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Back to You returns in a week! And webchats with Rosa Yankee and Adele SBC
23 December 2015

Can't belieeeeeve it's only a week or so till Back to You - my well being show - returns to QVC UK. There's a New Year's Day special at 3pm - featuring Derek the MDD trainee alert dog! Then bodyblade 4pm. Am hoping to go off to the cinema that night with Bruce, to see the latest Jennifer Lawrence/Bradley Cooper film 'Joy' - it's about a shopping channel entrepreneur who used to guest with me ages ago!

Anyway since it's Xmas week I'll keep it brief!

Stand by soon for the first previews of the cover of Till the Fat Lady Sllims 3.0 - Tips and Tales to Inspire - coming end January. And do check out the update on this week's QVC blog - a video featuring Sarah Hills, who will be one of the case stories in the new book. Plus a before and after from Sue Stewart - go here. Can't wait to get the new non-fiction book out - it's been too long! A year in fact - when the aqua cover in hardback sold out on QVC.

Webchats We had some fab back to You group facebook chats -

from monday 21st was with-

Rosa from yankee candles

Adele from SBC ahead of her fabulous Today's Special Value (best value ever!)

ps Gill Gauntlett's webchat on Q page, with a visit from lovely Mally is here


Monday - it's all about your Christmas and best pressies etc on my Back to You group - come join it here on Facebook. (Webchat Q&As each Monday 8pm - it will tie in with January's Back to You series for the first time - which is also going to be on 8-9pm! Be prepared for some 'second screening' as they call it!

Have a great xmas and don't forget - if you start panicking and feeling down, go explore Youtube - there are some amazing uplifting videos - start by searching 'Wayne Dyer' and go from there. And you can read for free the first chapter of Till the Fat Lady Slims if food is getting you down, on Amazon, here.

Best wishes



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