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The Monday Essay – TTFLS & Freedom Eating?
19 January 2015

Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 book Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 book

Q Where did it come from?

A. Transformation During the first Back to You series, many people found the 2002 book on Amazon and began using it and reporting how it was changing their bodies. Lots of lovely members of my Facebook group ‘Back to You QVC’ were losing weight and transforming their relationship around food and posting their updates. For me it was gripping - Debbie S. has gone from a size 20 to a 14. And Chloe H my other cover girl has now lost five stone! Plus so many, many more, a selection of which are featured on my TTFLS page on my website. And below.

Original The 2002 version was first written when I lost 35lb after following the Freedom Eating principles 14 years ago and I haven’t binged since. And if you want to compare notes, OMG just have a look at the ‘binge management’ section towards the back – see what I used to go through – are you the same? Plus so many other common mistakes people make on their dieting journeys. And we’ve all done them.

The most common reaction I get is ‘it was like reading about myself… so good to see I’m not the only one.’

Q. What is Freedom Eating?

A. It’s based on the secrets of slim people and how your body knows what to do, we just override our key signals. This system helps you identify how to get back to your own natural relationship with food as fuel – not as reward, or solace or revenge. And helps you reclaim your own natural birthright to be slim. It’s just common sense, but it’s my take on an old theme, and it’s my own journey that makes this one different. It’s based on a version of the 7 Secrets of Slim People which was itself based on Diets Don’t Work which itself was no doubt based on something else. Since 2000 many other books have come out with other versions of this same common sense and I’m not sure why my one resonates with so many people, but it does. They say this is the one that’s made all the difference.

Freedom. It’s so liberating. Whenever I do full Freedom Eating, I find it so easy, not hard at all, and it’s like food becomes LESS important in my life every day instead of ruling my every thought and living from meal to meal. Others agree – eg on our Facebook group. It’s never ceased to amaze me what I learned about how slim people do it and loved putting it in writing all those years ago.

New Version But more than a decade later there is a lot of new info that needed to go in, so I issued an updated version in September last year, including crucial new material, as well as a slightly abridged version of the original. Version 2.0 – the ‘When’ Diet was born! I put it online with its purple cover and it started to inspire people so much that QVC asked me to do a version just for us!

Q. How is it new?

A. The new aqua one is a limited collector’s edition with a bonus chapter inside, not seen elsewhere yet, about my own personal story, in the years I was away from QVC. Plus further links to more exclusive material over on my website! It’s in hardback, as it’s designed to be a reference book, read over and over again.

Groundbreaking The principles are so ground-breaking for some lifelong dieters that they say stuff like this -

After trying so many diets over a few decades now finally found an eating regime that works. Till the fat lady slim book by Debbie Flint has made me look at eating in a whole new light. No longer have good and bad things to eat just what my body tells me I need. …changing my eating habits forever. Please, please if you are struggling at the time of reading this, give it a go.” Starlight, review

If you're fed up of silly diets and yo-yo dieting then this book is for you! I'm featured in the book as through freedom eating I have managed to lose four stone! With this book you can develop a positive and healthy relationship with food. Learn about your body's signals of satiety and hunger.
Lose weight and keep it off”
Chloe, Amazon review, July 2013

I have lost about 4 pounds over the Xmas period. Losing the weight is not as important for me as not being at war with myself about food. Thanks to Debbie for sharing this. It is absolutely life changing as I know it has changed how I think about myself and food forever.” Laura S, Amazon Jan ‘15

I watched the BBC2 Horizon programme at 3.30 ish this morning - they would have found TTFLS fitted in with all three categories of eating problems! I'm the last group - constant craving for food. But I'm looking at food differently now thanks to the book. Best thing I've ever bought - oh, and the Bodyblade.” Anne, Facebook.

Lard These and many more similar testimonials echo how I felt back in the day when I first read about Freedom Eating and began bringing pats of lard into the studio on a tray representing how many pounds I was losing – ultimately two and a half stone. The pic on the book shows a couple of pics from back then – anyone remember those days on QVC?

Chuffed Can’t tell you how delighted it’s making me, to know that so many people are breaking out of ‘food prison’ ‘cos of my writing. The steamy novels went down a storm and that was lovely, but this is a different type of chuffed entirely! Knowing so many people are using it to make their diets easier makes me so proud.

Be prepared to dip into it continually as you gradually adjust whilst your body gets used to listening to its signals and eating like a slim person does.

With over 170 pages of testimonials old and new, it still includes the full, slightly-abridged original TTFLS book from 2002 remember – that’s in part three. But parts one and two are crucial to understand why this system works and how it’s NOT a diet plan.

What it’s not. If you’re not prepared to let go of old beliefs this book is not for you. Or if you follow a rigid structure easily, maybe you’re one of the lucky people who go on a diet and stick to it no problem, lose the weight and don’t see what all the fuss is about, then this system is probably not for you.

-          It does NOT tell you what to eat and what not to eat, it’s not a meal-plan

-          It is NOT a short term system, it’s a long-term approach which will make everything different from now on, and if you can do full Freedom Eating your body takes back its natural power which has been over-ridden by bad habits around food.

-          It is NOT some weird kooky system, it’s just how slim people eat their whole lives.

What it is It is, however, for anyone who CAN’T DIET. Who has the BEST intentions and really means to stick to the next brand new shiny diet plan or slimming club regime BUT deep down – below all the best laid plans that this time it will be different – knows they won’t. Or likes a plan but drops off it after a while, this can help you too.

Q. What’s in it?

A. Contents

Part One explains the basics about Freedom Eating – and changing your whole mindset about dieting. It helps break free from that horrible place we’ve all been to, if we’ve experienced ‘food prison.’ For instance, within the first chapter I’ve put my ‘Super Six’ principles, so you can look at the free sample - go here on my website,, where people can see the link to the free sample so you can see what it’s all about if you’re in any doubt about whether to buy it. I’d hate for anyone to take a copy if it’s not for them, as someone else may miss out. So do go look if you’re not sure. If you do decide to get it though, be quick since, as I’ve said, this QVC version is limited!  

Part Two has some crucial information which cannot be ignored if you want to get it right - an important chapter that explains why the latest knowledge about certain foods really helps. It makes it easier for me, when I watch all the video links and read all the articles to choose correctly, as it helps me make those decisions more easily. And advice about what to do first on your way to full Freedom Eating. Full freedom eating is where nothing is banned. If being told  you can’t have something means you can’t stop thinking about it, this book is for you. The reason is, if you’re like me, the opposite is also true and knowing you ‘can’ means you eat it less. The psychology is fascinating. And this book features a long list of misapprehensions that need to be unlearned, and helps you unlearn them.

The ‘When’ Diet For some who like structure though, like my sister Linda, pictured above helping me at the signing, it’s a different story. She uses it for maintenance and to help stay on traditional diets. She’s an ex-slimming club leader and saw how Freedom eating helped transform my behaviour around food. She and I then co-created The ‘When’ Diet section – designed to help put a stop to those ‘start again tomorrow’ moments and make normal dieting a bit more closely aligned with how your body is supposed to act around food.

If you DO want to use it alongside traditional diets, that works too, it’s what the ‘When’ Diet section is for.

-          This book will hold your hand

-          This book will provide answers when you feel desperately low about your weight

-          This new mindset will offer freedom like many have never known, from the constant curse of dieting.

Q. What support is there?

A. Stories from others & Facebook I can’t tell you what a thrill it has been to hear from so many people, like all the Freedom Eating converts from my lovely Facebook group, ‘Till the Fat Lady Slims’ and those who have kindly put their reviews on item 704285. The main thing is that it’s helping so many now – and of course there are far more stories on my website here – click here to see the TTFLS page .

Anyway, at time of writing, my shoulder is just a little bit hot right now, after all that signing. Only a few had a slightly more squirly signature, and they’ve got the word ‘enjoy’ on. Some have a few extra kisses. And one special one was the final one I signed which has an extra little message in the front as it was number 3000 out of 3000!

Make 2015 the year you do things completely differently than ever before – starting with considering this book – ‘Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 – the ‘When’ Diet’  from QVC, or from Amazon if it’s sold out – as the game-changer.

I’m very proud to be bringing you this book – the end result of more than fourteen years of writing, learning and losing weight. I’m told unlike anything people might have seen before.

Let me know what you think and if you have any questions at all, you can ask me personal ones via – sign up there for my regular email newsletter for updates.

Best wishes.





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