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Sugar Crash – RTE documentary on everyone’s lips in Ireland

Another year, another fabulous reminder of why we need to cut right down on sugar in order to be healthy.

Sugar Crash, from Irish broadcaster RTE, has taken the best from Professor Robert Lustig, added a summary of Damon Gameau’s ‘That Sugar Film,’ and bolted on a dose of dental warnings for good measure. Couple that with a real family going on trial to cut back, and you’ve got one of the most talked about new documentaries this year.

Aine on Facebook group Till the Fat Lady Slims said –

“This documentary was shown on Irish tv a few weeks ago & was 1 of the best documentaries I have ever seen. Every adult & child should watch it. The program concentrates on the hidden sugar in the foods we all eat every day. There are parts of it every single 1 of us can identify with. You always know a program is something special when practically everyone you speak to the following days is discussing it. Like I said it's 2 weeks since it was on & people were still discussing it at my workplace yesterday. Many schools in Ireland had classes on it & children viewed in in class. I would advise all of you for your healthy sake to take the time to watch it. It's quiet an education. 1 of the most important things I took from it is that every time you see 4 grams of sugar in the ingredients on the back of a packet - that 4 GRAMS = 1 TEASPOON OF SUGAR. Seeing the amount of sugar in that context makes it much more real.”

Here it is – Sugar Crash, from RTE, why sugar needs to go.

And I agree with the narrator on Sugar Crash – even as recently as 65 years ago they were telling us medical professionals and even doctors recommended cigarettes. And the gathering of executives from the cigarette industry in the USA in 1994 all swore blind under oath that nicotine wasn’t addictive. So who’s to say in another 60 years the nutrition-based healthcare of the future might be looking back in the same way at all our sugar advertising, knowing it created an epidemic of health problems including metabolic syndrome, hyperactivity in schoolchildren, tooth rot in under 5s who go around all day drinking juice because it’s ‘one of their five a day’. And so much more.

Sugar is addictive, for sure. That’s why you need to cut right back on it in order to practice Freedom Eating properly.

I’ve added Sugar Crash to my blog, Aids to Cutting Back on Sugar, where you’ll find many other references and links. So worth spending an afternoon swotting up – it may improve your health.

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Aine also has been having brilliant results after doing Freedom Eating from book 2.0 since xmas.

"Yes Debs I would be delighted if you would. I have been very passionate about this program in the many discussions we have had at work. By the way many many thanks for TTFLS I started it on New Years Day & have been following it 100% since. I have gone from having cluster migraines for weeks to having none at all over the last month. I am well on my way to my first 20lb loss. Thank you so much xxx . Good luck with your new book. Can't wait to read it"

So glad! It makes such a difference to get it right and give your body what it really needs. 


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