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Welcome to the Back to You Updates! 

Join me here for my regular well-being blogs, named after my occasional one month long series of shows on QVC UK (last one was January 2016.) 

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Go here to read about the Bodyblade - incredibly efficient H.I.I.T. fitness device (here on QVC) - plus the full list of Bodyblade video clips is here - incl original blog beach Super6 with Bruce in LA 

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Bodyblade Olympics! And TTFLS success stories! Some super updates lately on Till the Fat Lady Slims Facebook group - the August Push is helping, it seems. Come join us if you haven't already, and get my books here, or read more info first here. Jane d -Another NSV (non scales victory)I've just got off of a submarine and went through small circular hatches that you have to hold on to a bar above the hatch, swing your legs through in front of you followed by the rest of you. Cork out of a bottle came to mind but, no! I did it with plenty of room…
Get Ready for the August TTFLS Push! Ok so it’s that time of year again. Either post-holiday tubby tummy (me after too much French stick, on my hol in France last month!) or pre-holiday tummy woes. Or just time of the year/month/life bulge. So the girls (and guys – there are a couple!) on the Till the Fat lady Slims Facebook group (here – come join us) have decided, in conjunction with the Bodyblade gang, to have a solid push during August at shedding bad habits and picking ourselves up off the Wayside and getting back on track for the rest of the year. Regulars will know…
21 July 2016

TTFLS reload!

TTFLS reload! i have loooooved what i've been reading on my TTFLS Facebook group this week - here's a cross section! Eileen sums it up perfectly! This is a group for life long dieters, yoyo dieters, or others with food issues. We recognise our weight gains are due to using food differently to the way our bodies want us too. There's no dieting, no rules, no banned foods, no must eat foods. And yet we have a bunch of impressive permanent weight losses. This fb page is all about support and celebration. Your Bible is TTFLS by Debbie Flint. You need to…
Back to Bordeaux and Sanctuary In the calm and tranquil surroundings of Chez Castillon writing retreat it's a perfect time for reflection. I find at this stage in my llife I can sit back on my laurels and just be content if I want to, since my kids are self-sufficient and 'sorted', and there are no grandchildren yet - just dogs! Yet I often fill myself with angst over the lack of achievement in my last year of writing. So we've been discussing it, my mentor Julie Cohen and me. And I re-acquaint myself with the fact that every author feels the same. It's the…