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Bruce's Bodyblade Supersix - video list & Monday Essay - Biology of Belief.
7 October 2014






OCT 2014 BLOG -

Wow what an intense final Bodyblade hour Bruce and I had on Saturday afternoon on QVC! So many thousands are now loving it, using it to tone and get their trim shoulders, back, waist and arms back. Makes me very proud. Anyway it was the final bodyblade show of the year – so here’s the link so you can watch the full hour.

To see the whole one hour Bodyblade show, go here.


By request – the Supersix – in one video

Plus the six minute Supersix challenge – so you can do it at home alongside Bruce and me - and Tiffany! She shows how to do it sitting down. See this clip of just the six minute Bodyblade challenge - and keep using it as your fitness buddy!

To see the Bodyblade supersix full workout – go here.

 Bruce is back in January – but don’t forget the Bodyblade QVC Facebook group which will keep you going till then – come join us, info below. 

New Oct-Dec Trim and Tone Challenge

Well now the September weekly Back to You show has ended on QVC, what do we do now?! A lot of people have asked me how I’ve been doing it, getting trim and as you regulars will know, in large part it’s been – of course – Freedom Eating via my semi-autobiographical weight loss book, Till the Fat Lady Slims (see below.) Plus the exercise that centers around Bodyblade amongst others.

Well, in the run up to the next series for New Year New You in January, how would you fancy keeping it all going? How? With the new ‘tone up and lose weight’ three month challenge. From October to December inclusive, keep up the hard work you’ve grown accustomed to - via the weekly Back to You shows and the one minute challenge - keep going with the healthy living. Keep going with the Till the Fat Lady Slims book and Freedom Eating – see below for how to get the new ‘TTFLS 2.0 – the ‘When’ Diet – which includes more about my routine. But still people requested more info.

So, I’ve been writing the new TTFLS update for a special hardback collectors’ edition for gifting, and I’m aiming to bring it to you next year. And part of it is basically what I do.

So many people asked, I thought, why not? So I’ve written down my own routine in depth, including what supplements I take, what macrobiotic daily things I take like miso soup, plus an outline of how to get started on Freedom Eating, for beginners.

Guess what I’ve called it?

The ‘D.F. Plan’ Diet! Haha!

If you’d like to take part, it’ll be mainly on Facebook, but if you can email me your own updates you can also take part.

I’d like you to email me as below, to register to take part in the challenge. This is a serious quest to get your body and your health sorted – what you dream of – it all starts here. So put yourself out to email me the information as below.

How to register

Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Answer these questions -
1. Two paragraphs on your current situation (age, height, weight, or dress size,) plus dieting history and lifestyle (job, family to look after, health). 
2. What type of dieter are u? Follow a plan to the letter? Or just can’t diet? When things have worked, what’s made them work and say how long it’s lasted.
3. A pic please - a before - and be prepared to give me an after at some point.

You should be prepared to do some exercise or movement or whatever you are capable of. 
And if you can, prepare to join a Facebook weekly webchat (our equivalent of a slimming meeting) on Till the Fat Lady Slims private group. And finally, prepare to be honest – commit to giving a weekly or fortnightly update from you – an honest one. I'm learning from u guys here too! 

So - email the above. By Monday 13th if poss. Lucky for some!!


TTFLS 2.0 – the ‘When’ Diet

As the paperback becomes available on Amazon (click here for paperback) - as well as the eBook (click here) - here’s another new testimonial from Jennifer Gordon Cairns on the TTFLS facebook group –

I have been overweight for most of my adult life and I am now 66, I have tried every diet but only ended up putting on even more weight. After reading this book I now feel totally liberated I am only on my second day and I do find it hard not to continue counting calories but I am sure that will come. There was left over cheesecake in the fridge tonight and I meant to have a slice but after eating my main course (of which I left some) I no longer needed to have desert so fed it all to my husband. He is one of the thin people who can take or leave food and cannot understand why anyone would eat when they are not hungry. I skipped breakfast today but fancied cheese on toast about noon and had and enjoyed that with no guilty feelings. Looking forward to day 3 of my new regime.”

I will never cease being proud when I read our ladies’ stories. What would yours be? Buy the book and just give it a go – you never know if this time, it will work.



The Monday Essay is all about how belief affects your biology – you could be literally thinking yourself fat, or thinking yourself a success…


Other News –

-       Trust your gut – Gwynnie’s Goop website is always worth a read. Find out why they tell you to trust your body more – just like I discuss in Freedom Eating actually! More here.


-       New Study backs Omega 3 EPA to prevent depression – interesting – and singing off the same song sheet as me! More here.


-       Why diet sodas are the worst – don’t be fooled – read this to be more informed – click here.


See below for 

- The Monday Essay – how the power of belief can genuinely affect your biology – your ability to combat illness – your fighting power. Your willpower to stick to a diet…

- And then the transcripts from Monday 6th’s Webchat on facebook - summaries from Doris Dalton from Doll 10 Cosmetics and lovely Justine Balmer from G-Tech, who is also a professional singer!

Next week – the first comments from participants in the Oct-Dec 'trim and tone DF Plan! 

Have a fab week!

Best wishes



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'Back to You QVC Facebook open group' is here, just ping a request to join and visit every Monday 8-9pm for live chat. All you need to do is join our open group on the link above – just ping a request! Live chat guests being lined up include

- 13th October - Dominic from Aurora Swarovski jewellery (that'll be a popular one for those who love his voice! haha!) and possibly Laura Geller again!

- 20th October - Patrick from Quacker

- 27th - tbc - Nina and Leighton Denny (nails)

- 3rd November - Bare Minerals' Lee

December - possibly Tova and Mally 

TBC - Julie from Peony, Michele Hope, Simon Wilson and many more! Once you're a member you will see all the previous ones, and you can also look at my archive blogs, to the left on this page, for previous Q&A with lovely guests! Enjoy!

Archive incudes – Q&A with Renee Greenstein (Fashions,) and Fiona Decleor; Laura Geller, Marie-Francoise from Kipling and Keeley from Elemis, Antthony (Fashions,) Tom from Alpha H, Alexis from L’Occitane, Gill Gauntlett, Susie Adams (Northern nights) Lee Hohbein (IT), Mat Trim (IT), Judith Williams, QVC presenters Alison Keenan, Craig Rowe, Will Gowing, Catherine Huntley, Marverine and many more! A summary of their chats can be found to the left on the archive of this blog.

  • -  And now the new ‘BodyBlade QVC’ group for lovers of Bruce Hymanson and his brilliant device to keep you fitter and more toned in a few minutes a day using HIIT training. The support is fab and the Q&A is great so if you’re stuck or need some inspiration go here and ping an invite.


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The Monday Essay – The Power of Belief

It’s not just a happy clappy issue, ‘belief’ really does change your biology. Don’t believe me, just listen to Dr Bruce Lipton’s explanation about how the power of perception can actually control your body’s biology. Including - ‘did you know a schizophrenic can have blue eyes in one personality then they change to brown in another? That they can be allergic to cats in one, and play happily in another?’ I know, riiight?! Don’t miss it.

Bruce Lipton’s audio book is so interesting, it’s one of those I’ve listened to over and over again.

One of the most fascinating sections concerns how children learn and how behaviours and beliefs are committed straight into our subconscious when we are young – really young. He describes how toddlers up to 6 generally are in brain wave patterns similar to a hypnotic state in adults. If they say they are on a horse fighting a dragon, they really are, in their minds.

In the same way, if someone keeps telling a little child they are ‘not good enough’ and don’t deserve a treat, that’s the self-belief they will carry with them their whole life, as 95% of what we do is governed by the sub-conscious, and therefore by our tribe and their habits, rules and expectations. Such amazing info.

Why? Because if you can’t lose weight, you may have self-confidence issues, and at the heart of them may be stuff you heard growing up. Now the subconscious is like a tape player – there’s nobody in there, so talking to it, or ‘discovering the reasons why’ you are like you are, just doesn’t change anything. Utterly fascinating, especially if you really want to stop self-sabotaging with your own weight loss, for instance.

Learning to love yourself really is the greatest love of all.

Go here to get the audio book or The Biology of Belief in other formats – so worthwhile investigating if you have a penchant, like I do, for science.



Included the fabulous DIVA Doris Dalton from Doll 10 cosmetics as well as Justine Balmer the G-Tech guest and professional singer – see below for a transcript of their live chat!

Back To You QVC live webchat – DORIS 6th October 2014

Back to you live chat Doris Dalton

Q) Jill Dowding-Walker
Hi Doris - I think you look marvellous! A real testament to your wonderful range. I have heavy pigmentation and de-pigmentation as well as lots of redness and broken capillaries. Which would be better for me - your concealer, your foundation, or both?

A) Doris Dalton
Hi Jill Dowding-Walker I know the feeling all too well... Redness is always a toughie. However, I would tell you to start with Conceal it. It covers my redness and freckling beautifully. Its oil free as well. When you put any foundation or concealer on particularly with redness, you must use a technique called stippling. Don’t swirl it around on your face. Stippling means a light tapping on to the skin. You will use less make up and it won’t appear so heavy. Try that... if you need more info on how to stipple, then let me know. I would be more than happy to explain it further... xoxooxoxDoris Dalton
Hi Jill Dowding-Walker I would definitely start with Conceal it. It has a very high coverage, but it is light weight. That is what I use ion my tough areas... I love the foundation as well, but it sounds like you are looking for super coverage... that is what you will get with Conceal it... When you get it home, make sure you start with a very light amount and stipple. Please don't swirl it around, you will get better results with a stippling application... Hope that helps... Please let me know... xooxox

Q) Debbie Flint
Doris its deb presenter! I have a show with u in a few weeks! Just wanted to say your BB drops are fab! And eye shadows v easy to blend! Love being on with u! Enjoy tonight and welcome to our web chat!! X

A) Doris Dalton
HI Debs... I am here... I am so excited to chat with everyone tonight and more excited for our show together. All of our holiday items will be in for the shows... xoxoxo

Q) Sue Poole
Hi Doris, I just received your concealer and foundation. They are both brilliant. I'm in my early 50's and still have oily t- zone. The concealer covers without being heavy. I can even use on its own. Foundation is perfect as its water base. I'm very impressed with them both. Oh and your lipstick and gloss set which I got at the same time are lovely. Thank you

A) Doris Dalton
I so love that you guys love the Conceal it... I have the worst redness and freckles. I needed to make something that would cover my face without looking like a mask... It is music to my ears when I know you love it...Thank you so much... Sounds like you are an official Doll!!!! I love it. I would love if you sent me some pics so we can post them as well... xooxoxox

Q) Debby Lisa Ross
Hi Doris, I just wondered if you will be bringing back the finishing powder with the attached Brush inside it which you used to do as I loved that and tried to get another one but it was on waitlist for ages and now I see it is not online at all. Many thanks. Xx

A) Doris Dalton
Hi Debby Lisa Ross We actually have a new pressed version of the Mirage powder coming in January. Everyone hated throwing the brush away and wanted something a tad more portable... so the new one comes with a fab brush in a gorgeous compact... with just the perfect finish. I love it even better...

Q) Sharon Harvey
Doris Dalton Thank you so much for joining us today! I love your Conceal It Concealer! Firstly, the packaging is fantastic, clean and very handy and secondly the coverage is amazing! I can use it sparingly where needed on “good days" or all over when more coverage for my tired skin is needed. I find this so hydrating and breathable too! Thank you.... Looking forward to trying your brow fix next xx

A) Doris Dalton
Hi Sharon Harvey thank you for the kind compliments. It brings me so much joy to know that you love the range. Brow Fix is actually one of my favourite products. Brows are the most important part of your make up routine. It brings structure back to your face. You know that I created Brow Fix 6 years ago... Hard to believe... But I had lost all of my brows... I honestly can’t believe that it’s been 6 years, I have no idea where all the time goes...I am such a huge fan of the brows... A natural brow though... xoxooxo

Q) Melissa Lane
Hi Doris, just wanted to say, I love your positivity and sense of fun. Looking forward to your next show. Xxx

A) Doris Dalton
Hi Melissa Lane Thank you so much... Anytime I can laugh, make someone laugh or just have a great time is when I am the happiest... My whole family is pretty funny. Sitting around the dinner table was always my favourite time. We would laugh so hard till we got side aches. I love being positive and around positive people. I know we all have life just in general to deal with and sometimes that is plain tough enough... So if you can find that bit of light in a situation instead of all of the bad, your life is just so much better for it... xooxoxox

Q) Dawn Robinson
Hello Doris and thank you so much for joining us  I absolutely adore your products ! My favourites are the Radiance Booster, Correcting Powder & the Conceal it Concealer and your lip glosses are pure luxury. What are your favourite Doll10 products xx

A) Doris Dalton
Hi Dawn Robinson YEAH...? Love that you are a Doll!!! Hmmn, as for my fav products in the line... I would have to say Conceal it and Brow Fix... I don't leave home without those two... It’s hard to pick absolute favourites because they each kind of do something different. I do love the radiance booster because it really does give you the look of a lift. I use the booster as a lip liner and that makes my lips look bigger too... I have so many new things coming for 2015 that know it is getting even harder for me to choose... My main goal is for YOU to love them. I’m sitting here smiling right now... Because it make me so happy that you do... xoxoxo

Q) Deborah Jane Bald
Hi Doris, I have watched many of your shows, but I am a Doll 10 virgin where should I start? x

A) Doris Dalton
HI Deborah Jane Bald I just love a Doll 10 virgin... First, you must tell me a bit about yourself.. What type of skin/colouring etc. also what type of coverage do you like...? Please let me know and I can guide you on where to start... xoxox

Q) Chelle Jones
Hi Doris can you advise the best eyeshadow and eyeliner colours for me I have dark brown hair and grey blue eyes and which of your products would you recommend thank you

A) Doris Dalton
Hi Chelle Jones OOOH I bet you have beautiful eyes.. I love greyish blue eyes... A general rule for me is always start with a brown eye liner. The brown colour still creates the definition without being too harsh. A great colour combo for blue eyes are typically Plums/soft toupes/browns... I actually have a pallet called Classic Couture eye shadow pallet that has all those colours in it... It works for all eye colours... But trust me on the Brown eye liner... it really works. You can check out our Aqua Gel Liners in the espresso. Also, another little trick... line the upper lid with Brown and the bottom lid with plum or a navy for blue eyes.. And watch out!!! They will be EYE-Mazing...

A) Sue Foley
Hi Doris new to the range but having just tried yr correcting power would love for a Tsv any chance of that?

A) Doris Dalton
Hello Sue Foley Oh I am so glad you picked up the CC Powder... I am in love with that... That was brand new last week. I haven't even launched that here in the US yet. I find that to create just the right balance... by itself or over top of makeup... what a fab way to be introduced to the brand... Soon you will be an official Doll... LOL... xoxxoxox

Q) Carolann Myers
Love the duel end concealer ... got one in the kit with the foundation.... had to buy another when I saw it in last clicks ... please bring it back xxxxx

A) Doris Dalton
Hi Carolann Myers I will definitely talk to the buyers and make sure we have stock of it for you. I wish England wasn't so far... LOL... It just takes a bit to get things back in stock. We are working on trying to keep things so they don't run out so quickly... I promise... xoxoxxo

Q) Jules Fay
Hi Doris am new to your products - have red hair and fair skin - which of your products would work for me? Thanks

A) Doris Dalton
Hi Jules Fay I would love for you to try some of the products.. Here is just a general guide... Since I don't know what type of make up or coverage you like... Conceal it and Hydra fluid foundation drops in the fair shade are the same colour and both have a more pink undertone. If you want full coverage, then I would say try the Conceal it. If you want medium coverage that can be built to full... then I would say the foundation... I always tell anyone that askes me... If I only had 5 minutes to do my make-up... What would I put on...? It would be a quick foundation, Brows, Brown Eye liner, mascara and a great lippie... I think they are the most essential pieces....xoxo

Q) Sam-lee Taylor
Hi Doris Dalton love your range has wonderful coverage but I find with all make up it doesn't last more than two hours any tips or is there anything I could try. Have your foundation conceal it concealer and bb drops xx

A) Doris Dalton
Hi Sam-lee Taylor..... I think everyone naturally gets a bit oily in the T zone... If you are excessively oily and you are experiencing make up melt down within 2 hours, try only moisturizing your skin at night. Don't put a heavy moisturizer on in the AM... Sometimes your moisturizers compete with your foundation and this can cause "make up meltdown" have you tried BB Drops? They are clinically proven to keep your foundation on longer... That might be an option. I also personally, dust a bit of finishing powder over my foundation in the T zone area to lock it in place... Hope that helps... xoxoxoxo

A) ZOE : I wish you had sample packs Doris Dalton, :-)would love to try your eye colours, - I have another brand set but pigments quite loose and colours - although variety, don't love any, whats your views on shiny eye colours too, the set has shiny and matt? (Thanks Doris Dalton) x

Q) Zoe - hi Doris, what skincare do you use? And what do you do to relax?
A) HI Zoe Robins As for skin care, I love Dr Denese... Not sure if you have it there in the UK. .. I like Philosophy Purity as a face wash as well. I’m not a big person for relaxation... I wish I did a bit more... I do play words with friends before I go to bed at night... and watch the real house wives, but don't tell anyone... LOl

Q) Doris Dalton; what a beauty and what an inspiration... I don't wear makeup (well much!) but love watching your shows! You are hilarious too! I did ask last week for the guest’s guilty pleasures but no one was that forthcoming... Imagine you have a few Doris?! Xx

A) Hi Michael James Hamlyn You are a Doll!!! Thank you so much for the sweet comments...You are the Best... I love to have fun with the shows... It’s make up and it should be fun... (I do love to laugh though...) xoxoxoxxoHey Michael James Hamlyn Now... You know... No one is going to tell you what their real guilty pleasures are... but I can tell I love stick toffee Pudding... I love to eat and try new Great food...

Q) Would love to try the foundation next Doris any idea when the medium will be back in stock
A) Hi Sue Foley the medium foundation is shipping in a week. I am back November 1st... You can put your name in for wait list and you get it before it goes to air... Hope that helps... xoxoxoxo

Q) Hi Doris, I love your eye shadow compact and lipsticks. I am hoping for a doll10 TSV in the future. Is there anything in the pipeline? Please say yes!! I think you are an inspiration, and love watching your shows. Please stay longer next time. Xx

A) Hi Nicki Bailey Thank you so much!!!! I would love to bring a TSV for you guys. We are working with the buyers to create a fab one... I don't think it will be till Fall though... I would stay as long as I could... I love the UK... PS... Your accents are just the best ever!!!! I could listen to it all day xoxox

Thank you all my lovely Dolls... I so loved chatting with all of you... Please excuse all my spelling errors... and my slow typing... But thank you all for your awesome questions... I loved every single minute of it and am honoured by all of your wonderful comments... xx


Back To You QVC live webchat – JUSTINE 6th October 2014

Q) Does GTECH do a carpet washer?

A) Jill Dowding-Walker - I'm afraid GTECH don't do carpet washers - I use Vex for that!!

Q) Love GTECH.  I have two of their products.  When I had a problem with a brush head a very nice lady called Jill help me.  Really professional company.  Both items were TSV'S from Q.

A) Sue Stewart so glad you love GTECH - which products do you have?  I can't live without my AirRam and Multi (cordless vacuum and handheld cordless vacuum)

Q) I got the GTECH on the last TSV but having changed the filter for washing found them quite difficult to fit, also there was no lavender smell with the original ones.

A) Trudi Lee - I'm sorry to hear that, the filters are a tight fit, they are meant to be, it makes them more efficient.  The lavender scent gets stronger when the vacuum is in use as the filters heat up

Q) Hello Justine and thank you so much for joining us can I just say your voice is absolutely beautiful

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