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August Challenge Updates; Crumbly Coconut Oatmeal Bars – without the wrong sugars! And the Monday Essay - Elemis-Keeley’s Advice on this week’s Live Hub
5 August 2014

Scale will not tell you... Scale will not tell you...

After another fun and fabulous Monday Live B2U Hub on our Facebook Group (see below to join) I thought I’d post some of the comments that were made. Lots of stuff going on on our group at the moment – with many members discussing on B2U and also on sister group Break the Habit BTU about their August Challenges. See below for a selection of them. Plus my own begins with being happy I survived a wedding reception without too much of a struggle – I’m not a big drinker anyway and had half a glass of wine, and some sips of champagne. But I did have a bit of wedding cake – half a slice. And got a penchant for Ecuadorian 70% dark choc and had a third of a big flat bar in one day – and lo and behold, sugar hangover next day. Isn’t it amazing? And annoying. But, yes, my body’s so not used to having loads of it that if I over-indulge too much on one day I get a fuzzy head feeling, with a headache over one ear/eye, one of those. And a really tired feeling, like someone’s uncharged my battery!

It’s all part of my current experimentation with Freedom Eating and it’s really nice to note that the old guidelines are coming back. I used this system to lose 35lb about 14 years ago, and more or less keep it off for half a decade, before a combination of a business gone wrong, a disastrous love affair, a house move and financial  problems as well as kids at uni/leaving uni and health issues happened, two of which were instrumental in gradually unlearning some of the cues and reactions. But like riding a bike, it’s coming back. Now I’m finding that even really nice stuff isn’t too appealing any more – so by the time my updated version of Till the Fat Lady Slims is out, I should have some interesting appendix material. Meanwhile I can say that I have nights where I don’t even want a final hot cuppa before bedtime, since I’m really listening to what my body wants, and the sight of truffles and cookies at work do nothing – and I mean nothing – to tempt me. So far so good.

Keep coming back here for my new weekly blog, and on Facebook group for our Monday 8-9pm live Hub, each Monday in the run up to our new series of Back to You starting again 9pm on four of the Mondays in September. And if you have any comments, do post them below!

Next week, one of my best pals in the world – tech expert and musical genius, LJ Rich, and her fascinating insight into living with synaesthesia – the crazy condition where the system is mixed up – find out what banana fritters sound like as a musical piece!

Have a good week!



Other News

-          Why Fermented Foods Are Good For Weight Loss, Mood & Glowing Skin it’s all to do with the biome – our internal gut flora which keeps us slimmer, less moody and less spotty, apparently… read more here.

-          BBC News - Oldest human faeces show Neanderthals ate vegetables See – BBC Science post – don’t say I’m never cultured on this blog… lol More here

-          Marlene’s crumbly Oatmeal Coconut bars… corrr! The doyenne of macro brings us more inspiration – and a full low down on all the different bad sugars. So what does she use instead? Find out here.


August Challenge Updates

-          Dawn Robinson - Morning Debbie x Well I’ve been eating healthy thanks to Marlene ! I’m now going to step my exercise up a notch - I will confess i hate it ! I’m getting the Bodyblade thank you Bruce  x

-          Emily Curtis - My target for august is to try and increase my physio in my legs so I can try body blade standing up - I know it’s going to hurt but I’d like to be able to do just 5mins standing a week by end of August so here goes.

-          Amanda LeDieu - Great results for me eating much better and half a stone weight loss. BMI 20,81 am now working to find foods to help to maintain my weight! Exercise 5 days out of 7 & Feeling much better about myself. Thanks everyone x

-          Heather Jones - Hello Debbie just wanted to say I gave up chocolate snacking and am eating healthier meals and in four weeks have lost 11lb my goal is to lose 4stone by next August ready to be the mother of the bride in a size 12 and I am determined to do it I also have the body blade didn't realise just how unfit I was until I started to use it and a bonus I wasn't expecting my skin is looking much better too.

-          Elizabeth Gray - August target - freedom eating and getting the family on board with healthier meal choices and trying not to obsess over food find that works best eating when I want when I'm hungry…  trying to introduce more healthy stuff when we all sit down together for meals

GREAT UPDATES GIRLS – keep them coming! Leave a comment below if you’re not on Facebook!


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Firstly to say a massive thank you to Craig Rowe my fellow presenter on QVC, who took the helm when I was on air this week, and gave everyone an insight to life with Craigy! Such a  lovely evenings topics. We learned that he has always been a cheerful person – “I think I get it from my mum - she is such a bubbly lady and is always the life and soul of a party. Obviosuly I am not always happy and I have my stuff to deal with like everyone has but whenever I am on QVC or in public or on twitter etc i see it as my duty to smile and shine my light into the world. I do affirmations sometimes and one thing I do always do is say thank you when I wake up in the morning and thank you when I go to bed at night – it’s a blessing to be given every day and I try never to take that for granted.”

Also he has a fitness routine of sorts – “I am doing much more yoga and reformer pilates now since I hurt my back last year with kettlebells and it really helps. I also see my wonderful trainer Maciej (@locomaciej on twitter) twice a week and he puts me through my paces! Other than that I try and walk as much as possible and am using my car much less. Oh and let’s not forget mad dancing at any / every opportunity!!”


You’d better believe he does! Lol! Then we were treated to a whole hour of lifestyle insights and beauty advice from lovely Keeley Aydin from Elemis skincare, one of our biggest brands on QVC. Below is the Monday Essay, where she responds to some of your questions! Enjoy!


Q – Sharon – thanks for joining us Keeley!

KE - so great for me to spend some time with you all.I think I am lucky as without the Elemis products my skin would be a mess as I suffer from very dry skin without the added change in climate and flying, I certainly would never be without Bliss Capsules x


Q – Chris Calvert - Hi Keeley what would u say is the biggest change in skincare that u have seen over ur career so far?

KE - Chris, the fact that skincare can no longer be just determined by a skin type of normal, dry and combination. There are far more factors now that need to be taken into consideration .I think also to see how stem cell therapy can now be used in treating ageing skin . Skincare has advanced so much it's amazing to see in the last 20 years how far we have come and can't wait to see where we go in the next 20 years… as a company we initially had a strong focus in the beginning on body care and a very basic skincare range, I think we have really got it right with our skin are now and you will see some great new products and improvements made to our range and yes the body care products and men's skin care you will see some more improvements and additions


Q – Melissa Lane - Hi Keeley, if you could only have one Elemis product, what would it be and why? Xx

KE - Melissa, I think it would definitely be Pro Collagen Ultra Rich now as I can use it morning and evening and around the eyes and know it helps my skin keep hydrated and now having the Ultra Rich it gives my skin that added help it needs


Q – Joy Padley - Hi Keeley would it be possible for Elemis to bring out a travel size kit especially the pro collagen cleanser and shower cream my faves. Ps: also,good for psoriasis skin.

KE - Joy, I certainly will pass this on and know we have got some great new travel kits.I would say for psoriasis then Skin Nourishing Shower Cream for the body, Frangipani Oil and SOS for the face as your moisturiser


Q – Paula Jane Baker-Price - Hi Keeley, what products would you advise a menopausal 50 something woman to use on a regular basis? I use pro collagen marine cream mornings and pro collagen night cream and radiance cleanser. Anything else I need to use to give a boost? My skin is generally normal but I have dark under eyes and only very slight wrinkles are around eyes. Thanks xx

KE - Paula, I would say Cellular Recovery Bliss Capsules are perfect to help cope the skin go through the many changes the skin experiences


Q – Jill Dowding Walker - Keeley - fragile, red cheeks, getting more thread veins. What should I use? What should I avoid? Thanks

KE - Jill, avoid micro dermabrasion and gycolic based products.I would say SOS Emergency Cream as your moisturiser in the day as it will calm the skin and because of the Kunuba Wax base it will protect the skin .If you do not like the texture of the product then you can use half a pump and mix it in with your favourite moisturiser


Q - Zoe Robins – what’s your favourite food Keeley, what do you do for relaxation?

KE - Zoe, I love love love my food hence you will see my weight go up and down , I love Chinese , Indian and Italian food. I love saucy food that is so fattening .I have a very sweet tooth and love sweets so all not good for you. I do not drink hot drinks so drink a lot of water and think that really helps with my skin. I am lucky as my husband loves cooking and cooks some lovely Turkish food… I have just got back from Turkey and I have eaten non stop for 10 days , so scared my uniform is not going to fit x


Q – Sandra Gregory – don’t ever change, your laugh is so infectious / Michael James Hamlyn – So naughty but as viewers we LOVE it! Dawn Robinson – What I love is when you start to giggle!

KE - Michael, all the presenters are lovely to work with and you can see I think on air how genuine they are. Sandra - I don't think I'll ever change and Ali and Chloe know exactly how to trigger me off and love setting me off. Dawn - each time I go on air I say to myself ok keeley control yourself today and I don't know what happens I just lose control .I am like the Pringles advert once I pop I can't stop lol xx


Q – Claire Spoors – do you miss the UK?

KE - Claire, I love been here as life is a different pace and all my family are here , we are close to Omers family and due to omers health and family health problems we can be close, I am lucky as I am able to travel and still do my work so I have a lovely balance


Q – Dawn Robinson – What makeup brands do you use?

KE - Dawn , without a doubt Bare Minerals in general but do love Bobby Brown and Benefit too.


Q – Chelsea Brown - Hi Keeley, I am suffering with breakouts and acne at the moment, what would be the best products to use? Love your qvc shows, your advice is so helpful! 

KE - Chelsea , I would say make sure you have a great cleansing and toning routine. I would say Lime Blossom Cleanser and Lavender Toner and keep the skin well cleansed as this is crucial.Then I would say Bliss Capsules and SOS Emergency Cream


A special note from Keeley – “The facebook page I use mainly is the Keeley Aydin Elemis QVC page not my profile one that is on here as rarely use it only for posting pictures of family to Turkey so please don't think I am being rude if I don't add as a friend as had a problem a few years back .I am always on the other page to help and update you with all your Elemis questions as love helping you with your skin care xx”


KE - It's been a real pleasure been on here, we are two hours ahead here now so just going to try and sleep but it is over 40 degrees here , sweet dreams and chat again soon 


To come in next few weeks – Marjolein Brugmann from Pilates and supplements hours… Susie Adams from Northern Nights… and possibly Lee Hohbein, IT expert…

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  • Comment Link emily curtis 6 August 2014 posted by emily curtis

    I cant wait to see the pilates shows when are they back? My physio has recommended it as its very gentle but affective and best of all i can do it lying down Debbie i know what you mean about the chocolate had some green and black's 70% orange dark chocolate and felt so ill i had to sleep it off for two hours going to stick to berries blended with ice and plain yogurt in my ninja for a naughty but nice frozen yogurt keep up the good work your looking great Debbie so slim in that dress with akos the other day on his padded cubes

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