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Pre programme preparation - & look at this list of illnesses covered by Brainmaker book; plus Q&A: FAB pro Lift, OPI nails & Bodyblade
11 March 2016

Here's an unusual book of the week for you, people who know I am into my well-being topics – Brain maker by Dr David Perlmutter the bestselling author of Grain Brain. On audiobook once again but this time only on CDs, it's been keeping me company last week on the way to work. When I get to work, I end up raving about it to all and sundry. I really hope you are able to take a listen or buy the book because it is one of the most scary, illumiinating, exciting, fascinating, and controversial books I have read.

If you know anyone who suffers from any of the following, please recommend it to them as some of the topics are covered: not merely suggesting ways of tackling those problems (and absolutely not offering a panacea,) but examining the reasoning behind some of the mechanics in the body that in creating these health issues.

For my part, I was absolutely over the moon to read that high doses of Omega three oils can aid the brain and gut in combating inflammation and in turn that means less trouble in many many areas of health from the skin to the brain. This is the list –


Crohn's disease

Coeliac disease

Leaky gut


Autism - Yes even autism

And so many more. Diabetes and Alzheimers also get a mention.

They are only mentioned as part of the story about how gut microbes affect so many areas of the body and how the huge population of gut microbes, or microbiota, living in the microbiome, inside our intestines and stomachs, can be altered.

turns out a problem is not just in your DNA, sometimes genes are not expressed if the right environment is present. 

16 years ago I was learning about alkalising the body. It turns out that alkalising the body is one of the best ways to help your microbiota because the alkaline food you would be eating are in the most part plants, and they play a big role. Faecal implants also get a mention in a way that we would not have dreamed was possible 12 years ago.

But the proliferation of scientific studies on the gut in the last 14 years show a chart that is very shallow initially and then by 2011 has almost gone vertical because so many scientists and nutritionist and well-being experts are now studying it.

I started ranting on about sugar nearly 5 years ago, and now this knowledge is widespread. So who knows, in another five years, this info about the gut being the heart of what's affecting our health, could be 'the next big thing' - even though it stretches back millenia.

Please see the two videos on YouTube called 'Gut reaction part one and two.'

I watched them with my son the other day again. He was amazed too. A more healthy diet seems a so much more sensible choice, not just because of pathetic old-school calorie counting (watch 'that sugar film' and you'll know why i say that) but because of the impact of fructose and even gluten on the inside of the stomach and the results on the bacteria themselves.

If you know anyone who is about to have a baby thinking of a caesarian section (although they have their place) please please get them at least to read one of the books or watch one of the videos or at least google it. Those early microbes picked up as it passes through the vaginal canal are supposed to start off babies own delicate intestinal tract. These resources are utterly fascinating and in grossing on this topic, especially BrainMaker.

Let alone the topic of antibiotics. If you know anyone who has stomach problems, digestive problems, mental problems, and has had a lot of antibiotics again get them to read the book - antibiotics although they have their place, are more harmful to the gut bacteria than you can ever imagine. Some are essential, but there are things you can do afterwards to revamp your gut bugs. Please remember when you first read this - if it is for the first time you are hearing it, - on this blog, and the date is March 2016. Or if you already knew you may well be way ahead of the crowd.

Following all this learning, I have begun taking a probiotic, and a short program of microbiota friendly steps which I hope will help to heal the problems created in my own gut as a result of the wrong foods, stress, lack of sleep etc and as far as eating is concerned this whole topic is totally principal six of Freedom Eating (my weight loss system - see TTFLS tab above) - majoring on the observation of your body after eating certain foods. When I eat Miso soup, my body feels great. When I eat dairy I get wheezy and bloated. I now take sauerkraut (also a probiotic, fermented veg is every bit as good as things like probiotic yogurts) and other daily extras.

I have also made some kefir which is a fermented drink using special grains that look a little bit like frogspawn when they come through the post in a little sachet, and you mix it with some added ingredients and leave it in a warm place - then in two or three days later you have your got friendly probiotic drink.

If probiotics are the seeds then prebiotics are the food for the seeds and we have to eat those too.

Seriously, if you have anything wrong with you that you cannot get rid of please examine what is going on inside your stomach as it affects almost everything in the body. Did you know depression can come from problems with your gut? Because the epithelial layer inside your gut is connected directly to the brain via the vagus nerve.

There is so much new science, it's very exciting.

I have arranged to go and chat to some of the British scientists doing the analysis of poo samples at St Thomas' hospital in London as part of the American Gut Project. Dr Rob Knight runs it. It's been mentioned on several programmes lately. That's in a couple of weeks' time. I will keep you informed.

Freedom Eating Programme - step one.
So we are nearing the time when we will start our one month freedom eating program. And getting your gut bacteria right will be one of the first preliminary preparation steps. So this is your first preprogram assignment, go do your research. And use yourself as a science project.

I cover parts of this book 3.0 tips and tales to inspire (see TTFLS page.) I actually think the inner chimp, also mentioned, is directly affected by the condition of your gut to as it happens. But that's for another day. For those who don't know, there is more information on previous blogs about the upcoming one month programme, which will be a free list of guidelines I am running, in the hope that many people will join me.

More next week.


This week we had to get a stress once, the LAB Pro-lift girls and also OPI's Julie Barham in advance of their today's special value on Monday night. And what a bargain that was! It still is actually - info here. - about £115 of value for £40! 
Bruce also joined the bodyblade group as usual for an hour too - join first and read it here.

This Monday it will be more from our lovely QVC guests, as organised by super-admin, Sharon Harvay!

Other news

- could walking be better than going to the gym? the Lesley Sansone walkers on the Bodyblade group think so! click here

- and how about a free hypnosis video on youtube, for letting go of the fear of success? go here

- and dont forget to enrol to come along on the food and behaviour research lecture in the evenig on 5th April - about the gut, brain and nutrition connection - book here and i will see you there!.

have a fab week!





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  • Comment Link Anne-Marie Mason 12 March 2016 posted by Anne-Marie Mason

    Thanks Debbie, I've just put that book on my wishlist. Have you ever followed any of Kelly Hoppen's daughter's food plans? x

  • Comment Link Margaret Spencer 11 March 2016 posted by Margaret Spencer

    Fascinating read Debbie. Full of insight and useful information. In this world where more is more and detrimental to our health albeit unknown mostly, it is comforting to hear there are positive steps to try out to alleviate the reasons for not achieving healthy well being. I for one am very interested. Well done!

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