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Gut - the enlightening new book that may explain the food/brain connection; plus webchat with Bruce
7 January 2016

Well Back to You kicked off with a bang this week - links will be added below to the shows if you missed them, as featured on my new QVC blog as of Friday 8th January. 

From Derek the dog sitting on my lap to Glynis Barber appearing with a virtual sell out of her new diet book and DVD, to bodyblading with Bruce, it was a super fun start. Join me Mondays through January, 8-9pm.


Coincidentally, the same time as our webchats on my Back to You Facebook group (click here) and on bodyblade QVC group (click here). Maybe do some 'second screening' as they call it. Apparently everyone's doing it nowadays and I must admit I do too - watch TV and be online on iphone or whatever at same time! lol.

go here to see Bruce's fabulously popular webchat this week - tons of new members after his mini series on air on QVC uk and lots of questions covered.

Then on Wednesday our Back to You facebook group had a super preview of Grace from Studio 10's appearance on my Friday night beauty show with her clever conceal and correct palette. Go here to read what she had to say!

And if you're quick - you can join us for a QVC page webchat too 6pm and enter to win one by leaving a comment - go here.



so here's a fab book which I've been reading on audible. You can get it on Amazon here.


Giulia Enders the author is a German doctor who has studied the relationship between a healthy gut and a healthy mind amongst other things. Did you know what you eat really can cause depression? New research links bowel bacteria (up to 2 kg! of them in our intestines) to depression - yes really. Yet more new research also shows that gut bacteria can play a role in everything from obesity and allergies to cancer and Alzheimer's.

 In 2012 her presentation of Gut won her first prize at the Science Slam in Berlin and went viral on YouTube - watch a video interiew here. And if you can bear to read subtitles, the Slam is here. I'ts realllllly good! 

More importantly she cured her own leg sores and proriasis using her knowledge.

Considering the acidic foods so many of us eat and how little vegetable matter we feast on daily, and how much less fermented veg we consume, it makes for fascinating reading.

Maybe - just maybe - what we eat can make us sick, or well? Duhhhh! Of course it can. But Giulia will hellp to convince the cynics.


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Have a great week! And join me on QVC UK for Back to You show 8pm Monday.




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