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Preparing for the Freedom Eating Programme... coming soon. Plus webchat with Liz Earle skincare's Caroline Archer!
29 February 2016

read book 2.0 then book 3.0 read book 2.0 then book 3.0

The thing I’ve noticed since before xmas when my diet took a turn towards the sweet side once more (see below for why) is that my brain is a bit fuzzy. I’ve not craved cake for YEARS! But over Xmas 2015, part experiment, part circumstances self-inflicted, cake has been calling my name.

I know it’s sugar addiction.

And the interesting thing is how lethargic I feel a couple of hours after I’ve had some. On my way home from QVC in Chiswick, on an hour or so journey, I can fly home, quite alert, if I’ve not had blood-sugar spiking foods containing sugar. OR I can struggle to keep my eyes open – even one night at 9pm! It wasn’t even a late late! Scary stuff.

We all KNOW this happens.

We all KNOW the facts and the figures and the scary science.

But the Inner Chimp * takes no notice and succumbs to temptation, under the excuse of ‘I’m listening to my body.’ And ironically that’s true. BUT a sugar addicted body will give off DIFFERENT signals to a genuinely in-tune body. And that’s why I say it’s best to cut back as far as possible on the sugary stuff FIRST, in order to begin Freedom Eating.

There are lots and lots of ways of doing this – tons of tips on our Facebook group , Till the Fat Lady Slims. Tons of tips (I’m up to #151) on sister Facebook PAGE Till the Fat Lady Slims page (links at bottom) AND of course a summary of some of them, plus extras, in book 3.0. Sarah Wilson has a whole programme in her I Quit Sugar plans. Davina McCall does too – x days to sugar free. Dr David Gillespie the famous Australian author writes about giving up the Sweet Poison. And granddaddy of the anti-sugar movement, Professor Robert Lustig, writes about ‘Fat Chance – the Bitter Truth about Sugar’ plus sister books on giving up and cutting back.

I summarise a lot of the key videos on my ‘Aids to Cutting Back on Sugar’ video on my website too.

But there’s one film that will ram the point home – not free sadly – but worth buying on download or DVD – ‘That Sugar Film’ by Damon Gameau. It gives a kid-friendly approach with enough basic science and scary medical measurements thrown in, to act as a kick up the wotsit, to anyone thinking they’re really ok. Heard of ‘Thing Outside, Fat Inside?’ Well he got fat in 45 days, eating the same calories (that is key), just changing to the ‘low fat’ so called ‘healthy’ options for breakfasts, snacks, ready meals etc. In other words the basic diet for most of the Western world. And he put on inches around his waist, meaning a big increase in visceral fat. And he put on kilos, raised his body fat by 7%, and developed fatty liver. EATING THE HEALTHY OPTIONS!!!

Don’t drink ready made juice drinks/ bottles of sugar-packed energy drinks. As Jason Vale says (the Juicemaster) ideally you’d eat your fruit but you’d juice your veg, if you don’t eat enough. But cut back if you can, on anything over 5% sugar (5g per 100g on the label,) and even consuming under 5% means if you have a third of a litre of a drink like sweetened almond milk at 3%, that’s still pushing towards two teaspoons of sugar in that serving. Think about it, do the maths.

So here’s the catch 22 – how does this relate to Freedom Eating? The system is at the heart of my TTFLS series, where if you are stuck, if you start panicking, if you CANNOT diet, and are like me (if someone says you ‘can’t’ then you want to, even if you didn’t want to beforehand) then you step back, let go, and sort out your head first. The guidelines say to forget all the rules and just tell yourself you CAN have whatever your BODY wants, (just follow the ‘when’ principles when you eat it.) The key being ‘body wants’, not ‘brain wants’ and sadly if you are addicted, it’s your brain telling you it needs more of the sugary highs and ‘energy’ rush. EMERGENCY PROCEDURE… here’s the exception: if my mind starts playing up – the Inner Chimp is going into famine panic mode – I can only deal with it by saying I can have it if I really want it, then that turns my focus onto the other principles in order to make the choices of what to eat, when, how much, and what to do afterwards (the Super Six principles are clearly laid out in book 2.0 on amazon – free ‘look inside’ here.)

BUT it still holds true that a sugar addicted body will behave differently than one free from sugar.

Our girls on Facebook group write about this all the time – realising they do NOT want the whole huge choc bar, putting back half the serving of dessert, or just not feeling like sweet stuff, as it’s too sweet.

So how to get off it? Read the Aids to Cutting Back on Sugar blog and watch the many videos mentioned there. Why? Because the Inner Chimp listens to reason and for a while, that may help it to overcome it’s innate need to reach for the evolutionary quick-fix, sugar, by overruling its need to top up on readily available fast-energy (which would have been fruit or berries by the way in the old days.) Otherwise it falls into bad habits, forgetting we’re NOT living in life-or-death/famine-filled 10,000BC and it’s not scarce, in fact, there’s more where that came from as soon as it’s gone.

The blog links to things like Sugar the Bitter Truth, Is Sugar Toxic, a new one for 2016: Sugar Crash, and of course, Damon Gameau’s ground-breaking ‘That Sugar Film.’

So here we are near the start of aa whole new month.

March 2016 is ‘Sugar Free March’ (Cancer research). Handy. February was also ‘National Cancer Prevention Month’, similarly handy, given that sugars feed cancer cells according to xx in ‘Is Sugar Toxic,’ a CNN report from 2011. So it’s time. Isn’t it?

Let’s get Ready…

As promised, I am going to do a one month ‘Freedom Eating Programme,’ giving a structured approach to how to adopt Freedom Eating principles, by taking baby steps – and I mean baby steps – in your approach to changing the habits of a lifetime around food.

In the run up, from now till it begins, after Easter, I need everyone wanting to take part to ease themselves away from sugar. And read the two books if you can.

-          Watch the videos on Aids to cutting Back sugar blog and read the words.

-          Start drinking very warm lemon water (with a ‘splash’ of fresh lemon juice ideally – not enough to take the surface off your teeth, just a splash.) This will help adapt your taste buds to wanting less sweet stuff. It also alkalizes the body (google ‘the benefits of lemon water’)

-          Gradually cut right back on the added sugars in your diet – please note that whilst SOME sweeteners are better than actual sugar, they still have a detrimental effect on the hormones in your body (google it) and SOME sweeteners are worse (eg nutrasweet, aspartame etc, google it) So it’s best to change your palate to want less sweet stuff ideally.

-          If not, do what you can – you need to find out your OWN version of what works for you

-          BABY STEPS are vital – if you always do well then give up. Some people will even need PIGEON STEPS, as even baby steps are too big.

-          GET SOME EXERCISE. If you get the Bodyblade (Bruce the QVC guest is back on Tues 5th and Wed 6th on several shows) keep it by the kettle and change your daily habits using babysteps to create ‘permahabits’ of doing SOMETHING EVERY DAY. Then gradually you can build it up. Lots of info about how to do that on the Bodyblade group on Facebook too. OR just dance or walk on the spot or jig around in your seat for several minutes a day – start moving, somehow.

-          Seriously consider your own health – if you have emotional issues causing you to eat, start looking for outside help from eg self-help books and tons and tons of ‘TEDx’ talks on Youtube on topics like ‘how to stop emotional eating’. Here’s my list of recommended books too for well-being and general psychological change, here.

I’m looking at beginning the basic steps of Freedom Eating after Easter, which is end of March this year. ONLY for those people who need to change their palate and their habits ready for a new challenge. If you want to begin earlier, just do it – there are tons of others already doing it on TTFLS group on Facebook so you’ll be in good company. Many many tales to inspire, of others in lots of situations too, in Book 3.0, where I examine the six different Freedom Eater guises – which one are you? Get book three and find out. It will help you know how to deal with adopting Freedom eating as a lifeplan long term, rather than starting and yet again giving up.

Here’s a word from Lesley Y, one of our regulars, who found it a revelation, then got disillusioned and almost gave up, then persevered and found a way, and is now going great guns – on her take on the turning point in her own experience.

Lesley says… “It’s not easy overturning the habits of a lifetime. For instance, I have been overriding the "full feeling" for so long now - fifty years. Fifty years of not hearing my tummy shout “stop,” and of using food as my treat, my balm, and sometimes as my weapon. However, habit meant the answer was always food. That's how I got to 26 stone and 8 pounds. With terrible patches of psoriasis, limited mobility, gout, tiredness, and very, very poor self-esteem.

So is it any wonder that after fifty years I have had to take it slow and steady? I also need real evidence, you know? I can't just take things on faith. I like a bit of science in the mix. So giving up added sugar has been a really good idea. Goodness knows I am no paragon and occasionally I will use a little barbecue sauce, say, and I still like a diet soda once or twice a week. But I don't eat chocolate, not because I have banned it, but because it brings my skin out in angry red patches. I have drastically reduced the amount of bread I eat, not because it is banned but because I end up exhausted. So along with learning when to eat, thanks to Debbie’s book 2.0 – the ‘When’ Diet, I am totally changing what I eat. Making my own rules because I want to feel well.

Changes are happening every day now. Yes, my weight is going down, and that's nice, but I also see really fun changes. More energy, I’m more mobile – I posted on our super Facebook group about the momentous milestone when I was able to stand from a sitting position - without rolling over and levering myself up! I keep my bra on all day instead of rushing to get the thing off because it used to be excruciatingly uncomfortable. I get up in the morning and get on with life instead of lying about like a poor old thing feeling sorry for myself and comfort eating some more.  Since espousing Freedom Eating, I am reaching a mini milestone every dayAnd it’s the baby steps that count.

Lesley is a ‘Sally’ guise of Freedom Eater. One of the ones who needs to use those baby steps and take it ‘slow but sure,’ accepting that the ten stone she needs to lose will not happen overnight. Plus finally realising that a lifetime of bad relationships with food, and irregular attitudes to mealtimes will not magically disappear just ‘cos she tries counting something different via the latest new fad diet. Slow but sure.

PLEASE NOTE if you are a ‘Linda’ guise of Freedom Eater, you will prefer to do it alongside a traditional diet plan – that’s fine, it works that way too – with ANY slimming club or traditional restriction-based method of eating.

FINALLY – most of our girls post an interesting phenomenon, once they ‘get it’ and their body truly starts trusting itself around food. That is, that they don’t actually WANT the unhealthy options. Ironically, when left to its own un-sugar-addicted devices, the human body KNOWS it needs healthier foods. Or weird combinations. And not huge servings each mealtime. And so much more, that’s outlined in Book 2.0.

Read the reviews too, on Amazon and inside the books. And come join us on Facebook – links below.

And imagine – if this IS the year you finally lose that 20lb in 2016 (or 5lb, or 5 stone) – how would you feel this time next year if it’s gone, and life around food is ‘normal?’ Like Dawn Allen, whose story is in Book 3.0, she is now six and a half stone lighter than a year ago – all through Freedom Eating, and it’s never been easier, she says.

Dawn’s quote – “Seeing the story about me in print is really strange & an honour all at the same time, seeing in black and white what I've achieved through Freedom Eating. I struggled so much to lose the first 5 stone, over many years. I know now how relatively easy it was to lose the other 6 & half in just twelve months using full Freedom Eating so I only hope my tale will show others that it is not impossible to change how you are with food. Yes, I do still struggle with sugar every now & then, & that's when the people on the TTFLs group on Facebook come into their own. I could not have found a more supportive, lovely group of people – they have cheered me on every step of the way, helped me with suggestions when I'm struggling, & jumped up & down with me figuratively when it’s worked out. They rejoiced over every milestone as I posted my weight loss progress as it steadily reduced through the year. Fitting into off the peg size 12’s was the ultimate, at Xmas 2015. Thank you all you lovely people.”

Hope this has galvanized you into action, more soon.

COUNTDOWN – March 30th – a whole new era lies ahead.

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Till the Fat Lady Slims facebook GROUP is here (closed/private group)

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*See book three in my weight loss series Till the Fat Lady Slims 3.0 – Tips and Tales to Inspire, featuring the introduction to the Inner Chimp, inspired by the Chimp Paradox by Dr Steve Peters.

“I have the TTFLS2 which has been fabulous. It offers a common sense and realistic approach to weight loss. Book 3 is a superb companion read. I love how the author has identified different types of eaters based on extensive research. I recognised myself straight away. This is so useful when it comes to understanding your own relationship with food. All in all this is an excellent inspirational companion book to book2.”

The original – read this first – ‘Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 – the ‘When’ Diet – (includes original book one in part three, slightly abridged.) Lays out the whole philosophy and how to adapt to eat like a slim person does and be normal around food.

Fabulous inspiring book, buy it and change your habits of a lifetime I lost 2 stone using the principles in this book Thank you to Debbie Flint.


Liz Earle's Caroline Archer did a fab webchat on a temporary account we set up for her when she came to my house on Monday night! We had some unusual snacks - can you guess what it is?

:Yes it's crispy Kale! Caroline loved it - even if it was a bit Debbified' - aka 'singed around the edges'! lol... Click here to read Q&A (join Back to You group first) including about new products in the pipeline, and candles etc!

Ultrasun season - Abi Cleeve Chat - also happened on Monday. Including which new serums ARE allowed on your skin under Ultrasun? click here.

Bodyblade group - Bruce's Monday chat is here and of course he was on air this week too! Here is the whole Tuesday show (coming friday 4th) PLUS - if you're a member of the group you will get to see the whole 30 videos from BB facebookers - click here!


other news -

- salt in the news - it's gone up since the self-regulation set in - some are not surprised - watch your salt levels - more here.

- Detox Retreats - Amchara - in UK and Malta.  I wish. That is all... more here

Johnson and Johnson problem ingredients  Not scaremongering, cos some are fine with it. But if your youngster has skin issues, check the ingredients. My Lauren had a decade of eczema caused in part by sodium Laureth/lauryl sulphate, SLS, and no doctor knew. Just wanted to give us steroids and gunky creams. No idea about nutrition either. Good god. If she avoids SLS, (eg uses liz Earle skin and hair care) plus takes high dose EPA fish oil/omega3, it doesn't flare up. Changed washing powder too, to Eco-egg type.
It's prob not the entire cause but once we discovered no SLS she was a different girl. I'm fine with SLS, so it's not everyone.
But this feature mentions other ingredients too. In baby products. Please be wary.Diet v important too obvs.

luv debs


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