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Show 3 - Back To Indulgence!
17 January 2014

A great question! Keep one of these in your cupboard and it may help keep you going!



This week’s show (Monday 20th 9pm) will ask a very important question when it comes to getting ‘back to you’ – and that’s ‘what’s your favourite indulgence?!’ You know what it’s like at this time of year – horrible weather, miserably dull and this year never-ending rain. So instead of burying the need for comfort in food, we’ve been asking what’s the best way to give yourself a treat without it needing to go through your gob! LOL!. And here are some of the suggestions – do they inspire some others you can think of?...

-          use your ‘best’ crockery for an ordinary meal

-          make yourself a cafetiere of coffee instead of always having instant.

-          At the supermarket, opt for the ‘finest’ brand or ingredient instead of ordinary – organic instead of regular.

-          Obvious things like giving yourself a sensory experience – bath soak, foot spa, nice massage, fragrant candles, calming music - and an early night or some peace and quiet!

What are your suggestions? Leave me a comment below! (I think my webman David has fixed the hiccup in leaving comments!)

More useful links and info below. It’s not all about the diet and exercise! Although naturally much of the talk has helped with those, on this week’s show, little luxuries and some more problem solvers! Join me if you can and hope you’ve enjoyed the shows so far. Last one next week – eeeek!

Best wishes





Want to change your eating habits but bit scared of the massive change it will bring? Too overwhelming a challenge? Do little baby steps – and maybe just begin with a couple of the recommendations in my semi-autobiographical weight loss book Till the Fat Lady Slims on Amazon. Here they are for you – why not try doing them for just one week? Until the final show next Monday night maybe? (27th) Once your body gets used to it, it’s hard to go back to overeating and mindless eating, believe me – why cheat yourself? It’s the way slim people eat!

  1. Stop eating at satisfied – listen for the deep breath and the change in taste; just stop, and keep the rest for later, when if you’re hungry it will be just as unbelievably amazing all over again!
  2. and give food your full attention. Make yourself do nothing but focus on the meal – no reading, TV or anything – then it won’t feel like the cookie monster ate your plate, ‘cos you weren’t paying attention and it slipped down unnoticed! If you’re hungry enough, you’ll love focussing on it!



Some of the best links shared on the Facebook group this week, as the war against sugar continues…

-          The Telegraph reported in Sweet poison – how sugar is ruining our health that it’s the greatest threat to human health bar none, as calories from added sugar are 11 times  more potent at causing diabetes than normal calories, and that – incredibly - in lab tests, rats chose sugar over cocaine, even when they were already addicted to cocaine. So it really might not be just willpower failure – in which case you need this next article.

-          If you feel you can’t stop eating sugar, or just like Gary Barlow, read this article from the Guardian about how to give up in 11 easy steps  or this one – the ‘give up sugar’ diet from the candida site. Or this fascinating book from David Gillespie, an Australian who lost six stone in a year by just giving up sugar, and has written several easy-read ‘Sweet Poison’ books if the other stuff’s too hard core!

-          And it’s not just added sugar – it’s simple carbs too, as Marlene Watson Tara explains in her article about how Fat Burning happens in the body.

And about how different types of exercise help different conditions…

-          How yoga could help chronic or recurrent back issues and arthritis according to a new study, as reported in arthritis uk.

-          And a fab testimonial on our B2U facebook group from Karen Kavanagh – ‘

And a tip from Laura Clark –

‘if u are craving chocolate put on coco butter hand cream or lip balm (the vaseline one is lovely) and it stops the cravings’

Or choose an appropriate mouthwatering Yankee candle!

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The Valentine’s Surprise is a short story proving it’s never too late to find your Sir Galahad!

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  • Comment Link Michelle Roberts 21 January 2014 posted by Michelle Roberts

    I have completely cut out the sugar in my diet this week no chocolate, cakes, biscuits and no sugar in my de caff coffee. I have a question is there such a thing as a healthy substitute for sugar that I could use in say a batch of scones for the family,

  • Comment Link Julie Dodds 21 January 2014 posted by Julie Dodds

    My indulgence is cooking and baking for others and I always use dairy products and wheat gluten products as I cannot eat anything I have baked :-) x

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