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A secret not many people know about me; A new Super6! TTFLS 2.0 is up online on; and Monday Essay – facing your fears
15 January 2015

deb and bruce jan '15 deb and bruce jan '15

This week was great for pushing back the barriers, and a cool first!

TTFLS 2.0 book on QVC site

Hoorah! My semi autobiographical weight loss book is up and available from - item 704285 (click here) - but by Wednesday this week over a quarter of the initial stock had already been allocated to waitlist orders. It's due on air 26th Jan, but do feel free to buy it sooner than that if you'd like to see the results. 

The difference between this and the eBook/paperback that's on Amazon (Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 - the 'When' Diet, 2014) is that it's got the extra bonus material including a chapter covering the personal story during the time I was away from QVC plus it's signed, it's hardback and it's a limited production of under 3000. Ever. If more are ordered they'll take months plus they won't be exactly the same as this one. 

See the first chapter if you're not sure by going here - 'look inside' free sample of first part of book on Amazon.

Hope you like it - do let me know! Basically all the info about it is on my TTFLS tab, see above, if you'd like to find out more.

So what a lovely proud 'first' for me this week - very proud Debbie! Now I've just got to quash my anxiety about taking it to air - nervous! hehe!



Back to You with Bruce

It was lovely to see Bruce from Bodyblade again this week (IN PIC ABOVE WITH ME) - we went for supper and he did the webchat, then took pole position on this week's Back to You show on Monday (9pm). More info and pics are on this week's QVC blog - see QVC tab above for Friday's (16th) blog.

if you missed the whole hour on QVC, you can watch it again on the link below. Be warned though, 'cos it's recorded a little fast for some reason - my voice sounds like it used to when I was younger! haha!

Back to you Show for those who missed it - Monday 12th 9pm - click here.

Bruce is due to answer a few more questions from our webchat and when they're ready I will put the transcript of the Q&A below.

And as promised, click here for a new Super6 routine which incorporates extra variety within each movement!

Next week the webchat will be with a familiar face! The week after, Pilates' Marjolein will be dong her Q&A plus the Camouflage Company girls return.

And on Back to You show on 19th we will have a one minute challenge on the urban rebounder - and if you have your bodyblade by then you can use that! 


A secret about me that not a lot of people know.

Interesting feeling reared its head again this week when I was due to go to the Alpha H party (full report on this Friday's (16th) QVC blog - see QVC tab above.) See as a TV presenter, it's easy to put on the mantle of a confident gregarious person who can cope with almost anything, and I do, and it's real. BUT left to my own devices, when I'm back at home on a day off, faced with the thought of going out, how easy is it not to bother, and to actually let shyness overtake you? My closest friends know how true this is - you ask Craig Rowe. We joke that if you crossed him and me you'd have a person somewhere in the middle! Craigy is admirable and talks to anyone, he's so friendly. BUT maybe because I was very much brought up amongst family rather than having to kep meeting new people all the time, or perhaps 'cos I'm just weird, I don't find it easy to start a conversation in a room full of people I don't know. When I'm not working. In the past I've even missed weddings when I was feeling particularly crippled by the fear of getting out there - I call it 'go-have-fun-o'phobia'! Are you the same? if so you may find the Monday Essay below interesting. Some great books out there, certainly, which will help. BUT all the while i'm supposed to be meeting a man, I'm a bit stuck for ... meeting anyone new, aren't I?! Any tips? lol. I'll just have to make it a 'thing' this year - to get more confident in social situations with new men... I mean new people, won't I?!

(Monday Essay is at bottom of blog below.)


Other News -

- Aids to Cutting Back on Sugar - just in case you missed it - go here, it makes such a difference to your health and to your dieting.

- BBC Horizon Dieting series - an analysis on what's the best diet for you - worth a watch. And if you still find it hard, don't forget TTFLS goes along with any traditional diet plan if you feel a wobble coming on! More about the BBC show here.


Have a great week!








 One of Wayne Dyer's colleagues has a brilliant book - Susan Jeffries' Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway. It's a classic and has been around for many years. Go read the 'look inside' for free on the link above, adn order it if you think it's just up your cul de sac.

Over 300 five star reviews, it's almost always within the top 1000 of the UK Kindle chart which means it's always steadily selling since the wisdom never goes away and there's always someone new. Like this lady -

"I had heard of this book often enough, but never read it. As they say when the pupil is ready, the teacher will appear. If you are really struggling with your life this book will give you heart, if you have been working on yourself it will remind you of all that you have learnt and prompt you to keep it up. So what is it all about? Firstly, it points out that everybody gets fearful, but that some people rise to the challenges they face more positively than others and so succeed in their lives, while others just seem to shrink, becoming more and more overwhelmed by everything. This book shows you how to turn your thoughts around to the positive, to switch off your inner nag and just get on with life. It isn't corny, it isn't gimmicky, but it is truly uplifting and calming, and it works. Last night my dishwasher broke and rather than get into a stew about finding the time to get it repaired and the expense etc as I would have done I just remembered ' I'll handle it' and got it sorted. This is a fairly trivial example, but those of us who are prone to worry and anxiety, are easily overwound by the most mundane things, so it is so good to have some tools to get life into the right perspective."

I like that, don't you? It ties in with the recent Book of the Week on my RiWiSi writing blog, called 'The Chimp Paradox.' If you missed it check out the archive, it's certainly worth a read too, to help cope with the inner nag.

And see if this year you can push back some barriers, do some TiFFT's * and start the journey to making the changes you know you should make for 2015.


*Try it For the First Time club.






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