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Beach Bodyblading in LA; B2U webchat - Rosa from Yankee and Caroline from Nails Inc; Plus the Monday Essay - East meets West Tale of Recovery.
18 November 2014

public service... public service...

This week - Doing a new super6 workout video in Marina Del Ray! What a lovely week I had in LA! Bruce met me with two bodyblades and off we went, recording a new video – with stretches in between. In other news, how fast is your brain? Take the quiz! Also the Monday Essay… When East meets West – an inspiring story of recovery.


Bodyblading on the beach

Well some people roller blade, and others skateboard, but Bruce and I were there on Marina Del Ray beach, Bodyblading! It’s called ‘Mother’s Beach,’ and we went for a drink nearby in Jamaica Inn Hotel afterwards (see main QVC blog from Friday 14th for pics.) But the main point of the meet up was to video a little Super6 workout – the 6 one minute exercises on his ingenious invention which really do strengthen and tone your whole body. This one has movement in between too! So here it is – have a quick look and use this link whenever you want to do it along with us, to give you a bit of variety from the other ones we’ve done!

Click here to watch it

It was really fun meeting Bruce and also going to dinner with him and his lovely wife Carrie. He had some interesting points to make regarding ongoing exercise, or permahabits as we like to call them. See bottom of this blog for a summary of his Q&A from this evening’s webchat on the ‘Bodyblade QVC’ Facebook group – and see if you can do the ‘lost 10lb in ten minutes’!


TTFLS update

In case you didn’t know, there’s a (almost) daily Tip of the Day for TTFLS* people, on the PAGE (click here to ‘like’ the page.) Here’s one –

“Tip of the Day #19-
Remember a blip is a blip. It's not a change forever. If a blip happens, think, 'hmm, I wonder why I did hat?' And let it go. Work out why it happened so it won't become a permanent thing, but let it go. If a slim person has a thick milkshake, they will eat less dinner afterwards. Non freedom-eaters will have a thick shake, then punish themselves for the rest of the night, forcing food down their throats, feel terrible, and all because of a thought in their brain. Nothing to do with their body or what it needs.
Listen to your body, trust it, give it a chance. And learn from a blip.”

Do go read if it helps any – and if you have some of your own tips, do feel free to add them – it’s a fabulous supportive community that’s for sure! And if you haven’t got my semi-autobiographical weight loss book, updated for 2014 yet, the link to the book *Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 – the ‘When’ Diet, is here – paperback or eBook!

Heard this week from Anne K who was rightfully proud of herself too – she posted this week on Facebook on B2U group –

“I've done many diets previously and given up after a few weeks or months. This time the doctor told me I had to lose half a stone by the beginning of December. I had decided to go to Slimming World when I saw Debbie's book mentioned on I'm a QVCUk Queen page. I've found it is the extra motivation I need to keep going - and even when I get to my target weight (which I have never done before) I know it has given me the basis for a new way of looking at food and of eating. It fits in with Slimming World which allows you to eat as much as you like of the healthy foods I need for Type 2 diabetes - and Debbie's book shows me how to know when to stop when I've had sufficient. A double whammie!”

I told Anne and the other ladies on that strand how proud I was of them all and it is indeed getting used to being different around food, not a temporary ‘on a diet’ only to come ‘off a diet’ – this is setting up - what? Permahabits!

Keep up the comments and updates on the groups, everyone! And keep me informed personally if you like by emailing me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..




-       Brain Quiz – maddening, but compulsive – what do you score – how well does your brain shape up? The train one made me super competitive and I went back over it several times trying to improve my score! Lol!  More here.

 -       ‘7 A Day? BBC News - Mediterranean diet is best way to tackle obesity, say doctors - you must read this more here

 -       'That Sugar Film.' Yes, it's called that, and it's due out early next year - well it is Australian. Watch the compelling Ozzie news report trailing it - one to watch for sure! more here!  


See below for The Monday Essay – A story of illness to recovery, to make your heart smile.

And then the transcripts from Monday 17th November’s webchat on Facebook group Back to You QVC – summaries from our fab pal Rosa from Yankee candles and lovely Caroline from Nails Inc. plus from Bruce and bodyblade.

Next week –

Plus Michele Hope (fashionista!) and Axel Ruth (tbc) from Flora Mare, join the Back to You webchat: Mon 24th  November 8-9pm on Back to You QVC group – (see below to join.)

Have a fab week!

Best wishes




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Karen’s Miracle Recovery – Twice Over

 Really interesting story this week from a pal of my host in LA, painter Karen. She’s a breast cancer survivor with a very interesting outlook on life.

First to let you know, she’s very aware, like I am, of food as cause, food as cure, for many of the common ills humans endure. However, when she first got breast cancer, she refused to go for western medicine, refusing to give in to it, insisting she would deal with it ‘later.’ Her reason was a tragic one – she’d lost many relatives via cancer, and seen them die more as a result of the treatment, than through the disease itself. However, things came to a head in around 2004.

‘I’d felt the lump in my left breast get bigger, to the point that I could almost see it breaking the skin. Basically my doctor said I had to be operated on immediately, followed by chemo or radiation. I just didn’t want to undergo that treatment because of what I’d seen it do to my sisters and mum. The doctor did an MRI and it showed that the lump in my left breast developed to such an extent that it had it’s own substantial blood supply, and now I’d also got a small lump in my right breast. I was devastated, but still resilient. The doctor said I simply must go in for treatment on Monday – I said no, I’ve booked a trip to Europe for three weeks, and I’m going. So despite protests, off home I went. But that night, my best pal gave me a lecture on nutrition and told me about some incredible turnarounds in people who adopted strict macrobiotic principles (like Vegan with no wheat and no sugar, plus eastern extras like sea vegetables, miso soup, special soy sauces, special mushroom dishes and an emphasis on grains.) She gifted me everything I needed to eat macrobiotically on my trip – quite an impossible task in France had I not taken it all with me – rice cooker, brown rice, miso, seaweeds etc. No dairy, no meat, no wheat, no sugar. Well, three weeks later, after I returned from my holiday, back I went for my surgery. The doctor did an MRI again just prior to surgery so they could ascertain where to operate.

She called me into her office and sat me down. Unbelievably, the MRI scan showed something amazing. Not only had the lump in the right breast disappeared, but the big one on the left had halved, including having half the blood supply. So off I went ecstatic that destiny had given me the chance to prove I could face this thing and solve it my way - determined to continue my journey with food.’

Now Karen is a 64 year old active, single, mum of three, living in LA with a busy group of media friends and is down to earth and very, very normal. She told me how after that, she continued to research the amazing difference nutrition can make to health. And accepting the option to take part in non-chemo trials. This included being on a three month medical trial in New York in a retreat, where inmates are given a section of a fridge to keep their food in. She was annoyed that not only were doctors not telling any of the participants to avoid certain foods, they were largely not eating any fresh foodstuffs at all. There was plenty of room in the produce drawers and she went out and filled hers, and many other drawers that were empty since most participants were buying ready frozen meals and bad treats etc. She bought all kinds of veggies and a few fruits and then made herself juices every day – wheatgrass, spirulina, much green stuff etc. (She’d tried the macrobiotic diet, the Gerson diet and raw food diet too, and had much knowledge about nutrition, entirely self-taught.) Now whilst she was standing there making the juices each day, people would come in and talk to her, and she ended up explaining about foods and how they can cause or cure many conditions. Lots of people wanted to continue asking her advice after the trial and it led to her setting up her own business as a consultant on wellness.

But after a while she knew that, whilst a big part of it, nutrition was not the whole solution.

Whilst you can alkalize your body with foods, mainly vegetables, it’s also true that in a heartbeat, in the blink of an eye, you can also make your body acid with emotions – getting angry for instance – they don’t say ‘he’s filled with bile’ when someone’s livid, for no reason – (google it to find out more about how emotions can lead to dis-ease within the very fabric of your body.) And she knew she had some work to do. She became Buddhist and her beliefs helped lead her to the next stage of her amazing story.

By early 2014, she was starting to get angrier and angrier with the establishment – all these people not being told about how nutrition could help cut their symptoms and aid recovery. She was an active painter, she by now had three grown up children and was part of a great support network of friends and allies. She began to feel tired and ached a lot, and knew there was something wrong again. Her breast cancer had reared up again and spread. She was keeping healthy, she’s slim, and exercises daily, chants and eats really well. But within herself, she had what she now realises was a prejudice. Not the run of the mill kinds, but a prejudice against authority and the medical profession – in particular western medicine. Her doctor showed her the PET scan of her body – in early Summer 2014, the full body scan lit up like a Christmas tree. Every white light represents bone metastases – cancer – in the spine, the shoulders, the joints, all over - apart from the brain and the heart which are supposed to be white,

For many that means a death sentence and her doctor told her she had better rally her family around. Her pain was extreme and she was unbelievably tired. She couldn’t believe it. After all she’d been through.

So she talked to her friend who was a senior Buddhist and she observed that Kate was carrying a prejudice against Western medicine and that she can’t be carrying that and have full power. So Kate worked out that it was time to make her peace with it and by dropping that prejudice, she had far more choices available to her. East and West really can live side by side and different things work for different people.

Back at her doctor’s, she was told that she had a particularly aggressive type of cancer called ‘Her2 positive’ , which only affected 15% of cancer sufferers. But the good news was that it was able to be treated by something that was not chemotherapy – a new drug called Herceptin. But first her insurance company would usually expect her to go through surgery, then radiation and only then would she be able to be given the $17,000 dollar, extortionately expensive shots of Herceptin.

She said ‘I asked my doctor if I could just go straight to the Herceptin. She said she doubted that the insurance company would accept the paperwork. But ironically it was just before July 4th independence day holiday and if I got the paperwork in quickly, with it marked ‘urgent’ maybe, just maybe, they’d process it without too much extra info being needed. That Monday she called and told me they’d approved it, and to get straight in to have the first shot.

Herceptin isn’t a drug that makes you lose your hair, or become weak, dry mouthed, etc. It’s an antibody.

Nine weeks and three shots later, I went back in for another PET scan. The doctor called me in and looked incredulous. She then showed me the second scan of my body. The cancer had gone in the bones and the breast tumour was reduced by 75%.

I’m now on a maintenance programme and watch what I eat, but also am full of surviving spirit – pioneering spirit – and belief that the body is an amazing miracle worker, if you give it the right support and tools to make the changes it needs to make itself. If a person in a white coat tells me ‘x will happen to you,’ I don’t believe it – I think to myself  ‘I’ll prove you wrong, I’ll find a way.’ All these things, and my philosophy of Lotus Sutra Buddhism via Soka Gakkai International-USA, have all helped with my story.

When I go to the hospital, doctors bring other colleagues to see my scans, and discuss my unusual case. And now in the Far East, apparently they are about to conduct the ‘Respect’ trials, on the elderly who wouldn’t survive surgery and radiation, just giving them Herceptin alone. Interesting times.

For anyone wondering about diet and if they should make changes, I’d say go read and study all the info that’s out there - it’s easier now than ever to get access to info that maybe even your own specialist is not aware of. And be insistent. I once asked a doctor about the markers they use in order to decide if someone ‘has cancer’ or is ‘cancer free’ – there is a ‘normal’ range, which they consider cancer-free, and I asked whether that meant they actually still had a degree of normal cancer within their body. He was evasive and said they couldn’t say for sure. Yet if it had been over that ‘normal’ limit he would have been absolutely certain that person had to have harsh treatments and would have told them in no uncertain terms what the expectations were of their prognosis. That didn’t help me in having no confidence in the medical profession, but I am now very grateful to have been given such cast iron evidence of my amazing recovery – in these two scans, nine weeks apart.

I’m very lucky. And I hope others will be as lucky too.’

If anyone else has a similar situation, I’d suggest they research Gerson diets, macrobiotics, raw food diets, Buddhism and meditation, and the Power of Belief alongside whatever specialists’ advice is available for you to consider. More reading is here – Good luck.

-       Biology of Belief – Dr Bruce Lipton – 96 x 5* reviews - are genetic issues really unavoidable? This book cites the example of a schizophrenic who has blue eyes in one personality and they change to brown in another; of a patient who has anaphylactic shock from a dog allergy in one personality, but can sit playing happily with dogs in another personality. And much more besides. It’s belief that plays a powerful role in how your body reacts.

-       Your Life in Your Hands – Dr Jane Plant – 73 x 5* reviews - her own experience of a certain type of breast cancer that responded to a no-dairy diet, and tons of scientific evidence as to why.

-       ‘Dying to be Me’ – Anita Moorjani – 167 x 5* reviews - one woman’s ‘death and back’ experience, a stage 4 cancer sufferer who went into hospital when her organs began to shut down, who experienced an amazing remission following a near death experience - three weeks later, she was recovered so much, she went dancing at a party. These are not supposed to be medical advice, nor are they advocating a course of action, they are merely for information.







8-9pm Mondays, Back to You QVC Facebook group

The Transcripts


Rosa Speyer, Yankee Candles & Caroline Manley, Nails Inc


Rosa Speyer, Yankee Candles, Monday 17th November ‘14

Q1. Dawn Robinson -  I've got two questions 1st one is if you could only pick 3 Candles what fragrances would you pick ? 2nd you always look lovely what QVC beauty products do you use ? 

A – thank you for your lovely comments - tough question!! I can ony have 3 candles in the world?? eek OKay True Rose - classic floral and reminds me of my wedding day , sandalwood vanilla as sumptuous but snuggly eve fragrance and snow in love for festive freshness….  Its so hard to just picjk one yankee fragrance - that's why \i love them so much becuase you can chop and change. I've got Angels Wings burning this evening but yesterday it was sage and citrus and another day it will be blissfull autumn or fresh cut roses!!

I am a beauty addict and my entire face is courtesy of QVC lol! My make up bag is largely filled by bareminerals, laura geller and mally. I am using SBC collagen on my body and face at present but also love the Prai gemstone serum, Liz earle eyebright and toners and elemis when i am really treating myself


Q.2 – Sonia Simpson -Will Yankee be doing more jar shape wax melts please?

A – no more jar melts moving forward. They were created as a sort of next step melt and Yankee have now moved on to even more exciting inventions in the melt world more info as soon as i have it. We may be able to bring a few more to QVC towards the end of this year but only a small amount were ever made and were officially only sold in the states


Q3 - Pam Merrifield Will there be an electric melt warmer with automatic off switch? I keep forgetting to turn mine off!!!!!

A – there are no plans to put fancy switches and tiers on the electric melt warmers but ed did go to homebase and got switch for a couple of pounds and put that on to my teapot warmer so i could switch it on and off more easily. I too sometimes forget about them so have it also plugged into a timer - you can get them for very little in most DIY stores xx


Q4 – Sue Stewart - Are we getting anymore non stick melts for the tea pot warmer. If not how do we get the wax out with normal melts

A –  sorry about my typing folks ! my mind moves faster than my fingers. Sue I think I have answered your melts question earlier - there were some available on auto delivery but i don't know yet if we have more avaialbe to put on air. The best way to get melts out if stuck is switch on/light your melt warmer for about a minute - just enough time for the ery bottom to melt then turn/blow out and melt will just swish out


Q5 – Julie Anderson - Just wanted to say I love you as a guest on QVC. I'm a Yankee addict, they also make me feel good. Thanks for your work:)) what is your all time favourite fragrance?

A – hi Julie thanks fr your kind comment - I love my work!! I mean I love doing it. All time fave is rose so iether fresh cut roses or true rose


Q6 - Chris Dig N Doug We know your favourites, but what are the lovely Ed's favourites. Bless him he only ever gets mentioned in passing

A – Hi Chris Dig N Doug Ed loves all the vanilla and foodie ones and his all time fave is lemon lavender - which is the only lavender i'm not that keen on!! lol he puts it in the melt warmer when I am not there. he is also a huge fan of christmas cookie, salted caramel and banana nut bread


Q7 – Tiger Kadi Hi Rosa welcome. I adore Yankee candles. Can we have more. Variety on the electric tart burner and also a collection of smaller jars. And plug ins and refills..Thank you.

A - hi Tiger Kadi [amazing name!! x] We are doing more and more electric melt warmers as they are becoming more popular so will keep you posted.we are working hard on gettign plug ins back in stock together with refill. we know you all want them. We often do snall jar gift sets around xmas so fingers crossed more on their way


Q 8 – Linda Bignell Hi Rosa, is there going to be a Yankee TSV before Xmas

A – yes!! very excited about the yankee tsv on 26th November I think our best xmas gift collection yet xxxx


Q 9 – Michael James Hamlyn As many of the lovely ladies and gents here know, I LOVE QVC, and often get starstruck on these chats... But none more so than with you Rosa! You are a hero in our household (My Robbie loves you too!)
Sorry to gush but you are just so knowledgeable, entertaining and hilarious! You are lucky I don't understand Twitter as I would totally be stalking you!
Also while I am here - Thank you thank you thank you for listening to all our feedback. You are probably the best brand for listening to us. The USA exclusives have been AMAZING!
I wish I had a question so I don't look quite so sad...

A - you are utterly charming and thank you so much for your lovely words xx I'm not great on twitter myself stephen is a far more proliffic tweeter than me! We do our best to feedback everything viewers request to the team at yankee hq and I'm glad you are happy with the results x


Q 10 – Micheal – what’s your guilty pleasure?

A –  My guilty pleasure? hmmmm sounds silly but watching tv in bed. Ed bans all screens form the bedroom as he is such a light sleeper so when he is on nights i take the laptop to bed and watch a film and feel really naughty!!

I almost forgot one of my all time faves is Tahitian Tiare Flower i am still saving a small jar


Ginger dusk is a new launch so i'd like to think it would be around a while but it does depend on how popular it is. if not many people buy a scent they may retire it more quickly to make way for something more people want as we are all always asking them for new fragrances. It does seem to be popular with a lot of people on facebook and twitter though so fingers crossed. I LOVE it - its like a slightly spicier early sunrise

Re Retired fragrances, you quite often find that a new fragrance will be a reimagining of an older retired one. so A child's wish has echoes of beautiful day married with garden hideaway and waikiki melon was a lighter brighter version of mango peach salsa - although in that case MPS won out so maybe something like Greenhouse is out there.

OMG Glenys Phillips get over to www, NOW! Greenhouse has just popped up on the special appearances page!!!!

Thank you I have really enjoyed doing this its been lovely to chat. I am a member of the back to you group so you can post questions to me on here whenever you like. My actual facebook profile I keep private as all my close friends and family are on so please don't be offended if I don't accept friend request but chat here and find me on twitter @candlerosa .

 Signing off now - thanks for all your kind and lovely comments - looking forward to bringing lots more Yankee gorgeousness to your living room on 26th xxxxxxxxxx night night


TSV ON 26th! 26th i'll be launching at midnight then in the morning show at 9 , midday then 4,6 and 9pm



Caroline Manley – second Webchat – 17th November 2014

Q 1 - Dawn Robinson Hello Caroline x any glues on what the hot colours will be next year ? Xx

A – Hi next year will be very pretty in terms of special effects light florals pale glitters, very delicate and girly! In terms of colour it's very similar - white tone pastals will be huge. Watch this space for our stunning spring kale range!


Q2 – Gayle Metcalfe Hi Caroline Manley I love nails inc and wear it daily! my question to you is about the glitter varnish! Ilove the look but trying to get it off is an absolute nightmare! I use your varnish pots and it just shreds the foam inside! Any tips please as the party season is coming but I can't spend the 30 mins I spent yesterdy trying to get varnish off and i have sooo many nails inc glitters to try! x

A –  Hi Gayle, glitter is amazing and lasts so long without chipping - offset of this is the effort to remove! Few top tips we use in store - if you have a buffer or good grit nail file - lightly buff the surface before removal. This will smooth out the particles so the foam in the pot doesn't rip. Then hold your finger in the pot for a little longer than normal to remove effectively. If you have more time - apply a little piece of cotton soaked in acetone on the nail and wrap your fingers in squares of tin foil. After 10 minutes remove foil and glitter should slip straight off. Lastly try and not load too many layers of glitter on the nail. Our glitter pigment will work in 2 coats for full coverage. Layering coats of glitter, although tempting isn't ideal for removal! Hope this helps! Cx


Q 3 – Dawn Robinson You always look lovely too, What are your favourite QVC beauty products ? X

A – Other than nails inc obviously - I'm obsessed with beauty products and am a huge QVC beauty customer. I can't live without WEN. I'm a total WEN girl - 'friends don't let friends use shampoo!' I also adore Mally volumising mascara - IMHO best on the market! Also anything Josie Maran, Argan Oil infinity cream is a definite makeup bag must have for me. Works for everything - split ends, chapped lips, facial moisturiser - I'm never without a tube.


Q 4 - Sandra Taylor What can I do to stop my nails tearing at the corners. I have never cut my finger nails as they always tear before they get long enough to grow, so van never wear nail varnish.

A – Hi Sandra, try to keep the sides of your nail walls really straight - so no shaping or cutting to create round or oval shape until the free edge of your nail goes past your nail bed. Using cuticle oil twice a day will work really well for you to help eliminate splitting - as your nails need hydration. Also our NailKale superfood basecoat is fantastic for preventing splitting. 79% of customers in our clinical trials found it prevented nail splitting and breakage. Hope this helps Cx


Q 5 – Joy Padley Hi Caroline, any tips for the application of the gel polish? It always streaks when I try to apply especially the lighter ones.

A – Hi Joy, the gel effect first coat should be smooth and streak free. To achieve this immerse brush into the polish and pull out wiping excess polish from one side only! Using the loaded polish side of the brush apply direct to the base coated nail plate, pushing towards the cuticle and pulling back. Once in centre and one on each outer side - so 3 in total is ideal. The less strokes the less streaks will appear. Thanks Cx


Q 6 –  Any tips on painting nails when you have extremely shaky hands 

A – Painting nails with shaky hands is a problem so many people have. Make sure you have a table to rest on, always paint your non writing hand first - this makes a huge difference. Load the brush with polish - start in the middle of the nail and push the brush towards the cuticle then pull back. Repeat this step on both outer edges so 3 strokes in total - this should make it easier. Our new bottles also will help as you can remove the silver cap, place on table and use the concave side of the cap to balance each finger you paint - nice trick to add stability. Cx


Q 7 – What do you like doing in your spare time

A – n my spare time, I love to sightsee - I'm living in London 6 years but still find pockets of the city that I've not seen yet or experienced. I also love the theatre - any musical I'm there! This is turn also leads me to equally love any form of karaoke or cheesy music that I can find. Although not a natural dancer I enjoy to think I am!


Q 8 – Michael - What first attracted you to the brand caroline?

A – Hi Michael - well aren't ladies in your life lucky! Coming from a beauty background I was always a nails inc fan, I had a manicure every two weeks for 4 years in my local Nails inc in Cork before I moved to London. Definitely Thea Green our founder was a huge factor in why I joined the brand. She's so inspirational and on the cutting edge in terms of breaking boundaries of what nail polish should be and constantly evolving it. It's amazing to work under a such a wonderful female entrepreneur. I also loved the fashion and nails combination. Why wear the same shade all the time when you can use your nails as a fashion statement. It's the ultimate in affordable on trend luxury and nobody does it better than nails inc!


Q 9 – tell us about nail kale successes!

A – NailKale is amazing Debbie! It's been one of our most successful launches. I think this is because it works for every nail issue. Whether your nails are weak and bendy, peeling, brittle, dull, not growing or ridged - it fixes it all! The amazing kale ingredient which is enriched with iron, protein, calcium and vitamin K will give you super healthy nails. Your polish will last longer and in a matter of days you will see major improvements in your nail issues. Total wonder product! Use it as a treatment in our NailKale superfood base coat or try our NailKale polish shades to experience colour and care in one!

 Signing out now - it's 4pm in NY so gotta get back to work! We launched our first US nail bar last week in saks 5th Avenue! Very exciting! Thanks so much everyone for your questions - loved the chat and even had a giant American cookie at the same time so I've had a great hour! C. x

Next Week – 24th Nov, 8-9pm - ask your questions of Michele Hope, one of our original QVC fashionistas. And Axel Ruth (tbc) about your Flora Mare which may have just arrived!

Ps - Extra Chat with Bruce Bodyblade – see his other previous Monday chats on ‘Bodyblade QVC’ facebook page

 Bruce bodyblade chat 17th nov incl beach vid and lose 10lb in ten mins


 I have a double meaning to my comment about how to lose 10 pounds in 10 minutes. I could also say "how to look like you lost 10 pounds in 10 minutes

If you are consistently doing your Bodyblade workout 3-4 days a week on a regular basis, if you changed nothing else in your diet, didn't lower your portion size, didn't count calories at all, you would still burn additional calories in your workout which would translate to approximately one pound a month!

But, let's take that a step further. The human body is very smart. The more you exercise, the better your body becomes at burning fuel, using calories for that fuel and losing weight. The mitochondria of the cell is the powerhouse of the cell and responsible for much of that. The more you talk to your body via exercise, the more you tell your body to be ready because I am going to workout, the more your body responds by saying "I'm ready to work and will get better each time". The same fuel or calories ingested by a person in shape, vs. a person out of shape will be used differently. The person in bad shape will store more fat calories ; the person in shape will burn more calories for fuel.

My second point is how to look like you have lost 10 pounds in 10 minutes. How many of you are sitting down by the computer or iPad right this moment with your stomach muscles totally relaxed, your postural muscles totally relaxed, round shoulders, bent over?

Well, now I want you to stand up or sit up tall. Tighten your stomach muscles, shoulders back and down, head up straight, not bent over and maintain the tension or tone in your muscles. Remember to breathe normally.

 When you maintain good posture, add muscle tone to your tummy, FLATTEN your stomach as a habit, you notice that your waistline is slimmer, you appear taller, more in shape, younger and definitely more vital. We also know what an "old" person looks like, right? Bent over, slow to move, rounded shoulders, a pouched out tummy. I bet you could make yourself look like this in the mirror. Now, I want you to stand in front of the mirror, straighten up, tighten your stomach muscles, suck them in slightly and maintain that posture. How do you look? This can become your habit for adding tension or tone in your body. This is simply re-training your body to be more alert, more ready for action and this will help develop a better looking body that "automatically" assumes this posture and tone. In that way, you can transform your body from slouching to better posture, more vitality and looking younger and slimmer in minutes. Bodyblade helps keep that tone long term, without you needing to do it consciously. Make sense?



Good news is Debbie and I give you a cool preview of the new DVD workout coming in January in our beach workout!! (New DVD will be on Back to You show, & the Bodyblade is returning to QVC then too) You will be able to start adding to your Super 6 today!!!

I hope you enjoy our Super 6 on Marina del Rey beach. The concept is to add a little body movement for strength and flexibility in between each Super 6 exercise. This keeps the heart rate up, adds more strength and range of motion to the body, adds more time to the workout and burns more calories!!!! Enjoy! BH

Video from LA beach featuring supersix and stretching -






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