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Welcome to Back to You!
4 January 2014

Back To You promo, QVC Jan 2014 Mondays 9pm Back To You promo, QVC Jan 2014 Mondays 9pm

Welcome to Back to You Updates! Set up January 2014 for the original weekly QVC shows throughout that month, it's now continuing as the series returns at different times of the year, including September. Next B2U shows will be January 2015.

Come back Mondays for weekly blog updates right here.

Join the support groups on Facebook where you will find a whole network of like-minded people sharing thoughts and tips and links and success stories to keep you motivated throughout the year.

The facebook group is here, or search 'Back To You QVC' group. There's also by popular demand, a sister group, CLOSED, called 'Break the Habit BTU' plus a 'Bodyblade QVC' group.

Leave a comment below too if you like, and if you're not on Facebook.

See archive for a huge array of health-based topics, news, studies and personal stories.

One more thing - if you'd like to get my own semi-autobiographical weight-loss book Till the Fat Lady Slims, it's on Amazon the original is here - and the latest one is Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 - the 'When' Diet - for all those who have asked about it and kindly posted how well you're getting on with it - I'm so glad Freedom Eating is working for many of you.  Check out the separate page above - TTFLS - for more fab testimonials, including how Chloe H lost four stone Jan - September 2014.

Good luck! And remember - don't just start as you mean to go on, keep going on once you've started!



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