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Gatineau, BB Q&As - Plus TTFLS - more amazing news - Tova next monday AND Dawn's now lost 11 and half stone! (pics).
22 November 2015

Another week another round of fab webchats. On Monday 16th it was the turn of pilates expert Marjolein Brugmann who enlightened lots of the Back to You gang about why it works so well and we had some lovely testimonials from people who had become much stronger as a result. More here

nb (join the group if you can't access it - nb facebook glitches mean occasionally requests get lost - as verified by other admins on other groups it sometimes happens. if so, do keep trying. if you can see the group you have not been 'blocked' - that rarely happens and only to specific accounts. Also our admins have been inundated of late, so please tell anyone to be patient and email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you need to.) 



It seems Monday nights are the destination to start swotting up on info about what we eat according tot he TV schedulers. Not only do we have the interesting Doctor in the House (BBC 1 on catch up or at 11.20pm, BBC1, 23rd) but shortly before that at 9pm, another new series called Tomorrow's Food with the excellent Dara O'Briein (sorely missed off The Apprentice You're Fired.) Oh and a highlights show on Ch4 of Food Unwrapped too at 8pm. 

Tomorrow's Food is literally like the old Tomorrow's World used to be, predicting the future of what we shovel in our mouths. more here.



So if you didn't know, my semi-autobiographical weight loss book, version 2, is being updated. Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 - the 'When' diet is on amazon in the purple cover, on eBook and paperback, and will continue to be so. BUT I am creating a new updated version with hints to motivate and stories of successful Freedom Eating participants from our Facebook Group TTFLS. Dawn Allen has now lost over 11 stone, and credits Freedom Eating, the principles listed in my book, for half of it. 

Dawn says -

Well I've now made it to the 11 1/2st lost mark, that's a whole half of me lol, I now weight 12st, would love to lose the last 2 1/2st, but as far as I'm concerned anything from now on is a bonus, I went shopping for a dress for christmas day, size 14s went on with ease, one of them is a size 12, no problem, it's just ridiculous from a size 30 to a 14, I still can't believe it, I am no longer a plus size, it just feels unreal, so all u new ladies & gents, read the book, take it from a seasoned dieter, it works, it really does xx

Happily Dawn's so enthusiastic about using the system that she's provided me with a couple of photographs. What an inspiration she is. Am so glad this innovative way of dealing with food hang ups is helping so many - especially those on a traditional diet too.

Dawn's story will be one of the pivotal ones in the next book. So will that of Sarah Hills and lovely Eileen D. Do get the book and see what you think - click on the link above and you can just read the first chapter on the 'look inside' free sample to understand what it's all about. 

Also do check the sister page  Till the Fat Lady Slims page - for regular tips of the day.

'Till the Fat Lady Slims 3.0 - Tips and Tales to Inspire' will be out in January!



Alpha H webchat - also happened on Friday at 6pm on the Q page - Tom Ogden gave a lot of different people advice, in advance of the 10pm show with me on Monday night (23rd) - including a fab One Time Only bargain, QVC people! Join us.

Webchat - 8pm Monday on Back to You group was Gatineau Andrew, looking ahead to his own Today's Special Value amazing deal on Sunday, which he and I will launch Saturday night! see pic above for the super set incl the new eye cream! IF YOU MISSED andrew's gatineau Back to You Webchat YOU CAN CATCH IT AGAIN HERE ON BACK TO YOU GROUP (JOIN UP IF YOU CANT SEE IT.)

MONDAY 30TH IS TOVA! Make sure you join up to Back to You group here on facebook so you can chat to the lovely lady at 8pm till 9!

 ps to find out more about my new book and where to get it, do go to the RiWiSi tab above! 

have a great week!


best wishes



ps Bruce Bodyblade also haas a weekly webchat around 8pm on his own fbk group Bodyblade QVC here.



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