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! Hula Hooping- me! All thanks to Bodyblade. Supersix at the beach video. Webchat Q&A’s with Charlie Bears. Plus the Monday essay - psychology of christmas.
16 December 2014

Back to You supersix Ladies at QVC Back to You supersix Ladies at QVC

Wow! What a week! Some fabulous TiFFT’s (Try it for the First time club) and some great feedback about my weight loss book Till the Fat Lady Slims. We met up with our lovely Back to You ladies from the facebook group at QVC to do some filming for the new series, and it’s generally been a lovely sunny week – metaphorically as well as literally! BRING ON that vitamin D! lol.

Plus the Monday Essay, the all-important Psychology of Christmas.


Back to You get Together

Fab fun this week, meeting up with six of the girls who responded to my request for people to come in and say how Back to You shows and groups have helped over the past year. Well done to the following – our very own ‘supersix’ – who are pictured at the top in the QVC café having our lunch, in between makeup and being interviewed for videos to be shown during the upcoming new run of Back to You on QVC – Mondays in January. Tons of fabulous products to help your feeling of well being – that’s what the group is all about! Again, facebook group links are below.

Hi to Jill Dowding Walker, on the right, Karen Davies, Janie Smith, Marcella Guglielmucci, Samantha Pike, my lovely pal and admin volunteer Sharon, plus the wonderful Anne Keating.

Well done all! Roll on January 5th!

This week’s Q&A was the long awaited Q&A with lovely Will and Charlie from Charlie Bears – they were our guests on the webchat this week! Yay! Record breaking amount of comments too! Fab. See bottom of this blog for what happened.

Big December Competition – it’s is now available on my recent QVC blog – it includes a Bodyblade as a prize! Plus some Laura Geller, Liz Earle, JW Phytomineral EDP and both my books – my trilogy of romances, Hawaiian Trilogy, AND the latest Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 – the ‘When’ diet book too. Enter on my QVC blog – go here to see how. Whoop!



Meanwhile, another amazingly wonderful and rewarding post on Till the Fat Lady Slims facebook group from a lady called Hilary, who is clearly thrilled that she’s managed to succeed where all else failed her in the past. I love reading these – it makes my day!

(join Till the Fat Lady Slims group and ‘like’ the page for regular ‘tip of the day’ updates to help you on your way.)

For most people TTFLS works.  Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 – the ‘When’ Diet, (click here – paperback or eBook on Amazon!) Find out why Freedom Eating principles make such sense.

Here’s that lovely comment online from Hilary this week on Facebook:

 "I have waited a while to post but am now ready. I have completely changed my philosophy around food thanks to TTFLS . I started whenDebbie Flint started the group and have now lost 17lb. I thought I was eating quite healthily before but could not shift an ounce. I have brought my 19 year old daughter up to basically freedom eat. I spoke to a slim colleague about 20 years ago and she said she eats only when she is hungry and stops when she feels satisfied. I struggled to get family not to encourage my daughter to finish off her plate of food - I used to say "how do you know what is the right portion size for her" but I really thought it was too late for me. I believed that once you had lost the ability to recognise in advance when you had eaten enough, then that was it. Years of messing with my metabolism with everything from Cambridge Diet to Slimming World and Weightwatchers had taken its toll. I can now see that it is never too late. I have been body blading too and doing steps rather than lifts. I have around 10lb to go but am now getting into clothing that was far too snug. I do not want to be thin, just a realistic, manageable weight. 
Merry Christmas all and don't be afraid of it. Enjoy and do NOT beat yourselves up if you slip up. This is a lifestyle choice not a race to the finish. PS Debbie, I have left a review on Amazon for you." hilary Parsons, 'Till the Fat Lady Slims' Facebook group, 15th December.

Am so proud of how my book is helping people.

Stand by for some big news on a very special edition hopefully coming in January - almost a year's worth of hard work and the big moment is nearly here!


Hula Hooping Hooray!

At last! At our family ‘do’ on Sunday, as we were clearing up, my niece Becky brought out her recently acquired hula hoop for all to try. Now I’ve never been good at this. I’ve not been able to move it fast enough to stay up. HOWEVER, thanks to lovely, lovely Bodyblade and it’s strengthening effect on my core, I did it! I can’t tell you how chuffed I was! Here’s the moment –

Click here to watch it.

Bodyblade is back on 12th January – just under 4 week’s time – so get yours in time for Xmas – just one minute a day could make a difference, believe me. Here’s our popular Bodyblade on the Beach video – the supersix in a splendid setting in LA, where I met up with Bruce this year.

Watch the Supersix Bodyblade routine on Marina Del Ray beach here.

People love it as it explains a lot, together with an exercise and stretching routine. Join ‘Bodyblade QVC’ facebook group for Monday night chats with Bruce!



So do join the groups now.

‘Back to You QVC’ group – click here to join

Bodyblade QVC’ group – click here to join


Other News – new ones coming soon - tbc

-          How to Beat a Hangover the 2015 Way Just in time for yuletide, here's the latest list of do's and don'ts!  Read more here.

-          Another 45 yr old tones up her body - Jennifer Lopez inspires – fab photo shoot, she's got herself in shape! Just like so many of our Back to You'ers are doing with the Bodyblade etc! How to love your body more here.

-          Prison inmates who are low in omega-3s are more aggressive and more likely to have attention deficit disorder (ADD) behaviours, preliminary findings of a year-long study suggests. And the same may be true for unruly children. Bernard Gesch is the renowned expert running the study – read the summary on Food and Behaviour Research site here.


Don’t forget to read below for webchats Charlie bears and also bodyblade Bruce did  a Monday chat too – coming soon!

Next week – 22nd December – it’s lovely Tom Ogden from Alpha H and me! – yes really! Hooray! Talking about his skin care show next day, and me talking about whatever you want to ask me!

See below for the Monday Essay about the psychology of Christmas dieting. And join the groups!

Have a great week!



Ps things have changed! I’ve opted to do the Charlie Bears show at 8pm, plus the 9pm on New Years Eve! Then off to my pal’s to see in the new year. Julia will be bringing you her treasured device, the Pilates Reformer on New Year’s Eve launch at midnight – so get ready to join us if you’re not a party animal, to see in 2015, with a keep fit Today’s Special Value.. More nearer the time!




The Psychology of Christmas Dieting


It’s a problem – we know it is – but what happens to diets and healthy living before and after Christmas? I don't even need to say it, do I! Bad choices, guilt, panicking, eating more as punishment and starting again tomorrow. It's a pattern we learn early - my family always congratulated each other for 'doing well' if we stuffed our faces with a huge pile of food that might last two days if in normal eating mode. Plus the whole 'I'll start the diet after Xmas,' means for so many of us the whole of yuletide is spent overeating - to 'make it worth it' or to take advantage of the 'free pass' mentality, to take the brakes off eating desserts and sweets and cakes and crips. Whereas really, Xmas is no different to any other time of year - your body still only needs a certain amount of food as fuel. It's treating 'treats' as exactly that - like treasure - which for many of us is our downfall. 

Fortunately if by now you've reached the stage of Freedom Eating where even your most coveted food previously, now doesnt ring your bells unless your body hasn't had enough of it or the nutrients that food respresents, you'll understand why TTFLS is so life-changing for so many.

There's a study which examined dieters and non-dieters reactions to tempting xmas foods.  It says 'the dieters had a much more elevated and enduring emotional response to tempting food. The non-dieters also experienced good feelings when stimulated by thoughts of holiday (xmas) food, but their pleasure dissipated rapidly. On the other hand the dieter’s pleasure response showed no sign of dropping off. In other words, the food-rich environment put them in a “hot” state, which not only put them at greater risk of abandoning their dietary goals, but kept them in that “hot” state.' It went on to say that the non-dieters response dropping off helped to keep them normal around food. 

That's why FREEDOM EATING WORKS! : - ) 

Read the whole article on the Psychological Science website here.


Charlie and Will Morris from Charlie Bears – Webchat Q&A – Dec 15th

As on our Back to You QVC group, 8-9pm Mondays.


 Hi Will & Charlie! Hope you are both well and having a great day! I bet The BearHouse is very busy at the moment! Thanks for joining us xx

 Samantha Pike My family love Charlie bears I have Samantha bear my husband has Philip bear (they look cute together) my daughter had izzy panda but my son is called Jenson please please consider his name as he is the odd one out at the moment in our bear family x

Jan Lee Burgess Thanks for taking time to chat with us, I have just started collecting your bears, I have Harris, Aaron and Heaths on his way, I love Balletshoe, are there any plans to make her into a full size bear please xx


Zoe Robins hi Charlie and William Morris, you really do make beautiful bears, I love them,

Charlie do you ever give up on a bear design as it won't go right? and which bears have been your biggest challenges? and which is your personal favourite? which bear in your collection is most cuddled?

Happy Christmas to you both and thanks for the lovely bears.


Lynz Bourne Hi Charlie, and William! Hope you're both well, and sorted for Christmas. My first Charlie Bear was Slothy Joe, my Mum and I were watching QVC and he captured my heart instantly! What inspired you to make him? Thank-you for doing this live chat, it's amazing that you take the time to talk to your fans. Can't wait to see you in April! Huge hugs, Lynz xxxx

Dawn Robinson Hello Will & Charlie x hope you're both well  are you all ready for Christmas ? I can't imagine anything nicer than getting up to a Charlie Bear on Christmas Morning Do you have a particular favourite one ? Xx

Zoe Robins Dawn Robinson, surely for you a Charlie bear and a pot of judith Williams cream

Sarah Cooper Hi Will and Charlie. Bit of a cheeky question here, what is the likelihood of a particular name suggestion ever being made? I suppose what I'm asking is, if you don't like the name, will the bear ever have a chance at being made? I know you like to know the stories behind the name suggestions. And which comes first? Do you design the bear around the name or make the bears and choose a name from a list?


Kathryn White Hi Charlie & Will, any chance of more bears with tinsel in their fur please  xx


William Morris Hi Guys - hope you are all well - I will try to type as quickly as possible xx

Christine Carr Hi Charlie and Will its QVC Christine from Newcastle please please please can you make me a Burma bear im memory of my DAD I have wrote to you many times over the years and we have spoke about his story when we met up in the Lake district and a Christine bear would compleate my family hug xxx

Elaine Coldwell Hello Charlie and Will xxx

William Morris Hi Christine Carr Yes it is still high on the list


William Morris Hi Elaine Coldwell


Christine Carr thank you so much xx


Elaine Coldwell When will the gorgeous Cptn Puddlemaker make an appearance please Will? xxx


William Morris There was a lovely question earlier about things not being right - yes we had tried for a long time to make a plush mouse and it never worked out but we think we have finally cracked it after a few years of waiting

William Morris Puddlemaker will be with us first week of January

Elaine Coldwell Yay wonderful news thank you so much xXx


Sarah Cooper something to spend our xmas money on.

William Morris Hi Kath white Tinsel in the fur is a probable as well we only made a few so a bit more room for that

Kathryn White One called Bethlehem in navy and white tinsel fur please

William Morris Samantha Pike thank you for the suggestion Jenson


Hi Charlie and Will, when you are not busy at the Bearhouse, how do you like to relax and unwind? x

William Morris Charlie likes to Garden Sharon H and believe it or not I like to cook

Rachel Cummings Hi William Morris and Charlie have you every regretted releasing a particular bear ? and if so why ?


Sharon oooooh Fabulous! so gorgeous flowers on the table and a nice home cooked meal! yum whats your signature dish?

William Morris Wow thats a difficult one Rachel Cummings we never regret as its so tough to get in to the collection anyway through Teddy X Factor but sometimes we are sad that we have to limit them to such small numbers


Kathryn White Any spoilers coming up Will


William Morris Signature dish is Creamy garlic mushrooms followed by Wilfys special Moussaka (with no aubergines!!) and for pudding Tiramisu in a brandy snap basket


William Morris Watch QVC on Xmas day I let out a couple of secrets (WHOOPS!)


Teddy x Factor hehe...... "its a no from me" awwwww so sad lol


Kathryn White Great, hope Charlie isn't reading this lol!


Sarah Cooper Which has been your most successful bear mohair and plush? Not counting the secondary market.


Christine Carr I have well over 300 bears in my collection now and I have all of the William bears x

Joanne Monnox Hi Will! please let Charlie know how good it has been to see her back on QVC the last few visits - think we all missed her! When is the next instalment of the book due out? Will it be just plush, or include mohair too? Wishing you both a lovely Christmas, and looking forward to perhaps meeting you both again on your signing tour next year! x

Elaine Coldwell Will be watching and listening! xx

Rachel Cummings Doing Teddy X factor aside is there a bear that you have kept trying with because you knew it would work ?

William Morris Mohair is Cheesecake - and Plush Ross


Jan Lee Burgess Thanks for taking time to chat with us, I have just started collecting your bears, I have Harris, Aaron and Heaths on his way, I love Balletshoe, are there any plans to make her into a full size bear please xx


William Morris Good taste Christine Carr we have met a few times.


Kathryn White Can we have more Bronte and Boo Boo sized bears please, think they are 9" x

Kathryn White Oh and in pastel colour plush please


William Morris Joanne Monnox thank you for your lovely comments Charlie is here sat by my side but she is very slow at typing !! The next catalogue is due to launch in January with Mohair, Minimo and Plush and the next book for 5 to 10 years will be out in 2016


Sarah Cooper Bit of a cheeky question here, what is the likelihood of a particular name suggestion ever being made? I suppose what I'm asking is, if you don't like the name, will the bear ever have a chance at being made? I know you like to know the stories behind the name suggestions. And which comes first? Do you design the bear around the name or make the bears and choose a name from a list?

William Morris Both Sarah Cooper some names just dont suit a bear but then the story comes and it makes it all clear

William Morris Was there a particular name that you would like to share Sarah Cooper


Joanne Monnox Thanks Will! Sounds like there's a lot to look forward to next year! x


Sharon y Charlie...... dig him in the ribs x

Sharon oooohhhh now theres a name..... Ribs hahahaha

Elaine Coldwell We are really looking forward to the signing events next year and your 10 Year Anniversary whooo hooo. Are you both excited? xxx


William Morris Ribs Digged


Claire Morley Great to see Charlie back. I hope she's fully recovered now. I love your bears and love watching you both on QVC xx


Sarah Cooper I have several, but Shani is the one I most want. She is the border collie in my profile picture. She was the most amazing dog anyone could have. I've not had a great year with my health and she was my reason to keep going. I lost her in April and I can't say how much I miss her.


Claire Morley That's a lovely name Sarah x


William Morris REALLY EXCITED I think we are travelling nearly 30000 miles in total to all the events but we meet so many interesting characters some of which have been around since the early days - in fact a lot of people on this thread that its like meeting old family members


William Morris Shani is on the list Sarah Cooper thankyou its a lovely name


Sarah Cooper thank you


Claire Morley Will you be doing any around the Shaftesbury/ Salisbury area?

Christine Carr We have met many times and you and Charlie have never changed which is lovely. I can remember when I told you the story about my dad and how mum never had a bear when she was little and she is now 84 Charlie was nearly in tears Mum now has tommy on her pillow at bed times and Tommy was my Dads name he is treasured every day x That is why Burma would be so special for us

Rachel Cummings Interesting Character.. LOL been called a few things that one is new.. xx William Morris

Sharon Harvey awwww how lovely to have such a huge following!

William Morris It was a bit easier at signing events in the early days as we used to just mingle around in a shop or school hall but now we have to have staff with us to organise everyone but it means we can have lots of fun too


William Morris you are in interesting character Rachel Cummings


Elaine Coldwell It is always wonderful to meet up and we will bring cake hehe xx


Kathryn White If we can't get to all the signings can we still order them from the stockists?


William Morris Taunton, Corfe or Launceston are the closest events to Shaftesbury claire morley


 Sarah Cooper I loved the last Metrocentre event, it was a great day. I'd recommend going to anyone. Is there a theme on the bears again? Any clues?


Corinne Fitzgerald Hi Charlie and Will. So good to have Charlie back and looking fantastic! Really looking forward to the Xmas day TSV. I would love a blue bear called Jim after my dad who was an ardent Chelsea FC supporter and lost his battle with lung cancer in April. My bears have been such a comfort to me. Wishing you both a fantastic Xmas and a healthy and happy 2015. xx


mIchael James Hamlyn As this is an open group I need to be careful of ruining any surprises! Let's just say me and my partner made a pact we wouldn't collect the Bears as it would be a slippery slope... (We have the Forrest friends minus Nippy Noo and Linus) but so many are so adorable... So I may have just broken this rule!

Thank you so much for all the joy you give with your amazing friends!

I was born and grew up in Holsworthy - Had no idea you guys where based so close until recently! Do you ever open your doors to the public?

Thanks again for what you do and for joining us tonight xx

Claire Morley Ok, thanks. I'll see if I can get to one. I presume dates etc. are on your website? x


William Morris you just said the magic CAKE word to Charlie elaine


elaine Coldwell Awww hi lovely Charlie xxx


Lynne Sneddon Hi Will and Charlie, you would make my son's day /year if one day you would consider making a bear named LOUKAS because he has never been able to find his name with the correct spelling on anything and he adores bears. He is 7 years old and has a microdeletion of one of his chromosomes which meant he never spoke properly until he was about 5 and a teddy was his companion when he had to meet new people when he couldn't speak. He knows speaks quite well thanks to speech therapy


Christine Carr Its fantastic that Charlie is now on the mend she is an amazing lady and very special to us all and of course you as well Will lol xx


William Morris Hi Corinne Fitzgerald very sorry to hear about Dad Charlie has added this to the name file


Corinne Fitzgerald Thank you.

William Morris michael - we used to be based at Tetcott just down the road - we dont have a shop at the moment but the museum will open in Launceston on Charlies Birthday 20th June


William Morris Lynne sneddon thank you for the suggestion for Loukas - Please remember if possible to send an email with a little story and picture to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Joanne Monnox How is the much anticipated museum progressing, Will? Is it still on schedule to open next year? Really hoping to come down for a visit! x


Lynne Sneddon Thanks, will send an email. Merry Christmas to you and Charlie and all the bear family


William Morris Hi Joanne Monnox yes 20th June - Charlie has way WAY overspent on the budget so Ive got to save my pennies a bit more


Sarah Cooper Can I ask a daft question? What exactly will be in the Museum? Are these the prototype bears?


William Morris Handing you over to Charlie to type

Sarah Cooper Hi Charlie.


William Morris hi Sarah yes there will be every bear we have made to date living there so quite a lot to look at

Sharon Harvey hi Charlie how are you xx


Margo Rimmer Charlie has made my grandson so happy she made Aidan bear. And she made a Hamish bear after my dad died to keep my mum company. Hope you and Charlie have the best Xmas xx


William Morris hi everyone i am fine been really busy today calling lots of stockists and collectors so had great fun


William Morris hi margo how are you and aiden i bet he has grown since i last saw him


 Michael James Hamlyn Oh wow - Brilliant to hear, we will absolutely check it out when we are next down visiting my parents xxx

Are you both from around North Devon/Cornwall?

William Morris hi sarah hope you are ok and feeling a bit better now


Sharon Harvey fantastic.......who has the biggest stocking full of presents at Christmas? and aside from Bears (sorry) what do you love to collect, xx


Joanne Monnox Can't wait to see what Charlie has blown the budget on!  Not too long to wait! x


Debbie Flint Hey you two! Glad you're having fun on here! Have the boys recovered from my Bearhouse takeover on the production line...!? X


Debbie Flint Lol


william Morris hi sharon williams stocking is always bigger than mine as his socks are bigger


Margo Rimmer He is ten now and Rhys 5. Mum was fightening the dreaded C along with you and she fought it again. Xx


Debbie Flint Pics on my recent qvc blog btw. Was a fab day. And I just heard today I will be moving my hours on New Years Eve and doing your Charlie Bears show at 8ish? Live phone in again? X


Sharon Harvey Haha Charlie......use a Duvet... sew your name on it ... hang it up and smile


Rachel Cummings Sharon Harvey don't encourage him ... he would as well ... full of sweets too I bet HAHAHAHA

Samantha Billingham Hi William and Charlie. Hope your both well. Ive never met you so would like to take this oppurtunity to say thank you for making such wonderful, special bears. I always remember as a child loving bears and when my friends all had dolls I always had a ...See More


Tina Oldfield Hi charlie and will hope you have a lovely Christmas, and thank you for making so may great bears. I was so made up the other day when my partner found Kyle bear to join my ever growing hug

William Morris i had never thought of that sharon what a fab idea

William Morris never heard of a fennec fox but will look now!

Rachel Cummings I was wondering which bear has cost you the most to produce so far ? Charlie


William Morris wow tina what a find i am so pleased for you i adore that bear

Claire Morley I have quite a few of your bears but these are my three favourites (so far)

Claire Morley And yes, I know I shouldn't have favourites lol x


William Morris hi rachel all of the first ever collection as i sold them to stockists for less than they cost us to actually make thats when william joined the company to sort me out!!

Rachel Cummings HAHAHA I bet you did ... and wow you have together xx


Tina Oldfield Me to has I have all three bears which have the same names has my children,who are Kyle Lauren and Ross, but I never thought I would ever get Kyle


William Morris ooh claire gorgeous piccy alanna the one that william really did not like and told me off when i sneaked it into the collection

Claire Morley Really? She's gorgeous!!


Margo Rimmer My favourite xx

Christine Carr Michael and I wish you both a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year and a big thank you for bringing us you lovely bears they bring us so much joy xx hugs and loves xx



Sarah Cooper Will there be a theme to the signing event bears? Any clues as to what it could be Charlie? I know Will is usually the one to let secrets out, but go on, you know you want to let us know. (And thanks, I'm better than I was)

Kathryn White As the signings are spaced out over the country was wondering if we could order the bears from the signings if we can't attend them all x


Claire Morley Do you have an all time favourite bear?

Joanne Monnox Hi Charlie! Would love to see a range of birthstone or birth month bears. I picture them minimo sized, with little tiny birthstone jewelled necklaces! What do you think?  And thank you to you and Will for taking time out to talk to us all! x

Elaine Coldwell Will there be more forest friends please? xx


Jan Lee Burgess Thanks for taking time to chat with us, I have just started collecting your bears, I have Harris, Aaron and Heaths on his way, I love Balletshoe, are there any plans to make her into a full size bear please xx

Rachel Cummings Do you ever intend to do shop specials again i.e. Twinkle ?


William Morris hi sarah its all about our first ten years so lots of collector favourites we have an amazing line up and lots of surprises throughout the year too so it should be a great one the signing event bears i know will be really popular as we get asked so many times for them and we also have a very special mohair limited edition bear up for grabs at every event i cannot say too much as i will get told offWilliam Morris hi jan sorry my typing is terrible i will look at your suggestion i promise

Michael James Hamlyn I really hope so too Elaine! xxx


Jacqui Lake Hi Will and Charlie, I love my Charlie Bears and have 120 (and hopefully one or two more for Christmas). My husband and I had the pleasure of meeting your both at Corfe Bears signing a couple of years ago. Looking forward to next years signing event. Can we please have some little brothers and/or sisters for Sprout and Parsnip? Wishing you both a very happy Christmas xx


Christine Carr Happy Memories looking forward to seeing you again in 2015 xx


William Morris hi kath yep stockists will be able to take orders but we need to make sure that everyone who turns up gets the bears they want first


william Morris hi elaine quite possibly i cannot say anything!!!


Margo Rimmer Are you coming back to Bonnie Scotland xx

Lynne Sneddon Are there any bears that are in retirement that you would like to create a bear relative for the younger Charlie Bears collectors ? If there is who would it be ?


William Morris shop specials yes most definitely but we wanted to catch up on our production first watch out next year though

Kathryn White Thank you Charlie & Will hope you both have a lovely relaxing Christmas x

Samantha Billingham Fennec Fox is a lovely animal and are kept as pets in parts of America but over here you can only see them in the Zoo. Wait until you see their ears....thats whats so unique about

William Morris hi claire i adore all bears but loved creating the william ones for will and of course i adore bibble


Debbie Flint In case anyone wants to enter a whopper of a comp, and see behind the scenes at will & Charlie's Bearhouse HQ , here's link to QVC blog! Xx


William Morris hi margo we have an event in Glasgow so yes contact the bearhouse for full details

Elaine Coldwell Thank you Charlie xxx

Rachel Cummings I still have my photo on my phone... be nice to get a new one next year merry Xmas everyone xx


Kirsty Leslie I would just personally like to say a bug thank you to Charlie & William for all of the wonderful bears they bring to us, there's not a day goes by that they don't make me smile  Wishing you both a Merry Christmas and fantabulous 2015. X


Claire Morley Thanks for chatting to us. I hope you both have a great Christmas xx



Sarah Cooper A Fennec Fox for Charlie to see via Samantha.

Kathryn White Awww that is so cute


Debbie Flint Btw Bodyblade fans, Bruce is currently over on 'BodybladeQVC' group doing his Q&A! Ps win a Bodyblade too in my big prize comp above! Just click on the link, read the blog and leave a comment there. X


Margo Rimmer Ok thanks xx

William Morris so a last secret before we leave you lovely people watch out for the catalogue next year as it too is a surprise especially for collectors as it is a limited edition yes you heard me right so I hope you all enjoy it as much as we have in creating it back to my old ways and lost money on it but hey somethings never change

Margo Rimmer So cute xx

Joanne Monnox Have a lovely relaxing Christmas, Charlie and Will!  x


William Morris just seen a fennec fox wow must make one design book in hand

Debbie Flint Thanks so much for joining us guys! Looking fwd to your full shows on Xmas day - that was the bear I was helping to pack in one of those pictures wasn't it? X

Elaine Coldwell Thank you both so much for being here tonight, lots of love to you all for a wonderful Christmas and New (Special) Year xXx 

Sharon Harvey  Please join me in saying a big thank you to our amazing guests William & Charlie from Charlie Bears! Thank you so much for your time it has been a really fun, friendly chat ,a real pleasure, and you are always welcome back! We look forward to seeing You on Qvc on Christmas Day! We hope you have a fantastic Christmas & New year and look forward to lots more new and fabulous Bears xx


Members the live chat is finished but please free to continue reading and posting to the page! Next weeks guest is Tom from Alpha-H x

Debbie Flint And 8pm New Year's Eve? That right? X


Sarah Cooper Thanks for answering all our questions. It's been a pleasure to hear from you both. Have a lovely Christmas and a very happy and healthy new year from all of your fans and collectors.

William Morris bye everyone thank you for all your help and support this year you really all are amazing and william and myself can never thank you all enough i hope you all have a wonderful christmas lots of love charlie

William Morris Will here Love the fennec fox thankyou for a lovely chat we both hope you have a wonderful Christmas and very happy new year and don't forget to check out qvc on Christmas Day and New Year's Eve

Christine Carr what a great chat thanks Sharon lovely to hear other bear collectors views xx

Julie Anderson Hi Charlie and William. I love your bears. I have two and my mum has four. So many on my wishlist. Just want to say thanks for all your hard work and wish you both a lovely Christmas. Xxx

Dawn Robinson Thank you William & Sharon x

William Morris happy Christmas everyone!


Bruce's Bodyblade webchat 8pm Monday 15th



Next week, it's Alpha H and Tom Ogden! The weekend after – 29th  December – it’s your turn to share your own Back to You tips from the year on our fabulous facebook group.

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