvation of the sugar industry – or your sugar cravings!? Plus see bottom left of this page for the archived Monday updates packed with fab health facts (stretching back to January, including links to all the January…