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Relax into Freedom Eating this Xmas; Tova and Andrew Gatineau Q&A; and Monday Essay - a TTFLS story - nutrition and blood pressure
3 December 2014

Changing Lifestyle Changing Lifestyle

First, just wanted to let you know that, if you are adding any free books to your kindle gifts for xmas, today is the last day to get one of mine for free – go here for details. #BridgetJonesMeetsAlanPartridge!

Plus, I heard that I’ll be doing the New Years Eve launch at midnight – so get ready to join me if you’re not a party animal, to see in 2015, with a keep fit Today’s Special Value – under £50. More in the next few weeks.


Have been losing and toning again this week, after pulling my socks up following my return from LA with a sweet tooth. And although as I’m Freedom Eating I’ve gone with what my body wants and had a couple of mince pies, I’ve realised it’s just the sugar devil kicking in again and backed right off. Results follow – mainly ‘cos I’ve been so damn busy editing a book for a publishing deadline. I end up wanting to wait till I’m able to obtain the thing I really feel like and there have been some surprises. One day I had pilchards on gluten free toast, another day I had stir fry and raw cashews for breakfast, and miso soup sachets really step in when I’m peckish or I’m trying to do ‘pacing’ and save my hunger till my meal is cooked.

So all good.

THEN I heard from Nigel, a Facebooker, who said he’s had a brilliant three months after being inspired by Freedom Eating and my book. It completely thrills me to read such stories – his is this week’s Monday Essay – Careful Nutrition and Blood Pressure – see below.

Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 – the ‘When’ Diet, click here – paperback or eBook on Amazon!


Meeting the Girls

Am so chuffed that some of our key B2U’ers will be coming into the studios on Wed 10th to share their experiences with the fabulous support system that is our lovely Back to You group and tell all about how they’ve been doing, using the products, and TTFLS etc. Can’t wait – come back next week for an update!


Other News –

-          Co-Creating your own life – at its best – a chat with my hero Wayne Dyer and Esther Hicks, author of some fascinating books about getting your life the way you want it More here.

-          Affirmations Don't Work for Me. Here Are 20 Reminders That Do click here

-          We Dream for a Reason – a show about the science and research of dreams read this.


See below for Monday 8-9m Webchat – Tova, Andrew Gatineau and Bodyblade Bruce.

This week’s Q&A on my ‘Back to You QVC’ group was with the dashing Andrew Bagley from Gatineau and the lovely Tova Borgnine herself. Plus our pal Bodyblade Bruce checked in for another chat on his Facebook group, ‘Bodyblade QVC,’ you can read the transcripts all below. Join the groups now.

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Next week – 8th December – it’s the turn of the NoNo girls, answering questions after their successful Today’s Special Value at the weekend – join them and also Judith Williams’ team on the eve of our QVC launch of her new TSV launch with me. It’s the supersize set incl eye, face and serum. They’re huuuuge! Full info on that is here on my latest QVC blog, where you’ll also see other updates from TTFLS and sneaky peeks at QVC bargains and shows coming up as well as some funny clips! Enjoy!

We’re in December now, gang. Time to relax into Freedom Eating and let it take the strain away from Xmas – see next week’s Monday Essay about the psychology of Christmas… And some pics of when some of our Back to You’ers came into the studios.

Don’t’ forget the Monday Essay below – Nigel’s TTFLS story and how he changed his body in three months.

Have a great week!




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Bodyblade Group -   ‘BodyBlade QVC’ support group for lovers of Bruce Hymanson and his brilliant device to keep you fitter and more toned in a few minutes a day using HIIT training. The support is fab and the Q&A is great so if you’re stuck or need some inspiration go here and ping an invite – also most weeks Bruce is currenty doing a webchat Mondays 8-9pm.


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So - who do we have in the next few weeks?

December 8th  - Judith Williams' team just ahead of their new supersize TSV launch that night with me! And the NoNo team answer your questions.

December 15th - Charlie Bears!

Possibly Mally, TBC – Simon from Butler & Wilson, Julie from Peony, and many more, tbc! Once you're a member you will see all the previous ones, and you can also look at my archive blogs, to the left on this page, for previous Q&A with lovely guests! Enjoy!

The  'Back to You QVC Facebook open group is here, just ping a request to join.

Recent guests include the amazing Tova Borgnine, Gatineau's Andrew Bagley, (see their Q&A below), fashion expert Michele Hope, and Axel Ruth from Flora Mare skincare, Caroline Manley from Nails Inc, Rosa from Yankee candles, Glen Campbell, Craigy again, SJ from Bare Minerals, Ralph from Honora Pearls, Nina and Leighton Denny (nails), Patrick Hoy from Quacker, Dominic ‘the voice’ Hill from Aurora, Evey Kurlander from Join clothes, G-tech guest Justine Balmer, makeup guru Doris Dalton from Doll 10, NY fashionista Renee, Fiona from Decleor, YBF Stacey and model Joy, Laura Geller, Marie-Francoise from Kipling and Keeley from Elemis, LA fashionista Antthony, Tom from Alpha H, Alexis from L’Occitane, Gill Gauntlett, Susie Adams (Northern nights) Lee Hohbein (IT), Mat Trim (IT), Alison O’Reilly (DQ & Skagen) Judith Williams, Lalique guest peter Sherlock, and QVC presenters Alison Keenan, Craig Rowe, Will Gowing, Catherine Huntley, Marverine, Glen Campbell and many more! A summary of their chats can be found to the left on the archive of this blog.


Three Month Challenge

Are you taking part in the Supersix three month challenge? (If you missed it, read all about it on the launch blog here.) Basically you do exercise every day, like the super six one minute exercises on the Bodyblade and follow the Supersix principles of freedom eating – breaking free from food prison, from my semi-autobiographical weight loss book, Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 – the ‘When’ Diet.

If you haven’t begun, it’s never too late to start. Then you’ll be ready for Xmas!


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 Nigel's TTFLS Story - Good Nutrition & Blood Pressure.

Was absolutely chuffed to read Nigel’s story this week. The support system that is our Till the Fat Lady Slims facebook group was lifted by his tale of three months of change, based on Freedom Eating as a foundation and being sensible. He’s basically changed his body in that time, and is much healthier. Read it below, you may be inspired, like others were when they heard it. D x

Nigel’s Story


Ok - so its been a long haul from being so overweight with high blood pressure and worrying whether I'd actually fit in the seat on the not so bargain flight to Spain in September. I did it, just couldn't breathe till Alicante but that didn't matter. Trudged around the Costa Blanca looking like a grandmother clad head to toe in black.... 

My aha was reading till the fat lady slims, getting my head in the right place and remembering how I felt at my fattest were what helped. I ate three sensible meals a day, drank two diet protein drinks between meals as protein keeps you feeling full.Oh and laid off the wine and beer.

I think my aha moment was the realisation that telling yourself you are on a diet and cant have this and that. When I turned it on its head, saw Sugar as the demon and ditched sugar laden Low Fat meals and snacks it made it all so much clearer. I now eat like a diabetic, have a takeaway every Sunday and the old New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc - 1 bottle lasts all weekend now and not an evening.

Now 3 stone lighter much happier the fat lady has slimmed a bit and is preparing to play Ogre Bogwater in Panto. and the blood pressure is under control too. and I'm much happier and will carry on losing weight. Oh yes he did!!! A lot of sense is made by Debbie Flint - I just needed to get my head in the right place.…/…/ref=sr_1_1…


Tova Borgnine – webchat Q&A – Dec 1st


We are up to our ears in reindeers trying to get them all lined! Remember I will be with all of you in the UK December 10, 11 & 12!

Tova Borgnine Hello everyone! It is a pleasure to be able to share some time together with you during our pre-Christmas festivities!

Tova Borgnine What are your favorite holiday traditions?

Sharon Christmas Eve... The children get a gift box with snuggly pajamas, Christmas story and Christmas DVD and sweets and then we snuggle down and watch the movies getting excited for the next day! How do you celebrate a Tova?

Tova Borgnine I always start with watching "A Grandpa for Christmas" and we always have a traditional Christmas as I remember as a youngster in Norway on Christmas Eve. For dinner we always have a roast with red cabbage which is my mother's recipe, sing some traditional carols while snuggled up in front of the fireplace. This is my favorite time of year and when in my Pennsylvania home I always hope for a White Christmas with snow falling.


Sharon Awwww yes! We love that film in our house! I can see why it holds a special place in your heart with your darling Ernest! A white Christmas would be amazing! X

Sharon Harvey Nigel Lungley posted this above : Everyone asks what it is. I love it - sounds horribly snobby but I'm a top end fragrance man (normally Terre d'Hermes) or Egoist by Chanel.. Then I discovered Tova Borgnine Handsome.

Dawn Robinson What do you like to do to relax ? x

Tova Borgnine Thank you Nigel, Handsome is as Handsome does! You are obviously a very Handsome man. Isn't it delectable and so 007?

Tova Borgnine Hi Dawn, to relax I enjoy having a massage, listening to soft Jazz music and to laugh as much as I can as it is good for the soul ! How about you?

Nigel Lungley I've never tried 007 - never seen it but if its anything like Handsome then I'll try it if QVC have it

Sharon Harvey What were the inspirations behind your fragrances Tova? They are all amazing!


Sharon Harvey Haha Nigel Lungley!

Elizabeth Gray Hi Tova were you brought up with the tradition of Santa and Pete my son used to always get a present off them both-not many people I know have this tradition?

Dawn Robinson That's lovely Tova  I love to laugh too ! It's the best form of medicine xx


Tova Borgnine Hi Nigel, I meant 007 as in James Bond like, strong, regal with a touch of sex appeal.

Tova Borgnine Yes I was brought up with the Tradition of Santa ....being from Norway and up North, I had the privelege of meeting Santa as he pulled up in his sleigh to my family home in Oslo when I was 6 years old.

Nigel Lungley That sounds like one to try Tova Borgnine I must check that out.


Tova Borgnine My inspiration behind my first perfume which is now known as Signature , came as I was traveling with Ernie and in San Francisco. I had always known I wanted to create a perfume but did not know what I wanted it to smell like. I had no experience as a perfumer at the time. One day while shopping as Ernie was filming, I walked into an eclectic boutique and found the most unique, alluring and unusual bath oil. With the first wiff I knew I had found the scent I wanted my fragrance to smell like.

Tova Borgnine Signature remains as unique and modern of a scent as the day she was born!

Elizabeth Gray Been wearing Tova and Tova nights since 1995 and 19 year old son loves handsome used to pinch my husbands so I bought him the body wash and scent last Christmas and have had the hints for this year too


Nigel Lungley Body wash Tova Borgnine when is that coming back? Any ideas?

Nigel Lungley Away from the fragrance, what is the secret to your serenity and elegance?


Tova Borgnine Nights was inspired by an evening in Monaco with Ernie as we sat on a terrace enjoying the warm breezes and champagne tickling my nose. I decided I wanted to take that moment and bottle this magical feeling. Nights is the "Naughty" yet feminine and elegant sister of Signature.

Tova Borgnine Please check several days before my sceduled appearances on QVC UK either with QVC or on my Facebook page TOVA Beverly Hills. I have not received my line-up yet for the UK however Handsome may be scheduled. (First day of presentations is December 10)

Sue Stewart Hi Tova it's lovely for you to take the time to be with us this evening. I'm a Signature girl. It's my go to fragrance every day. I have had so many complements on your perfume. Thank you for letting it be my Signature like it must be for hundreds of other ladies. I know that it must smell slightly different on each and every one of us. Merry Christmas and God Bless xxx. PS I love that film with your Ernie in. I've just watched it on Sky last week.

Tova Borgnine Thank you for the serenity & elegance question, my Mother was serene and elegant. Mama has always been my inspiration. She made sure to share these qualities with me and how to always present myself as a lady. The rest I thankfully say I have been blessed by God with.

Elizabeth Gray Would you consider bringing your skincare/ make up range back to qvc or have you stopped doing these lines now?

Alison Smith Which one of your perfumes is your favourite? I have tried them all and I love all of them! I bought my Mum signature and she won't use anything else now. I also love your bath and body lotions they are fab. Thankyou Tova. Looking forward to your visit next week. Xx

Tova Borgnine God Bless you Sue and Merry Christmas! You have just made mine with your comment and Signature experience. I truly love hearing how my fragrances have touched each and every one of you.

Sue Stewart Thank you Tova xx

Elizabeth Gray Have you wrote anymore books Tova I have your book that you brought out in 95- how to stay married.... I think that is part of the title loved it

Tova Borgnine Each of the fragrances has a part of my heart and being, therefore it is difficult to choose a favorite. I suppose it depends on my mood and environment, for instance my weekend favorite is Body,Mind & Spirit as I find it energizes and uplifts my spirits.

Tova Borgnine Elizabeth, in regards to the Skincare lines please stay tuned to upcoming product news and launches by Following/Like my TOVA Beverly Hills Facebook page.

Tova Borgnine Thank you Elizabeth for enjoying the book it was called " Happily Ever After" . I am working on a project currently so please stay tuned!

Alison Smith Have you ever had any pets Tova?

Sue Stewart I have a bottle of Body, Mind & Spirit. Perhaps I should use it as I really need a lift as I lost my mum recently. It may lift my spirit x

Michael James Hamlyn A timeless flawless beauty and an inspiration to many xx

Eileen Lee Porter Hi Tova, I love all your perfumes but my all time favourite is Body, Mind & Spirit. Look forward to next weeks shows on QVCUK. Happy Christmas and a very happy and healthy new year xx

Tova Borgnine Yes I did have 1 pet, which was not my own but a very dubious partner- he was a Panther named Ivory. I will bring the picture to QVC UK soon. I also had a Weimaraner named Cyrano who loved to eat my shoes and a mimature poodle named Pierre.

Tova Borgnine Happy Holidays to you as well Eileen!

Sharon Harvey Tova you really are an amazing woman! You are always so busy and clearly enjoy

Tova Borgnine Oh Sharon, Bless you darling and we can see that you too enjoy your work as you do such an amazing job!

Dawn Robinson Your skin always looks flawless ! What are your secrets ? x

Zoe Robins Sorry if it's been asked I'm late in but how do you keep fit Tova, and what's your favourite treat?


Amanda Marie Jayne Thomas Both me and my mum love the signature range. How did you come up with the idea and will you bring it out in a super size?

Zoe Robins Could you do little try me sets of your perfume Tova Borgnine? if possible.

Tova Borgnine I have diligently since I was a young woman been meticulous with my skincare regime. Especially with moisturizing, it is never too late to start but the younger we teach our youngsters to care for their skin the better.


Hi Zoe, My favorite treat is Champagne and I keep fit by working out with a trainer 3 times a week. We do Pilates and strength training.

Sue Stewart Thank you Tova see you very soon x

Tova Borgnine Amanda, scroll above please as I posted how Signature came about. The largest I will ever make a perfume in is 100ml.

Sue Stewart Is that to keep the perfume at it's best that it's not in bigger sizes.

Tova Borgnine Hi Zoe, please stay tuned to QVCUK for the Try Me sets of my perfumes. Not sure if it will be on in December or February but we do have have a lovely set coming.

Tova Borgnine Yes Sue, keeping the perfume bottles to 100ml or less is indeed to keep the perfume at it's best.


Zoe Robins What brings you most comfort in life Tova Borgnine?, and hope you have a lovely Christmas


Zoe Robins Thank you for the chat Tova Borgnine

Zoe Robins By the way I love beautiful perfume bottles so the more beautiful bottle the better...Thanks

The most comfort in my life comes from all of you, your warm comments and stories of how my products have touched you. I started this journey to bring products to women of all ages and means to make them feel uplifted and as beautiful as they are and should feel. I am appreciative and deeply moved as I go into my 19th year with QVC UK that you are still enjoying each product. Bless you all and Thank You! I wish a very Happy Holiday season to you everyone, it has been enjoyable spending this time with you. See you on the 10th. Lovingly, Tova



Andrew Gatineau – webchat Q&A – Dec 1st


Hi Andrew, bought the Tsv yesterday, if I am using Ultrasun, does the new serum go underneath the Ultrasun or over. Bought the eye duo as well, can't be without the eye cream. Have a fab Christmas and New Year. Debi x

Andrew Bagley Hi Deborah, Ultrasun has to go on first then the serum but presumably you're only using Ultrasun during sun exposure so you might want to leave the new serum until you return where you'll benefit most from putting it directly onto freshly cleansed skin. Tks for Xmas wishes!!


Jacqueline Jackson Hi Andrew, love love love Gatineau! Please can you tell me if after using the gommage and then one of the fab Gatineau masks, after removing the mask should I moisturise? I'm never sure what to do. I have quite dry skin, no lines especially except the no 11's between my eyes ( I use melotogenine for that) and I usually use Defilift for the rest of my face as I'm more concerned about slackening jawline than anything else and it seems to be working hurrah. Am 50 by the way or as I prefer to call it forty-ten lol x

Andrew Bagley Hi Jacqueline, you can do one of two things; 1) leave the mask on overnight then wake up to your morning routine, 2) remove our mask then definitely proceed with your normal serum/eye/throat/moisturiser routine. Good luck

Kam Mehta Hello Andrew. I am new to Gatineau. On Debbie Flint's recommendation I started using the Age Benefit since I have now reached a certain age and am battling with hyperpigmentation. I have just ordered the TSV and am looking forward to the results, as promised by you yesterday! Xx

Sue Green Hi Andrew , I bought two tsvs yesterday defi lift and age benefit , can I use age benefit at night and defi lift in the morning , I'm 65 xx

Andrew Bagley Hi Sue Green I would definitley use the DefiLift moisturiser during the day (as it's the better make-up base) and Age Benefit at night, good luck

Jules Fay Ordered the melotogenine tsv - eye cream fab no more baggy eyes!! Am I right in putting elixir on then moisturise at night? Thanks Andrew x Am 42

Andrew Bagley Hi Jules Fay, you're spot on! Elixir first at night then moistursier on top

Aisha London Hi Andrew now the weather is getting cold my foundation dries in my fine lines fast I already use melatogenine eye cream but half way through the day they appear. What should I use for deep moisture around my eye throughout the day thank you.


Glenys Phillips Hi Andrew. How far down do I go with eye cream and how far up with moisturiser or do I overlap? I don't think it is milia but I get something like blackheads on my cheekbones. I use Defi-lift 3D eye and Defi-lift moisturiser in the morning and Age Benefit at night with the appropriate serums! I also exfoliate regularly. How do I get rid of it PLEASE? I am 68! Xx


Andrew Bagley Hi Glenys Phillips it's a really good question. Take your eye cream over the orbital bone underneath the eye and over and just under your eyebrow. Then take your moisturiser right up to that point but try not to overlap, that's where you might be getting the overload from. Re exfoliation, twice a week for sure is great and make sure you have a thorough cleansing routine morning and evening. Good luck

Sam-lee Taylor Hi Andrew just started using gatineau. What of your products would be good for open pores. I have quite a lot and they block up causing some nasty spots x


Andrew Bagley Hello Sam-lee, the DefiLift range is great for closing and tightening pores, the DefilLift Serum is the most potent and allows you to continue using the moisturiser of your choice. For spots that are present now I'd use our SOS stick. Let me know how you get on


Andrew Bagley Good luck, you can re-apply 3 to 4 times per day intermittently


Tracy Holvey Grenter Hi Andrew, fab Tsv yesterday. What is one of your favourite moments presenting on qvc?

Andrew Bagley Certainly not my first time out of the gates, I was a wreck, but then over the years found my voice  New product launches are the best for me, plus of course the banter I can have on air. Natural is best in my book, although it sometimes gets me a slight ticking off afterwards

Aisha London Mine has to be that lovely model who kept falling asleep while having a facial after the 3 piece serum tsv Alison kept taking the Micky about how hard her job was it was really funny.

Andrew Bagley Oh yeh Aisha, Jo Fair falling asleep was a highlight, we were teasing her endlessly again yesterday. Next time we're putting a mic on her so we can hopefully pick up a snore. Loved it when she woke having 'fallen off a cliff' first. Priceless!

Julia Lynagh Hi Andrew thank you for a fantastic TSV yesterday. I've ordered the DefiLIFT as I feel my face needs firming and I don't have much in the way of lines. I have previously used Age Benefit am I right in my choice and do I use the New Age Benefit Perfect Skin Serum night and morning.

Andrew Bagley Julia, hi there. and well done getting the Defi option, that sold out so early. Ideally use the AB Perfect Skin Serum each morning, 1 pump for 30 days, then have a rest for at least a month, sit back and enjoy the results. Take your next 15ml bottle out 1 month before your next big occasion, remember though you have 24 months shelf life so don't use it unnecessarily. Can't wait to start hearing the feedback!

Dawn Robinson Hello  are you ready for Christmas Andrew ? x

Andrew Bagley Hi Dawn Robinson am I ready for Christmas; let me think about that one, in a word, NO! I usually start around 23rd and finish on 24th, panic shopping means people do well out of me though

Dawn Robinson I can imagine all your friends and family get so excited about what Gatineau gifts they will receive

Sandra Gregory Hi Andrew, what is the product you could not live without ? I purchased two of the fan TSVs one for my Mum and one for me, thank you for such a fab TSVx



Anne Keating Hi Andrew - I'm 71 and have very dark circles under my eyes probably from too many late nights and on my iPad. What would you suggest please? I used melatogenine products a while ago and have just bought the recent TSV which I've yet to receive. Thanks.

Glenys Phillips I ordered 5 Age Benefit with last years TSV and my skin texture has improved no end so still have some remaiing. Yesterday I ordered 2 of the Defi Lift and looking forward to it coming along with the new serum! 


Aisha London Can I put the age benefit night elixir around the eye area or should I miss it .


Tiger Kadi Hi Andrew Bagley. Sorry I'm late. Thank you for joining us for a chat. I would just like yo say a huge thank you. Gatineau was rhe first professional skincare I used when it aired on Qvc many years ago. I remember buying a mini set with a yellow bag, which h I kept for many years amd now my 15 year old niece has it. I've loved many products from laser to melatogenine. FAB tsv as always..can we please please have the active eclat moisturiser back. I love everything about it. I bought tsv in melatogenine option.


Kirsty Allen Hi andrew do you think anytime soon there maybe a younger person range I love using the products but at 27 I don't really have many ageing problems I tend to use aqua memory but sometimes feel something more is needed. Cleanser and toner is fine same as the masks thanks.

Tracy Holvey Grenter I ordered 2 of the Tsv planning on giving as Christmas prezzies (keeping a serum for me). So what is on your christmas list?


Andrew Bagley Is anyone else on their first glass of wine, for skincare reasons of course, or am I on my own?

Tiger Kadi Lol wine. I've got water ready to have dinner.

Sandra Gregory I will be having wine tomorrow as I have a Christmas Lunch ! X

Glenys Phillips Only on your first glass of wine Andrew Bagley, you are a bit slow lol x

Sandra Gregory Drinking water at the moment, I can pretend it's wine lol x


Andrew Bagley Soooo, what do we put in our next TSV then, ideas welcome......

Deborah Stubbs Melatogenine eye and defilift eye creams

Sandra Gregory How about tan accelerator, that is fantastic, I use it all year round and maybe hand cream x

Tracy Holvey Grenter I would love melting gommage too Tiger and DefiLift lip In next Tsv please.

Tiger Kadi Next tsv. Active eclat. And the melting gommage. It takes one min love it.

Sharon Harvey I think a "Beginners guide to Gatineau" starter set would be a great idea x

Glenys Phillips Defi-lift collection! Eyes, Serum and Moisturiser. Along with a gommage. x

Sandra Gregory I would also like to see more travel sizes, so handy for holidays

Aisha London Radiance gommage ,cream cleanser everyone loves a cream cloth cleanser in next tsv

Zoe Robins I like to remove cleanser with cotton wool best, so any more cleansers designed that way is always welcome

Andrew Bagley Sandra Gregory I'd love to put mitts and other items in but the buyers request we stick with product, I guess they're right really, product is king at the end of the day and it's what we do best

Andrew Bagley Glenys Phillips and Deborah Stubbs your TSV comments noted and someone's wishes may be coming true......

Nigel Lungley Andrew, I can't help feeling not enough time is spent talking about mens skin. There's a passing reference to men and no more

Andrew Bagley Hi Nigel Lungley you're absolutely right re the men. Hope my answer to Michael James Hamlyn above helps but feel free to throw me any specific questions. The other product I love is Aquamemory Eye as it's just so easy to reapply during the day and eyes is where us guys feel it first!

Nigel Lungley I read the answer Andrew and appreciate that for which I am grateful Gatineau doesnt need a male specific range just a bit more attention to men - that sounds a bit harsh but isnt meant to - theres a huge range of products but not much steer if you folllow that

Andrew Bagley Nigel Lungley not harsh at all, totally get it and will give more steers in future, thanks for the invaluable feedback

Michael James Hamlyn Hello Andrew! I must confess Gatinaue isn't my most used brand... As Nigel said above I find it hard to know what to go for as a man... I've enjoyed using Laser for my unevenness and pores and I CAN'T live without the radiance enhancing gommage... Would love some more men specific ranges or more info directed to us  xx

Andrew Bagley Hi Michael James Hamlyn, I know we don't have a male specific brand like good old Elemis, but we have plenty of guys using the Gatineau range. As you say radiance gommage is a knock-out and great for guys with or without stubble, try Melato Mask on top, it's fab. I'd challenge any guy to find a better eye cream than Melato Eye Cream and for moisturiser, I'd always go for Melato day and night or Age Benefit moisturiser if more concerns than just wrinkles. Good luck

Deborah Stubbs My husband is useless at skincare, soap and water for him, he's younger than me but guess who looks the youngest. Me of course.

Zoe Robins I also think more products aimed at men would be good, I love the gommage best Andrew, what do you think got you into the business of skincare?

Andrew Bagley Hi Zoe Robins my mother first got me into the world of skincare and from then on to be frank it's a great place to be; it's a service business so your job is to always make people smile and that's fun in itself and very rewarding

Tiger Kadi I hope you would be at the beauty bash on the 22nd am slot.


Sally Stone Hi Andrew Bagley which gommage smell a little like t tree oil it's not the ecat want to order but can't remember its name!! Thank you

Sharon Harvey Jules Fay asks :Hi Andrew fab tsv yesterday - is it ok to use eye cream on milia? If not what would you recommend - thanks x


Sharon Harvey sandra gregory says: Hi Andrew, loved the TSV yesterday, ordered two, one for my Mum and one for me. What is the product you could not live without


Sharon Harvey jaqueline zenna richardson writes :Hi andrew i have some lines around the eyes mid 30s anything that can help

Zoe Robins Is Gatineau still based I'm Paris Andrew? How often do products get revamped and are Gatineau constantly looking for better and better ingredients? what's the oldest unchanged product?


Sue Foley hi andrew is there any reason the new serum in the tsv shouldnt be used at night instead of the morning

Andrew Bagley Sue Foley asked if the new AB Perfect Skin Serum could be used at night, the answer's yes, just once a day though, either day or night. Great Q


Amanda Marie Jayne Thomas What's the best products for young sensitive skin and dark circles under the eyes? I use the aqua memory which is great for my skin

Andrew Bagley Hello Amanda Marie Jayne Thomas If you're using the Aquamemory moisturiser and getting on well with it, I i'd absolutely stick with it, Aqua Eye is designed for dark circles so again you're spot on!!

Tiger Kadi Hi Andrew Bagley gatineau was my first love and still have my staple in my routine. The melatogenine eye duo. Is it the same formula or has it changed or is it just the packaging that's changed love it.

Andrew Bagley Tiger Kadi the Melato Eye has changed in formula to the new Probiotics, so it has this amazing balancing and slight micro-peeling action which is great as you can't really use exfoliators around the eye area. Glad you like it, I wouldnt be without!

Andrew Bagley Hi Sharon Harvey I'm back on 14th December


Tiger Kadi I wasn't sure about the eye cream. I will order the duo now. I love light texture. Andrew Bagley. I hope you are going to be at the beauty bash on the 22nd.

Andrew Bagley Tiger Kadi you couldn't keep me away from the Beauty Bash!


Tiger Kadi Oh wow. I'm so excited. Having an invite for the first 20 years. And I would be there the day after my birthday Andrew Bagley.

Andrew Bagley Thanks to all too, my virgin voyage on Back to You, I'll be back for more for sure. Have a wonderful Christmas and be safe xx

Andrew Bagley I think I'm over my time but any questions you can tweet me directly at Andrew_Gatineau


Andrew Bagley Zoe Robins the longest unchanged Gatineau product......guess away everyone

Andrew Bagley UNCHANGED PRODUCT.....the answer is....... surprise surprise FLORACIL EYE MAKE-UP REMOVER!



Bodyblade bruce – webchat 1st Dec – Bodyblade QVC Group

Bruce Hymanson Hello everyone! happy Monday evening. How are you all doing?

Hello Bodyblade Ohana! In just 30 minutes, we will be chatting and catching up on all things Bodyblade. Tonight, we will be talking about "Common Driving Errors" and maximizing the benefits of Bodyblade training. The Common driving errors include 1) Gripping too tight, 2) Improper wrist alignment, 3) Pushing and pulling rather than driving the blade (too slow or too fast) 4) Poor posture, 5) Elbows too flexed or too extended (straight), 6) Excessive neck tension or raised shoulders, 7) Losing the natural rhythm of the blade. Do the Common Driving errors make sense to you and do you find yourself doing any of them when working out?


Jean Tallon - yes no 3 is a bit of a problem pushing and pulling , im not sure if im getting the right technique , thanks


Sandra Gregory - Hi Bruce, I have lost inches in my arms, wait and hips since using the BB along with my diet - thank you xx


Bruce Hymanson - Hi Jean, this is a frequent problem because above all, if you can't get the blade to flex back and forth, you can't reap the benefits of the blade. The other common driving error may contribute to this error too so they are all important. The key to driving the blade is to be relaxed, reactive not pro-active (meaning you can not control the blade, it controls you) and finding the correct rhythm/frequency that will activate the blade. That frequency never changes and you can not make it go slower or faster. If you feel that you are on the slow side, try moving faster back and forth but only about 2 CM


Jean Tallon thanks Bruce, im inclined to push the blade a bit too far and therefore im not feeling it in my body or arms . will try another technique now.


Bruce Hymanson - Hi Sandra- fantastic results!!! I know Debbie will be happy to know this too. Did you hear that she was looking for people to come to the studio for Jan? Sounds fun huh?!! Let me know if you have any questions about Bodyblade training. Have you tried our beach workout?


Bruce Hymanson - Jean, remember my mantra for you....the person who looks like they are doing the doing the best. That means that you are matching the rhythm so your body is perfectly contracting to catch the momentum of the blade with each direction change. The muscles contract to stabilize your body so you don't appear to move very much


Jean Tallon yes, ive been mostly getting it right but on some of the super 6 i tend to push and pull too much--- the blade starts flapping but my body isnt getting any benefit ! have been doing 25 mins a day now for the last few weeks .


Dawn Robinson Hello Bruce  what age can you start using the blade ? My girls are interested in trying this out x

Jacqueline Jackson Hi Bruce hope you are well. My sessions are going well and Ive introduced the stretches and twists that you did on the beach with Debbie which I've found really helpful. Should we aim to increase to more than one minute per super six or is a minute on each long enough for maximum benefit? x

Bruce Hymanson - Awesome Jean. Your muscle endurance, strength and coordination must be noticeably improved! Keep it up and enjoy how that translates to looking better but also feeling and moving better too!

Jean Tallon definitely im stronger i can feel it in my arms and my posture is much better too x


Bruce Hymanson Hi Dawn, I would say with parental supervision, as early as 7-8 years of age. How old are your girls?


Sharon Harvey My kids love it! X


Bruce Hymanson - Hi Jacqueline. Sounds like you are doing really well! You can either add more time to each exercise or you can add more flex intensity to the workout which means for flex in the blade which will challenge your body by turning up the resistance. The third option is to do the complete workout and start it over again as if to do a second rep like a circuit. You can also mix and match to vary the workouts for more variety too.


Dawn Robinson 21 & 19 thank you bruce & sharon  its time they got fit x


Collette Gillingham Love you, for bringing me Bodyblade. x


Bruce Hymanson Haha, Dawn, your kids are grown ups!! Absolutely yes for them!


Jacqueline Jackson - Thank you Bruce I'll give all the options a go and see which suits me best. I love that it's so adaptable. x


Bruce Hymanson - Hi Collette, thank you for the love. This is what it's all about. Tell me how Bodyblade is helping you


Collette Gillingham Bruce, i hate exercise BUT love my Bodyblade, at last something i can do that's fun. x


Sue Stewart Hi Bruce I hope you are well. I've been really down the last couple of weeks as I lost my mother on the 19th November. I really need to go back to my Bodyblade. Do you think that it helps the brain to heal when you exercise and it would help me.


Val Greenland Been poorly so haven't used for a week but hopefully starting again soon. Fab exercise tho x


Bruce Hymanson - It's so true isn't it Collette. No one wants to do anything that isn't fun. Bodyblade kind of sneaks up on you because the flexing blade turns your body into the greatest exercise machine and all your body is doing is what it always wants to do which is stay in balance, keep the muscles strong and supple, and organs healthy and best of all, functioning to it's max.


Bruce Hymanson - Sue, I am so sorry to hear that your Mom passed away. Exercise does help the brain and releases endorphins which are known to raise your emotional state. Exercise will also help you feel better about yourself which is something that would have given your mom happiness to see her daughter happy. I lost my mom in Jan of this year and I constantly think about her. You are your mom's legacy.


Bruce Hymanson - Hi Val, hope your feel better each day. A little exercise each day will help you improve blood flow and circulate nutrients throughout the body.


Val Greenland Thanks Bruce


Bruce Hymanson - Let me ask you all a question. If I were to post a short video, what would you like to see me discuss in 2 minutes time?


Sue Stewart Bruce thank you for your kind words. I'm sorry for your loss. I will get my blade out tomorrow and back to excersing. Thanks for the push.


Jean Tallon a video about technique maybe ?


Zoe Robins about how it helps us and maybe about nutrition or stretching etc


Sue Stewart - Yes Zoe Robins. I've lost 3 stone in weight and I don't want to put it back on. Dropped 4 dress sizes. Sometimes I just want to eat for England. I have got my blade out to give myself something to do. But nutrition would be great.


Bruce Hymanson - visit for a bunch of instructional details about Bodyblade. How to drive the blade, common driving errors, safety and so much more. It's all there for you to take advantage of for training. Perhaps I can post a few stretching ideas for you



Transform Your Body with Bodyblade® With Bodyblade you are using your core muscles for every exercise...

Bruce Hymanson - Sue, fantastic results! I can certainly talk about eating and nutrition. There are so many ideas about healthy eating. Debbie Flint's book is a great place to start too.


Bruce Hymanson - Another hour has flown by. We are 25 days away from Christmas and I will be returning Jan 12 which is just around the corner. I look forward to chatting next week and answering more questions. I am so proud of everyone. We always have challenges in our life. How we handle these challenges is the key to success. Have fun, enjoy life, exercise and a healthy you!!


Sharon Harvey Thank you so much Bruce for another wonderful evening! Looking forward to seeing you in January and chatting next week Xx




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