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TTFLS 2 is out on Amazon! Whoop! Plus Renee and Fiona join the live webchat. And Final Back to You show for 2014.
30 September 2014

Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 - The When Diet Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 - The When Diet

Bodyblade Bruce's two minute challenge goes awry!

- Find out The Egoscue Method for helping deal with chronic pain in the Monday Essay

- And see Chloe H's amazing new 'after' pic - four stone lost now, using TTFLS and Freedom Eating! The new eBook is out now - click here - paperback coming soon.

- plus the full list of upcoming guests on our weekly Monday B2U webchat!


Final Back to You QVC Show

It was a fabulous run of four shows on Mondays in September and I hope to bring this clever well being series to you again in January. That's the plan anyway - and there's a little bird discussing with me the option of selling on QVC the hardback version of 'Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 - the 'When' Diet - collectors' edition at some stage. That'd be nice! I will post the full show video clip here soon.

Bruce did his best, bless him, to explain about our favourite exercise device in the couple of minutes allocated to it during this final show - then we attempted a supersix workout summary live, with Bruce on the phone from America - how funny was it, given the time lag! If you missed it I will post the link!

Bruce’s bodyblade two minute challenge mix up! Lol!

If you also missed the VT’s of vox pops (videos of interviews with people on the street – ‘da da dee da deet’ ) I’m going to post them on this Friday’s QVC blog and the link will be here then. Lots of different views about what people do to get Back to You on different topics! It was fun doing them. And if you feel really strongly that you’d love this series back on QVC, do email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to let them know your thoughts!

Thanks everyone for joining in and making it so worthwhile – I may not say it often, but it really matters to me that so many of you are finding what I do such a help and being inspired. It’s my absolute pleasure and long may it continue!.

Ps - the winner of the big September competition was Cathy Richardson from Kent who said

"How to get back to the 18 year old me... I'm a full-time working mum with 2 teenagers and my life revolves around making them happy with sleepovers, gadgets, cinema and football matches - ie 'mum's hotel and taxi service!' Keeping fit? I saw a sign on a school gate about badminton once a week - not a fancy sports hall or gym (where you have to ring at exactly the right time or you can't book a court - that's why i gave up years ago!) I told my friend about it and she said I'll join you. Wow, one phone call later, we are set to go and that 18 year old fitness memory is about to be real again and come back to me!" Well done Cathy! 


Keep in touch till January - Facebook support group 'Back to You QVC'

So, until the new year new you run of Back to You on QVC returns, why not join in the weekly Monday chats on Facebook? Just ping a request to join - the link is below. Each week we do a webchat - and this will continue ad infinitum, it's been so popular! Yesterday it was the turn of fabulous fashionista Renee, and Decleor's Fiona, and their Q&A sessions are at the bottom of this blog. 

So - who do we have in the next few weeks?

- 6th October - Doris from Doll 10!

- 13th October - Dominic from Aurora Swarovski jewellery (that'll be a popular one for those who love his voice! haha!) and possibly Laura Geller again!

- 20th October - Patrick from Quacker

- 27th - tbc - Nina and Leighton Denny (nails)

- 3rd November - Bare Minerals' Lee

December - possibly Tova and Mally 

TBC - Julie from Peony, Michele Hope, and many more! Once you're a member you will see all the previous ones, and you can also look at my archive blogs, to the left on this page, for previous Q&A with lovely guests! Enjoy!


Is the Lady Still Slimming?

Er, yeh! So I went to my brother Derek's wedding and met up with Chloe (my nephew Dean's girlfriend.) She and I were both a whole lot happier with the pics being taken of us - makes a change! And what a difference it makes to feel trimmer. For me, to feel less conspicuous if my arms are out, is a godsend and it's all been thanks to TTFLS and Bodyblade toning. It was lovely to look at pics and see a gap under my arms next to my ribcage where there used to be just belly - obviously the dress makes a massive contribution, but I'm definitely feeling it in my upper arms, shoulders, neck etc. Leg master's also making my hips and thighs more trim too. (And dog walking and yoga stretch help.)  

What do I do? So many people have asked me what is my routine, what supplements I take etc, that I'm going to do a whole blog about it - watch out for it coming soon - just in case you want to follow what I do. Just in case. Obviously the idea is to be free to follow what your own body says and follow your own instincts, that is if you're doing full Freedom Eating! But if you're someone who likes more structure and guidelines, it'll be available for you soon.

Meanwhile, Chloe's now lost four stone and got herself in a size 12 and this everyone at the wedding was like 'Chloe! You look fantastic! You look so slim!' Aren't they words we all wish to hear, if we've struggled with a weight problem for so long?! So get TTFLS 2 - the new one is updated with more info about freeing yourself from sugar addiction first, about how to incorporate the basic principles - the 'When' Diet - into any traditional diet. In fact, you can discover the 'SuperSix' principles which (inspired by Bodyblade!) define in the clearest way I've ever written them, how to follow Freedom Eating. Also links to more resources - including some on this website - just go to the TTFLS tab above to find out more. The link for the new book - eBook - is here (and coming soon - paperback.)

Let me know your story about Freedom eating and using Till the Fat Lady Slims as a life changer - it'd be great to get your feedback and maybe you could be one of my before and afters! x

Also below, the Monday Essay - this week it's all about The Egoscue Technique – helping people recover from all sorts of joint and body issues using small but regular exercises – like how a brace works on the teeth! Only without the brace… Or the teeth... :- )

Other News –

-       FAB Research: October event special, dealing with stress, depression and anxiety with nutrition from our favourite research organisation into Food and Behavour. More here.


-       Marlene’s magic broth -  and since it was asked about on Facebook this week, and mentioned in my new Till the Fat Lady Slims book, here’s Marlene Watson Tara’s super sweet vegetable tea, to help battle sugar cravings. And find out about how fat burning works in the body here.


-       Seven Things Healthy People Do Every Morning  - which do you do? From Mind Body Green, click here. She’s also doing a residential macrobiotic course in Glasgow in October, info on her site.


See below for The Monday Essay – how The Egoscue Method combats chronic pain! And then the transcripts from Monday  29th’s Monday Webchat on facebook - summaries from Renee Greenstein (Attitudes by Renee) and Decleor’s Fiona!

Next week – the latest testimonials from the ever growing band of happy Bodyblade and TTFLS users, and Doris from Doll 10 cosmetics takes the stage on the ongoing live webchat (Mon 6th  8-9pm Back to You QVC group – see below to join.)

Have a fab week!

Best wishes



@debbieflint - follow me for behind the scenes updates & sneaky peeks of upcoming bargains

My QVC Facebook page - click ‘like’- or friend me on my personal one.


  • 'Back to You QVC Facebook open group' is here, just ping a request to join and visit every Monday 8-9pm for live chat, just before live Back to You show on QVC through September 2014. All you need to do is join our open group on the link above – just ping a request to join! Over 1800 members as at 22nd! It’d be lovely to get to 2000 by the end of September. Live chat guests being lined up include the lovely Tova, Bare Minerals girls, Leighton Denny and Dominic Hill from Aurora Jewellery to name just a few. See the list above for the next few weeks.
  • Recent guests include Laura Geller, Marie-Francoise from Kipling and Keeley from Elemis, Antthony, Tom from Alpha H, Alexis from L’Occitane, Gill Gauntlett, Susie Adams (Northern nights) Lee Hohbein (IT), Mat Trim (IT), Judith Williams, QVC presenters Alison Keenan, Craig Rowe, Will Gowing, Catherine Huntley and many more! A summary of their chats can be found to the left on the archive of this blog or as attachments on the Back to You QC group on facebook.
  • And now the new ‘BodyBlade QVC' group for lovers of Bruce Hymanson and his brilliant device to keep you fitter and more toned in a few minutes a day using HIIT training. The support is fab and the Q&A is great so if you’re stuck or need some inspiration go here and ping an invite.


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Here is the new semi-autobiographical weight loss book - updated for 2014 to include brand new info, more testimonials and The 'When' Diet -

eBook is here



 before - 2010



Years ago I began my journey of self-discovery (self-help / motivational audiobooks etc) with the Tony Robbins ‘Personal Power’ set I got from QVC. I interviewed him in QVC US, broadcast back live to QVC UK, when he used to appear regularly on shopping telly. And followed his 30 day programme – it’s very inspirational. After that I signed up for one of the best things I’ve ever done – Life Mastery – a three seminar course, featuring seminars in Miami and also in Hawaii. At the latter, they featured many things that make a huge difference to health and it opened my eyes to ‘what I didn’t know I didn’t know,’ and now that I knew it, I had to do it. One of them was better hydration (and so began the Penta water story) and one of them was the Egoscue Technique.

Pete Egoscue is an inspirational practitioner who invented a system for making your body fix itself using small but regular positional exercises. I wish I’d kept mine up, for a slightly dipped shoulder. But it was happening just as my life turned upside down and my kids and three job changes needed more attention. But this week I saw it mentioned again in an article by one of my favourite book bloggers, Jane Friedman.

How I Recovered From 3 Years of Chronic Back Pain by Jane Friedman

She says “I was given a daily 20-minute passive stretching routine that was primarily based on the Egoscue Method. Every 2-4 weeks, I would see the therapist again so she could evaluate progress and give me a new set of exercises to help me further advance. The pain began to lessen.” She also used other resources too – it’s an interesting article. And even more so for me, since I was there fourteen years ago listening to him talk at a lecture and meeting some of his therapists.

You can listen to some of Pete Egoscue’s podcasts at

Explore his website and google what others say about him. It won’t be for everybody, but I have had first hand knowledge of people for whom it’s been a life-changer. And since that’s the kind of thing I try to introduce you to with these Monday Essays, it’s a worthy subject. If you do use it, it’s not cheap, but if it works it may be the best thing you ever do for chronic pain. Keep me informed, and good luck.

NEXT WEEK – the power of Belief and how it can actually control your body, including ‘did you know a schizophrenic can have blue eyes in one personality then they change to brown in another? That they can be allergic to cats in one, and play happily in another?’ I know, riiight?! Don’t miss it.



Included the fabulous fashionista herself, Renee Greenstein and lovely Decleor guest Fiona Brackenbury – see below for a transcript of their live chat!



Back To You live webchat - FIONA 29/9/14

Q) Hi Fiona , loving decleor . Please the best way for ageing skin ,face and neck seems to be at a standstill . Thankyou x

A)Hi Julie Hoyle, what are you using at the moment for the face and neck area? Fiona x

Q) Welcome Fiona Thank you so much for joining us. My first question is has the Decléor Harmonie Calm been discontinued ? I've been looking on QVC for it for a while now and can't seen to find it xx P.s your skin always looks amazing & your such a joy to watch x

A) Hi Dawn Robinson, QVC dont stock it sadly, even though i keep asking the buyers. i will try again for you Fiona x

Q) Fiona thank you so much for taking part this evening, I am always tempted by everything hahaha - what are your must have products?

A) Hi Sharon, thank you so much for having me my must have products are Serum Hydrotonseur the eye serum, the 2 in 1 dark circle wrinkle eraser, Micellar Oil, Micellar water and Aromessence Marjolaine. Fiona

Q) when is the next tsv ?? have I missed it ??? X

A) Hi Julie Hoyle, next TSV is the xmas TSV 8th November. Its amazing aswell Fiona

Q) what can u recommend for slackened skin round mouth after having several teeth extraction DESPERATE thank you

A) Hi Claire Louise, have you tried Gel Prolagene its brilliant, also have you tried facial and jaw excerises (although you do need to do them in the privacy of your own home as you will get strange looks) Fiona x

Q)Your skin is amazing and glowing please let us into your secret skincare routine x

A) Hi Julie Kaye, I am obsessed with skincare l love cleansing with either the Micellar Water or the oil and i am loving the New Aromessence Marjolaine. I think my secret is "you only have one skin" i told the carphone warehouse team this when i was on Mary Portas Queen of shops. They said they sell phones with 18 month contracts its more complicated and difficult when i was teaching them customer service and i said you only have one skin and its for life. Fiona x

Q) Hi Fiona. We met in Selfridges many many years ago and you put me on the right track with my skin care xxx

A) Hi Andie Stephany, so pleased your still loving the results. Fiona x

Q) Do you use anything but Decleor?

A) Hi Zoe Robins, i try everything all
new launches from all the main brands so i can look into what they have used and see if it delivered the results. I am a product junkie. i dont necessarily stay on the products as i am wanting to see how quickly it delivers results. I am a also judge in the industry so often being sent products to try. Fiona x

Q) What would you say are you top 3 favourite Decleor products ? x

A) Hi Dawn Robinson, tricky one i would have to sayat the moment Serum Hydrotonseur, 2 in 1 Dark Circle wrinkle eraser and Micellar Oil. Although i have to say ask me next week and i will be doing something different to my skin and i will be loving the results. I constantly change my skincare rountine every month so i am ahead of my skin and it never gets bored. Fiona x

Q) Hi Fiona - love love love decleor - use foaming face wash, faves also neroli oil, prologene lift moisturiser and just discovered the neck concentrate - wow !

A) Hi Linda Ingram, wow great routine and good choices i love the hydra radiance cleansing mousse too. Fiona x

Q) Hi Fiona Brackenbury just want to say thank you for joining us tonight first of all, i value your tips & knowledge about products u have really helped me with my skin. I have a couple of questions and a request, first question i have combination skin and find that the texture on my cheeks feels uneven and can be reddish, ive tried various products but they dont seem to have made a difference or i havent used them long enough and also i seem to perspire easily over my facial area even in winter. Question 2 what do u like to do away from being at QVC and in your trainng role for Decleor? My request is can we have a kit of 400ml Alguaromes, 400ml Micellar Water, 150ml Micellar Oil, Neroil, Hydra Floral, Phytopeel & Flash Mask please... also i wud luv a facial from u and wud be more than happy to do it live on air at QVC.

A) Hi Chris Calvert, thank you so much i am loving being here i feel very honoured to have been asked. Do you take any supplements? Also strange question do you ever let your skin balance itself at night? Its just sometines your skin needs time to balance its one of the most cleverest organsin the body and we forget its can function everyday and will repair at night time so just once a month try going to bed with nothing on your skin!!!!! Fiona x

Q) What is the micellar range for what type of skin ?? Would this help me x

A) Hi Julie Hoyle, Micellar is a type of cleanser that cleanses the skin, its so clever its really deep cleanses and respects the skins fragility. It comes in a water and an oil both are brilliant. Fiona

Q) Hi Fiona, welcome. I am using prolagene gel all over as I am having rapid weight loss. Are there any other body products that would help with slackening skin? Thank you. Xxx

A) Hi Melissa Lane, i would also recommend Aromessence Sculpt under the Gel Proalgene its brilliant for firming and tightening the skin on the body. Fiona x

Q) Hi Fiona!!! I wont ask a skincare concern as you are so generous with your time on your pages you've answered countless questions for me in the past. Thanks for joining us here too!
I'd just like to know a 'non-product' beauty tip (And I'll make it harder - you cant say drinking water!) AND a guilty pleasure xxx
Thanks again xx

A) Hi Michael James Hamlyn, this may shock you ice cubes over the skin amazing!!! sleep and massaging your skin. Fiona x

The November TSv has all three Aromessence Iris, Balm Iris and Gel Prolegene. Fiona x



Back to you live web chat  - Renee Greenstein 29/9/14

Q) Hi Renee any news on a tall range yet your clothes .I'm in Spain at the moment for 11 days with only carry on!!!! Certainly works for me xx

A)  Renee Greenstein
Tracey I am working on those Talls STAY TUNED!!

Q) HI Renee Greenstein thank you for joining us for this chat! We love how you are always thinking of your Wardrobe Warriors and updating us with your travels and sharing amazing photos with us. My questions is.... How do you fit everything into such a busy life....and make it all look so Fabulous  xx

A) Sharon I thrive on multi tasking! and I love to hear from my Wardrobe Warriors all over the world!

Q) Hello Renee and thank you so much for joining us  I know im not ment to know this but my Daughter has ordered me the large printed scarf for Christmas (( with the red phone boxes )) i cant wait ! I absolutely love seeing items that stand out in the crowd and all of your beautiful garments do this xx

A) Renee Greenstein
Dawn Robinson you will certainly have a wonderful Christmas!!

Q) That's fantastic Renee! What would you say are the must have everyday essentials every woman needs in their wardrobe? x

A) Renee Greenstein
Sharon I would say every woman needs a boot cut pant, a great fitting tee shirt and great of course great shoes!

Q) Kathie Neighbour
Hello Renee I am also waiting for the tall range.
Love your dresses, can't wait to try the leggings. Xxxx

A) Kathie, the leggings are wonderful. Even my tall ladies are wearing the regular length with heels and boots!

Q) Happy new year Renee, thank you for being so lovely & bringing us fab stuff xxx

A) Renee Greenstein
Stacey Thank you so much! I love bringing beautiful things to my Wardrobe Warriors!

Q) Hi Renee love your clothes the tunics are my favourite when are you back ? Xx

A) Renee Greenstein
Linda I will be back in the UK November 5th and 6th . Cant wait to bring you my new collection!

Q) For first date what clothes do you recommend x
A) Jacqueline, on your first date, you should always look sophisticated and chic. A great pair of black leggings, a fabulous long tee shirt, a great scarf or if you have pearls.. Keep them guessing!!

Q) Hi Renee Greenstein great to see you on here - I got two of your last tsv tunics - olive and black - and the long olive/choc maxi dress - love them ! Also have several pairs of women with control trousers - most comfortable things invented x

A) Renee Greenstein
Linda great to hear from you! you sound like a real Wardrobe Warrior! I love the tunics!!

Q) Renee, what have you been working on for 2015? We are so excited! X
A) Renee Greenstein
Ahhh Stay my Facebook page as i tend to leave teases!

Q) Renee my youngest is getting married in February what do you suggest to wear I'm a young 50 6ft tall size 18.??? Any ideas please xx

A) Renee Greenstein
Tracey have you looked at the Wardrobe Warriors Attitudes by Renee sets? Always elegant!

Q) What a lovely picture. You look SMOKING!!!!!!! Thank you for all your fantastic designs, of which I have many & love( when I wear your clothes, people often comment & then I have to order one for them to, but I know to wear them with ATTITUDE.) Love you and all your clothes, and WELCOME to this Fantastic Club. xxx

A) Renee Greenstein
Jacqui thank you for your lovely note! I am thrilled to join you wonderful ladies!

Q) I loved hearing about your meal recently, do you like cooking?

A) Renee Greenstein
Zoe i love to cook especially for my family and friends

Q) Hi Renee. Thank you for joining us. You're always so poised. And look very calm. You have the most beautiful little girl.
Your clothes are really classy. And I love the bright colours.
Can i kindly request you do more pale yellow shades. I love it and would love to wear it with browns too.

A) Renee Greenstein
Tiger thank you I am enjoying being part of this. Aya is my precious granddaughter who as you know is the most special little girl in my life!

Q) Your jewellery accessories always look beautiful too, Who is your favourite designer ? xx

A) Renee Greenstein
Dawn my favorite Jewelry designer is Cartier . Who is yours?

Q) Wow Cartier is beautiful ! I like Diamonique QVC  xx

A) Renee Greenstein
Dawn I agree Daimonique make beautiful jewellery!

Q) When are you back in the UK Renee can't wait x

A) Renee Greenstein
Jean I will be back on November 5th and November 6th. I can not wait to bring you new pieces from my collection!

Renee Greenstein
Before our time ends, I would like to thank all of your for inviting me into your club. It has been a pleasure!



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