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Signing off 2014 with the final B2U webchat of the year - it's all about you! And new series begins Monday 5th!
30 December 2014

never quit never quit

Blog 141229 last b2u webchat – all about you! And Monday essay – breathe deeply.

As we bow out of 2014, its time to reflect. What a year it’s been on Back to You QVC facebook group – some extracts of the final webchat are below – we opened the floor to members/viewers/back to You’ers, and some of the thoughts were lovely to read.

Plus, now Xmas is over and New Year just around the corner, many are feeling the stresses and needing to relax – I focus on the importance of breathing deeply, or properly if you don’t already. It sounds obvious but a lot of people – me included – just don’t.

And another little ‘squeeeee’ in Other News – my recent measurement from Imedeen as well as a stark reminder of the dangers of sugar and why it’s so vital to cut it out if you’re serious about you’re health and weight loss.

See bottom of this blog for full Monday Essay, followed by snippets from the webchat – thanks to all who took part! (links are below to join the facebook groups I mention on here.)


Back to You show – begins Monday 5th January 9pm then Weekly all month!

With the new run of Back to You on QVC starting again on 5th January, will you be joining me? What will your resolutions be? Do tune in for inspiration for health and well being, and to make your home a nicer place to be. More info about exactly what’s in the first show will be posted here once I know for sure.

TTFLS Special Edition But the news is that almost certainly we will be bringing you a new and exclusive HARDBACK version of Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 – the ‘When’ Diet – with extra content and it’ll be signed! It’ll be on advanced orders, or that’s the plan – you can order your copy in advance and it’ll be dispatched just as soon as it hits the QVC warehouse system towards the end of January. Why then? Well it’ll be handy to help you battle the end of January guilt that inevitably hits most people as they fall off the wagon with New Years’ Resolutions. As far as a new eating regime is concerned, TTFLs and Freedom Eating is there to work alongside ANY diet plan or system you can imagine. Yes any. Plus – some exciting news about a radio interview too – see ‘other news’ below!

(join Till the Fat Lady Slims group and ‘like’ the page for regular ‘tip of the day’ updates to help you on your way.)

For most people TTFLS works. If you can’t wait until the hardback is available, get   Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 – the ‘When’ Diet, (click here – paperback or eBook on Amazon! Find out why Freedom Eating principles make such sense. NB the first chapter is available free on the ‘look inside’.


Bodyblade Update.

Bruce was on the webchat again this week on Facebook on both groups, and announced this –

“Thanks and praise to you all for being so supportive this year for Back to you and Bodyblade QVC! I will be back on Jan 12 with two or three shows that day and again on Jan 13 with two or three shows. I am very excited to be back and will appear with Bodyblade Classic. The new kit will have a new DVD with two workouts called the Super6/Power10 which are similar to the Bodyblade on the beach workout where we do a minute of Bodyblade followed by a minute of body movement!”

He won’t be on next week’s webchat as he’ll be on a plane but the week after, he’s back in the UK and on my second B2U show! Yay!



So do join the groups now.

‘Back to You QVC’ group – click here to join

Bodyblade QVC’ group – click here to join

‘Till the Fat Lady Slims’ group – click here to join

‘Till the Fat Lady Slims’ PAGE – click here to ‘like’ – anyone can see – incl tips of the day.

Debbie Flint page on Facebook – anyone can see – incl news of my novels, QVC deals, etc – sign up for newsletter. Writing, Back to You weekly Blog, TTFLS tab etc


Other News –

-          Deb to appear on BBC Radio? If you listen to Jo Good 3-5pm weekdays on BBC Radio London, you may have caught one of our lovely facebookers, Sara Brown, who called in to Jo’s Boxing Day programme extolling the virtues of TTFLS! Well the producer has invited me in to the studio to talk live about Freedom Eating and how well it works at this time of year. Once it’s done I’ll post the podcast! So unless anything changes tune in New Years Eve around 4pm to Jo’s show on 94.9 or online. BBC radio – that’ll be another first for me! Listen here.

-          Imedeen Update  Now I don’t often make the ‘other news’ about a little magic moment I had, but this week I was well impressed when discussing my skin with analyst Emma from the renowned collagen supplement Imedeen. Now this is only my own experience and I eat well and everyone’s different. BUT a year after taking it every day, after my initial skin density measurement came up at 47, when she measured me again with her ultrasound machine this weekend, its over 55! That’s a whopping increase and means I’m with Joanna Lumley and Christie Turlington in finding them excellent. Yours may differ but now we’ve got a full 4 month try out period – yes you heard me right – I couldn’t resist telling you more about it on here. Click here to see it on QVC.


-          Wean yourself off sugar if you’re serious about your health.

More pertinent articles to read to help you realise why sugar is so harmful – specifically fructose, the unnaturally concentrated sugar from fruit, which should only be eaten as whole fruit so the fibre combats the problems caused by the fructose. Read on to see why it’s so damaging and how vital it is to stop thinking a calorie is a calorie. For instance, did you know that a third of all calories ingested from fructose (ordinary sugar is half fructose) are AUTOMATICALLY CONVERTED INTO FAT; no matter what else you eat, how much exercise you do, it’s true. Just watch ‘sugar the bitter truth’, the ‘Youtube sensation’ with Prof Robert Lustig to see why it happens, especially if you love biochemistry! Or the many other fascinating and impactful videos – ‘toxic sugar’ from ABC, ‘Is sugar toxic’ from sixty minutes etc. And read the fascinating scientific studies and articles below.




Don’t forget to read below for webchat comments from our lovely Back to You gang on Facebook.

NB Also below, the Monday Essay about the importance of breathing properly in putting paid to ‘end-of-year-it is’!

Next week – The first of 2015! And what happened on 5th on the very first show from the new run – remember, 9pm Mondays in January on QVC UK!

Have a great week!



Ps in case you missed me saying, this Wednesday, on New Year’s Eve I’m on the Charlie Bears show at 8pm, plus the 9pm then off to my pal Shyama’s to see in the new year. Julia is on with a new pilates offer at the stroke of midnight – so get ready to join us if you’re not a party animal, to see in 2015, with a keep fit Today’s Special Value. And once you’ve joined our groups, you can keep going on, not just start!




The Importance of Breathing Deeply


‘End of year-itis’ is a disease we all suffer from, from time to time. And many women will right now be stuffing their faces with the last mince pies, chocs and xmas biscuits, telling themselves it’s all because they will ‘start again on January 1st.’ Magically, they think, everything will be transformed and they will easily lose the weight and stick to a plan. Er…. really? OK we all do it, to a lesser or greater extent. BUT what if we didn’t have to? If you’re stressed enough from all the rushing around at Xmas, why add yet more stress to your body by making it deal with toxins and overload it with stodgy carbs, creating an insulin nightmare which prevents the body from acting normally and starts off a whole new chain of reactions leading inevitably to the diet being broken, another last supper and ‘starting again tomorrow’ over and over again. And another rubbish January with nothing to show for it except some extra pounds. If that’s you, please join us on Back to You QVC facebook group. The support is excellent, and the info and links given have helped transform some people’s lives (read on below.)

Naturally I’m going to tell you that Till the Fat Lady Slims’ Freedom Eating method will assist you in stepping off that wagon and changing the habits of a lifetime. It will. Plus you can use it alongside any of your existing intended diet plans – books, DVD’s, classes, whatever – yes really, you can. That’s the ‘When’ diet part of the second version of my book. Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 – the ‘When’ Diet, is the current version (purple cover) available on Amazon in paperback or eBook. * find it here.

And then I’m going to say – take a moment and breathe deeply. I mean really deeply.

The method I use, I first learned in Tony Robbin’s Personal Power 30 day audio tape pack, in the late 90’s. it involves taking in a deep breath, as deep as you can, holding it for longer, then breathing out in a controlled way. Typically I count as follows –

1. Inhale through your nose, expanding your belly, then fill your chest. Counting to 6

2. Hold and Count to 6.  

3. Exhale fully from slightly parted mouth making a ‘hhhhhhh’ hissing noise, counting to 6.

That’s my way – particularly when I’m on my own – otherwise the hissing will have a weird effect on bystanders and even scares Daisy the Labrador. There are of course other rhythms, involving longer or shorter elements. But if I do it on the way to work, for instance, at the end of a journey where I’ve been doing that, I find myself less tense and more able to then breathe more naturally afterwards.

I’ve started doing it again recently in a more deliberate way after realising one too many wrong food choices over Xmas (not much, and not often, but enough to notice a difference - remember dairy in particular has a big impact on me now that I usually almost never have it.) So I’ve been finding myself not able to breathe very deeply without it being an effort. This type of exercise, which I do for 15 mins to half an hour or so,  I believe strengthens the inter-rib muscles and makes my rib cage more able longer term, to suck in the air my body needs so desperately. I know also that I can create a headache scenario within my own body by not breathing correctly, plus I can become really tired without proper oxygen being exchanged in my lungs. There are tons more benefits of getting my breathing right – and just one of the many articles online is linked to below so you can find out more, but there are many, many others to read about. From the heart to digestion to the immune system, so many things have been linked to having benefits from better breathing. Even the ancient Romans apparently had doctors who recommended deep breathing. And it’s free, and it’s instant and it’s so easy to do.

Once you get the hang of the benefits, schedule your deep breathing exercise just as you would schedule important appointments eg a minimum of two 10 minute segments of time everyday although you can begin with two five minutes segments if you prefer. - See more here.

Please read the long list of benefits that breathing deeply brings – just google that phrase and you’ll see endless articles like that one.

And what’s more important, you may feel you need comfort, which translates to comfort eating, when really a good deep breathing session might be what your body really needs. Why not give it a go? And see the new year in, with some alternative New Year’s Resolutions. And maybe say goodbye to End-Of-Year-It is.

Have a good one!




*stand by though for the aforementioned ‘Till the Fat lady Slims collectors edition’ – with Bonus Material, and in signed hardback for gifting or keeping safe.


 Let me know what you think of this blog too – on Facebook – or tweet me @debbieflint – or sign up for my newsletters with latest updates incl about my novels on  home page ‘subscribe’ button, or email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

 ps for all my fiction, see the 'writing' tab at the top of this page where you will find links to all my steamy romances, short stories and anthology.


Over to You – Back to You Facebook Webchat 29th December 2014

How has Back to You helped you in the past year?

From our Facebook group webchat, 8-9pm.


Anne Keating – (going to feature on the interview segments in the new series)

“I've just got over a couple of days of feeling really poorly which put me right out. HOWEVER I've just got back from weigh in and I'd only put a pound on over Xmas. Much, much better than usual! My big moment this year was when I read Debbie Flints book Til The Fat Lady Slims and decided to combine the principles in the book with going to Slimming World. That, and getting started on the Bodyblade Supersix, has turned my life around… I used a sleep app and found my sleep efficiency increased by 10% if I used the Bodyblade 20 minutes or so before going to bed! That's a bonus Bruce! … And it means that I am starting 2015 positively, having lost 9lbs in under two months and having a completely different outlook on food and eating. This group, the QVC Queens and Bodyblade pages have been fantastic, but I can't thank Debbie enough for all her support. She's my hero! Bring on 2015.”


Janie Smith – also featuring on video interviews

“Thanks to freedom eating and macro tummies I've not gained any weight over christmas. Yay. 
I love this group keeps me on the straight and narrow. I use my aero Pilates machine on my active rest days and am trying very hard to buy a body blade! Debs is blooming inspiring and I have some lovely new friends. Thankyou xxxxccc”


Amy Wall – one of our lovely regulars

“I'm new to all this FB Twitter etc and as I retired 18 months ago and then diagnosed with BC I realised that I had to change my lifestyle once my treatment had finished so the big change for me was when I found out about Debbie's book TTFLS and started putting the principles from it in place. where I have found so much support from the other members and finally today I am awaiting receipt of a Bodyblade Yeahhhh Bruce Hymanson all ready to go as soon as it arrives. Thank you also Sharon for all your hard work and support for this group xxxx”


Valerie Cady – regular and fabulous success story

“Joined the group in November after googling and coming across Debbs books and links to health and exercise . I find the group supportive and interesting . We each share our experiences and encourage motivation . I love the body blade and the beach video exercises . It's early days for me, but I’m happy to have started my journey into wellness. 
Thanks to Debbie and Bruce for their time and for making it fun xx”


Cathy Winsall – with a different angle

“Bodyblade is fab and TTFLS is invaluable and thankyou Bruce and Debs for these, but for me this year it has to be Alpha H that changed my life after so many years of the most horrendous spots and rosacea flare ups. Alpha H has turned my skin around and thankyou Tom Ogden, you have been my fave webchat guest. Happy New Year”


Heidi Moss – with a request!

“ Looking forward to the shows - the last ones Debbie Flint did on a Mon really motivated me and started the week in the right mood. Wish this could be a regular thing.”


And of course chats with the experts crop up outside of our Monday webchats too – eg Marlene Watson Tara, a health expert loved by many of the members. This week she filled us in on how to make macrobiotic shopping easier, to create some of the most health-giving recipes in the world! Her book is called ‘Macrobiotics for All Seasons.’ And is on amazon.

Marlene Watson-Tara Clearspring do free shipping on orders over £40 you can watch me making many of these dishes on my you tube channel . Wholegrains, beans, lentils, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds make up 95% of a macrobiotic diet, if you don't have specific ingredients, simply start with easy grain dishes and soups, lots of recipes on my website also. Have fun and thank your lovely daughter Cheryl for guiding you towards eating a natural wholefoods diet. Miso, sea vegetables and dried shitake mushrooms, last for ages, you only use a little at a time so it is not something you have to buy as a weekly shop. Well done Sharon, super teacher you are.... Here is the link to my channel. - there are many great educational blogs on my website, enjoy. Xx”


PS – Watch out soon for Christianne Wolff, (Marie-Francoise, our Kipling guest’s sister) who is making waves with her ‘Body Rescue Plan,’ appearing on our Back to You live webchat – around Thursday 15th, and on air on QVC about the same time at 9am.


For archive webchats, see previous Back to You blogs – to the left of this update on this page!








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