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3MCFeb kicks off! Reheating pasta is better for blood spikes? And webchats: tova – ego – sbc – bruce
17 February 2015

best webchat yet best webchat yet

Hi all! The Three Month Challenge is up and running! This is just a quickie to keep you up to date if you’re looking for all the links. They are listed below. Also – will reheating pasta lower blood sugar spikes compared to eating it fresh? Weird science – below!


Lots of people are posting on the new Three Month Challenge page here. All info is there. ‘Like’ the page to take part in the three months and follow the guidelines there. It’s an open page.


Closed groups are best for more personal shares and updates –

Till the Fat Lady Slims group (nb the page is also a good one to follow for daily updates)

Break the Habit Btu group (offshoot from Back to You QVC group, set up for my QVC show)

Also - Bodyblade QVC group for bodybladers


My page And of course my own page for my personal news and QVC updates, book announcement and freebies etc – click ‘like’ on Debbie Flint page here.

Good luck and keep us informed! See below for the Q&A from the webchats from Tova, Adele SBC and Kala Ego, as well as Bruce Bodyblade! Next week it’s all about the NoNo as a new Today’s Special Value hits our QVC screens next weekend!

best wishes



Other news:

Can reheating pasta really cut down on blood sugar spikes? Well according to the BBC’s Dr Michael Mosley it probably can – go here to read the research – very interesting!




TOVA BORGNINE – live webchat - 16TH FEB 2015

 Tova thank you for talking with us this evening! We are very much looking forward to the amazing shows you have coming up beginning 20th February! How are you? X

Jackie Springett Yes look forward to chatting. Love Tova signature perfume lovely fragrance, not tried the others though.


Emily Curtis Love tova she's so glamorous when I've got the spare money in going to buy her diamonique elephant ring and pendant I love elephants xx

Samantha Pike Tova you are such an elegant lady big kisses to you. Please can you bring more in the body mind and spirit range the smell divine thank you. X


Anna Kelley Beautiful pic. Tova looks stunning xx


Sue Glass Is there a shower cream/gel in the signature range please Tova? If not can we have one very pretty please .

Helen Murphy Just wanted to say lovely to have you here x

Jules Fay Classy pic

Sue Stewart Love the picture of you and Ernest. I love your Signature Perfume. I have had lots of complements when I wear it. I love to collect your beautiful glass bottles. Will you be bringing more back to QVC with you. I have made Signature my own Signature. This is the first perfume I have stuck to wearing for some years now. Fancy buying perfume from the TV and loving it. Thank you beautiful lady xx


Lynne Birch She is so classically beautiful XXX


Amanda Lindberg Tova's signature perfume is beautiful. My mum who's now passed got me my first bottle years ago, it was in a crystal bottle. Never had so many compliments on a perfume. Forgot how beautiful it was until i purchased it recently. Beautiful lady inside and out x


Jacqueline Jackson Welcome Tova. I adore all of your fragrances and I believe I have them all so far. My absolute favourite of all is the Tova Nirvana which I still have a small amount of and so save for special occasions. Do you think it's possible it will ever come back? x


Lynda Robinson such an elegant woman

Collette Gillingham Hello Tova, lovely photo. x


Andrea Nicole Smart Oh, did not know Tova was on this evening. Am already out! Hope a video will be uploaded to YouTube from this evening's show. Love your BM&S and also Signature. Lady in the coffee shop remarked how lovely I smelt this evening. Would love a gel of BM&S to pop in my small purse. Pretty please! Love you Tova.  xxx


Karen Cartwright What a fantastic picture Tova .... one to treasure. I send you my love xxx


Karen Cartwright Hi Tova, thank you for creating such wonderful jewellery. For sharing pieces that Ernest brought for you with such love. I treasure each piece of jewellery I have in your line. xx


Tracie Wright beautiful picture, you were blessed to have someone who adored you as much as he obviously did. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful stories about the beautiful jewels Ernest bestowed upon you, each piece obviously holding a special place in your heart and such lovely memories that will stay with you forever . I will be investing in some of your diamonique Tova in the near future as it is so beautiful


Tova Borgnine Hello Everyone!So lovely to have an opportunity to answer your questions, say hello and spend some time with you!


Sharon Harvey Welcome Tova x

Tova Borgnine Dear Sue Glass, Currently on there is availability of Signature Body Wash & Cream Duo (Item 207723). Enjoy!

Tova Borgnine Hello Sue Stewart, Thank you for joining in. I think you will be VERY happy next weekend! Friday Evening around 9 pm will be the first presentation of the Collector's Edition Duo of Signature & Nights. By far this bottle is one of my most favourite I have ever done.

Amanda Lindberg Good evening Tova Borgnine.. what is the shelf life for your perfume. I absolutely adore reminds me of my mum that also wore it, i lost her suddenly and i feel like she is around me when i spray it. Xx

Tova Borgnine Hi Jacqueline! It always brings me such joy to hear from the women who enjoy the fragrances I have created! My passion is definitely driven by all of you. For Nirvana, I never say never when it comes to re-launching fragrances from the past.


Sharon Harvey Wow that sounds absolutely amazing Tova! You are spoiling us x

Jackie Springett Look forward to watching on Friday x

Lindsey Sweet Hi Tova, I hope you are well? I love all your products and jewellery designs, but my favourite fragrance is Body Mind & Spirit - do you have any collections coming up in the future please ? Much love xxx



Tova Borgnine Dear Amanda, The shelf life of my fragrances is 3 years, keep it in a cool place away from direct light as well.

Amanda Lindberg Thank you xx


Tracie Wright Tova , my wonderful husband loves cufflinks and wonder would you consider doing a range for men, i know they would be stunning if you had any say in it xx

Sharon Harvey Hi Tova, do you get much Time to relax when you are in London and did you and your husband spend much time here? x

Tova Borgnine Dear Lindsey, Thank you for your kind words, you will have to watch this weekend as we have of course the fabulous Collector's Edition Fragrance Duo starting Friday evening and during my TOVA Beauty hours on Saturday then on Sunday we have 3 wonderful jewellery hours were I will be presenting some new pieces! We are working with QVCUK with new items for this upcoming year and will pass along customer requests to them.


Dawn Robinson Hello Tova My daughters and i always say how elegant, graceful & beautiful you are you're such a delight to watch on QVC xoxoxo

Tova Borgnine Oh Sharon, I wish I had time to spend relaxing in London, it is one of my favourite cities to travel too! Ernie and I spent much time in London and actually part of our honeymoon was spent there as it was the premiere of his movie Poseidon Adventure!


Helen Murphy Tova I agree with Tracie would love cufflinks maybe based on Ernie's?

Lindsey Sweet Thank you so much for answering my question, I cannot wait until Friday & Saturday , I have a feeling my bank balance is going to be a little lighter. Look forward to watching your shows. You are a very beautiful and glamorous lady. I love watching Ernie's movies. Take care xxxx



Sharon Harvey Of Course! How beautiful.....well we love having you here


Tova Borgnine Dawn- Please send a big hello to your daughters and thank you for your beautiful words!


Sue Stewart Loved that film Poseidon Adventure. Quite tense. Shame i hadn't discovered your beautiful relaxing shower cream then x

Jacqueline Jackson I would love you to bring Nirvana back! I'll keep hoping thank you. x


Helen Murphy Am not familiar with any of your fragrances, I love something classic yet floral. Which would you suggest as a starting point? Though love the sound of the duo on Friday


Tova Borgnine Tracie Wright and Helen Murphy, With the Diamonique by TOVA jewellery shows we do a Deco Cufflink (Item 692095) that we sell on QVC. I am not sure if it is currently available but we have done them several times now as this replication of Ernie's favourite cufflinks are always hugely popular.


Tracie Wright thanks you so much for your reply i will check it out


Tova Borgnine Dear Helen, I would highly recommend trying TOVA Signature as it is a clean, fresh, soft yet enticing and mysteriously captivating scent which is unlike any you have ever smelled. By far my most beloved scent that truly will become your Signature.

Helen Murphy Just found the cufflinks which are beautiful


Jackie Springett I agree I love Tova Signature and you feel special wearing it and people ask what you are wearing xx


Tova Borgnine And Helen the Duo is an excellent place to start with my fragrances...Signature is captivating and Nights is the naughty sister scent! Nights is floral with a bit of juiciness and playfulness from the addition of dewy greens, lively florals (Like peonies which are my favourite!) with an effervescent feeling of champagne tickling your nose.





Sharon Harvey I love, love, love reminds me of carefree holidays..... Aahhhhhhh!


Helen Murphy I love peonies too. Have some in my garden which I planted when my daughter was born. Her godmother bought her a copper apricot rose called Grace which is my daughter's name. Thank you for that recommendation, I love having something different too from everyone else.


Tova Borgnine Andrea Nicole Smart, Hello dear today is just the live Facebook chat I will be on air at QVCUK this Friday in the 9 pm hour, then on Saturday with TOVA Beauty throughout the day then on Sunday (Pre-Academy Awards I will be on for several shows of Diamonique by TOVA Jewellery. Hope you can join us or set the DVR!


Janie Smith Tova do you know if the elephant bracelet will return? I want to get it for my daughter to go with her ring and pendant. Sharon Harvey have to agree Turquoise is scrumptious xxxxxx


Debbie Flint Hello our lovely friend Tova! Hope you're enjoying the chat and looking forward to another return across the pond! Excited for your return! Have a great web chat girls! 20 mins left! xx


Sharon Harvey Isn’t it just


Amanda Marie Jayne Thomas Hello tova, I hope all is well. Will you be bringing out any new perfumes and if so what will they be like? X


Tova Borgnine Hi Janie, The Elephant pieces are some of my favorite as well, I know currently the ring and pendant are available. We will certainly look into maybe bringing back the bracelet.


Helen Murphy It is such a lovely opportunity having these chats thanks for setting them up


Oh thank you Debbie, looking forwarding to making my way to London! I always enjoy these chats and opportunities when I may speak with all of you, regardless of where in the world we all are- amazing that we have this technology and ability!


Tova Borgnine Dear Amanda, We are working on many new products for the coming year, I have not made final decisions on which items will be made as of yet so I don't want to say to much quite yet!

Janie Smith Thank you. My daughter could only afford the ring and necklace at the time. I'd live to treat her she's amazing x

Helen Murphy Do you ever have time to relax? You are such a busy lady!

Lindsey Sweet Do you have time for any hobbies Tova? X

Tova Borgnine Relax? What is that word! Like many of us these days most days are quite active for me as between taking care of business and working on product developments, appearing on the different QVC shows in multiple countries etc...I do find time to spend relaxing and de-stressing. I work out regularly with my trainer which I find really takes away much of the stress from busy days.


Sue Stewart Looking forward to seeing the shows.


Alison Smith Hi Tova, do you think you will ever bring back your bar of soaps. I bought the signature ones a long time ago and loved them. Always thought of you when I used them! Xx

Jackie Springett I will also be watching the shows cannot wait xx


Tova Borgnine Hi Lindsey, One of my favorite hobbies is to collect fragrance bottles. I have done this much of my life as I always found the beauty, craftmanship and artful packaging intriguing.


Amanda Lindberg Please don't ever stop making Signature Tova.. You are a very glamourous lady. Thank you for taking the time to talk to us. X

Debbie Flint The cactine mask was one of my original faves too from Tova's early skin care launch with us many years ago! x


Debbie Flint Hi all just a quick reminder anyone who doesnt know about it, do come join us on the Three month challenge - it starts today - well being, toning and weight loss, read the pinned post on for more info. Tonight's new blog on my w...See More


Tova Borgnine I love Signature as much as the women who wear it regularly, I would be lost without it as it is always around, so know that I will always make Signature!


Jackie Springett Yes remember that mask used it myself that seems ages ago x


Tova Borgnine To all here is a link to my blog posting today on QVC,






Helen Murphy Debbie Flint I am going to use Tova's lovely products as my incentives on my three month challenge?

Debbie Flint Tova what routine does your trainer give you? it may inspire the ladies to hear what you do to keep trim! x

Tova Borgnine This weekend I will be celebrating not only being on air in the UK but the pre-celebration leading up to the Oscar's! I will be sharing throughout the weekend some of my favorite Oscar moments with Ernie while we attended. You'll have to stay tuned this weekend but one even includes a naked man.....

Helen Murphy Loving those beautiful bottles.

Amanda Lindberg The bottles look beautiful x

Tova Borgnine Hi Debbie, My trainer and I do Pilates as well as upper/lower body strength training, with a little Cardio (brisk walking) but my key is alternating the routines.


Sharon Harvey Back To You Qvc members please join me in saying a huge thank you to our amazing guest Tova Borgnine.

Tova it has been an absolute pleasure sharing this hour with you, we are all really looking forward to your shows this week : from 20th Feb

Lindsey Sweet Thank you Tova. Have a safe journey x

Jacqueline Jackson Thank you Tova x

Dawn Robinson Thank you Tova & Sharon

Sue Stewart Thank you Tova and Sharon xx

Helen Murphy Thank you Tova looking forward to the weekend. Thanks again too to Sharon

Tova Borgnine Thank you all for taking the time to join me in this chat, it is always so enjoyable to have the opportunity. And to Debbie and Sharon, I send you both much appreciation and thanks for curating this lovely Group. I will be seeing you very soon! With Love and Appreciation, Tova

Sharon Harvey Awwwww Thank you! It has been wonderful! thank you all for joining us..... we are so lucky!



KALA  from EGO – live webchat - 16TH FEB 2015

Sharon Harvey Kala I just wanted to say how amazing your new ego therapy conditioning tool is! I

Sue Foley would love to know what products people have experimented with, using this tool, so far i have tried wen, idhair mask, and phillip kingsley have had great results but looking for a good leave in conditioner to use when ive got less time

Dawn Robinson Hello Kala  I've been telling my daughters about your new ego tool and there absolutely flabbergasted ! They think it's brilliant they both have their Birthdays in the next couple of months & yes its top of the gift list  & your hair is beautiful Sharon xxx

Kala Kilshaw-Laing Ahh fantastic Sue & Dawn and results are great Sharon. I am committed ladies to helping you all create beautiful hair yourselves and with Qvc you can send it back, I always hope you won't want to though! I'm going to take overseas guests ( Danish) out for curry tonight so will hopefully be answering your questions from a curry house but promise not with my mouth full! X

Dawn Robinson Yummy im hungry now  xx

Sharon Harvey Oh no kala!!!

Dawn Robinson Have you enjoyed your curry ?

Kala Kilshaw-Laing Yes going well bit spicy - off to launch in QVC USA Friday, so emotional eating sorry Debbie Flint!!! X

Sharon Harvey Hahahaha oh wow that is amazing! Which products will you be starting with? Good luck!! x

Dawn Robinson My daughter has a question is it ok to use on a head full of coloured hair ? Or do you need a protective spray before using ? Xxx

Dawn Robinson How wonderful USA

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