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So - big question! - which 'you' would you like to get 'back' to?! My reply is simple - the best body I've had in decades - in this pic from 2000. It'll take some ab work for sure! You with me? What's your target? Mine's to get as close as poss to this flat toned stomach by the end of the month.

This week's Monday Essay is designed to help you address several issues which stand in your way.



New year New you - what does it mean to you? Same old same old every January? One of the secrets to achieve change is - rethink your thinking.

Stop saying 'I never lose weight' and begin seriously picturing yourself succeeding - and how different life WILL be WHEN you finally achieve your goals. We are creatures of habit and being able to let go of old behaviours is quite hard. But repetition brings new habits so just start with baby steps and be kind to yourself.

- if exercise is daunting as you're so unfit, just do a tiny bit but do it every day. eg 20 seconds on the bodyblade or 3 minutes on the pilates machine - tomorrow do 21 seconds, the day after do 22 etc - you'll be surprised if you stick to it, how quickly the new behaviours lay the foundations for change. So just start.

- if sudden, strict diet change is too daunting then just change a bit of it at first. If you slip up, don't think you've 'gone and done it', only to binge and start again tomorrow. It's better to have a biscuit or even half a packet than to eat them and then eat half the fridge as well. Be kinder to yourself - act like slim people do and eat LESS afterwards, not more. And begin today.

- rethink quantities - stop at satisfied not at full - if you eat more than a fist sized portion at once (a small plate) or if you can feel your stomach starting to expand, it's probably too much. This revelation had the biggest impact on me when I first learned Freedom Eating a decade ago (full info on this week's QVC Blog - see 'blogs' tab above) and there's more about it in my 2002 book Till the Fat Lady Slims. Try it - it knocks your mind for six at first, especially if you've got 'finish your plate-itis'. BUT it feels so right once you're used to it.  NB - another sign of satisfied I get is taking a deep breath. Often it comes when there's quite a lot left on my plate. NB2 - You can eat the rest of the food later - just wait till you're sufficiently hungry again then it'll taste every bit as good as it did the first time.

- don't eat if you're not SUFFICIENTLY hungry - if you're not, then your body's not ready for food. It's like trying to fill up a petrol tank that's already full - it'll overflow - onto your hips and stomach! So wait till you're at 6 on the hunger scale - where 1 is vaguely peckish and 10 is starving - then foods will taste amazing as your body's ready for it. If you love your food, this will be a life-changer. You have to allow yourself to do this if you're serious about gaining Food Freedom instead of food ruling your life. Be clever if you have to fix family meals. Keep tupperware containers so you can take the leftovers home or get a to-go box if you're out - everybody does it now so don't be scared to do so too.

- choose what you really genuinely want to eat - your body will tell you what it needs as it'll be the thing that tastes the best, or which you feel like most. (If you don't get a clear signal or you feel like all of it, you're probably thirsty - so have a glass of water then fifteen minutes later if you're still hungry it should be a clearer signal.)

This is the system I used to lose 35lb just over a decade ago - just as I left QVC after my first six years there. It works for me - I hope it works for you. To read more please go to Till the Fat Lady Slims on Amazon, (taken from 'the Seven Secrets of Slim People (1998)' which was in turn inspired by 'Diets Don't Work'). BUT the latest science about sugar addiction means it's essential to also become sugar free first, in order for Freedom Eating to work properly straight away.



1. More and more press coverage is coming to light now about the dangers of sugar. The best life-changing video I've ever seen is 'Sugar: The Bitter Truth' - Dr Robert Lustig's youtube sensation. Go here to watch it. It's 90 minutes long but full of slides and statistics, amazing facts and unbelievably bad myths - myths which led to the explosion in poor health, because the change to Low Fat should also have been 'low sugar' all those years ago. Dr Lustig is a California endocrinologist who is the leading campaigner against sugar - and one of my modern day heroes. He's also funny and very watchable. This is his lecture at the university of california that kick-started the campaign.

I watched it four times - when I found out what was in it I had to show it to friends and loved ones and watched it with them. It was how I discovered that only the liver can metabolize sugar, fructose (bad) and high fructose corn syrup (even worse). Plus, no matter how much you eat, or exercise, a third of all the calories eaten in these types of sugar is converted straight into fat. So EVERY CALORIE IS NOT EQUAL. And that Fruit has fibre which counteracts fruit sugar (fructose) and should be eaten whole. By contrast, juices are fattening, they shouldn't be one of your five veg or fruit a day (which should really be 7 or 9 a day and mostly veg, but that's for another week!) Anyway, please watch the video - or some of the shorter versions of it on youtube. 

Dr Robert Lustig has also now written a book - 'Fat Chance - The Bitter Truth About Sugar' - to support the message. it's great.

2. Also - maybe first - watch the 14 minute report on the US TV Show 'Sixty Minutes', 'is Sugar Toxic' for some more shocking facts about the associations between sugar and illnesses. Other new scientific studies are proving the awful impact of sugars on the body - what it's doing to increase bad LDL cholesterol and cardio-vascular disease. Then even more shocking, how if you limit sugar it decreases your chances of getting certain kinds of cancers. It's a report from a 2012 US TV show, so watch it and make up your own mind. It's only 14 minutes, so go for it now. 

3. Want to know even more? Read nutritionist and macrobiotic consultant Marlene Watson Tara's guide - 'Fat Burning Simplified' - with even more info about why you should limit simple sugars across the board - including in white bread etc - in order to allow the fat burning switch to kick in. Utterly illuminating and possible the answer you've been searching for as to why you think you're eating 'right' but still not losing pounds, or you've plateaued. The solution could be in this link. It'll take about ten minutes to read it, so please do. 

4. And even the BBC has some helpful info about sugar - this time about how it's addictive in the same way opium or other drugs are. And that the more you eat, the less you get the reward stimulation in your brain, which means you have to eat more and more to get the same reward. Sound familiar? Watch 'Addicted to Pleasure' and find out more.

5. This interesting article mentions IQS - the I Quit Sugar programme, for even more 'how to' info, and support.  

If it seems impossible to cut right down on sugar, don't think of it that way. Just think of it as being curious. Then more assess when you've read up.



All of this info may help you KNOW versus just UNDERSTAND. And if you know as well as understand then you can innately make the right choices without relying on 'willpower' alone. How liberating to then take steps to change the things you want to - and not be a slave to a substance that makes big money for others. To wean yourself off sugar is the next step and there are plenty of resources online to do that - Marlene's website has a helpful sweet vegetable tea if you absolutely have to have sweetness, for instance, and more to read if you want to lose weight.

Google other articles and be your own investigative reporter to transform your life THIS time.



Yes there's probably a book of that name out there somewhere. But basically if you're using food for comfort then that's , again, a whole 'nother issue. But it underpins your reliance as food as a prop. Using food to stop a hurt or if you're bored is not what food is for - food is fuel. Help yourself find out what you really need by reading or listening to some fabulous self-help books - as recommended on my current QVC Blog, here are a few of them -


‘Your Erroneous Zones - Escape Negative Thinking and Take Control of Your Life' by Wayne Dyer (pictured)

‘You Can Heal Your Life’ by Louise Hay – get the audio book if you can, she’s a fab speaker. So is Wayne.

‘Excuses Begone’ by Wayne Dyer – unveiling the ‘no more excuses’ approach to getting on with it.

‘The Biology of Belief’ by Dr Robert Lipton – a truly life-changing examination of what makes us tick.

These are ones which I’ve personally read and can whole-heartedly vouch for – seriously if you’re up for sorting your life out, do please try one – or all of them.

These could all help to break the cycle of using food for comfort. If you can be kinder to yourself and go on a journey of self-discovery, it'll maybe mean the difference between failing again, and finally changing your life and getting Back to You - the you you want to be.



Let's do it together and let's do it via the facebook group 'Back to You QVC'. Let us know how you get on.

Or leave me a comment on my QVC Blog here if you'd like to join in. Or leave a comment below on this page.

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Good luck



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