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Super Side Effects of Bodyblading; What happens in your Mouth. SJ (Bare Minerals) on Monday Webchat.
6 November 2014

Sonia's TTFLS review Sonia's TTFLS review

This week - more updates from people following the Supersix three month challenge! (If you missed it, read all about it on the launch blog here.)

Basically you do exercise every day, like the super six one minute exercises on the Bodyblade and follow the Supersix principles of freedom eating – breaking free from food prison, from my semi-autobiographical weight loss book, Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 – the ‘When’ Diet.

Plus SJ from Bare Minerals Q&A from this week’s webchat and some interesting snippets in ‘other news.’ Also the Monday Essay focusses on an aspect of pain management I’d never really thought of before…

TTFLS update

First, some lovely new five star reviews were posted on my TTFLS 2 book on Amazon, this week - thanks all! Including the one at the top from Sonia – great news for her that her hubby is helping too!

BUT I had an interesting learning experience this week. I’m still practising supersix principle six from TTFLS and getting used to what I now know about my body – what it doesn’t like, eg dairy. Well I don’t know what was in a salad I ate this week. It had a weird effect. Coupled with a few too many carbs, I think. Here was my update about it –

‘Weird day for me. Am still trying to practice what I preach, with freedom eating. So today, I feel a bit meh. Belly a bit bloated, don't know whether time of month but maybe what I'd eaten yesterday? 
So I didn't have breakfast, not hungry enough. 
Went to see baby niece, cuppa tea (almond milk natch) but turned down greasy pizza, eurgh, and had a bit of dark Choc I had in my bag - nope, didn't do it either. Not hungry enough. This was 3pm.
But, On long journey home Hunger struck. I then got so hungry I went way past 6 on hunger scale. Silly Debbie. Anyone else get 'angry hungry' or 'panic hungry?'!

Prob reached about 8.5 by time I got to sister's house, to get her to do my nails, armed with an emergency stash of M&S supplies. The Greens dish was singing my name, and sure enough I ate it and it was spot on, I felt like goldilocks.
but I left the weird thick cheese sauce stuff below it - eurgh. Plus had some hot smoked salmon flakes. Later as I left Linda's, I talked about definitely feeling like eating a cod roe from the chip shop. But by time I got to Dorking chippy, I didn't feel like it any more . In Years gone by I'd have gone got one anyway and eaten it regardless. 
Home, and daughter had done a gluten free pasta dish that again just didn't do it for me. The only thing that has, is Chai black tea - bit cinnamon-y? So have had lots of that. And water. 
Finished of some stir fry and a bit of green soup. And now feel content. But nowhere near as much good as I used to eat. And not as much as I normally eat now, either. Belly is a bit bloated, so I think perhaps it's a symptom of incorrect choices. Going back to Principle six in TTFLS, by observing my body afterwards, I know I will not make the same choices as I made the past few days.
Today was a bit of rectifying going on, I think. 
Hope you're all progressing on your own journeys? It doesn't end, we keep on learning, don't we! . x’

Thanks to several of the girls on the Till the Fat Lady Slims facebook group for their kind replies – we really are all in it together!

Bodyblade Bonus…

I was at my daughter’s this week helping with the decorating, painting with a roller – hard on the shoulders, right? Well she arrived, did a little and said her shoulders ached. I realised I’d done almost three walls around a small to medium sized bedroom and not even thought about my muscles aching! Just shows you the knock-on effects of keeping fit the Bodyblade way.

Some of the comments on Facebook this week agreed too. On the ‘Bodyblade QVC’ group - join it here – some cheery uplifting comments agreed, keeping up the momentum of the Three month Trim n Tone Challenge - like this one: Joanne Day said this to the group on Monday –

“Was tidying and clearing the garden today and helped to put in a new wooden fence. Felt stronger in my core and was expecting my back to be hurting – so far it’s fine!’

Jacqueline Jackson replied –

‘Me too Joanne! Cut 20 feet of hedge today, cutting through up to 3 inch thick trunks by hand with tree loppers. Felt like Popeye! I do eat a lot of spinach too! Lol!’

Keep up the comments and updates on the groups, everyone! And keep me informed if you’re taking part by emailing me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

PS Bruce did another Monday chat on the Facebook group too so do go join it!

Full info on the previous B2U blog on this site, as mentioned – read it here.



-       The US passes first soda tax. Where they tread, we follow… often. Hope this is the shape of things to come – considering all we now know about how damaging sugar is! More here.


-       ‘7 Reasons to Drink More Tea – sounds good to me. Any excuse right? OK it’s not all Tetley – but an interesting article if you love the leaf!.  read more here


-       The miracle of mastication! Ever wondered what goes on in your mouth? Fascinating info – read it here!  


See below for The Monday Essay – how many spoons? All about a way of thinking I never considered before. And then the transcripts from Monday 3rd November’s webchat on Facebook group Back to You QVC – summaries from SJ Froom from Bare Minerals.

Next week – Craig Rowe revisits our weekly live webchat to update us on his new healthy eating regime! (Mon 10th  November 8-9pm on Back to You QVC group – see below to join.)

Have a fab week!

Best wishes




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Not Enough Spoons – Living with Chronic Pain

Read a really evocative account this week of what it’s like to live with Lupus – a post which has circulated online for a while now, and I thought I’d share it on here. Am sure there are many readers and ‘back to you’ers’ in a similar position. And just like with TTFLS, knowing you’re not alone is often very reassuring.

Go here to read it, and maybe add a comment.

I’d not really thought about it this way at all – well, as the article says, you don’t if you’re healthy and you have no frame of reference. Well, almost none. It’s just occurred to me that the nearest thing in my life is having to meter out the time I spend in the sunshine due to my photosensitive skin – that’s along the same lines, but nowhere near as debilitating. Well done anyone who is living with this type of situation day in, day out – you know who you are.






8-9pm Mondays, Back to You QVC Facebook group

The Transcripts


Sarah-Jane ‘SJ’ Froom, Bare Minerals Cosmetics, Monday 3rd November ‘14


Sarah-Jane Froom
Hi Everyone! Great to be here, I will get through as many of your questions as I can. If I don't get through them all then please feel to ask me on my facebook page xxx

1. Good evening and hello Sarah Jane nice to greet you lol. May I please ask which two shades of bare minerals powder could I mix to end up with the equivalent to fairly medium as it is sadly not available at QVC and I don't want to miss any Tsv's. Thank you. x

A. Sarah-Jane Froom
Dear Jaqueline Jacqueline Jackson I would mix Fair and Fairly Light together to get a Fairly Medium Shade x

2. Deborah Ingram
Oops, dyslexic fingers sent before i finished last post!... I was asking about the lipstick from a TSV called Elated, are there any plans to sell it individually or as part of another set? My Sister loved it so much I gave her mine! x

A. Sarah-Jane Froom
Dear Deborah Ingram I will check with bareMinerals if we are going to be doing Elated again for you, There is a gorgeous collection in the 10pm hour tomorrow (4th November) called Lip Quickie Collection - Pretty Pairs, they are stunning and on 3 EZ Pay x

3. Wendy Cole
Evening ladies, Sarah-Jane I have some bare minerals which looks good but find I get a tingling when I wear it. Am I doing something wrong?

A. Dear Wendy Cole, do you know it is funny you should say about the tingling! When I first started wearing bareMinerals 9 years ago I got tingling for the first couple of weeks especially when I got hot! Then, after a couple of weeks my skin didn't tingle any more. I think it is your skin getting used to those good for you, healthy ingredients! don't worry it is not harming your skin, in fact looking after your skin xxx

4. Hi SJ, thank you for all the tips you bring us along with the products. You and Lee have a great relationship on screen, do you get to travel together much with your BM work?

A. Sarah-Jane Froom
Dear Heidi Moss, Lovely to hear from you, yes Lee Etheridge and I travel the world together, sometimes she jokes that she see's more of me that her lovely husband Paul. Luckily we get on so well, and make each other laugh (a lot) when we are away on trips, whilst sharing our love for bareMinerals with the rest of the world! x

5. Jeanne Barker
Hi SJ. I have a problem with extreme milia and dark circles under both eyes, no matter how much I blend, the concealer sits in between the milia, leaving creases/crisscross amounts of powder that's very visable, it looks like lots of little lines
. Can you advise what I could do? Would the cream concealer be a better bet? Thanks! Deb. x

A. Sarah-Jane Froom
Dear Jeanne Barker (Deb)? I would perhaps try the bareMinerals Renew and Hydrate Eye Cream and some of the SPF20 Creamy Correcting concealer. You can just press and roll using fingers or use a brush. Then pop a very small layer of touch up veil or mineral veil on top to keep it from creasing x

6. Hi Sarah-Jane! Still loving the Ready foundation as it gives such a full-cover, smooth, flawless finish! R170 is my summer colour, R150 is usually great for me spring and autumn, but is there a shade even paler that I can use over winter? I am porcelain to transparent from December to March! (Don't worry - I do have a pulse, even if I don't look like I do!) I am truly neutral but of the lightest possible depth.

A. Sarah-Jane Froom
Dear Jill Dowding-Walker, the pale shade we do on QVC is 150 which you already have. If you want to go to our stores or buy at you can go for a R110 for pinky undertones, or R130 for more yellow/golden undertones x

7. Linda Banfield
Hi Sarah-Jane Froom Please can you advise me on the best cover for Broken Capillaries and Redness..Thank you very much and to Debbie Flint for the opportunity to ask..XX

A. Sarah-Jane Froom
Dear Linda Banfield,I would try our bareMinerals SPF20 Creamy Correcting Concealer, available on 3 EZ Pay in the 10pm show with Lee Etheridge and I on Thursday 6th November x

8. Michele Finney
Hi SJ, looking forward the the mini series! I love BM and have stock piles of foundation! Absolutely love Pure Transformation Day and Night Treatments. I can now go on holiday and not have to worry about wearing foundation in the evening, just the Pure Transformation Night Treatment, so no need to remove at the end if the night......Result!! Also love watching your make-up Demos on QVC, have learnt so much, thank-you xxx

A. Sarah-Jane Froom
Dear Michele Finney, thank you so much for your lovely message, and thank you so much for tuning in, if you ever have any artistry questions please don't hesitate to contact me, SJ x

9. Dawn Robinson
Hello Sarah ::))) I also love bareMinerals  There is such a wonderful selection in this range now :)) but if you could only pick 3 items what would they be ??? xx

A. Sarah-Jane Froom
Dawn Robinson, now that is a question! I cannot live without Original Foundation, Skinny Dip Bronzer and Moxie Lip Glosses xxx

10. Danielle Clarke
Ive just ordered the 9-5 neutrals online! Fantastic price and such a brilliant kit. Cant wait to see the live demos and to try everything out! Hopefully my hubby can get a few hints for christmas over the mini series too! Xx

A Sarah-Jane Froom
Dear Danielle Clarke, I will be demonstrating the 9-5 Neutrals tomorrow night for you, in the 10pm hour xxx

11. Jane Cunnah
Hi S J, Are BM offering any deals on liquid foundation & brush together?
Like · 1 · Reply · Delete · 1 hour ago

A. Sarah-Jane Froom
Dear Diane Bridgwood, Brilliant Brushes is a set of 5 brushes to apply your face and eyes with, it comes in a gorgeous little make up clutch/evening bag, it is totally gorgeous! x

12. Nile Bourne
Hi Sarah-Jane Froom I am thinking about giving BM to my nieces as exmas presents - how young is too young to use BareMineral products - where should I start? Any advice

A. Sarah-Jane Froom
Dear Nile Bourne, great idea to start your nieces on it. I know Lisa from OPI won't let her 12 year old daughter use anything else. Perhaps the 9-5 Neutrals that I am airing tomorrow night? This is a really pretty kit if you want to give them a colour collection, also the Day and Night Delights which is 10 eyeliners total value £140 but all together for full set £42.48 on 3 EZ Pay! Gorgeous colours for nieces, you could even split them up. I would also highly recommend our beauty must haves collection xx

13. Lauren McCann
I  moxie gloss...thanks SJ xxx

A. Sarah-Jane Froom
Lauren McCann, lots of Moxie's throughout the mini series, plus double ended lip quickie collection - glad you love your moxies x

14. Jill Dowding-Walker
BTW I love the creamy concealer! I have it in the Medium and Light 2 shades for use over summer, but I really need the Light 1 now heading into winter! Under the Ready Foundation, it gives marvellous coverage, especially when stippled on with the concealer brush. Can you tell I adore BM?

A. Sarah-Jane Froom
Dear Jill Dowding-Walker yes you could by all means mix the two READY shades together, put a bit of both on and blend away, or just decide if you are more yellow (130) or more pink (110) and opt for that one. Look at the veins on your wrist. If they are more blue you are a pink tone, if they are more green you are a yellow tone x

15. Danielle Clarke
Hi SJ! My question is - what is your everyday makeup routine? X

A. Sarah-Jane Froom
Dear Danielle Clarke, my routine every day is as follows - Cleanse, Treat and Moisturise using bM Skincare. THEN - BB Primer Cream Daily Defence SPF30 in Light, (in show tom at 10pm in Jumbo size) then SPF20 Creamy Correcting Concealer on any red bits around eyes and nose, Stroke of Light on dark circles, buff over with Original Foundation in FL or MB depending on time of year, contour with Skinny Dip Bronzer, Line Top Lash line only with Absolute Black (in 9-5 Neutrals SJ Picks tomo at 10pm) smudge and blend into lashes using smudger on other end. The one blush on apples of cheeks and Starlet gloss on lips) (all in 9-5 Neutrals SJ Picks kit is £34.50) if you bought items individually it would come to £89 so saving of £54.50! Great kit and that's why I put it together so everyone can wear a gorgeous simple look for everyday. For the evening I create a smoky eye using Hidden Agenda 2.0 eye colour pallet; x

16. Sarah Jane Lambert
Hi SJ I am having problems with puffy eyes , being on medication does not help . Have you any tips that can help me , it changes the way I conceal under my eyes ?

A. Sarah-Jane Froom
Sarah Jane Lambert I would recommend our SPF20 Creamy Correcting Concealer. You are a fabulous Make Up Artist I know! So am sure you look amazing, you always do when I see you. I would go for a concealer similar shade to your foundation so you are not highlighting the problem area but more drawing the attention away from it. Also try our firming eye cream, good luck and hope to see you soon, SJ x

17. Jeanne Barker
Hi SJ, thanks for the advice, will definitely give them a try. I use my moms FB hence signing off Deb! Out of the blue last year I developed severe allergic reactions (Ansphylaxis) and my skin now has dry patches. I use good skincare (QVC!) would the liquid foundation be better for me? I'm 43yrs, oily t-zone, tiny dry flakes all over and sensitive, fair with pink undertones, I'm fairly light 9/10. Thanks again! Deb. x

A. Sarah-Jane Froom
Dear Jeanne Barker (Deb) I would recco you start by trying our amazing BB Prime Time Daily Defence SPF30, this will help with oiliness and dry and rough patches on the skin, then you can go over with any of our foundations. if you wanted to try our bareSkin then I would say try bareLinen if you are Fairly Light in Original, good luck x

18. Jill Dowding-Walker
Contouring. My teen wants to know how to do it to reduce the appearance of the size of her nose and create cheekbones. Any tips? Any videos she could watch? (She won't listen to me because I know nothing apparently - only been wearing BM since 1976!) Thanks!

A. Sarah-Jane Froom
Dear Jill Dowding-Walker your comment just really made me giggle about your daughter saying you know nothing - only been wearing since 76! Yes she can make her nose look smaller by highlighting down the centre with stroke of light eye brightener and then shading down either side with READY Bronzer. Also use the bronzer under tip of nose to shorten it. I will speak to bareMinerals and QVC and see if I can make a contour/highlight video for you xSarah-Jane Froom
Oh and Jill Dowding-Walker to contour cheekbones, B and E from forehead, down under cheekbones and under jaw to show off a sculpted contoured look, good luck and say hi to your daughter from me, SJ x

19. Jeanne Barker
Hi SJ, thanks for the advice, will definitely give them a try. I use my moms FB hence signing off Deb! Out of the blue last year I developed severe allergic reactions (Ansphylaxis) and my skin now has dry patches. I use good skincare (QVC!) would the liquid foundation be better for me? I'm 43yrs, oily t-zone, tiny dry flakes all over and sensitive, fair with pink undertones, I'm fairly light 9/10. Thanks again! Deb. x

A. Sarah-Jane Froom
Dear Jeanne Barker (Deb) I would recco you start by trying our amazing BB Prime Time Daily Defence SPF30, this will help with oiliness and dry and rough patches on the skin, then you can go over with any of our foundations. if you wanted to try our bareSkin then I would say try bareLinen if you are Fairly Light in Original, good luck x

20. Mandy Smith
Hi SJ. Please can they make a 2 ended mascara. Flawless Definition one end for lower lasses and Lash Domination for my upper lashes. I find it difficult using lash domination on my lower lasses. Thank you x

A. Sarah-Jane Froom
Dear Mandy Smith, we will be launching a new Mascara in 2015 or 2016! Keep your eyes peeled, I will also pass your message on to our product development team in USA, thanks for your feedback, SJ x

21.Elizabeth Gray
Hi Sarah Jane- looking for some advice my son gets eczema on his face esp around exam times etc he was using Him skincare range which he said was the best he used along with bare minerals transforming night treatment(during the day) (which he will not be without )which dramatically got rid of the redness would you recommend bare minerals skin care as a replacement for the skincare he was using and what should he try first

A. Sarah-Jane Froom
Dear Elizabeth Gray by all means try your Son on the bareMinerals Skincare however I would probably say speak to the Dr as he will maybe know what is best. Feedback from other customers with Ezema say bM is great however I am not a Dr so would not feel comfortable saying us it instead of what he has. Great that he loves our Day/Night Treatment, keep me posted x

Sarah-Jane Froom
To all of you, if I didn't answer your questions please feel free to ask me anything on my own page or on the BareMinerals UK on QVC Facebook page. It was so lovely to talk to you all, see some of you at 10pm tomorrow for the SJ Masterclass - live on QVC with Sara Griffiths. All E Z Pay remember, Lots of Love SJ Froom x

Extra Chat with Bruce Bodyblade – chat on Bodyblade qvc facebook page


 Next Week – Craig Rowe, fresh from BCC event and his new healthy eating regime!


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