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Sugar addicted – again! Monday Essay - scary time-lapse pics of addicts. Axel Ruth gets flirty on back to you chat and Michele Hope talks petite sizing for future fashions
25 November 2014

obsessive christmas disorder obsessive christmas disorder

Plus more from our Till the Fat Lady Slimmers…

This week – Back from US and sugar cravings are up. Videos to Watch on Youtube. And Michele Hope fashionista plus Flora Mare’s adorable guy Axel Mara on B2U webchat! And the Monday Essay – time-lapse pics of the effects of addiction.

Oh dear. Going to the US is great, except for the food. So much more than in the UK, it has added sugar in the vast majority of foodstuffs. Even the bread tasted sweeter than it should. The rubbishy ‘vegetarian’ breakfast on the plane (thanks BA) was fruit juice, a cake (??@*&&!!) and a small thing of sweetened fruit cubes. Eurgh!! (no I didn’t eat it all up.) And lo and behold my tastes have already changed from just a week away. So I’m back on the wagon of getting myself off it again – all in the process of Freedom Eating of course. Will keep you informed. See the Monday Essay below for a whole array of videos which will help make it clear why high insulin levels from too much sugar just mean you get fatter. And more unhealthy. Watch them if you need a boost or a head start in your aim to Freedom Eat your way to being slim, if you’re like me they will help no end.

Bodyblading on the beach

BUT the other thing I did in LA was very beneficial to my health! I came back and as usual climbed the stairs – three flights – instead of using the lift at QVC. And realised it was easier than before I went! Now I’d done quite a lot of writing, and sat on my bum a lot during my week’s hol. BUT I’d done some good Bodyblading. So clearly it’s been helping make me able to cope better with physical exertion. Permahabits again right?!

The video on Marina Del Ray beach, of  Bruce and me Bodyblading has proved a bit of a hit too – and if you watch it, and it makes you want to do it more, cos it’s on a lovely beach, all well and good! The Super6 workout – the 6 one minute exercises on his ingenious invention - really do strengthen and tone your whole body not just your arms. This one has movement in between too. Here it is again if you missed it – it’s helping create those Permahabits – permanent habits that mean a little every day takes us in the right direction, continuously. Click here to watch it  And if you’d like to see pics of our get together in LA, go read my QVC blog from Friday.


TTFLS update

Several people I’ve talked to lately have said ‘you’ve written a weight loss book?!’ Well for those who haven’t got my semi-autobiographical title, updated for 2014, the link to the book *Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 – the ‘When’ Diet, is here – paperback or eBook!

Posted this week on Facebook, the reasons why some people LOVE following Freedom Eating as explained in Till the Fat Lady Slims – if you’ve not tried it yet, maybe this will inspire:

Emily: For me it was more about abandoning the word diet and learning to eat when my body told me it was hungry. It started with having a glass of water first, and waiting 10 minutes and if I still felt hungry eating then eating, but chewing slowly 30 times before swallowing. Also when I felt comfortably full stop eating and discard or box up for another time the leftovers - where beforehand I would have just made a big pasta bake and finished the whole plate and probably go back for seconds… people don't recognise me I say hello to them and they sort of look at you strange then I say its Emily and then it clicks and there amazed but the most important people to notice are family members and they do and when you receive lovely complements it gives you a big boost too … TTFLS is a book about common sense it helped me to re educate myself about why I over ate and helped me get emotionally and physically over my issues with food and I cant thank Debbie Flint enough for writing the original and the new versions.

Valerie: For me recognizing low fat meant high sugar. Also how sugar intake stimulates more sugar. 
Recognizing that weight watchers so-called ‘treats’ were just stimulating my appetite to want more !!!!! And the fructose - mmmm don t get me started on that one !!!! Yes lots of light bulb moments but the best was the realization that counting pro points doesn't give me the wellness my body needs. But Freedom Eating does… the support guides you how to recognise hunger at 6 and what our bodies need as nourishment . Whilst also recognising dehydration and importance of water. For me no more eating by the clock .

Sharon: Isn't it amazing that we were kind of programmed by the "industry" to believe that low fat meant "better for us?" And now with programmes on Youtube about the dangers of sugar and the proof of how detrimental it really is to our health, we can completely change our way of thinking? Till the Fat lady Slims has been amazing in giving us the reassurance to listen to what we want and actually hear what we really need! 

Heidi: the lightbulb moment for me was about eating when I'm 6 on the hunger scale and not when I 'should' i.e. set meal times. I now only eat 1 or 2 meals a day if that’s all I feel like I need. Quite liberating… Freedom eating is not a diet but is about listening to your body and giving it what it needs.

Jean T: Freedom Eating is knowing that you can have anything you want to eat, when you want to eat --- not following any diet regimes or diet advice (which is often conflicting ) --- learning to trust your OWN judgement and not cues from outer sources like books , tv, ads , fitness experts etc.. our own bodies tell us what they need. 

Marcella: That nothing is considered a 'sin' or 'forbidden' (unless you have an allergy/intolerance to it, of course  )...all things in moderation - just because it's on the plate, doesn't mean you 'have to' eat it if you feel you've had enough.

Sara: Just been and had lunch at a Toby carvery. Last time I went was about three months ago with same friend who I hadn't seen in that time. Didn't feel like breakfast in morning so didn't have anything so was starving. I've found that when I'm starving I don't eat as much and enjoy it more. Half way through my friends suddenly asked me how many pounds if lost as I'd lost a lot since she'd seen me. Was astounded. Told her I hadn't a clue and that I wasn't dieting but freedom eating and eating like a slim person. Ps. Mash, peas and Yorkshire were left on plate but that meant I had room for a small meringue low carb dessert”


It is indeed all about getting used to completely different habits around food, not a temporary ‘on a diet’ only to come ‘off a diet’ mentality. Permahabits, permahabits, permahabits!

BTW Ever wondered about the inspiration for TTFLS? That original book we sold on QVC in the late ‘90’s? Go here, to see it, by Vicky and Shawn - if you’re lucky you may get a used one for £0.01p!

Keep up the comments and updates on the groups, everyone! And keep me informed personally if you like by emailing me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



-       Fish Oil study proves it’s good for mental health


-      ‘7 Unusual Food Bans from Around the World – Incl Marmite..?! more here

 -      Food Fights Inflammation eg arthritis on the back of last week’s write up about Karen’s amazing story of using food as cure, here’s Marlene Watson Tara’s article explaining why food can create arthritis in her experience. See also the Monday Essay for her excellent article on Fat Burning Simplifiedread more here!  


See below for The Monday Essay – The Power of Addiction.

And then the transcripts from Monday 24th November’s webchat on Facebook group Back to You QVC – summaries from Michele Hope fashionista, and adorable Axel Ruth from Flora Mare skincare; plus our regular visit on Bodyblade QVC Facebook group from Bruce.

Next week – none other than Tova Borgnine herself joins us for the live webchat: Mon 1st December 8-9pm on Back to You QVC group – (see below to join.)

Have a fab week!

Best wishes




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On the Till the Fat Lady Slims page (PAGE – it’s different to the group) I have been putting a Tip of the Day!


Bodyblade Group -   ‘BodyBlade QVC’ support group for lovers of Bruce Hymanson and his brilliant device to keep you fitter and more toned in a few minutes a day using HIIT training. The support is fab and the Q&A is great so if you’re stuck or need some inspiration go here and ping an invite – also most weeks Bruce is currenty doing a webchat Mondays 8-9pm.


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December 1st  - Tova Borgnine herself has confirmed! Yay!

Possibly Mally, TBC – Simon from Butler & Wilson, Julie from Peony, and many more, tbc! Once you're a member you will see all the previous ones, and you can also look at my archive blogs, to the left on this page, for previous Q&A with lovely guests! Enjoy!

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Recent guests include fashion expert Michele Hope, and Axel Ruth from Flora Mare skincare (see their Q&A below), Caroline Manley from Nails Inc, Rosa from Yankee candles, Glen Campbell, Craigy again, SJ from Bare Minerals, Ralph from Honora Pearls, Nina and Leighton Denny (nails), Patrick Hoy from Quacker, Dominic ‘the voice’ Hill from Aurora, Evey Kurlander from Join clothes, G-tech guest Justine Balmer, makeup guru Doris Dalton from Doll 10, NY fashionista Renee, Fiona from Decleor, YBF Stacey and model Joy, Laura Geller, Marie-Francoise from Kipling and Keeley from Elemis, LA fashionista Antthony, Tom from Alpha H, Alexis from L’Occitane, Gill Gauntlett, Susie Adams (Northern nights) Lee Hohbein (IT), Mat Trim (IT), Alison O’Reilly (DQ & Skagen) Judith Williams, QVC presenters Alison Keenan, Craig Rowe, Will Gowing, Catherine Huntley, Marverine, Glen Campbell and many more! A summary of their chats can be found to the left on the archive of this blog.


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If you haven’t begun, it’s never too late to start. Then you’ll be ready for Xmas!


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The Power of Addiction

 We bang on about getting off the stranglehold of sugar addiction often, here on Back to You. I certainly do in my book Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 – the ‘When’ Diet. In the updated version of my weight loss book I lay out clearly how important it is to shake free of fructose, a substance which does to the brain what cocaine does and according to some research, is seven times more addictive.

The way it interrupts your ability to accurately choose what your body really needs is that it makes you think your body is needing sugary foods, instead of ‘wanting’ them – there’s a difference. And because what your body wants is key to Freedom Eating, it’s vital to escape its clutches initially.

My chapters in TTFLS 2.0 give links to videos to watch on youtube since knowledge is king, and will help you make the right decisions to free yourself from being controlled by something outside yourself, by Big Food companies who are quite happy that you keep buying their products, creating problems in your body, and staying addicted, like a mouse or a rat in a treadmill. If you prefer to be the one in control of you, breaking free from addiction is crucial.

Several studies have proven fructose is addictive – big time. Fructose is concentrated fruit sugar – but it has no benefits in the body as it can only be metabolised in the liver, like with alcohol. All sorts of chain reactions happen to make you keep craving it once you have a little. And all sorts of chain reactions happen within the metabolic functions of the liver, for instance, a third of all the calories you eat from fructose are converted back into fat in your body – IRRESPECTIVE of how much you eat or how much exercise you do. Therefore all calories are NOT the same. BTW table sugar is sucrose, and is half fructose and half glucose. The body needs certain sugars, it doesn’t need fructose. If you eat it in fruit, the whole fruit is necessary as the fibre is the ‘antidote’ to help the body ‘deal with’ the effects of the fructose. Nature’s own antidote. BUT even some high sugar low fibre fruits eaten in excess are going to be fat-creating, addiction-creating and will foil your attempts at dieting. You may rethink a diet which ‘allows’ any amount of fruit. And your five a day? It shouldn’t be all fruit. Choose your fruit carefully – juice should not count – just the whole fruit – but google it so you are well-informed. And think carefully about what your body is telling you it ‘needs.’ I rarely ever ‘want’ fruit – as I have a lot of vegetables. For some reason pears are what I want if at all. But that’s just me. We’re all different. As I say – just research it.


I just wanted you to look at a video of the effects of some drug addictions, just in case your own problems are not sugar-based. This may not be relevant to you, but it’s an eye-opening internet article on the time-lapse effects of certain addictions to the addicts looks.

Click here to see them all.

If you’ve ever felt a compulsion to eat sweets, cakes, ice creams, biscuits, sugar in coffee or tea, certain fruits to excess, puddings, chocolates, and just… cant… stop. You’re addicted. Get off it, and then Freedom Eating – and freedom in your own life – can truly begin in earnest. Give it a go, and begin by reading the chapter in my book, and watching those all important videos. Here are some of the links to get you started –

Watch these videos to find out the truth:

Sugar the Bitter Truth – Professor Robert Lustig’s famous Youtube sensation – an hour and a half of solid science, all the proof you’ll ever need for the cynics out there, that fructose is a chronic poison. If you ever hear anyone say ‘there aren’t enough studies,’ they just haven’t seen this. Go here

 Sugar – the elephant in the kitchen – his new 22 minute video kicking off appropriately with the topic of FREEDOM – the behaviour is caused by the biochemistry in the body – fix the biochemistry and you change the behaviour. Watch it now! More here

Fat burning simplified. And if you do fix the insulin problem, as he advises, then you can get in the fat burning zone – as Marlene Watson Tara explains in her excellent ‘fat burning simplified.’ If you eat sugary stuff, that makes your insulin kick in, you CANNOT be in the fat burning zone. Read it here.

 Is Sugar Toxic? – the Sixty minutes report – just 14 minutes long – Prof Lustig as well as two other experts with some scary facts about cancer and sugar. More here.

Toxic Sugar – an ABC Oz report – puts it in a nutshell – only 18 mins. Watch here

That Sugar Film – coming early 2015 from ‘down under’ – looks fascinating – info here.






8-9pm Mondays, Back to You QVC Facebook group

The Transcripts


Michele Hope, Fashionista and Axel Ruth, Flora Mare guest


Michele Hope Ladieswear, 24th November 2014

Michele Hope Ladieswear Hi everyone

Sharon Hi Michele how are you? Thank you for joining us xx

Anne Keating Hi Michele. I love your clothes and wondered if you could do more glittery dresses for the party season rather than the skirts and tops?

Michele Hope Ladieswear hi sharon am looking forward to launching my xmas collection next Tuesday on qvc

Sharon Ooohhhhhh we can't wait!!!


Michele Hope Ladieswear Hi Anne thanks for your question. I am working on A/W 2015 , we will definitely look at some dresses For you x

Anne Keating Thanks Michele. x

Sharon Harvey Michele your designs are stunning! Where do you constantly get your beautiful inspiration x

Monica Bailey Richards Hi Michele, I have always bought your beautiful clothes and had many comments on them. I am now a size 8 but luckily my daughter has benefited by having so many of my 10-12 items. Some I can still wear as I just wear them on my hips. Is it correct that next year you are bringing out 8-10 sizes in your range. You always look so very glamorous and you are now so confident on our screens. xxx

Sue Poole Hi Michele I have loads of your wonderful cardigans. I love the range of colour you do. They wash a like a dream. They are a bit on large size for me as I'm 8/10 but I don't mind in knitwear . Would be great to see small is possible xx

Dawn Robinson Hello Michele x you always look beautiful ! What are your favourite QVC beauty products x

Michele Hope Ladieswear Hi Monica thank you for the compliments. It's true at last we will be bringing sizes 6/8. We have had so many requests for these sizes and i am happy to be bringing them to qvc starting in May x


Monica Bailey Richards That's fab news Michele. I shall look forward to seeing them. xxx

Dawn Robinson Also what are your plans for Christmas ?  x

Michele Hope Ladieswear Hi Dawn I am definitely an elemis girl.

Michele Hope Ladieswear Hi Dawn I love taking time at xmas to spend with my family and of course my animals. its nice to have some time relaxing with them all x

Deborah Ingram Hi Michelle, looking forward to seeing your Christmas collection. I love that you do a good range of sizes, especially the bigger size. Its so difficult to get nice clothes in bigger sizes that are not frumpy. x

Michele Hope Ladieswear Hi Sue we are working hard on the more petite sizes for 2015. starting in May . we will definitely be bringing knitwear in the smaller sizes


Jo Brown Hi Michele, you always look so glamorous, what would be your top 3 hero products to make you look so fab?

Dawn Robinson Your horse looks absolutely beautiful ! It's everybody's dream to have one  do you manage to go out with her daily ? x

Michele Hope Ladieswear Hi jo Elemis pro collagen cream for sure. I love the tri enzyme face wash and the lavender toner. Have to be my favourites. X


Dawn Robinson What hair products do you use ??? Please share your secret

Jo Brown great choices


Michele Hope Ladieswear dawn i am so looking forward to some time with my horse at xmas. I get a lot of inspiration while I am out riding in the woods. It's so relaxing x

Sue Poole Thank you Michele I look forward to that xx

Dawn Robinson Gosh that sounds fabulous  x

Michele Hope Ladieswear dawn philip kingsley works well for me.


Jean Yorke Dawn Robinson asked the question I was just about to ask Michele Hope Ladieswear your hair is gorgeous what do you use to keep it looking so thick and healthy x


Jean Yorke Michele Hope Ladieswear do you buy lots of qvc products like us Queens?


Maureen Green Michele Hope Ladieswear what go you buy when at QVC? On my last holiday so many of my clothes were yours I love them thank you. Xx

Michele Hope Ladieswear hello girls yes i am always checking out the beauty products and make up on qvc. I love it all


Jan Lee Burgess Hi Michele, love your style of clothes have you ever considered doing them in larger sizes please xx

Michele Hope Ladieswear Hi Jan we are always looking to try and appeal to everyone . Any requests that come in are always discussed with the buyers. we have been in talks re larger sizes. watch this space xx

Jan Lee Burgess That would be brilliant,, I will certainly watch this space, thank you xx

Sharon Harvey Please join me in saying a big thank you to our hugely popular Michele Hope for joining us this evening! Michele thank you for your generosity it has been a wonderful chat ,a real pleasure, and you are always welcome back! We look forward to your last shows of this year, your Christmas Collection on Qvc next week. 2nd and 3rd December!


Members the live chat is finished please free to continue reading and posting to the page! Next week out guest will be the beautiful Tova Borgnine!




Axel Ruth, Flora Mare, 24th November 2014


Axel Ruth Good evening @ all!

Sharon Hi Axel!!! Thanks for joining us this evening! How are you? Xx

Axel Ruth I am very fine thank you! Hope you are as well!

Tiger Kadi Hi Axel Ruth thank you for joining in us. What is your favourite product from your range of skincare.

Axel Ruth Hi Tiger! All good things are 3  The DAY AND NIGHT CREAM, the EYE CREAM and the HAND CREAM


Susan Buckland Hi axel Good evening..

Axel Ruth Hi Susan!

Tiger Kadi Oh wow. I have those on advanced order I cannot wait to get them. Would you ever consider doing a big tub of body cream.

Axel Ruth Hi Tiger! I do have a a big collection of body creams - I am sure I will bring them to QVC UK as well

Amy Wall Hi Axel. welcome. Received the wrinkle and neck and decol..... Cream and also have the tinted foundation and love love love them all xx

Axel Ruth Hi Amy! Thank you very much! Great that you like the products!

Axel Ruth At the moment I am talking to QVC and may be I will have a very short presentation with an OTO in December and I hope I can deliver some products in between to reduce the waiting lists...

Tiger Kadi Oh that would be great. I am hoping to convert my 68 year old mum to your range and buy some for her Xmas present.

Axel Ruth Tiger - I am sure she will love the products

Sharon Harvey Oh that's fantastic! Lots of new fans! It has taken the UK by storm! Axel you must be so proud x

Axel Ruth Thank you Sharon! I am very happy about the very good feedback in the UK. And I hope I can bring you more products in the future... I am proud and I am very thankful! Axel Ruth is thankful the right word? Or better grateful? Axel Ruth I think I will have a short presentation on the 14th of December in the 19:00 show

Jo Brown Hi Axel, I'm new to the range, are any of the products suitable for vegans?

Axel Ruth Hi Jo  yes - also for vegans...

Jo Brown thank you Axel that's good to know

Amy Wall Axel, just a quickie!!!!!!!!! Hehe. Is it just skincare products in your range or are there any hair products x

Axel Ruth Amy - I have a SPA COLLECTION (body care) and also HAIR CARE (but only 2 products)...

Chris Forrester Love your products Axel will there be any new ones in the NewYear?

Amy Wall In my diary already. Thanks x

Nayna Patel Axel what inspired you to go into skincare? Would you do makeup with FM magic ingredients? Love the eye cream by the way!

Axel Ruth Nayna! Hi - may be - a little make up collection. As a make up artist I was always covering signs of aging and so I started to think about products to fight against them...

Sharon You speak such fab English Axel..... Very cheeky !

Axel Ruth Thank you Sharon - sometimes I have problems with the "tenses"

Jo Brown well my GCSE German is very rusty, so I am pleased your English is good

Dawn Robinson Hello Axel :))) what are your plans for Christmas ? Also you are adorable to watch x

Axel Ruth Dawn! Hello! I will celebrate x-mas with my mom and then I will go on holiday - to relax before beauty bash

Susan Buckland Axel look forward too see you in December, will it be with Debbie more funny bits

Axel Ruth Susan - yes - that would be great!


Amy Wall Are they on qvc website?

Axel Ruth Amy - yes - and then FLORA MARE


Chris Forrester Can't wait to try the hair products Axel looking forward to seeing you on the 14th

Axel Ruth And sure... I will bring new products in January and the following months...


Tiger Kadi Axel I buy all her skin care and I think she now needs a change. And from all the reviews I'm sure she would. She's hasn't got sensitive skin like I do.

Deborah Ingram Hi Axel, love your products, your passion for the range shows in your presentations. Looking forward to seeing back on QVC UK. x

Tiger Kadi Aww nice it's my birthday for the beauty bash. I hope I get tickets. I would be over the moon. Best birthday gift.

Jo Brown Tiger would we need to get a chaperone for Axel?!

Tiger Kadi Jo you might well do...

Axel Ruth I am sure you will get tickets... are you from London Tiger?

Sharon Oooh SPA products!!! it's my birthday soon

Axel Ruth Sharon - my Birthday is in January... - and Tigers as well

Tiger Kadi Oh wow. Mine is on the 21st

Axel Ruth Mine the 9th...

Sharon mines a ahem....BIG birthday..... yours?x

Axel Ruth Sharon - I am turning 40

Tiger Kadi Oh lovely. I would be 44 in January

Christine Fryer Hi Axel you too are very your products xx

Axel Ruth Thank you Christine!

Christine Fryer Your very welcome x

Susan Buckland Axel you are going to the beauty bash

Axel Ruth Yes Susan - I will be at the beauty bash

Sharon Harvey Axel best you bring a bodyguard haha think you will be mobbed :/)

Axel Ruth Minimum one bodyguard - I think minimum two

Tiger Kadi Sharon Harvey I can play bodyguard.

Tiger Kadi Axel Ruth you would be well looked after. I'm a gentle tiger.

Tiger Kadi I'm standing in for Debbie Flint

Amy Wall I thought it was just Debbie that Axel had eyes for but oh boy was I wrong. More flirting going on here than on Debs show. Loving it x

Axel Ruth lot of flirting here

Axel Ruth Tiger - you can't be my bodyguard - you are the birthday girl

Jo Brown I could be a bodyguard, with my martial arts background, but I am working plus there's a fine line between bodyguard and gooseberry

Jo Brown Oh well that's all sorted then, joint party for Tiger and Axel  it's ok Tiger, you can thank me later lol

Axel Ruth And you Sharon!


Amy Wall Have just been all round the qvc app but cannot find any hair care by flora mare. Will look later. Is it shampoo & conditioner x

Axel Ruth Hi Amy - sorry not in the UK at the moment...

Amy Wall Oh that's why I couldn't find them then. Perhaps one day Axel eh!!

Christine Fryer Axel do you have any pets? Xx

Axel Ruth Here you can get some more background information if you like...'ve just read Creator Axel talks Flora Mare... on @QVC UK's blog - go here

Amy Wall Just been on your link. Is that your dog in the picture at bottom of screen

Axel Ruth Yes Amy - my dog

Sharon So Axel, any new products you can tempt us with? Is creating new products a hard process? X

Axel Ruth I think I will a 3pcs DETOX collection in January - perfect time of the year for this special treatments... Yes Sharon - it is a long process - because we look after the natural ingredients from the ocean - and we can only harvest them in some weeks of the year...

Sharon Aahhhhh that makes sense.... And also makes sense why some products are more easily available than others! Fascinating! The Detox set sounds stunning! I look forward to sharing it on here for everyone x

Axel Ruth I have a lot of ideas - so if FLORA MARE will do well in the future in the UK - I have a lot to do

Sharon I think it already is, lots of ladies on here have tried it and loved it and the reviews are looking fantastic! Good luck with it Axel x

Axel Ruth Thank you Sharon!

Amy Wall I'm sure it will do well especially if it means we get to see more of you and listen to your fab accent x

Axel Ruth Hope so too Amy

Deborah Ingram FLORA MARE is such a big hit already at QVC UK, the products sell out so fast. Looking forward to seeing new products in 2015 and lots more of your wonderful shows

Zoe Robins serious matters...Axel, please can you bring out a midfielder with good spf if possible, and I love your body cream from another retailer online, in a red tube, love it but wish it had a little natural flower fragrance or similar, its this possible?

Axel Ruth is somewhat unanswered?

Axel Ruth Zoe I am working on it... SPF products will be available as well...

Axel Ruth Zoe - the red products are the OCEAN POWER products - not sure if I will bring them to OVC ...

Zoe Robins I love the ocean power products Axel Ruth, I have been using the night cream for a while, its rich but lovely and I put serum in


Tiger Kadi On a serious note. I cannot wait to start using the product. I'm going to buy some for my mum.and best friend for Xmas .

Can't wait to see you in December

Axel Ruth Thanks you Tiger! Hope you will be happy with the products...

Amy Wall Thanks for the webchat. Really entertaining as usual. Looking forward to seeing you on our screen again in December/january. Take care x


Axel Ruth Thank you very much! All of you! Very nice!! Really!

Tiger Kadi You've really cheered me up this evening. It's definitely worth rushing home for.


Axel Ruth With pleasure Tiger!

Jean Yorke Thank you for joining us tonight Axel Ruth you have been lovely looking forward to your upcoming shows x



Sharon Please join me in saying a big thank you to our ever popular guest Axel Ruth for joining us this evening. Axel it has been a wonderful chat ,a real pleasure, and you are always welcome back! We hope to see you 14th December with. Twinkle in your eye x


Members the live chat is finished please free to continue reading and posting to the page! Next week we will be chatting with the one and only Tova Borgnine!!



Ps - Extra Chat with Bruce Bodyblade – see his other previous Monday chats on ‘Bodyblade QVC’ facebook page


NEXT WEEK – TOVA!! Dec 1st webchat

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