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Back to You Chat features Lee Hohbein, Judith Williams, and ... me! Monday Essay - Avoid Emotional Eating. And TTFLS Update!
17 September 2014

Blessing Twice - Oct 2000 Blessing Twice - Oct 2000

Ahhhh bless! That was me and my daughter Lauren when she was just 11, in 2000 on a hol with son Bradley in Ibiza. I'd not long split up from their dad, and this was our first holiday away just the three of us, and I was in the best shape I'd been for years! I was at that point eating a vegan diet (flawed I realise now, but more of that in the new book - see below) and I'd lost loads of weight - this was the same period when I had 'those abs' - you remember the ones? If you're a regular, they're the ones I featured in January's Back to You show, saying this year I'd like to get back to the me I was when I had those abs... Well, if you saw me bare them on the recent live show with Bruce, you'll know I'm about half way there. So the toning continues, and so does the writing...

We're now another week closer to the release of the updated version of TTFLS so below is an extract – free first chapter of the new book.

Also this week – it’s been great to hear about your Bodyblade stories – remember there’s a whole new group on Facebook now – do join. Info and link below.

As usual at the bottom you'll find the summaries of the Monday Hub chats with our special guests on our other main Facebook group ‘Back to You QVC.’ There wasn’t a live show this Monday (15th) as it was Beauty Day on QVC but we did have a great time chatting to you online! The show returns as usual on Monday coming (22nd) with a keep fit special with Forbes Riley plus the back inverter guy – curious? Better watch to find out more! 9pm.


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 Just watch the show live at 9pm on QVC Live on the last two Mondays (15th is beauty day so there was no Back to You show on QVC) 22nd, and 29th September. I look forward to your company!


The Freedom Eating plan For those who asked – see the tab above for more info about the system I’ve been using to lose weight alongside my Bodyblade / leg master/ dog walk/ yoga stretch routine. The system is Freedom Eating and I explain it in the semi autobiographical weight loss book, Till the Fat Lady Slims. NB – the eBook is now only 99p on Amazon! (updated version in eBook is out end September.)

Meanwhile here’s Chloe H’s before and after – since January – she’s lost three stone. They even came back off a Thai holiday with a little weight lost instead of gained. And like my sister Linda says, it’s not magic, but it feels like it, to be able to say ‘no’ to all the foods that have felt like treasure all your life. She’s 25 and hopefully Freedom Eating has truly helped her break free from food prison for the rest of her life.

And yes you've guessed it, there will be more like this in the new book!

it's out on 29th September in eBook and with a bit of luck a very special purchase will be possible in January...

Whatever way you participate in the current well being theme going on around us, I hope you enjoy it! Do give me some feedback – particularly on my QVC blog – go to QVC tab at the top for the current one and leave a comment if you feel a share coming on! lol.


Other news –

-          Nutrition beats a tan in the quest for a healthy glow. This is no surprise to me, since when I went macrobiotic and began eating mainly fresh vegetables, my skin had an incredible glow! Click here to read the article by professional beauty.


-          Sugar, Gluten, Paleo, Vegan – 3 Doctors debate the best way to eat – great to hear different points of view from three accomplished physicians. It all boils down to the individual it seems…  Watch it here.


-          Bodyblade Basics ­– as featured on last week’s Back to You QVC show (Monday 8th, 9pm) – Bruce explains the basic principles, plus a full one minute challenge, plus tips for beginners! Go here to see the whole bodyblade segment!



See below for The Monday Essay – about emotional eating and why it’s vital for long term weight loss to realise it and avoid it. And then the transcripts from Monday 15th’s Monday Hub live facebook chat - summaries from Judith Williams, and Lee Hohbein as well as yours truly!.

Next week – another extract from the new updated version of Till the Fat Lady Slims – do come back next week!

Best wishes



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It's been an interesting week with all the research I've been doing around Freedom Eating basics with others who use it a different way than I do. My sis Linda who still likes to observe some form of counting - but sticks to the basic principles, has helped me develop The When Diet. It's all about when it's time to eat and when is it time to stop. Eating when you can consume the correct choice for your body's signals and not settling for less - eating when you can get it right. And so on. And a massive part of that is of course NOT using food to stifle other needs. Emotional eating is a big reason why many of us got fat - and continue to stay fat - or get fatter. Realising that if you eat when you're not hungry you're only overfilling the fuel tank and that all that excess fuel will only spill out and get stored on our hips and thighs was one of my major turning points. And in the new book, I go into it in more detail. Meanwhile the original is full of such hints and tips - and so is the podcast I'm doing with my sis. Below is the first chapter of the new TTFLS book, followed by (when ready) the podcast - interesting reading and listening, especially if you're struggling with the idea of letting go completely. Let me know what you think...


Extract - upcoming eBook release, Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 – The When Diet


Autumn 2014

In a nutshell, this book is in three parts. My 2002 original version has been helping a lot of people overcome their lifelong battle with weight and start leading a normal life around food, whilst losing weight and becoming happier with themselves. Throughout this book you’ll see little testimonials from 2014 and on my website, a whole page of extra info, before and after pics and some brilliant testmonials. It’s updated monthly so do check it out frequently. There you will also find out info about the facebook support groups you can join so you’re not alone stepping out of food prison.

But time has moved on, and in the 12 years since the first book was published, tons of new information has emerged so it’s only right that I now present a revised, updated version for you to enjoy.

Below is additional info of interest in 2014, that wasn’t around in 2002 when I wrote the original Till the Fat Lady Slims book. The system I learned, that helped me lose 35lb and mostly keep it off over the next five years is called Freedom Eating. In its entirety, you let go of deprivation and control and trust your body to choose the right thing in the right quantity at the right time. Everything changes when you let go of the reigns. That book is reproduced in abridged version in Part Three of this book.

BUT not everybody can take that plunge and let go straight away. My sister Linda uses an element of counting points, as well as the basics of Freedom Eating – you can find out more about how she does it in Part Two of this book. For beginners, scared to let go and ‘listen to your body,’ just read Section Two first – there’s a straight forward plan there if you prefer to be told what to do. It’s especially for people who need to still count stuff and require a more structured approach, whatever your diet plan. (And use Stage Two if you go off the rails, to stop you mucking up completely – no more ‘starting again tomorrow.’)

You will also find my recommendations in Part Two for a complete 360 degree well-being plan for those who would like to hear about my own lifestyle and how I’ve toned up and trimmed down and got healthier than I’ve been for years - find out what I do in Part Two.

And below, in Part One, I’ve separated out the basic principles of Freedom Eating and called it ‘The ‘When’ Diet – Freedom Eating Stage One.’ If you are a beginner, this is where you start. It transforms your focus from avoiding lots of foods to playing a game – a game where you accurately pick the right food and examine what happens in your body after. There’s no ‘wrong’ there’s only learning and getting it more right next time. At the very next meal time. Not ‘on Monday.’ And it’s handing back the keys to your prison – your food prison.

‘Cos it’s time to break free.


The When Diet.

I’m listing the basic principles of Freedom Eating here right up front, so that you can get a snapshot of what this book is all about. The full in depth explanation, along with what happened to me when I first discovered it all those years ago, is later in the book. But this is the nuts and bolts of what to do.

It’s not magic, it’s common sense – but for many of us, we stopped doing it a long time ago.

I’ve also included a section below about Sugar addiction - and further research to find out more - since you can’t trust a body that’s addicted. This is all relatively new science.

But if you’re like me, and hate dieting, and will want to do something just because you know you can’t! – then Freedom Eating principles – stage one and two – are a life-changer. But we’ll start with stage one.

NEXT WEEK - the basic principles outlined

PODCAST with Linda Bignell – to come



Including Lee hohbein, Judith Williams (skincare expert) and… me! See below for a transcript of the three live Q&A’s from Monday’s webchat!




Q1) Lee, of all items of technology, from phones, to pcs to tv's, what's the one you couldn't live without?
A) Julie Anderson - Wow, that’s a hard one to choose but I’d have to go for my smartphone as it’s always with me and it’s my mobile computer, e-mail machine, entertainment centre, music player, social media hub, satnav, etc. Oh, and it also allows me to make the odd call!

Q2) Hi Lee, I have a Blackberry (from QVC of course). It very often cuts out and goes to blank screen and I have to take battery out and re boot. Why does it do that? I am thinking of changing it for I phone, what do you think? I have an IPad (also QVC lol) Thanks.
A) Linda Farnsworth - That doesn’t sound good. If you’ve had it a while then it might simple be on it’s way out! Sometime a complete system clean and restore can fix things, but if you’re looking for a new phone then the iPhone is a really nice piece of technology (although there is so much choice out there!), The new iPhone 6 is out this week but I heard today that over 4m have ordered it so it may be delayed in getting to people! It’s well worth a trip to you local phone shop or Apple Store (if you have one near) to have a play and see if it’s for you. I own two iPhone 5S smartphones so I’m quite a fan

Q3) Hi Lee, I have an iPad 2 that I love, but should I be thinking about upgrading? Apart from it being heavier than the iPad Air, which makes it a bit painful to hold for long periods, it is working well! X
A) Cath Purple - The iPadAir is really fab and the fastest and lightest you’ll get from Apple at the moment. If you want something much lighter then maybe you could consider the iPad Mini? This link is worth a look

Q4) Ahhhh so much I want to ask! Will restrain myself! When did you first get the technology bug?
What would you like to present on Q if not technology? And lastly any 'beauty' tips for guys you wish to share?
It's great to follow your Q page for all your help and tips, banter and cat pics! Thanks for joining us on here too

A) Michael James Hamlyn - I’ve loved technology since I got my Commodore 64 aged 14! I worked in the tech support team of a 900 strong company when I was 18 for 5 year and have since run the supplies division of Epson printers, started up Corel in the UK, set-up and sold my own online company, co-owned several marketing agencies (and subsequently helped launch products for the likes of Microsoft, Intel, HP and Sony) and for the past 5 years have invested and consulted in several tech companies in the UK and US. Oh, and have also been luck enough to guest at QVC for the past 9 years! I’m pretty busy when not at the fab Q hence the slow reply to some questions pasted on Facebook

I’ve always loved cooking so anything in the kitchen would be my preference.

My beauty tip? – shave with hair conditioner! If you’re a bit beardy like me then it leaves it nice and soft and never given me any irritation (that aside I buy so much beauty stuff from QVC so there are loads of other options)

Q5) Hi Lee Qvc lovely of you to join us tonight, u always brighten up the TV when i see your handsome face i think u would be ideal for some of the beauty shows with Alison Young QVC maybe a treat for xmas my question is i am torn between the Ipad Ait & the new Samsung Glaxy S Tablets whats your thoughts on the two and is qvc going to be doing any Samsung tablets?
A) Thanks Chris Calvert - I have had that chat with Ali before so you never know

I make no secret of being an Apple fan but there are so many options out there to love! I like both of them and have had a hands-on with both but I'd probably nudge towards the iPad for ease of use (also syncs wonderfully with other Apple products if you have them). The build quality of Apple products are also exquisite but one does pay a premium for that!

No news on a Samsung tablet yet but I will ask and always post on my wall any products coming up

Q6)Lee ..ages ago i bought the surf easy but then bought an it easy to use surfeasy on my ipad and do I have to buy more stuff?
A) Trixie Collin - there's a fab app for the iPad. Just go to the app store and search for Surfeasy. You also get a load of data free to get you going (there's also an Android app)

Q7)Lee, everytime i see you on tv i feel the need to buy something Just out of curiosity, if QVC asked you to do another show, which would you choose ? xx
A) Shaz Brown - Lol. They'll be pleased I'm doing my job correctly at QVC I'd love to do a cooking show. Have always loved being in the kitchen and would love to have a go. I'll have to sweet talk Simon

Q8) Lee, you seem to love to cook and I notice fond of a cocktail or two, although who isnt't! . What recipes, favourite tipple would you share...... I love an espresso martini
A) Karen Glaister - I love a salted caramel martini. Take a blob of caramel sauce, a pinch of Maldon salt, a slug of Grey Goose and top up with cloudy apple juice before shaking with ice then straining. Tasty but dangerous as it tastes of pudding! *hic*

Q9) hi lee my phone is up for renewing in two months i here u saying u don't have a contract phone how do u go about doing that
A)Claire Louise - You simply buy the phone outright then shop around for a Sim Only deal (there are many out there_. The initial outlay is expensive but it will almost certainly save you money in the long run (you can also port over your number). Buying the phone also means that it's unlocked so you can change provider of ever you want to

Q10)What's your favorite holiday destination notice you like them mine was a Caribbean cruise and a week in Barbados x
A)Renella Broxton - I am back in the US most months and love being in LA. I have a home there so it's a bit of a busmans holiday but I love that I can beach in the summer and ski in the winter. I'm a big fan of the Caribbean like you. I love St Lucia

Q11) Welcome Lee ! Can i just say one of the things that is lovely about you is how you explain things so carefully to the viewers. It can often feel like rocket science but you always break it down to make it easy for us thank you xx
A) Thanks Dawn Robinson - Tech is so much simpler now and it's so lovely to see that so many people can now own/use it. I truly love tech and love being at QVC so I feel very lucky to be able to do both of them

Q12) Hi Lee. Don't really have a question but just a Thankyou for giving everyone so much information and making me more tech savvy. Just out of interest what's your favourite app x
A) My pleasure Tracy Clark - Because I travel a lot I like my travel apps and Flight Track is one of my faves. Facebook and Twitter also get tapped very regularly!

Q13)Hi Lee My mum is looking for an easy to use lap top. Which would you recommend for the older generation who don't want to be left out but don't want to be bothering their children and grandchildren too often. Thanks.
A) Tune in this Sunday Carol Ann Johnson - I'm on with an Asus Windows tablet TSV that comes with a keyboard to turn it into a mini laptop. It's easy to use and can be used as a tablet by your Mum when she doesn't need the keyboard

Q14) Lee are there any acer tsv's coming up x
A) Claire Louise - Off the back of the success of the recent Acer TSV (which sold out just after the 11am show) I understand that they'll be bringing a crazy priced tablet as a TSV in the run-up to Christmas. I'll post more info as/when I get it

Q15) Hi Lee. I love it when you do the technology hours. The way you explain things makes it so easy. I've learnt a lot from you. When is the next affordable laptop or tablet. Looking g for one foe my dad to replace his old Galaxy. Ps he's 70 but loves his tablet.
A) Thanks Tiger Kadi - it's lovely to hear such positive feedback.

Tune in for this Sunday's TSV (21st September). I think it could be a good option for your dad







Q1) Hi Judith! I discovered your range by accident at the Beauty Bash in January where Leanne was very helpful and knowledgeable and convinced me to try it! I've been using it ever since and my skin is in the best condition it has ever been in since I was a child!! I can't thank you enough. I'm 34 and have been mainly using the phytomineral range, but have dipped into the LLB and my skin likes that too. I would like a deep cleansing mask... what new products do you have in the pipe line? Xxx
A) Hi Sarah Moore We have some great new ranges coming soon, Future skins is my newest range using the power of Plant cells. Your skin will feel amazing a great wake up call for skin Jx

Q2) O my lord Judith i can't tell you how delighted i am that you have joined us - thank you so much i absolutely adore you and all of you beautiful products..They have made such a huge difference to my skin and confidence,, One of my many questions is and please forgive me if im wrong are you still doing the challenge of only moisturising the back of one hand ?? If so can you see a big difference yet ? Also if you could only take 3 of your products on an island what would they be ? Mine would be the body butter , peptide serum and the beauty rose oil xx

A) Hi Dawn Robinson I have been only moisturising one hand, I showed the difference on air during my TSV shows, the difference is amazing and shows how much we need to take care our hands. Try my amazing hand creams both in Phytomineral and Life Long Beauty but also my Rose Oil is great for hands too. Great question Dawn Robinson I can't go anywhere without my Life Long Beauty Rose Oil, Life Long Beauty Neck and Decollete cream and Magic make up to keep me looking beautiful, To be honest 3 items isn't enough. Look for brand new Phytomineral products coming later this year.

Q3) I have the Phytominerals hand cream here beside my armchair right now Judith, love it x
A) Linda Farnsworth, I have my hand cream with me all the time and just love it Jxx

Q4) Hello Judith, how are you? I would love to know, as a busy mother and business woman, travelling all over the world, how do you relax and unwind x
A) Hi Sharon Harvey, I love to relax with my lovely husband and girls, we love to cook together and enjoy quiet evenings.
I love coming to London, I love to bring my family and we love a walk in the city, I love large de-caffe Soya latte to enjoy at the same time. Simple things are the most enjoyable Jxx

Q5) Hi Judith, I love your magic makeup, it works really well on me. Are you thinking of bringing back the 50ml size that you did for product of the month? X
A) Hi Cath Purple, Magic Make up is coming up later this year with new products, Magic make up remains exactly the same but some exciting products to compliment and make our beauty regime even easier and quicker ,I have a new supersize favourite coming very soon with free p and p, keep watching QVC Jx

Q6) what are your favourite foods judith and do you exercise?
A) Hi Zoe Robins I have a really busy life but I always make time for a some exercise its great for body and mind. I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables but sometimes you just have to have some naughty things like a bag of crisps or two : ) Jx

Q7) Hi Judith what was the most difficult product to produce and the one you are most proud of?
A) Hi Carol Ann Johnson I really love my Rose Oil, I have a field that we grow the roses in and I love to see them blooming. Its so rewarding to see the roses growing and then smell the divine Rose Oil Jxx

Q8) what would you say helps pores most?
A) Hi Zoe Robins, Exfoliating is great for pores, try using a Cleansing mousse and exfoliator then using Life Long Beauty Rose Oil this will help un block pores. Rose Oil is really great for everything its so universal Jx

Q9) Hi Judith! You always look so elegant and beautiful. Your range is wonderful and gives really luxurious treats within very reasonable price levels. Thank you! Throat beginning to age here - your recommendations?
A) Hi Jill Dowding-Walker I use Life Long Beauty Neck and Decollete cream every day, make sure you massage into your neck using the back of your hands in a sweeping movement this helps keep everything toned Jxx

Q10) Hi Judith, really love your shows but i've not tried any of your range yet. What would you recommend for uneven skin and large open pores??
A) Hi Karen Travers Try using a cleansing brush and cleanser this gives skin a deep down clean but is gentle. I always use Rose Oil after cleansing this is great for un even skin tones and large pores. You can then use a moisturiser over the Rose Oil, try using the Phytomineral range to start with this is great for all skin types Jx

Q11) Great fan of rose oil here too. Use on face,neck and nails. Would not be without. Thank you Judith.
A) Glad you like it Carol Ann Johnson, Rose Oil can be used for so many things, use it on open pores, a blocked pore, massage into hands, great for hair as an intensive overnight treatment or as a smoothing oil over dry ends, its great for age spots and dry patches on knees and elbows. I keep it with me all the time Jx

Q12) Hi Judith, I just had to break my five hour car journey to join in this chat. It is so good that you have taken time to connect with us all. A huge thank you for your luxurious but cost-effective range. I always have confidence knowing that your products will perform as you say they will. I particularly love your rose oil. I took your advice and put it on top of moisturiser at night and the effect is stunning. Your body butter is absolutely heavenly and your neck cream is delicious too. Keep it coming Judith. I love watching your enthusiasm in your shows xxx
A) Hi Liz Cairns, thank you for taking the time to stop and chat, so glad you enjoy my shows I do love being in London just wish I could be here more often. I have some really exciting products coming up, look out for October and my shows on 16th and 17th Jxx

Q13) Hi Judith, my 2 teenage daughters love your phyto range. What has been one of your favourite moments presenting on Qvc?
A) Hi Tracy Holvey Grenter, My mum came on QVC with me and that was amazing fun, no-one ever believes how old she is but she is my inspiration for my Life Long Beauty range Jxx

Q14) Hi judith I am tempted to try your rose oil but my skin always seems to have a bad reaction to oil on my face. The last one I tried left me looking like I had chicken pox
Would you recommend yours or should I just leave oil out of my skincare routine? Thanks
A) Hi Michele Wright Baker I would try my Rose Oil, but just try a small amount at first and see how much better your skin looks and feels. Lots of people get put off putting an oil on their skin but once you have used it Im sure you will love it Jxx

Q15)Bought the latest Judith Williams TSV it was my first purchase in her range .... I had my 51st birthday on Friday, best present to myself yet absolutely loving it and think I'm noticing a difference on my neck already  Xx
A) Eileen Raeburn so glad you like, keep using it and your neck will look and feel amazing Jxx

I am bringing some new Perfume Deluxe fragrances to QVC very soon, they are just beautiful. Phytomineral toner will be coming later but no dates yet keep watching and checking QVC web page.

Thank you everyone for joining me tonight, Keep watching QVC and look out for new and exciting products coming later this year, I promise there are some amazing new products, new ranges and great super sizes coming very soon. I look forward to chatting with you all again. Love to all Jxx


Q1) Debbie......hi there. Can you tell me how much time per day you spend on the Body Blade? You are such an inspiration. I got mine today and love it already.
Linda Davenport-Thackray Got mine today & I'm finding it really easy to use I had to watch video to make sure I'm doing it right -
A. Sarah and anyone else asking about Bodyblade - glad u love it too. I always do the vertical ex no.6 hip n thigh, full minute, eh whilst boiling the kettle. I often also do the behind the back one - hence my triceps looking more toned now. I also often do the above the head one. Couple of times a week I do the super six.
Linda D - glad Ur doing it right. Whole vids on YouTube, on Bruce's, and on our Bodyblade qvc FBk gp - anyone having problems, all the info u need is on that group, go join. Christine S hope that helps! X
Q2)Linda Farnsworth Hi Debbie, as a TV presenter do you do your own makeup, and do you stick to one particular brand or chop and change with what's being aired? Thanks x
A) Own makeup usually, unless doing a whole makeup hour when the guests like to do us! I have to trial new stuff but ATM I use what's left of my sadly missed philosophy airbrushed flawless canvas foundation, plus mally pore less face defender, ybf eye shadow, and Laura Geller most else! X
Q3) Claire Louise hi Debbie can u share some of Ur recipes on here x looking good
A) My fave recipe book is Marlene Watson-Tara’s Macrobiotics for all seasons - on amazon. If we can all eat more veggies, that's the best way to stronger blood, better skin etc., so I have a stir fried veg most days. Spring Greens, slices of cauliflower and shiitake mushrooms, simmered in toasted sesame seed oil (not much), soy sauce and a miso soup, until soft. Add a big sprinkle of sesame seeds, or sometimes cashews if a brunch. Loooovely! My family love it, it's become my signature dish! Lol x
Q4) Hi Debbie x I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your lovely support groups, not only with beauty but with our health x you and Sharon work so hard to keep us feeling lovely inside and out xxx
A)Dawn - and thank u for being such a star in helping the I'm a QVC UK Queen group - join the queens, people, if you're a qvc addict! Fab troll free zone! X
Q5) Denise Hensby So true dawn, they do a great job, meet Debbie at the beauty bash such a lovely down to earth lady, my favourite presenter on qvc too, I hope you’ve got a new book coming out soon  x5)
 A. Denise! Thank u! I love meeting u guys at bashes too! Book wise - am just finishing Till the Fat Lady Slims updated version. It'll have a new 'basic principles section' u can use with any diet plan - common sense but oh don't we 'unlearn' it as we grow up! Eat like a slim person using freedom eating. Some fab testimonials with some of the January back to you peeps - if any of u are on here tonight, do a little post on here to tell people why you love Freedom Eating. If Sharon gets the chance am sure she will post a TTFLS amazon link, to current eBook just 99p (the original). So proud that one lady has dropped about four dress sizes, another r25 yr. old has lost 3 stone since January. And many more are finding they are 'freedom living' now instead of comfort eating and being in food prison, as I was. I haven't binged since 1998. Whoop! Fiction wise, next book will be PG versions of Hawaiian retreat, my part 3 of romance trilogy (Bk 1 got 96 five star reviews - yay! Hawaiian affair!), PG is fewer 'shades of Gray!' Lol! Then exciting Halloween freebie anthology - a short story collaboration with ten other authors, some award winning, all fabulous! Do go join my newsletter now, to not miss when it becomes available, and for news about our Halloween Facebook party on 31st! Then I will be working on other stories which are listed on work in progress page on my website! X
Q6) Chris Dig N Doug Hi Debbie. Just started reading TTFLS this afternoon. Didn't realise till then, I'm definitely in Food Prison arghhh x
A) Chris D - tell me about it! First time I read the book min e is based on, (7 secrets of slim people in 1998) is said, 'eat till you're satisfied? Wot, u mean, like, don't keep eating till u can't breathe any ore...!?' Lol! No more bingeing and starting again tomorrow either - yay! X
Q7)Heidi Moss Hi Debbie, what's your favourite way to relax when you finally get time off?
A) Heidi - have u joined TTFLS group yet hon.. I read u were liking the book?! Ok, I read, I watch shows like Mr Selfridge and documentaries on Stonehenge and horizon! I love walking the dogs. I go on writing retreats - am off on one in Nov for NaNoWriMo (national novel writing month where u write a new novel in a month - I aim to finish a novel I began as a script based on the early life of Marie stopes - it's a bit 'Downton abbey meets call the midwife'), and I visit spas like champneys! Lol x
Q8) Michael James Hamlyn Debbie!!! You know how much we all love you, I hope you realise how many people you inspire - I hope you feel proud! I really want to know how you inspire yourself... I often find myself 'stuck in a rut' and I just wonder how you keep it going, especially with your writing xx Michael, OMG, don't start Sharon off about my procrastination with my writing! Lol! I just have to take myself away to 'binge-write'!! I write better with a deadline, this year I set myself a harsh schedule to try to increase my number of titles as volume helps with amazon 30/60/90 day algorithms (don't ask!) so in march I did the short novella When Dream Return (spooky love story - v proud of that one!), at Easter I finished (finally!) Diary of A Wannabe Shopping Channel Presenter which some say is my best most funny work, but it's diary style like Bridget jones so that took some effort to finish it! And then the third book in trilogy, Hawaiian retreat which once I was into it, was soooo satisfying. Knowing. Ow that it was all worthwhile because Choc Lit publishers have signed me up, makes it all go to a different level. Now I feel like a 'proper writer' so the fear of rejection, I guess, causing the procrastination, has dissipated somewhat! In life, I just make something a 'must' - like leg master one minute whilst I brush my teeth, or my nightly yoga routine just before bed to stretch out otherwise I ache more in the morning, or like constantly focussing on the positive in my life, that lifts and inspires me. And I have to say, friends with their own health issues, who just keep going no matter what the pain, humble me and inspire me most. Sharon Harvey x
Q9)Michelle Roberts Hi Debbie, do you think you will have any more dogs?
A) Michelle R- hi hon! I'm allergic to cats (less so since I had a course of homeopathy admittedly) so have three Labradors (I lost holly the 15 yr. old in March). Daughters spaniel Baloo has stolen my heart during their lodging with me whilst they decorate their first house together, so maybe a little spaniel puppy, if I'm mad! Am enjoying my kids being grown now, (before the grandchildren start! Brad says he and Kari may start trying next year - eeek! Granny flint! Lol) and the freedom, so maybe I shouldn't! X
Q10) Hi Debbie could you share some of your skin care and hair care secrets as you are looking amazing x
A) Nicky Crane - tons of fresh veg, salad, high dose EPA fish oils (2000mg a day of actual EPA - google it or look at archives on my website Back To You Blogs, as many list online research about why it's so amazing for EVERYTHING,) , lots of fresh water (I use filtered ) and green drinks etc. But also I've been impressed with Imedeen supplements - since Jan my skin density went from 47 to 53, a ten per cent improvement!) x)
Q11)Chris Calvert Hi Debbie Flint great to have you join us tonight, I am a big fan of yours I was the first time around and so glad u came back to QVC and congrats on your recent anniversary  what do you find to be the most challenging part of working at QVC and also the most pleasurable
A Chrissssssy! Ta hon. didn't think I were that old! Lol! Nb I have to tell u, CJ on twitter, that u are infamous here at qvc amongst certain presenters who know they have to avoid your tweets due to your risqué pics! Lol! Seriously mate, so good to have you, and Michael, on the Facebook groups, like 'I’m a qvc uk queen' group, you're a fabulous contributor! X most challenging is new brands all the time. Most enjoyable is feedback from you guys that something we recommended changed your life. X
Q12)Chris Forrester Hi Debbie do you use Philip Kingsley elasticizer ordered it earlier just wondered if I will get good results
A) Chris F - without fail, Elastcizer is one of my desert island products and I notice when I don't use it. I use it as a pre conditioner every time I wash it, x
Q13) Sarah Moore What is you’re favourite of the QVC skincare ranges? Xx
A Sarah - Liz Earle cleanse and polish, Decleor aromescence excellence, Elemis oxygenating night cream, Sarah chapman SPF 15 gooooorgeous day cream, Gatineau eye, and neck. Others too, I alternate but they're my staples. PCMC is a mainstay if I'm away , my default day cream. X)
Q14)Tiger Kadi Hi Debbie Flint. What's the inspiration behind your trilogy. Thank you for back to you , you're such an inspiration.
A)Tiger - luv your name! I'm year of the tiger btw! Lol. Initial inspiration came at my very first writing course in Tuscany at the Watermill in Posara where Jessica hart a mills and boon author was tutor (check out her website, she does training), did a dialogue exercise, which formed then 'sadie meets mac the deckhand ' scene. Then I realised I could incorporate the penta water story I had lived thru during my years away from QVC working in the health industry. Also I had an investor called Simon, and then it became a matter of getting the blimmin thing finished! It took three years to do book one, and my beta readers 'Debbie's readers' group on Facebook (not currently taking new members but u can ask Sharon to go on waitlist), all wanted it finished so it finally inspired me to get it done last summer. Then the sales and reviews inspired me to do Hawaiian escape, the prequel, in which sadie's sister Helen came tumbling out. So that had to give rise to Helen's Story in book 3 Hawaiian Retreat. If anyone's loved it, pleeeeez do me a review on amazon and Goodreads! Reviews inspire me too - ones that say 'more soon please!' But critical ones actually led to me submitting to Choc Lit which ended in an amazing happy ending, so it's all good! X
Q15)Tracy Clark Hi Debbie. What's the one product from QVC you can't live without x
A) Tracy - oo good question. Probably lip lift. Nothing else is as good and I've used it daily since 1997 at Alison's suggestion for cracked corners of mouth (it was caused by toothpaste but nothing worked till I tried lip lift. The absolute best miracle treatment and definitely has kept my lips plump, not bad for a 52 yr old! Lol) x
Q16)Liz Cairns Debbie, you are a fantastic inspiration, in such a "real" way. You are encouraging me to become more healthy and it is starting to show. You are looking even more stunning than ever these days, with a happy, healthy glow. Fantastic !!! xxx
A)  thank u sweetie! So kind! Makeup and good lighting are a wonderful help! Lol yes, healthy eating has a lot to do with it for sure! And giving up sugar - I forgot to say that above. And no dairy cos my body hates it. And meditation... But don't forget I on,y have myself to worry about nowadays (no demanding man either- lol!) so it's easier. And yes before anyone asks, I would get married again if I found the right person, but I'm not feeling a gap right now, so I'm not too fussed about doing anything about it. However, one day I will give some attention to my How to Find a Husband Manual' with a system using the six degrees of separation. It's a fiction novel but the system is something I started trialling with some pals, so watch this space...) x
Q17)Lynne Sneddon Debbie Flint Apart from the bodyblade and Back to you shows which items do you like presenting the most ?
A) Lynne S - oooo variety I think. Hate doing lots of one thing. Cleaning products probably the thing I sell best cos my dad had a contract cleaning company, rest him. Erm, fab guests make a show most enjoyable tho - anything with Lee Hohbein my telly hubby! Lol, and of course loooooovely Antthony ! He's back on soon - Is it this weekend? And I'm going out to LA mid Nov to see him! X
Q18)Jill Dowding-Walker I would really enjoy your writing in audio download form! Any chance?
A Jill - definitely! Once the trilogy is out with Choc Lit, they do audio versions, so it will be at some point. However, I'm looking at a series of short story romances for valentines day in an anthology which qvc may buy in hardback (MAY buy! ) and those I can see myself narrating myself. Spring next year. X
Q19)Tracy Holvey Grenter Just want to say hi Debbie Flint, you do a fab job and I love it when you laugh on air it shows us all how much you enjoy what you do. X
A) Tracey - thanks hon! Can't help it sometimes! At least I've on,y ever lost it once. That was first time on qvc, when I said 'tartenkhuman' instead of Tutankhamen. And added ' the slapped of ancient Egypt. I was tired. What can I say. I was crying with laughter and they had to go to a break. Oh and of course the recent NoNo cream 'incident'! #itllBeAlrightOnTheNight ! Lol x
Q20)Joy Padley Debbie do you have sensitive skin like Lauren? Liz Earle & Elemis shower/bath are the best.
A)Joy - I do, but not to SLS like Lauren. I'm ok with it. Just now I'm having some stupid allergic reaction to something - itchy patches on my hands n inside elbows. Still trying to work out what it is, hope not dogs! Lol x kicked off by tomato plan foliage, grr. X
Q21)Chris Dig N Doug Body blade is 4ft? I'm 4ft11, this could be something to make the neighbours laugh
A) Chris - they won't be laughing when they see how toned you'll become., x ps u can do it sitting down so it's not an issue.,
Q22)Karen Glaister Hi Debbie. Not really a question, just an expression of thanks for this and the queen group. You encourage us to interact and with BTU look after ourselves and challenge us to be more healthy. Love it. X
Q23)Carol Ann Johnson Hi Debbie, You always seem so energetic on screen but would say you're a lark or an owl? Body blading morning or night haha.
A)Carol Ann - I think most people who know me know the answer to that one., never been a morning person., I am a bat! Lol
Q24)Chris Dig N Doug Do you take any supplements or just stick to freedom eating?
A Chris - OMG don't get me started on supplements! High dose EPA fish oils (as above), plus imedeen, plus a coQ10, plus a multi vit plus a vitamin C, minimum x And of course very healthy eating. If u eat perfectly u shouldn't need it. I'm good but I'm not 100% , so it's an insurance policy. X)
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