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Back to You Show 4 – Jan 27th 9pm QVC UK. Grand finale!
24 January 2014

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Final show of the series! What have you enjoyed most? And Kim from Kim&Co gives hints and tips about dressing right.

It’s gone so fast, hasn’t it? January? Already we’re at the final show, this Monday night at 9pm on QVC UK. I do hope you’ve enjoyed what we’ve been doing and whilst it hasn’t always been possible to schedule purely New Year New You items, we’ve done our best to tie it in!



Since this week’s theme is health and beauty, I thought I’d mention Kim’s range, since in the promo, most of the clothes I wear are from Kim & Co! Kim’s clothes also fill much of my QVC wardrobe space too, as I found out recently when I had the ‘samples police’ (!) in the dressing room checking out what I’ve still got! Seriously, I buy a lot – ‘cos it’s comfortable elegance. So I asked Kim for a message for this blog. She said –

Hi Debbie, A great fit and fabric will allow all of us to be better people e.g. kinder to ourselves and others, more attentive, compassionate, focused, relaxed, confident, etc… Why? When you are not concentrating on how your clothes are fitting and feeling you are free to be the best you can be…Let the beauty of you shine through.’

Lovely words from one of our Queens of Fashion, who returns for a Today’s Special Value on 10th February – can’t wait! And over on my QVC UK blog, (see blog tab at top) this week’s latest blog (Friday 24th) has a fabulous competition, including a prize to win £75 outfit direct from Kim & Co that suits your shape. Go to the blog to see how to enter.



I don’t know about you, but I spent much of my youth bemoaning aspects of my shape – bum too big, boobs too small, wobbly bits all over. I met a body builder once, who said to me ‘Debbie, work with me and I could give you the body you had when you were 20.’ I said to him ‘I don’t want the body I had when I was 20!’ lol. My best shape was around 2000, when that pic was taken of my abs.

Well, my routine consisted of going to the gym four or five mornings a week, so no wonder! And eating right. We’ve had a lot about eating right haven’t we, over this last four weeks. Well assuming you’ve been reading all the hints and tips, links and info (read back over the past three blogs if not) you’ll at least know what to do, even if you don’t do what you know. We all have set-backs, none of us are perfect all the time (well most of us aren’t, including me.)

But the difference nowadays is that I feel more at home with a body that I know I can help with certain tricks that make the best of my shape.

-          Shapewear – I know I joked about this in my romance novel, but it truly is one of the most wonderful inventions ever. And what’s more, wearing it could help you feel like you’re a few pounds slimmer – which might spur you on somewhat, even if you’re having a ‘fat day’ or a slip up. Choose the right ones tho – I recommend several that we do including ‘slim n lift aire’ long shorts with lace trim.

-          Empire line – OMG if only I’d known about Empire Line years ago! Goodbye horrible t-shirts and long skirts and yukky suits. My shape – hour glass – or hour glass in one of those comedy hall of mirrors from a fairground, ie a bit shorter and rounder! – suits a silhouette that goes in at the ribcage, NOT at the waist. Like the dress I wore at the  Beauty Bash this week, 120226. Or my Mother of the Groom dress by Antthony Designs,106613.

-          Draping tunics and shark bite hems – Yong Kim, Kim and Co, Antthony, Together fashions, Renee, Lenny, so many of them are so fantastic, and cover the tushy and hips and make you feel feminine and flattered. Fabulous! All over leggings or jeggings, tucked into boots or Emu’s – long Bibi Bijoux jewellery or Honora Pearls – sorted! Or even some good fitting jeans – Diane Gilman stretch fit are fab.

-          And of course getting those curvier bits more tones with the exercise gadgets we’ve been discussing! Bodyblade or Leg Master if you can’t stretch to a pilates machine are my recommendations.



And if you’ve been doing well with the weight loss, or even if you haven’t, how much have you lost? Measured in these wild and wacky equivalents?!


Anyway, hope you’ve enjoyed these’ weekly updates! I will keep adding little extras as and when they appear, and come back in February for the first of my new MONTHLY updates and a super eating challenge you might want to join me for!

Best wishes





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