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Mid-Life 'Crises' - finding the greatest love of all when the kids have left home. And webchat with A'kin!
20 August 2015

An interesting topic of conversation came up this week with a lovely lady whom I will call Ros, who private messaged (PM) me on Facebook with a typical problem I’ve been asked about before. This is what she wrote –

“Dear Debbie. Hope you dont mind messaging you. But I feel you are living in similar circumstances to me.... Single mum, live alone, kids away (mine at uni 23 & 19). You always seem so happy , content, bubbly n full of life. While I'm so unhappy, lonely n feel my life is empty. I work fulltime but feel I only live to work! Any advice or words of wisdom hun. Sorry to disturb n bother you.  x. Your new home looks so lovely”

It really disturbed me that someone should seemingly feel so unworthy and alone, and I really felt for the lady. For those who don’t know, I had a similar era in my own life including being treated for depression for 6 months in the mid 2000s. This was my reply, and it’s a good one for anyone else in the same boat –

Bless you Ros,  you have to get to learn to love you. There are lots of self help books that really helped me get comfortable with life and whilst we often look for others to fill a gap or fill the time, it's best we fill it up with ourselves. I'd suggest getting into a guy called Wayne Dyer, he has many many books and audiobooks that I love so do feel free to try those and come back and let me know what you think. Also join our groups if you haven't already, back to you QVC, I'm a QVC UK Queen, Bodyblade QVC, till the fat lady slims etc- , lots of other people in a similar situation who all like to chat and support each other, it's a great network. Don't be sad - time to get on with your life and change your expectations I would say. Also a really important thing is don't eat any crap, it makes me depressed if I do. And also exercise every day even if you just march on the spot for five minutes or dance around for five minutes or do one minute on the Bodyblade it makes such a difference big hugs x

To that I would also add cut right back on sugar. A ‘treat’ which spikes your hormones and fouls up your body’s inate delicate mechanism used to keep it in balance is not a ‘treat’ but a punishment. Here’s why – click here.

Ros is now well on her way – she tells me she has joined the groups (not her name) and has begun exercise. I do hope it helps. The most important thing to do is to stand guard at the door of your mind as it’s the most dangerous thing in your life, if you find yourself sad at being alone. I’m never lonely now, even when I’m alone. I might need to get out more, but not till I’ve enjoyed my new home for a few nights in! lol.


Fab news about Bodyblade – including some great posts! See below for how it’s been helping a couple of the ladies on the Facebook group (come join us – link below). And do contact me if you’d like to pop by QVC UK in Chiswick on the 7th or 8th September to appear on one of Bruce’s shows, if you can do a super6 without stopping, or have a problem doing one of the exercises but can do the others. Email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out more – I will need to call you then put you in touch with James Willmore the coordinating producer.



If you missed my announcement go here to my home page newsletter today – Im soooo proud!

Other news –

-          15 reasons for water  - I drink quite a lot during the day , especially if I’m at home working. Here’s a few of the reasons why – more here (and see top pic)

-          6 ways a plant-based diet can make you a happier person – we all know it, but here’s some more of that all important mind-altering information which helps our body choose the right thing – click here. Even if you don’t do vegan, cutting right back on rubbish and getting far far more plants into your diet daily will help…

-          The Biggest Loser powerwalks  - here is walk one – some people say this is the best one to get yourself moving! Our bodyblade gang often post about the Leslie Sansone walks on youtube too – get  your body moving, no matter how big you are, if you can walk you can do this. I’ve had a day to recover today, on my first day off of three, so I’m doing this tomorrow morning! Do it with me and tell me how you get on! Plus they were using Bodyblade on the American Biggest Loser too – so kudos to Bruce! Click here for the 16 minute walk.



Next week – 24th – it’ll be the fabulous Josie Maran range under the spotlight as Terri Bryant our lovely guest debuts, following her Today’s Special Value this week. (And see below for Bruce and Lisa from A’kin!)

Best wishes have a great week

Debs X

Pps – ttfls -
Don't forget you can use it alongside ANy traditional diet plan - any. Can't you ladies? Anyone done just that? For the benefit of the newcomers! Welcome newcomers, by the way! x
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 As pioneers of natural skin and hair care products that genuinely work, [A'kin] continue to be driven by their founding principles, including a passion for pure, natural and effective ingredients and a genuine concern about ingredient safety in personal care products. This philosophy is known as “The Power Of Purity" – the power of combining pure and natural ingredients. Please post your questions to Lisa McCarthy here! — with Lisa McCarthy.

Dawn Robinson Brill looking forward to it xx

Lisa McCarthy Can't wait ! Please can you share the link to the latest blog piece you have written about our New Eye Cream?

Lisa McCarthy Looking forward to talking to you this evening! I have some great photos to show you of people testing out the Purely Revitalising Lifting Eye Cream with Incredible results on real people! And i can't wait to tell you all about it's amazing pure ingredients and what they can do for you!


Dawn Robinson Hello Lisa , I really like the sound of the Rosehip Oil , My one daughter has very sensitive skin would this be suitable for her she's 22 ? xx


Dawn Robinson The packaging is beautiful too ive been looking at them on Sharon's blog xx


Lisa McCarthy HI Dawn Robinson & Sharon Harvay, great to be here, thank you so much for having me. Such as great question Dawn thank you we like the red boxes too and Sharon's blog is fantastic, I love the photos! [A'kin] Pure Radiance Rosehip Oil is suitable for all skin type especially and skin of all ages. It helps to desensitise sensitive skin in particular and protect from external pollutants to calm and soothe skin. Cleanse the skin so its slightly damp and take two drops to start in the palm of your hands, then press this in to your skin and follow with your moisturiser. You can use this day and night. This will ale help strengthen her skin so it feels so much more comfortable. The {A'kin] Pure Radiance Rosehip Oil is really concentrated so you only need a small amount. It's perfect for this time of year too as the sun can activate lots of allergens in the air that can make our skin extra senstive. xx


Sharon Harvay Hi Lisa, Thank you so much for joining us this evening. It is such a pleasure to welcome you back! So looking forward to you telling everyone about your beautiful range and the new Lifting Eye Crème which is fabulous!! Thank you for the blog compliment!! Its easy when the products are as wonderful as yours x


Dawn Robinson Thank you so much Lisa, could you use a small amount on the elbows & heels ? Xx


Sharon Harvay From Debbie Flint : Debbie Flint hi all ! I'd like to welcome Lisa from A'kin to our group and ask a few things to kick it off! Firstly, tell everyone who doesnt know, what are the real USPs for your brand hon? why buy A'kin? Secondly why is it called A'kin? And what are the true iconic products from the range and what do people say about them? x


Lisa McCarthy Thank you Sharon it's pleasure to be here. The Purely Revitalising Lifting Eye cream in the blog was created from all of our customer feedback- Its a real challenge due the structure of the skin around the eye is so complex due to the movement of this skin and the fact there is no support for the skin around the eyes so to develop an eye treatment that meets the needs of all our customers feedback… who are concern with Fine lines- just starting to see lines appear and want to take action,Deep Wrinkle/Crows feet- deep lines heading towards the hairline-genetics Uneven tone- pigmentation from over exposure to the sun Dryness- the skin feels tight and two sizes too small, Sensitive eyes- Prefer Fragrance free, Contact Lens wearers Dull- micro circulation congested, eye are lacking radiance Dehydrated- people staring at computers screens all day, Crepey eyes longing to feel smoother and fresher Make up sinking in to the skin not smooth. Tired eyes- long days, Shift work just the day job, New baby Quickly absorbing -we are all so busy! Treatment for no make up days It’s so important to get it right!!!


Dawn Robinson I like the sound of that "" treatment for no makeup days "" x


Sharon Harvay Perfect for everyone!!! Lisa, was it long in the making? x


Lisa McCarthy A'kin is an Australian Brand and have been creating pure natural products for over 15 years!


Lisa McCarthy A'kin are known for their power of purity creating gentle products that are so effective and incredibly gentle on the skin

Lisa McCarthy Yes, the product was three years in the making! Most products have to be tested for at at least three months we took three years to get this right and results are incredible!

Sharon Harvay I have mine here and the texture is stunning x


Lisa McCarthy The name [A'kin] means likeness as in a likeness to nature. We carefully select effect ingredients that can mimic actions in the skin and deliver better results than that from formulated man made ingredients.


Dawn Robinson My husband suffers with psoriasis would this help if he tried it x


Sharon Harvay Jill Dowding-Walker am I right in thinking you are also a fan of the Rosehip oil? x


Sharon Harvay Jo Brown was this range one you were thinking about too? x

Lisa McCarthy For example the Purely Revitalising Eye has the most amazing plumping action on wrinkles and leave the skin silky smooth- this is because we use Echium oil which is natures resurfacing oil it will plump up wrinkles in seconds and avocado oil to protected and weather proof the skin , no fillers required!

Debbie Flint HI :Lisa - am with miceal! he says he loves the rosehip oil!

Sharon Harvay oooohhhhhh can I have a bucket load for my body please? I have to say, I took it away with me last week and as exhausting as my holiday was (activity led) my eyes always looked fresh, and awake.

Sharon Harvay Hi Debbie!! Hi Miceal x

Lisa McCarthy All you need is the size of a grain of rice apply with your ring finger and smooth this all around the eye area. Also put any traces left on your lip line and that area in-between your eye brows ( my favourite trick)

Debbie Flint he says it helps with combination, reactive, sensitive skin, all of which he has! He says hi! x

Lisa McCarthy HI Miceal! great to hear your loving the rosehip oil! Its perfect for a combination skin as it helps purify the skin. the oil will penetrate to the lower layers of the skin within three hours and start to detoxify and strengthen the cells its all the omega fatty acids also great for reducing inflammation which is why its perfect for sensitive skin xx

Dawn Robinson Gosh this would be fabulous in a body butter with all those beautiful natural ingredients xx

Sharon Harvay Fantastic, I truly love that oil, I love the colour, the earthy smell, the slip. Its great after being in the sun and also on slackened skin I have found x

Lisa McCarthy The other great thing about the the Purely Revitalising Eye Cream is using it as a mask. Put about a pea size amount on this time and leave for 10 minutes to smooth soothe and brighten the eye area!

Jo Brown Sharon I'm always adding to my wish list! I'd heard of A'kin from my travels and links to Australia, but not tried it yet, but it's even mentioned on my go to cruelty free beauty pages for having an entirely vegan range. Look forward to trying some products in the future

Debbie Flint Me and miceal say hi ! Enjoy the chat! I'm off to meet simon wilson (that's the top i'm wearing!) for the 9pm show! Hugs to all! X

Debbie Flint Final question- lisa, tell us about your background how you got into beauty and why you chose to work with skincare? X

Sharon Harvay Yes!! I remembered something Jo smile emoticon very kind to animals x

Dawn Robinson Hello Debbie & Miceal x

Sharon Harvay Lisa as a mask would I take it over the eyelid too? Excuse my make up free eye!

Jo Brown seriously I could've tested it to the max....over worked vegan nurse lol, even the bus driver told me how tired I looked when I got on!

Lisa McCarthy The Echium Oil is one of A'kins most powerful ingredients, it turbo charges smoothness in the skin and is clinically proven to be as effective as synthetic retinol A. Its natures resurfacer and is also in the cellular radiance serum.

Dawn Robinson It looks lovely & light Sharon x

Jill Dowding-Walker Yes, I love A'kin products, especially rosehip oil. It can be mixed into any natural base cream, oil or lotion to supercharge it Dawn! I have very fair, sensitive, easily irritated, allergy-prone skin. Currently covered in a rash from who knows what or where or why! After my shower tonight I will be treating it with the rosehip oil to strengthen and protect those easily upset skin cells! x

Lisa McCarthy Sharon Harvay you could try it on the eye lid sounds great suggestion, i love that fact it can open the eye area surround the eyes so it makes your features look brighter and bigger!

Helen Murphy This would be a new range for me. Could you tell me the best place to start please? Am 46 and have combination skin.

Jill Dowding-Walker I love the unscented range of A'kin products - my secret weapon when everything else stings or hurts my skin! x


Dawn Robinson Thank you so much Jill x

Lisa McCarthy Jo Brown thank you-yes we are endorsed by the vegan society and vegetarian society in Australia. We also won the green parent award for best facial oil for the rosehip oil x


Sharon Harvay Yes!! Dawn it is so light, in this photo I have used a little extra as Lisa just suggested so am sitting here in my dimly lit room, relaxing with it as an eye mask. It is so cooling on my eyes which are tired today, it does not feel greasy or heavy. It just sinks in and leaves my eyes open and soft and lovely.... will take a photo now hang on x

Helen Murphy That's is superb Lisa. My daughter has sensitive skin so Jill Dowding-Walker the rose hip oil sounds good for her.

Jo Brown That's great Lisa, I follow other brands to see what trends are but my preference is always to support those that are entirely vegan and cruelty free. Plus I'm 40 next year so any excuse for stocking up on some new beauty treats

Lisa McCarthy Debbie Flint I got in to beauty when i was 19 years old i had the most awful skin, I started to discover how natural ingredients were more compatible with skin. I realised i reacted to everything and my skin would go in cycle of flaring up flaking, going oily and break outs! I then discovered oil and that was it i love results and knew that i could make a difference to other people.

Jacqueline Jackson Good evening Lisa I've been using the rosehip oil and the lavender and rose night cream and they are both lovely. I read about them on Sharon's beauty blog and decided to give them a try and I'm really happy I did. I haven't tried the eye cream yet that will be my next purchase I think. I wanted to use something natural as I eat organically and so thought I should try using less chemicals in my skincare too. X

Sharon Harvay Sinks in beautifully x

Lisa McCarthy As technology and research has moved on we are are getting closer to nature than ever before. A'kins products are so pure it is as if we creating recipes from natures garden, effective but gentle a skin respecting cocktail of ingredients with abidance of nourishment for the skin, omega fatty acids ( rosehip oil) antioxidants such as Camu Camu soooo powerful!!


Helen Murphy Would be fantastic to have a try me kit on QVC rose and lavender night cream sounds amazing

Nayna Patel Is this range good for hyperpigmentation and sunken eyes with dark circles please.

Lisa McCarthy Ok let me tell you about camu camu it is 30 times more powerful than bits c from an orange 4 x more powerful than goji berry and x as powerful as blackcurrent this amazing ingredient is the brightening element in th purely revitalising Lifting eye cream it evens out pigmentation in the eye are and creates a luminous radiance!!

Sharon Harvay Thank you for the compliment Jacqueline Jackson smile emoticon

Sharon Harvay Dawn I will repost photos tomorrow during the day so you can see how amazingly bright it makes the eyes look as lisa is stating xx

Lisa McCarthy Dawn Robinson Hi you could try a little rose hip on your husband its not a pharmaceutical product however may help to reduce and smooth the skin- please do let know the results x

Sharon Harvay When are you back on Qvc Lisa and what products are you bringing? x

Jacqueline Jackson Are there any body products? Would love some x


Sharon Harvay And would you suggest Rosehip Oil for helping with Strechmarks after pregnancy or weightloss?

Dawn Robinson Yes sure i will x

Lisa McCarthy I am on QVC this Friday 7.00pm and i will be with the lovely Alison Keenan DEBUTING the Purely Revitalsing Lifting Eye Cream how exciting !!!!!!!!!!!

Sharon Harvay I Love That you have given us a sneaky peek here!!! Thank you Lisa!! x

Lisa McCarthy Here are some of the fabulous ingredients we use in the Purely revitalising Lifting Eye cream Shea butter - Helps give a silky texture, deeply moisturises but rapidly absorbs!

Camu Camu – Natural powerful antioxidant helping to protect and brighten. Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid - helps improve skin elasticity.


Avocado – Full of Omega fatty acids, to plump and weather poof the skin.


JoJoba - Soothing and smoothing, great for sensitive skin.


Chamomile – Gentle and effective.


Panthenol - Soften and smooth.


Salicylic Acid - Moisture magnet.


Dog Rose – Hydrating.


Olive Oil Fruit Oil - Helps to nourish.


Vit B1 - Brightening


34 mins · Unlike · 7





Jo Brown I'm inherently lazy with body care, I'm a fan of oils for hair, face and body, but basically if I can spray it on me and get dressed straight away I'm happy!

Nayna Patel Thanks Lisa camu camu....come to me need you in my life. Such a great name lol xx

Lisa McCarthy Yes Sharon Harvay i would recommend Rosehip for areas of skin that need repair, the rosehip oil has a low melting point so absorbs in to the skin quicker tha, coconut, or argan oil which is why its so effective. It get deeper in the skin with its richcontration of healing omega fatty acids and starts to repair the skin right from where the cell develop so that they are stronger.

Jill Dowding-Walker Jacqueline - their body washes, body moisturisers, shampoos, conditioners and hand care items are lovely! Hope QVC will do more of these!

Sharon Harvay And the Face mask!! I love the face mask x

Helen Murphy Sounds like we need more products on QVC

Jacqueline Jackson Thank you Jill will definitely check those out x

Lisa McCarthy Jo Brown You can use rosehip oil from your scalp, hair face body down to your toes. And ladies must tell you if you have over exposed your decollate area this summer spread the rosehip oil all over to help smooth and repair. And if your feeling continental take it over the bust area too!

Jacqueline Jackson Lol how big is your bathroom Sharon? lol x

Sharon Harvay ooohhhh la la!

Jill Dowding-Walker Mais oui, zut alors!!!

See Translation

Sharon Harvay hahahaha

Jo Brown Thank you Lisa

Sharon Harvay Back to you Qvc members please join me in saying a huge thank you to Lisa McCarthy for answering all of our questions in such a fab web chat!! We do love a sneaky Peak and cannot wait for the Launch of the Purely Revitalising Lifting Eye Crème on Qvc on Friday at 7pm!! Thank you so much Lisa x

Dawn Robinson Thank you so much Lisa & Sharon x x x

Lisa McCarthy Thank you Sharon Harvay, have a great evening everyone and thank you for having me xxx

Sarah K. Preddy Thank you Lisa McCarthy and Sharon

Jill Dowding-Walker Thank you!!! x

Jacqueline Jackson Thank you Lisa and Sharon. X


Sharon Harvay Please Like and follow my page for a recent A'Kin Blog that I posted, would love to hear your thoughts! thank you x





Bruce Hymanson

17 August at 20:07

Hello Bodyblade Ohana! I hoped to check in an hour ago as I usually try to do but another travel day has me jumping around like a wildman. Only a few more weeks until I visit the U.K. and shows to be Sept 7/8. Today, I thought we could talk about the things you most want to do. When you are not in the best shape, you say to yourself, "I wish"....... so I could walk more or hike etc. I spent the weekend with friends and tried wake boarding for the first time. I try to stay in shape but I feel my muscles today!!! That's a good thing. How about you?

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Sharon Harvay, Janie Smith, Jill Dowding-Walker and 28 others like this.


Wendy Lawrence Good evening Bruce x

17 August at 20:08 · Like · 3


Bruce Hymanson BTW, I will have four shows during the two days I'm in town. As you know last visit, we had Ohana come to the studio and go on air with us. I would love to do that again so for those who are interested, please let me know. I know Debbie Flint would love to do another show like last time. We all had so much fun together!!

17 August at 20:10 · Like · 8


Christine Grochowina Hi Bruce. Look forward to discussions tonight

17 August at 20:11 · Like · 3


Maggie Buxey Hi Bruce xx

17 August at 20:12 · Like · 4


Sarah Price Hi Bruce ,

17 August at 20:13 · Like · 3


Wendy Lawrence I've not been able to Bodyblade since last Monday, had a bad fall last Tuesday and shoulder very bad, just hoping I'll be able to get back to it eventually x

17 August at 20:14 · Like · 4


Tracie Wright Hi Bruce , will the New DVD be available when you are back this trip and anymore news on the Bodyblade carry bag ?

17 August at 20:15 · Like · 4


Bruce Hymanson Wendy, so sorry to hear about your fall and injuring your shoulder. hopefully you are recovering well. Positive thoughts for you

17 August at 20:16 · Like · 5


Wendy Lawrence Thank you Bruce, I can use those positive thoughts to add to mine x

17 August at 20:17 · Like · 5


Bruce Hymanson Hi Tracie, I will try to find out what the delay is for the DVD. The come from Taiwan so it's a slow boat across the ocean. I will speak to my buyer to find out if the DVDs are in inventory so we can get them up on the QVC site. I thought it would have been weeks ago. Stay tuned. As for the bags, no progress for now. Sometimes a small project can take 90 days to get up and running, then samples, testing and approval. I'll keep you all informed on that. Thanks for asking.

17 August at 20:19 · Like · 8


Sarah Price I just wated so say thank you for the advice re the hip and thigh exercise , Ive almost got it perfect now , I may not look pretty whilst I do it but damn I can wobble smile emoticon

17 August at 20:20 · Like · 7


Jacqueline Jackson Hi Bruce is there a limit to what muscles can achieve for example if you use the Bodyblade three or four times a week is there a point where you are just maintaining what you have got the muscles to do or are they always building and improving? Hope that makes sense.

17 August at 20:21 · Like · 5


Mirka Marri Hi Bruce, I hope you are well. I have noticed that the BB has really helped with my rotator cuff injury, I now have a good range of movement and feel much stronger! Thank you smile emoticon

17 August at 20:22 · Like · 5


Sara Brown Bruce, I had a bad virus recently and didn't do anything for about ten days. When I went back to super six I found it tough to get through. Was shocked at how quickly I'd gone backwards. By then found that the Hampton Court super six in the short quick rotation was the way to build myself back up. Thank you.

17 August at 20:23 · Like · 5


Wendy Lawrence It's an excellent one isn't it Sara both for people starting out and anybody who has an enforced break xx

17 August at 20:26 · Like · 5


Michele Morris Hi Bruce Hymanson. There are two things I most wish for. First to try and get more balance between my left and right sides. Like many right handers my left side is weak. Secondly I have the good fortune to live in a rural area with lots of footpaths and nature reserves. However, I have a weakness in my right hip following a fall 15 years ago. I find I can't walk more than about 4 miles max without causing hip pain. So any tips to rebalance my body and build strength in my hip with BB please?

17 August at 20:27 · Edited · Like · 4


Bruce Hymanson Hey Sarah, good for you!!!! Practice, practice, practice is what makes us ALL improve. Great job!

17 August at 20:27 · Like · 4


Wendy Lawrence Glad you asked that Michele as I also badly hurt my hip in a recent fall, and it's very dodgy xx

17 August at 20:28 · Like · 3


Sarah Price Cheers Bruce I super 6 , for six days out of 7 and love it

17 August at 20:29 · Like · 2


Debbie Flint hi all! hope you all have a fab webchat! I'm at QVC, ready to go on with Butler and wilson (bags and fab tops)( at 9pm) and Percy and Reed hair care at 11pm! BTW there's a super brand called A'kin, and Lisa the guest is over on our webchat on Back to You right now if anyone has any skin problems they'd like to discuss with her.

Sharon Harvay's photo.

Sharon Harvay‎Back To You QVC

Lisa is here smile emoticon


As pioneers of natural skin and hair care products that genuinely work, [A'kin] continue to be driven by their founding principles, ...

See More

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Sue Longstaff Hi bruce. Can you help me with something that will improve my balance? Its very poor due to being overweight, but im really trying both with bodyblade and my exercise bike x

17 August at 20:29 · Like · 3


Debbie Flint ps do make sure you let me and bruce know if you'd like to take part in September's shows - we need people Monday middayish (show with craig i think that's the time) and tuesday afternoon for a pre recording, then live at 8pm for a whole hour. hope two or three of you can respond. x let me know This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

17 August at 20:30 · Like · 5


Bruce Hymanson Hi Jacqueline, depending on how you train your body, you can plateau or maintain a certain level of fitness. To improve, it is important to challenge yourself to either increase "Flex Intensity" or time or both. You can also add more movement during your exercises to challenge the body even further. Here is an example. Suppose you do the Super 6 workout standing in one place. Take the Chest Press for example. Try stepping back into a lunge or add squats while you are doing the Chest Press. The more you do, the more your body gets in shape and the more you will have to challenge if you want to do even more. A great problem to have, right!!

17 August at 20:32 · Like · 9


Jacqui Stephenson Hi there really enjoying the body blade in the short time I've had mine I can already see a difference. I would love a bag to keep mine in .....

17 August at 20:32 · Like · 4


Jenny Mark Hi Bruce can I ask if I do S/S last thing at night do I burn calories all night or is that a bad thing to do x

17 August at 20:33 · Like · 3


Maggie Buxey Hi bruce I was going to the the doctor with a bad hip I had all different things done and they said it was comming from my back as I do suffer back problems I started using the bodyblade and that helped a great deal I have been on holiday at my static caravan and did not use the bodyblade for about 3 weeks and I have a pain back now so just started useing the body blade again I hope it is going to help me again.x

17 August at 20:35 · Like · 3


Jacqueline Jackson Thank you Bruce will try doing some lunges and squats and see how I get on.

17 August at 20:36 · Like · 3


Bruce Hymanson So, several questions and comments. Balance.....ALL Bodyblade exercises will help to improve balance throughout the body. There are many ways to increase the challenge by doing both right and left arm exercises to take that "not so coordinated side" and train to improve. The brain is simply trying to learn how to do a better job communicating with the muscles. You learn from doing.

17 August at 20:38 · Like · 9


Helen Murphy Just hopped on to say hello Bruce must confess lost my perma habit so need to get wobbling again

17 August at 20:41 · Like · 2


Bruce Hymanson Now, if you want to add new challenges to balance, you can stand by a chair, hold on, go to toe touch on one leg (or take it off the ground completely) while holding the back of the chair and drive the blade in a Jab position out to the side. Then, if you balance supports it, try doing without holding onto the chair. My personal favorite is to do a single leg stance doing the Hip & Thigh Sculptor and close the eyes!!! That's a great balance challenge. So start slow, hold onto the back of the chair, toe touch until you can stand on one limb and progress slow and easy. The good thing is all Bodyblade training will help dynamically improve your balance big time.

17 August at 20:42 · Like · 8


Debbie Flint We should do that as part of a new super six when youre over next bruce! X

17 August at 20:46 · Like · 6


Bruce Hymanson BTW, just checked on the new DVD shipment. Should be ready to go in about two weeks. As we get closer to my visit, I hope to get good news that they are in stock.

17 August at 20:46 · Like · 6


Jacqueline Jackson Mirka posted a video of you the other day doing some really advanced exercises one of which where you were sliding side to side on a mat a bit like a speed skater whilst Bodyblading You are amazing!

17 August at 20:47 · Like · 2


Bruce Hymanson Hi Helen, good to hear from you. The good news is even if you stop and lose your perma-habit for awhile, you can start right back up and your body says......thank you!!

17 August at 20:47 · Like · 9


Sue Longstaff Thanks bruce x

17 August at 20:50 · Like · 2


Bruce Hymanson Hi Maggie, Bodyblade is really a key in back stabilization. The muscle around the spine plays a vital role in back health. I can't tell you how often people come to me with hip pain and upon evaluation, it's not the hip but referred pain from the lumbar spine. Take control and watch yourself get better and better.

17 August at 20:52 · Like · 8


Jacqui Stephenson just a obversation ive noticed since starting to use my bodyblade that im standing much straighter and the pain from my degenerative disc isnt so intense ,.

17 August at 20:52 · Like · 6


Bruce Hymanson Jacqui, great news. Gravity is our enemy and the better our body is prepared to "fight" the effects of being pushed to the ground all the time, the less pain you feel, the less fatigue you feel, the more erect you stand and sit and the more your body loves it!!!

17 August at 20:54 · Like · 3


Jacqui Stephenson bruce i manage ten minutes in the morning and ten minutes in the evening

17 August at 20:56 · Like · 4


Helen Murphy Must admit Bruce even though I haven't been using BB still notice my posture is better and still getting compliments on how much better I look. Jacqui that is one of the great "side effects" of the BB I have a quieter week this week so going to fit in some wobbling.

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Sara Brown Posture improvement was the first thing I noticed.

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Bruce Hymanson being fit and functional is always a process. Your body is smart. The more you do, the better your body will respond. That's why perma-habits are so important. Your body knows that when you challenge it to do well, it will rise to the occasion. Even when you take time off from exercise, your body says, "maybe I should stay fit for awhile because they are going to start again and I want to be ready" The key is not to stop for too long because then you body says, Ok, they're on vacation and I don't have to do anything.

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Helen Murphy Great advice Bruce for time of year when we are all having holidays

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Bruce Hymanson Hope I answered everyone's questions tonight. Remember, Debbie and I are looking for a few people to join us on air Sept 7&8. We have a blast together and would love to have you join us. Please let us know. for now, I bid you a wonderful evening and as always, will continue to view and review posts. Until next week, have fun and enjoy life!!!

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Suzi Lince Thank you Bruce

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Maggie Buxey Thanks Bruce I know it help me before but it was only one doctor was right in saying it was from my back I will keep at it x

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Christine Grochowina Night Bruce. Thanks for the chat. Take care.

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Jacqui Stephenson thanks bruce

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Lindsey Sweet Hi Bruce, sorry I'm late saying hi. I've had real bad back problems over the last 2 weeks, but i am pleased to say I am getting back into training again. I get so frustrated when my back goes, but I just stayed positive and done what I could do even if it was a lot less slower than normal, but I achieved it in the end. Look forward to your return I September. Take care. Have a good week smile emoticon

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Jacqueline Jackson Thank you Bruce.

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Wendy Lawrence Thank you Bruce, good night x

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Lindsey Sweet Thanks Bruce, good night.

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Tracey Cox Sorry to have missed the chat with you, Bruce, but I'm happy to report that after just over a week with my Bodyblade I am loving it and feeling stronger and more flexible already. It's great fun and the time flies. Looking forward to seeing some of the improvements in shape that others have reported smile emoticon

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Tracie-Jane Bath hi bruce,hope you see this as you check in over the week.i am wondering if there are any videos of routines done from a wheelchair,not just sitting on a seat but in an actual wheelchair.i have got the interest of a few wheelchair users who have asked if there is a video of this type.thanks....also,have you ever worked with people with my disability before,spina bifida.

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Tracie Wright Debbie Flint bumping Bruces Chat. wink emoticon as i know you like to put it on your blog each week and have difficulty finding it when it slips down the board xx

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Tracie Wright Tracie Jane Bath wink emoticon I Think that is such an excellent thing for Bruce consider for putting together a dedicated wheelchair user Video . Bruce we Have a lot of Wheelchair users on here and also people who know someone with mobility issue that means they are always in a wheelchair . Please consider making wheelchair user exercise video that you can upload on youtube or this group or put into the Group Videos you have already done for us xx wink emoticon maybe some the Ladies on here would even volunteer to be the stars as they know what issues they have and what their issues with mobility are .

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Sara Brown Hopefully the video from the Medical Detection Dogs fundraiser will be uploaded soon as it included Jill who is a wheelchair user.

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Jacqueline Jackson That's a brilliant idea Tracie well done x

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Jacqueline Jackson Just done SS with some squats and lunges, it's brilliant and it really gets you out of breath! I squatted or lunged for 10 seconds then stood up for ten second intervals. Worth a go if you're able x

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Chris Jopp Have a look at the Willow Tree video with Anne Keating, Bruce Hymanson and Debbie Flint. It includes movement whilst wobbling, its great!

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Jacqueline Jackson Thanks Chris will have a look x

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Gail Hickman Thank you Chris I've just found the willow tree video and had a go I'll be doing that one again xx

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