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Week 3 of 18 update, the Break the Habit Challenge continues. Dangers of aspartame. And more lovely comments from you guys!
14 February 2014

Week 3 of 18 – Our Break the Habit Challenge Continues.

Fab ‘Break the Habit’ success stories. Aspartame the Dodgy Sweetener. And a valentine’s treat – or two!

This week I’ve been mainly –

-          not eating till 6 on the hunger scale,

-          choosing what my body really wants (not my brain),

-          stopping when satisfied, and

-          giving my meal full attention.

Yes, that’s the freedom eating credo, as fully explained in Till the Fat Lady Slims. This week, from 18th-21st Feb, I’ll be uploading a little freebie basic beginners outline to what Food Freedom is all about, the principles around which my semi-autobiographical weight loss book is based. So watch out for it! Click here to see more. (link being enabled shortly) More news Monday.

And so far I think I’ve dropped another couple of pounds, but am not weighing myself. Debbie Sinclair Bunn who’s taken to Freedom Eating big time, and even went as far as to throw her scales in the bin! Attagirl! Do it if they decide whether you have a good or a bad day – don’t let an inanimate object decide whether you will have a good or a bad day!

Meanwhile, on the facebook site there’ve been some lovely success stories including this one, from Nicola Brigden. It warms the cockles of my heart to read words like these. Thank you Nicola, and do keep it up ladies!

“So last night I spent 1/2 hour reading TTFLS and the first wee lightbulb has gone off in this daft head of mine! Had my dinner and brain said 'get weight watchers choc roll'; hang on a min brain, tum do u want it - not at the mo, happy with chicken dinner - OK will check with you in 15 mins 
15 mins later - tum do you want anything - not at the mo. It was a bit later that my tum started to say it needed something - after discussion/listening we agreed on a glass of milk 
Looking forward to another 1/2 hour with the book tonight ......
Oh, and thanks again to the Ladies who were generous with their encouragement yesterday - I am now in happy place and 1/2 lb loss is GOOD.”

Great post, Nicola! And of course our closed sister group, for those most initimate shares and precious ‘before pics’, is also growing in number with over 200 posts last week alone. Am sooooo proud of our girls on there, and their stickability and enthusiasm and support for others. Do come join us, it’s never too late! And if you’ve got a ShareStory you’d like to feature on here, just email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. All the links to the groups are at the bottom of this piece.



Specially for Friday’s Valentine’s Day, I’m setting up two freebies –

-          Valentine’s Surprise – originally written for QVC readers – is going to be free on Amazon from Saturday 15th till Wednesday 19th February. It’s the short story of finding your Sir Galahad, no matter what age you are it’s never too late! If you’ve read it and loved it, I would really appreciate your kind review on amazon or goodreads! Click here to find it on amazon – free from Saturday.

-          Plus the new steamy chapter – Hawaiian Escape Extra – Helen and Allesandro in Tuscany – is going to be available as a free download from my website too! You just have to sign up for the regular newsletter on my home page to hear how to get it.



Did you know there have been more reports to the FDA about aspartame reactions (also known by other sweetener names, full info in article) than all the other food additives put together? I was quite amazed to hear some of the stories posted on facebook this week, when I shared the link to Dr Mercola’s article which includes lots of useful links including to scientific studies. Many said they had reactions that needed a docs appointment and they all went away once aspartame had been identified. Go here to read the article – it makes for sobering reading to any diet drink fanatics.



-          Cancer cells gobble up fructose, scientific study finds – read more here. Another reason to AVOID! It’s as featured in the brilliant 15 minute video about Is Sugar Toxic, from the excellent US News show Sixty Minutes – worth a watch.

-          Fab mums on the run website – thanks to Anna Tidmarsh on facebook who recommended their ‘pramtastic’ sessions – could be happening near you if you’re a new mum – great way to meet new people close by. Click here to find out more.


Don’t forget if you’re a facebook member of Back to You QVC Group or of the closed group Break the Habit BTU, to give us your Monday update on facebook!

Go here to read the Back to You QVC Group updates and to join.

Go here to request to join the new CLOSED Break the Habit – BTU Group.

If you’d like to join in on my own Break the Habit Challenge, it’s here.

And for more info about Freedom Eating, for Till the Fat Lady Slims book – click here for Amazon.

Next Friday I’ll be taking a week’s annual leave, and determined to be really precise about my body’s needs, during a trip to stay with a pal, and a trip to Champney’s Health Spa. Will be my time – and I will be doing TONS of writing! Yay!

Best wishes to you all and whatever your challenge, here’s to a happy healthy, successful week ahead!




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  • Comment Link maggie young 18 February 2014 posted by maggie young

    H i Debbie i am doing ok keeping up the exercise and trying to keep portions small.

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