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Week 20! Nearly here - June 29th Get-together. Plus see Dr Robert Lustig talk in London, 10th July.
18 June 2014

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Another week, another Monday and some more reminders of what’s happened to some of our gang since this quest began!

How scary that we’re only less than two weeks away from our long awaited get together on June 29th (plus joint book launch for my new steamy novel). Time’s gone by so fast – and I do hope there may be some of you who just turn up on the day – info below. It’s all about the things we do every day, or most often, rather than the cramming-dieting that means fast weight loss but it’s not permanent. There’s some fascinating science out there about all that stuff – just a few minutes on Google is enough to give you lots of articles from revered bloggers, official health sites etc. So anything you wonder about, don’t take it for granted, find out more online!

Sugar, Fat, Food & Addiction Talk One such topic is coming up soon – on 10th July. Several top speakers at an all day health event in London – run by Food and Behaviour Research. None other than Dr Robert Lustig will be there. I’m going, are you? How great if you let me know and we can grab a coffee at some point!

The event will consist of 7 or 8 speakers throughout the day, focussing on some of the latest science covering how food makes you ill, or better. Prof Alex Richardson and her counterpart and world renowned expert in nutritional neurosciences, Cpt Joseph Hibbeln MD will also be speaking and subjects cover Sugar, Fat, Food and Addiction. More info and booking is here – but email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details of how to get a special rate, if they’re still available. It’s 10th July, 9am-430pm, Royal College of Surgeons, WC2.

Plus, talking of courses, and one day workshops (which we were, kind of!) don’t forget that the day before our get together, on Saturday 28th, Marlene Watson Tara will be giving a cooking demonstration, featuring lunch and handouts, also at Wotton Hall, near Dorking, Surrey for £75, 10-4pm. More info from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Do join us – one more space!


Latest Back to You group comments!

Only just under two weeks to go till our get together on 29th in Surrey, it’s great to see these Monday updates coming through!

Well done to the girls in the pic at the top – keep up the good work!

Join the groups via the links below – everyone’s welcome, even if you only read and don’t post much!

Other news –

-          How drinking three litres of water a day took ten years off my face – via the Mail Online – interesting results for one journalist. Click here for more.


-          Cancer-Fighting Diet – from TIME mag – six diet guidelines for preventing cancer – many might not be able to do all of these, but even one or two might be useful click here for more.


-          Ten surprising ‘health benefits of sex Well since I’ve been editing some of my steamy romance this week, as it’s due to be published on Amazon on June 29th, this seemed a good one to feature! But what I want to know is – what if you don’t have a partner to get all these ‘benefit’s with? Second thoughts – don’t answer that! lol Find out more here.


Don’t forget on my QVC Blog from Friday 14th  for a little more including the dating guide as Book of the Week, ‘Love in 90 Days.’ See below to join our Facebook group, ‘Back to You QVC,’ before my month long run of Back to You shows returns to QVC weekly in September. And also see below for info about our weekly online live event as of mid-July!

Next week’s Monday Update - the final week!

Hugs and best wishes for a marvellous week in the (current) sunshine! Long may it last!



Ps If anyone reading this column for the first time, has not yet come across all the amazing info about how nutrition can change your health, your illness, & your future, then do take a look at all the archive Back to You blogs, at the left on this page. There you’ll see regular articles explaining why it’s imperative for most people (according to the World Health Organisation) - to examine your nutrition first and foremost, if you’re poorly. Much more info and many links from members are also regularly posted on our facebook groups – do go join up!

Till then I’ll continue on my little campaign, and if you can pass on the word too – especially about sugar being toxic, all well and good.


Joining In

-          Our Challenge Party date is Sunday 29th June, (in Surrey) it’s still not too late to tell me you’d like to come along! If you’re not on facebook, just email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. All the links to the groups are below.

-          Don’t forget if you’re a member of Back to You QVC Group or of the closed group Break the Habit BTU, to give us your Monday update on facebook! Plus, from around mid July we will be having a weekly live online chat session on facebook group too!

-          Go here to read the Back to You QVC Group updates and to join.

-          Go here to request to join the sister group – it’s a CLOSED group - Break the Habit – BTU.

-          If you’d like to see my own Break the Habit Challenge, it’s here.

-          And for more info about Freedom Eating – click here for Till the Fat Lady Slims (2002) on Amazon. !


THE MONDAY ESSAY – Acid/Alkaline

In keeping with the macrobiotic topic above, here’s some interesting info about keeping your body in an alkaline state…

There are a lot of conflicting articles online – some quite dismissive, and some fascinating ones about how so many illnesses can be affected by your acid or alkaline levels. Basic theory, as far as I understand it, is that alkaline foods (veggies, salads) make your body more alkaline, but so do very weak dilutions of acid DRINKS  like fresh lemon in water – one of the reasons why we think our lemonistas are doing so well in not getting the awful cravings by drinking several glasses a day.

Well whatever you believe, it’s a good thing to try it, and I personally know many cases where it’s definitely helped. The article above in Other News about a cancer-fighting diet will largely be an alkaline diet. And most of us don’t eat enough veg and salad (note I don’t say enough fruit and veg since fruit is so full of fructose, it’s not good in large quantities ‘cos fructose is still fructose).

So do your googling – below are a few to start off with – and see what YOU think – particularly if you can actually try it too.

Would love your feedback if so.

Good luck!

Best wishes



Next week –

Ps – all my books available here on Amazon!

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