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Med Diet Magic; NoNo & Judith Williams Q&A's; & the Monday Essay - emotional eating - it's true.
10 December 2014

dieting v mindful eating dieting v mindful eating

The Mediterranean Diet hits the headlines again; Webchat Q&A’s with the Nono team and with the Judith Williams team. Plus the Monday essay - most of us don’t eat due to hunger.

Once again we’re being told that the Mediterranean type diet is the best for better health, quickly reducing the risk for heart attack and stroke. Plus that type of diet, rich in vegetables, nuts, fish, olive oil etc, can also be better for longer term weight loss than calorie counting where you can eat what you like but you restrict calories. No surprises, considering some would count calories on chips and a Magnum and say they ate within their limits, ignoring the awful effects of the lack of nutrition and the damaging effects of sugar on the body. See below for more.

Plus – do you know someone who is very negative? Repeatedly going to bed very late at night, and sleeping for shorter periods often makes you more overwhelmed with negative thoughts. Interesting studies below courtesy of the Food and Behaviour Research newsletter – well worth signing up for. As is mine if you’d like to keep informed – just click on the box top left of this page.



How interesting it is to see several features on nutrition hitting the headlines again this week. I’ve made one of them my Monday Essay – a university study showed that most people in the developed world eat for emotional reasons, not for hunger. That’s why for most people TTFLS works.  Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 – the ‘When’ Diet, (click here – paperback or eBook on Amazon!) See below for the link to the interesting article. They even showed that people consume more when doing something else like listening to radio or TV at the same time. Ah it feels so good to get back up from a study like this one, proving yet again why Freedom Eating principles make such sense.

Another lovely comment online from xxx


Back to You get Together

This takes place Wed 10th at QVC and some of the lovely key Back to You girls from my QVC show (which returns January 5th) will record videos to play out during the series, talking about what a difference Back to You has made to them. I’ll put much of the update on this Friday’s (12th) QVC blog, but I’ll add a pic here tomorrow so come back then!


Other News –

-          Worry less, be happier - just by going to bed earlier 
When you go to bed, and how long you sleep at a time, might actually make it difficult for you to stop worrying. Read more here.

-          Mediterranean Diets work – all calories are not the same, says yet another medical journal study – the Mediterranean diet may be three times more effective at lowering death and helping with cholesterol than statins more here.

-          Prison inmates who are low in omega-3s are more aggressive and more likely to have attention deficit disorder (ADD) behaviours, preliminary findings of a year-long study suggests. And the same may be true for unruly children. Bernard Gesch is the renowned expert running the study – read the summary on Food and Behaviour Research site here.


See below for Monday 8-9m Webchat – NoNo team plus Judith Williams team.

This week’s Q&A on my ‘Back to You QVC’ group is once again transcribed below. Bruce did  a post but not a chat cos he was on a plane! But – stop press – my big December competition will be on the QVC blog this Friday and will include a Bodyblade as a prize! Whoop!

Join the groups now.

‘Back to You QVC’ group – click here to join

Bodyblade QVC’ group – click here to join

Next week – 15th December – it’s lovely Will and Charlie from Charlie Bears – yes really! Hooray! Talking about their xmas day shows!

See next week’s Monday Essay about the psychology of Christmas… And some pics of when some of our Back to You’ers came into the studios.

Don’t forget the Monday Essay below – how according to a new study, most eating is emotion-based, not hunger. Enter Freedom eating, methinks!

Have a great week!



Ps Unless things change, I’ll be doing the New Year’s Eve launch at midnight – so get ready to join me if you’re not a party animal, to see in 2015, with a keep fit Today’s Special Value – under £50. More nearer the time!


Most Eating is Psychologically Motivated


Most eating in developed countries is prompted by psychological factors – not by hunger, according to a peer-reviewed paper from the Institute of Food Science and Technology (IFST). This is not news to many of us Freedom eaters, who are re-learning our body’s signals and focussing on when to eat and more importantly when to stop.

Few of us eat when we’re hungry, according to the review by a professor at Bournemouth uni. It’s more about what we feel or think or regard as normal. Who we’re with and what they’re doing or expect us to do, plus if we’re doing something else at the time.

More references to add to my Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 – the ‘When’ Diet, about why the Freedom Eating principles work, eh!

Basically they’re saying only eat when hungry, stop at a smaller portion size, ignore others’ influence around you, don’t do anything else whilst eating your meals… sound familiar?

And of course at this time of year, there’s more angst, stress, guilt and emotional eating than the rest of the year put together, for many of us. With Freedom Eating, it takes food consumption back into the realm where it belongs – and then after that we’re free to examine what’s the real problem.

Read the whole article on the Food Navigator website here.




NoNo team – Selin from NoNo – Webchat Q&A – Dec 8th


Thank you Sharon Harvey and Back to you lovely members! I will be here answering all of your questions that you may have about no!no! -You really can ask me anything! There is no such thing as a silly question, especially if heat technology hair removal is something new to you! Look forward to speaking to you all tomorrow



Amy Wall Hi no no ladies. Please would it be possible for you to arrange to have just the buffers in a pack without the tips. I really don't need any more spare tips. Love my no no wish I had found it a long time ago. Have a good web chat tonight xx


Selin Taylor Hi Amy Wall we do sell the buffers seperately - Here is a pack of 2. Does this help?



Amy Wall Thank you Selin for that info. Much appreciated x


Dawn Robinson Hello Selin Firstly you always look fabulous  My question is my daughter has always needed to wax her top lip & this at times really irritates her skin, What age can you start using the nono ? She is 19 Xx


Selin Taylor Hi Dawn! Thanks for getting in touch! That's very kind of you. I suffered from dark facial hair myself and actually took me a lot of convincing to guest present no!no! on qvc! However, the benefits of using the no!no! Are so fantastic for facial hair users, and I am so passionate about no!no! that I really challenged myself as I wanted to help anyone else that suffers from excessive hair. I wish I had this when I was 19. It would be completely safe for your daughter to use, please read all instructions and don't forget to buff and moisturise after treating the area. The DVD included comes with upper lip tutorials and I recommend putting on a balm or Vaseline before use to extra protect the lips. You won't experience any redness post treatment which is great if you are busy and need to leave the house straight after, and like me have sensitive skin and lots of allergies. I used to have to wax and got terrible spots after doing so, I also had acne growing up so you can imagine how embarrassing this was on top of the fact I had that facial hair. Hope this helps let me know if I can help with anything else x x


Dawn Robinson Thank you so much Selin  Ive just told my Daughter and she also says thank you for your wonderful advise, Her boyfriend is going to treat her to one for Christmas because he knows how self conscious she gets about it ! Xxx

Debbie Flint Selin what's the best story you've heard about Nono helping someone? X


Selin Taylor There have been quite a few actually Debbie Flint! But it's a tricky subject that you can imagine not everyone is willing to talk about, especially when removing hair on the face, or if you a sufferer of POS, which causes excessive hair growth all over the body, for example. Maggie Young who I don't think will mind letting me tell you all, is actually a QVC customer, who ran up to Amy and myself at the beauty bash last year. She told us how much she had battled with the hairs on her chin and how much she loves no!no! She now comes onto our live shows to talk about her genuine experience with this issue, and how much no!no! has helped make this, every day task a much easier problem to deal with


Sharon Harvey Hi Selin,are there any special techniques a first timer should learn when using the No No? x

Selin Taylor Hi Sharon Harvey! Best thing to do is get the glide right - most people do find this tricky to master. What you can do is place the no!no! on a table and roll this forward, slowly enough so that you hear the buzz and see a constant blue light on. Make sure that the tip isn't jumping and it should take about 4-5 seconds gliding between your wrist and elbow.


Maggie Young Hi Selin it is Maggie hear and you know I looove my NONO and use ift mostly for my upper lip and chin and find it is great for me.x

Selin Taylor Maggie Young thanks for letting everyone know! How best do you treat your upper lip? Would you mind telling everyone? I purse my lips together, use a lip balm to protect my lips, and get running jump from my chin upwards. Make sure you master the glide on a large area of your body first, so that you don't catch any skin.


Dawn Robinson What QVC beauty products do you like to use Selin ? x

Selin Taylor Hey Dawn Robinson I just bought the ego trip mini travel kit, that comes with the mini straighteners - so I am hugely excited about getting that for when I'm away at Christmas! I love Emma Hardy products, they are super luxurious in feeling on the skin, and I am a big fan of the l'occitane fragrances in their products, I've never been to the south of france but want to go if it smells that good, quite frankly!


Jill Dowding-Walker I am waiting patiently for Santa to bring me the Ego mini hairdryer and tongs Selin!

Dawn Robinson Ive actually never tried the Emma Hardy products but ive heard it's fantastic ! I must put it on my wish list x

Selin Taylor Jill Dowding-Walker I know! I've tried my best to be a good girl this year! What else do you have on your wish list? Also, Dawn Robinson There is a fabulous product called NEOVA which hase been brought to QVC from the US. It proven to reduce lines and wrinkles and discolourations and gives the most incredible results in 2-4 weeks! It reverses the sign of sun damage which causes the uneven skin tone, texture and lines.

Dawn Robinson Thank you that sounds brilliant x


Amy Wall Hi Selin. Amy Wall here again. I looked at the site you suggested for the buffers but can I ring and pay over the phone for them. Never put my card details on line as yet. Very nervous about doing this as I'm one of the old school if you get my meaning and I couldn't see a padlock sign anywhere on the screen which I have been told to look out for x

Selin Taylor Hi Amy Wall If you call the no!no! Call centre on 0203 3001 0100 someone there can take your order if you'd prefer. I can assure you all details are safe and must be secure in order for us to operate. Also, I go there and train the agents myself and know them all personally! x

Amy Wall Thank you. Where is the call centre based Selin.

Selin Taylor Hi Amy Wall The call centres are based in the UK, we like to use local businesses, they are in devon and Ireland respectively, and I visit and train them all every couple of months.

Amy Wall Oh that's not far from me (Somerset) so I will give them a ring tomorrow. Thanks so much for your help and once again thank you for bringing us the nono and stress free skin after use, unlike other methods do. Top lip took some practice but now I manage it without a mirror and can go straight out afterwards with confidence xxx

Selin Taylor They are very good Amy Wall but if any problems when you call send me a private message and i can get someone to reach out to you!

Amy Wall Ok will do but I'm sure it will be fine if you have trained them eh!!!!!!!! Goodnight and thanks for chatting to us despite your busy schedule x



Tracy Clark Hi Selina. Is the NoNo easy to use for people with dexterity problems. I really want to try but sometimes have difficulties with my hands. Would using NoNo benefit me if I started using the product

Selin Taylor Hi Tracy Clark I think the fiddliest bit would be getting the tips in - but you could always ask someone to help you do this if that becomes tricky. The no!no! holds like a mobile phone and very little pressure is needed to be applied when gliding over the skin. I do appreciate that this may even prove a little tough, but you don't have to press any buttons when using it whilst you glide - so hoping this makes it simpler. If you do find it's not quite right for you, you do have the 90 day money back guarantee, but I really hope it is! x

Tracy Clark Ooh ok Selin. Doesn't sound too much of a problem. Thank you for your help x

Selin Taylor No problem Tracy Clark! x


Sue Gregory How often should the tips be changed ??xx

Selin Taylor Hey Sue Gregory you only need to change them when they have run out. Your no!no! will actually go red when the tip is no longer active. Normally on coarse hair, such as hair on the legs, the tips will last around 3 months. Finer hair on the face they will last longer - but generally depends on frequency of use. You can stock up on QVC for the best price! Hope this helps x x

Sue Gregory Oh thats great advice ..than you so much Selin ! Xxx


Dawn Robinson Are you ready for Christmas Selin

Selin Taylor Hey Dawn Robinson I'm almost done with all of my shopping which is a relief! I had to be very organised this year as all the family are coming to mine and I'm panicking slightly as I've never cooked for EVERYONE before! Any tips form anyone would be super appreciated! x

Dawn Robinson Wow how lovely just try not to panic ! Ive cooked a Christmas dinner for 24 years now and my mother inlaw still nags me about cooking it right  lol x


Debbie Flint Fab chats girls! Ps next week charlie bears' William Morris joins us 8-9pm on this group on 15th! Alpha H the week after in 22nd with Tom Ogden .


Sharon Harvey Please join me in saying a big thank you to our lovely No No guest Selin! Selin thank you for your time it has been a really informative chat ,a real pleasure, and you are always welcome back! We look forward to seeing You on Qvc this Saturday 13th at 4pm We hope you have a fantastic Christmas!


Selin Taylor There is a special no!no! 1 hour show at 4pm on QVC this Saturday to let you all know! Amy Wall if you fancy calling in or anyone else with any questions or tips and a review please do let me know!

Dawn Robinson Thank you so much Selin & Sharon

Selin Taylor Thanks So much Sharon Harvey for organising, and a real pleaseure to chat to you all. Have a lovely Christmas everyone and I'm always on the QVC or this page if you want me to answer anything else at all X

Amy Wall Not sure if I will be home in time ( have family commitments on a Saturday ) but will do if I make it back in time x


Members the live chat is finished but please free to continue reading and posting to the page! Next weeks guests are Charlie & Will from Charlie Bears xx




Sara Hollamby from Judith Williams’ Team – ahead of the new TSV launch! - webchat Q&A Dec 8th



Sharon Harvey HI Sara and Welcome to Back To You Qvc! it is so lovely to finally get to talk to you about all things Judith Williams and of course all things you!! we are soooooo excited about tonights TSV what an amazing set it is! X


Hello Judith & Sara We're all so looking forward to the show tonight  My Husband has told me to treat myself for Christmas  Im sure he will regret saying that The savings we are getting is extremely generous of you  Also the Mascara looks amazing too !! Ive seen the results on Sharon & i can't wait to try it . I always hoped there would be more make-up products coming out especially with the Luxury Diamond Magic Make-up being so popular  You both make us all feel beautiful ! Bless you


Sue Stewart Hi Sara are we going to be able to buy the mascara on it's own or in a duo pack.

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Hi Sue Stewart maybe in the future but atm its only available as part of the set with the Magic Makeup Foundation, Magic Concealer and Magic Blusher. If you've never tried Magic Makeup its a perfect opportunity, all that for under £30 - honestly you'll love it....


Dawn Robinson Also Sara if you could only pick 3 JW beauty products to go on an island what would they be ? X


Stacey Brova Hi Sara, I love everything I have bought so far from the JW range which include the future skin range & the most fab magic mascara. Can you please advise the best range for me to be using I'm 45 (next month) combi skin with little breakouts from time to time. I'm also post menopausal. Thank you. There are just so many to choose from xx


Anne Keating Hi Sara. I've recently become a convert to Judith Williams but had, at the back of my cupboard, three products which I'd bought a while ago. The eye cream and the self tan are great. However the neck and décolleté cream, although doing a great job, is bright yellow. Has it changed colour with age and should I throw it away or is it its normal colour and ok to use?

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Hi Stacey Brova The Life Long Beauty range might be best for you to try, with the Rose in it, its generally very calming for sensitive skin.

Stacey Brova Have been using the rose oil for a month or so & totally in love


Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Hi Dawn Robinson for me its the Magic Makeup, the Beauty Institute Active Peptide Serum, and I really like the TSV, especially if it was a cold island!!!

Sue Stewart I'll take a look at the make up. To be honest I use Judith's products, even her face wash with the little brush. But as far as make up goes I'm a big Laura Geller person. I love Judith's life long products and the amazing Rose Oil. I can't be without that product Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams xx

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Hi Anne Keating, products last unopened for 3 years. A year if you've opened it. I've never heard of a product turning yellow, maybe get another, we have our LLB neck & dec coming up tomorrow - great price! x


Sharon Harvey Oh yes! Sara that is a fab choice!! I would deffo take This new Tsv...and the Lip Plumper.... never know who might rescue you eh?


Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams I love the rose oil too Stacey Brova, feels so comfortable and calming doesn't it. Makes my skin feel so soft as well.


Dawn Robinson Yes my friend tried the magic makeup for the first time a couple of weeks ago ! She was absolutely amazed by it, I always use it on my legs and arms too x

Anne Keating Thanks Sara, will get another one. x



Debbie Flint Do say how often we are likely to see this new supersize tsv set which I'm launching with Judith tonight at midnight! X

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Hi Debbie Flint This TSV is being launched for the winter. So probably won't see it again until next winter. Best to snap it up! Especially as we've just heard that its on 3 x EZ Pay - can't believe it!!!!!!


Julia Lynagh Hi Sara can you tell me if tonight's TSV is for the older lady 50's/60's or is this more suited to a lady in her 40's x

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Hi Julia Lynagh. Its for everyone! I'm 58, I love it. I like to use anti-aging skincare, so I carry on using that at night, but WOULD NOT go out without the TSV in the day, especially now the weather has got cold. I wouldn't go out without gloves, I'm not going to let my face go out exposed....this is what you need to protect it! … my skin is hugely improved since I've been working with Judith Williams. I absolutely love it.


Debbie Rich Will the Tsv be ok for people with combination skin or is it better for those with dry skin? X


Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Hi Debbie Rich. We recommend the TSV for everyone. Just don't use too much, especially of the moisturiser - its tempting to do so as Judith is so generous with the sizes. This TSV should last not only this winter, but well into next as well....x



Julia Lynagh God Sarah you look amazing I'm 60 in 3 months and you look so young. I will be purchasing this for the winter. What do u use as your night product & neck product out of Judith's range x

Sue Stewart It must be like having your own personal beauty therapist on hand. How great that you got Judith.

Dawn Robinson Well now i know its on easy payments im tempted to get 2 ! I like to keep my stockpile up :)) What is the shelf life unopened please ? X

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Hahaha Sue Stewart yes aren't I lucky to be with the best!!!!!


Debbie Rich Think I might have to try Judith Williams for the 1st time tomorrow!  x

Sharon Harvey You will not be disappointed Debbie

Debbie Rich  (naughty, naughty me!

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Hi Dawn Robinson it's on 3 EZ payments, and by all means stock up, but this will last you at least this year if not next too. You might want to buy the Magic Make Up set, to go with it - that is fabulous!!!!!!

Belinda Barber Hi i use life long beauty at the minute will the tsv be just as good results for me x

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Hi Debbie Rich. If you've never tried it, I strongly recommend it, and not just because I work for her....I'm very particular about my skincare, always have been, and without doubt this is the best I've used - and believe me in the past I've thrown plenty of money at it. If it wasn't top notch, I wouldn't be here.....! xxx


Joan Scott Hello Sara, I am unsure which range I should use. I am 61 with normal skin but my skin is losing elasticity. Would appreciate your recommendation......thanks


Sue Green Hi Sara, I'm 65 and would like to know which of Judiths range would suit an older skin , thank you x


Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Hi Belinda Barber. Yes definitely. Carry on with your LLB at night - you still want those fabulous anti-aging ingredients to work while you're sleeping. But definitely use the TSV every morning. It will keep your skin protected from drying out in the cold weather, the hot central heating, the inside UV lights, computers etc. Your skin needs protecting!!!!


Debbie Rich Sounds fab! Is the Tsv the best of her ranges for me do you think? (47 with combination skin, losing weight and noticing that my eye area is looking a bit crows feety;))

Debbie Rich (What am I saying??? I'm not 47 till next month!!!;))

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Hi Joan Scott. I'm 58, so not disimilar in age. I use Life Long Beauty range and also Luxury Diamond - fabulously anti-aging. But I still recommend the TSV for day time. You need moisture and protection - that combination would be perfect for you. x


Stacey Brova I keep saying I'm 45 but I'm still 44 for just over another month lol

Debbie Rich ABSOLUTELY!!!!  x

Belinda Barber Thank you Sara i will be getting the tsv for sure oh do i use the eye cream day and night and the serum day and night or just am x

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Hi Sue Green, much like Joan Scott. You need the nourishment of LLB or Luxury Diamond, serum moisturiser, at night, but if you can go for the TSV for daytime to protect. It feels fabulous!!!

Lorri Vick Hi Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams -which night time moisturiser do you use, if you dont mind me asking asyou look fab!! xx


Jill Dowding-Walker LOL Stacey! I keep saying I am 54, but on 25th Dec I shall have to remember to start saying I am 55!

Sam-lee Taylor Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams looking beautiful can't believe you are 58. I am 33 am I too young to start using Judith products. I have quite a spotty chin would the tsv be too rich or where would I start xx

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Hi Debbie Rich. Only 47 - lucky you!! Happy birthday for next month! The TSV is really good, very moisturising and will protect, moisturise, firm and brighten your skin. You know when half way through the winter your skin looks dull, and you can't wait for some sun??? Well this will keep it radiant all through the winter. If you feel you want more intensive anti ageing, use (at night) the LLB Repair and Tighten concentrate underneath the LLB night cream - both are on tomorrow (or tonight).


Joan Scott Thanks Sara, I'll be following your advice, x

Janie Smith Sara I really fancy tonight's tsv The eye cream sounds fantastic. How does it differ from the usual phyto eye cream please?


Tracy Clark Hi Sara. I have breakout prone skin due to medication. What is the best product you would recommend x

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Hi Belinda Barber yes use it all both day and night (unless you want to use your anti-aging moisturisers at night. Don't go out without the TSV to keep your skin protected. Remember to warm the eye cream between your two ring fingers to melt it, so you can drum it under your eyes without stretching. You'll soon notice a difference! x

Belinda Barber Awww fantastic i cant wait so so excited thank you x

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Thanks Lorri Vick. i tend to use a few, simply as I'm often trying out new products of Judiths. I haven't come across one I don't like yet....As I'm 58, I always use an anti-aging serum - I love the Beauty Institute Peptide Serum - that is amazing!!!!!, and I more often than not use the Luxury Diamond night cream, or the LLB night cream - I love both. But at the moment, definitely use the TSV for day time!


Debbie Rich Thanks so much Sara! Like Belinda, I'm EXCITED!!!  x

Madge Harden Love love love the tightening and repair serum. My TSV arrived today, can't wait to use it xxx

Sue Green Thank you Sara, can't wait for midnight x



Lorri Vick Thank you Sara - I havent tried the Beauty Institute Peptide serum so think that now needs to be part of my regime

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Hi Sam-lee Taylor no definitely not too young to start. I recommend the Phytomineral range - perfect for you to maintain your healthy youthful skin. Its all about prevention not cure. Try the TSV. I would go lightly with the moisturiser over your chin. Don't forget to exfoliate regularly, might help the spots.


Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Hi Janie Smith. The TSV tonight/tomorrow is all about moisture, firming, brightening and PROTECTING your skin this winter from the cold weather, pollution and changes in temperature (inside and outside). It has 7 fabulous plant oils as well as the 7 plant extracts and 7 minerals. Its power packed with fabulous antioxidants and nourishing ingredients for a healthy looking skin. Protect yourself from the cold weather with this! Its fabulous xxxx


Lorri Vick Me again - if you have time, can you maybe talk about the rose oil as i cant get my head round it lol. I have tried it a few times but dont really understand how it benefits by putting it on top of moisturiser asI have been brought up with oils first then moisturisers, which is what most other brands on Q suggest. I feel it wont penetrate as well if sitting on top of water based products?I understand it is supposed to lock in moisture but can it also penetrate through to the layers of skin below? xx


Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Hi Tracy Clark Maybe the rose oil is something for you to try. It seems like you shouldn't put oil on breakouts, but our rose oil is very natural, and moisturises very gently. The rose is very calming for sensitive skin too. x


Tracy Clark Thank you Sara Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams x

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Hi Madge Harden. I'm glad you like the LLB Tighten and Repair serum - its fab isn't it! And the perfect compliment to the LLB Day and Night cream - I bet you noticed a difference straight away! xx

Sue Stewart Love that Rose Oil. Got two when it was Beauty Product of the Month. My go to product x

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams BTW Madge Harden. Not sure how old you are, but the TSV is a must have for day, even if you're using the Repair & Tighten at night. For me anti-aging at night, TSV for daytime.



Dawn Robinson Are you ready for Christmas Sara ?

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Hi Lorri Vick. I was exactly the same....But especially in winter, put the rose oil on after you've put your moisturiser on. So serum, moisturiser, eye cream, THEN rose oil. It seals in all the active ingredients from the other products and pushes them deeper into your skin. You know how oil floats to the surface in a glass of water....? Similar, keep all those delicious ingredients sealed in where they're needed most. xx


Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Hahahaha Dawn Robinson are you kidding? I've got loads of nieces


Lorri Vick Thank you Sara - will try it again and persevere. JW for nieces Sara!

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Yes Lorri Vick They're all wanting JW!

Sharon Harvey Yes! The Judith Williams gift set that was full of items


Lorri Vick They say good skincare products are the best gift you can give xx


Sharon Harvey Now that is a huge value set

Sue Stewart Wow that went quickly. Thank you Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams it's been very informative. Can't wait for the shows tomorrow xx


Stacey Brova Tyvm Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams x

Lorri Vick Have enjoyed being part of this chat - thank you to Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams and Sharon Harvey and now looking forward to all the shows xxx

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams BTW everyone, you can start buying the TSV from 11.15 on the QVC website - you don't have to wait up. Although Judith is going to be showing you some really lovely other products too. Worth waiting up for if you don't have to get up too early tomorrow morning. xx


Sue Stewart Thanks Sharon Harvey yet again another great guest x



Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Thank you all for chatting - I've loved talking to you all. See you soon on QVC, I'll be on, on 11th at 19:00 next, although will be there with Judith tomorrow. Have fun everyone. xxxx

Belinda Barber Im waiting up have to watch Judith Williams for sure xx

Lorri Vick I enjoy all Judiths tips and knowledge so will def be watching  xx


Sharon Harvey Please join me in saying a big thank you to our hugely popular Guest Sara Hollamby for joining us this evening! Sara thank you for your generosity it has been a wonderful chat ,a real pleasure, and you are always welcome back! We cannot wait for the Judith Williams TSV launch tonight with Debbie Flint and look forward to all of the fantastic shows tomorrow! May I also take this opportunity to wish you and the Team a very, merry Christmas


Members the live chat is finished but please free to continue reading and posting to the page! Next weeks guests Charlie & Will from Charlie Bears

Belinda Barber Thank you Sara xx

Dawn Robinson Thank you so much Sara & Sharon

Debbie Rich Thankyou both!


Sharon Harvey THank you Ladies! what a fantastic chat x

Debbie Flint Fab chats girls! Well don sara X Ps next week charlie bears' William Morris joins us 8-9pm on this group on 15th! Alpha H the week after on 22nd with Tom Ogden . Don't worry if you need a summary of tonight's chats, they'll be on my new back to u blog out tomorrow! Off to work now, - c u there Sara?! XJudith Williams tsv launch at midnight! Whoop! X #supersizes! Lol

Tracy Clark Thank you Sara and Sharon xx


Bruce from Bodyblade had this to say, posted before he got on plane which was why he couldn’t do a webchat this week –

Hello Bodyblade Ohana! I am sorry but I will not be available tonight for our weekly chat because I will be on an airplane. If you have questions for me, place them on this post and I will answer them! Additionally, if I were able to chat tonight, my topic would be staying focused on your regular exercise regimen during the Christmas holiday. You are doing so well that it is important to make sure you put Bodyblade in your hands every day to keep the habit of exercise and training going. Do the workout at least 3 times a week to burn extra calories but most importantly to feel good about yourself!! I also wanted to let those of you who were concerned that Bodyblade was sold out that they are available on the QVC website! Have a wonderful evening, send me questions and keep the perma-habits going and exercise for your health, self esteem and be happy!!

Next week – Charlie Bears! Will from our fab range of collectables takes the stand on our webchat on Monday 1th 8-9pm on Back to You group, and how to build those all important ‘perma-habits.’

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