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Week 8 of 18 – Update – Leg Master Magic. And Why Aren’t They Shouting About Omega 3 Being Good for Blood Pressure Problems? Is Stevia the Sweetener from Heaven? PLUS – Focus on Shitake Mushrooms
21 March 2014

Debs on air 21st March qvc uk Debs on air 21st March qvc uk

This week  - In the Monday Essay – how amazing are shitake mushrooms? Plus news of how to get my Freedom Eating (semi-autobiographical 2002) weight loss book for 99p next weekend! Plus the Bodyblade is rocking our group! And the lower carb chocolate that could help solve your cravings.

In ‘other news’ below… switch to Stevia? Can this new sugar substitute be the salvation of the sugar industry – or your sugar cravings!? Plus see bottom left of this page for the archived Monday updates packed with fab health facts (stretching back to January, including links to all the January QVC Back to You shows)

Better and Better…

This week I was dead chuffed about the pics being taken for my blog – must’ve been the right lighting or something ‘cos I was pleased to see quite a more slimline look starting to come through! Is it a fluke?! Lol. Well the Dennis Basso TSV QVC jacket was definitely slimming but the legs are definitely being helped by the old Leg Master! (avail on I’m on it for about a minute a day. Yes, really. It’s helping with the shape of my bum for sure – and saddle bags – and thighs. I haven’t been totally strict either – just been trying to adhere to Freedom Eating primarily, and opting for the healthiest options most of the time. BUT mainly making the portions smaller with the clever old ‘stopping at satisfied’ ploy.

Am loving the book ‘What are you Hungry for’ by Deepak Chopra too – which I’ll be examining next week on here. Do come back for another helping next Monday! I’ll have a ‘beginning of april update pic’ the week after too – when we’ll be half way there to the end of June get together party and joint book launch. BTW, my weight loss book is also cut price for the great Mothers’ Day Giveaway next weekend!


TTFLS is 99p for Mother’s Day! Would you like to learn all about listening to your body and eating how slim people eat? It’s heartwarming that Till the Fat Lady Slims (2002) is helping people – ta to all those putting their comments on our Facebook groups about how Freedom Eating has changed everything for them. So that’s why I’m doing a lovely little 66% off offer on Amazon next weekend (28-31 march) paperback or eBook on Amazon – do read the reviews! And do kindly add yours!


 BodyBlade Big-Ups

Course moving more and toning is cool too – and you know when you recommend something, and you’re so certain about it, you really want it to work for others too? Specially me being a blinking QVC presenter too – kind of important things work, right?! Well a lot of our ladies on the Facebook groups have been raving about their Bodyblades too! I’ll include a little summary of the comments about Body Blade when one of the girls asked for some feedback since she wasn’t sure whether or not it would be a waste of money. Was so reassured to see these comments come flooding through – so glad it’s not just me who thinks it’s great.



Dark Chocolate 85% saviour?

Haha! Just for those who need their chocolate fix, my fave which I have from time to time is dark choc – but 70% is still about 23% sugar. My sis Linda was raving about 85% tho, so I looked this week and saw it was only 13% - ie, just under three tsp sugar in a whole 100g big bar. So a couple of squares of that are ok as far as I’m concerned! Give it a go if you still need a ‘treat’ – assuming your body is telling you that’s what you need! More about benefits here.

OR – Stevia to the Rescue? Yes Stevia – a plant – looks like being a sweet-tooth’s best friend. Although experts say it’s best to cut down completely to reduce a sweet tooth, it might help. Read more here on Woman and Home site.


By the way – I saw this this week, and thought the exact same thing – did you? -

Why have the press not picked up on the amazing new reports about how Omega 3 helps blood pressure problems? What a very good question!! Some jump to announce statins are actually ok (though some doctors and experts quickly threw doubt on those headlines) and high protein from animals is worse than smoking (though most experts immediately threw doubt on those headlines!) – so why hasn’t the same happened for some even more heavyweight studies showing omega 3 could significantly improve blood pressure.   Something smells fishy indeed! Read more here.


Other news –

-          60 Small Ways to Improve Your Health in the Next 100 Days – also on this site called VYTDKnow (Various things you didn’t know), stuff like ’15 powerful things happy people do differently’ and ‘5 Thoughts that will instantly make you happier’! Do go explore! click here for more


-          A Healthy Mid Life Diet May Prevent Dementia Later -  do you or someone you love regularly eat foods classed as ‘unhealthy’ like sausages, sweets, sugary drinks, salty fish, saturated fats from milk products and spreads? Whatever the studies hitting the headlines recently throwing doubt on the high fat link to heart problems, (as mentioned on recent archive articles – see below left on this page) studies like this new one do include sat fat as well as the other typically ‘bad’ foods in a study showing people aged 50 suffer from more dementia later if they eat crap now. You’d think that was obvious? If you didn’t read this. Click here for more info.


-          The most recent Dr Robert Lustig vid – (Sadly last week’s recommendation The Truth About Fat - BBC 2 show isn’t on iplayer or youtube – if you see it on repeat do please email me and let me know.) But instead, here’s something even more exciting. It’s last year’s update from the world’s most eminent expert on obesity and how to sort out your nutrition.What I love about it are the stats he includes – scary stuff. And soooo watchable. And life-changing. Seriously. Give yourself some time and watch it in parts or a couple of times so it sinks in. Need another reason to watch it? He says –

 Obesity is never gluttony and sloth. It’s always biochemistry. The secret is finding out what the biochemistry is… 25% of diabetes worldwide is caused by sugar… Do I have your attention…?”

 If he does, do watch it! There’s even a Will Smith clip! Watch this and see how a calorie is NOT a calorie. And get all the gen on hormones Leptin and Grehlin etc .

Click here to watch it - Fat Chance : Fructose 2


-          Follow up – if you follow my ongoing strand about the positive effects of high dose EPA Omega 3’s – there’s  More here on


Hope you’re loving the little round ups each week, regulars! Do leave me a comment below every now and then, ok?!!



Joining In

Even though we’re nearly at week 9 of 18 on our way to our Challenge Party date of Sunday 29th June, (in Surrey) it’s still not too late to share your own precious ‘before pics’. Do come join us, it’s never too late! And if you’ve got a ShareStory you’d like to feature on here and you’re not on facebook, just email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. All the links to the groups are below.

Don’t forget if you’re a facebook member of Back to You QVC Group or of the closed group Break the Habit BTU, to give us your Monday update on facebook!

Go here to read the Back to You QVC Group updates and to join.

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If you’d like to join in on my own Break the Habit Challenge, it’s here.

And for more info about Freedom Eating – click here for Till the Fat Lady Slims (2002) on Amazon. Remember it’s only 99p on eBook next weekend!

Next week’s Monday Update – more from our ‘Break the Habit Challengers’ about their week, and the benefits of the amazing Daikon (mooli) radish! Smells vile but does so much cleansing! And looks phallic but hey, can’t have everything. Or maybe you can! Lol. Plus Deepak Chopra’s book – the enlightening psychological diet aid ‘What are you Hungry For’ which I’m loving on audiobook in my car (in between John Grisham’s ‘Sycamore Row’ which is faaaab!)

Big hugs for a happy healthy week ahead!





The magic of shitake mushrooms and What is the Biome?

The person most responsible for stimulating the current medicinal interest in shiitake was Japan’s Kisaku Mori, PhD. In 1936, Dr Mori established the Institute of Mushroom Research in Tokyo. Until his death in 1977, he worked with scientists from around the world to document the medicinal effects of shiitake. Using analytical techniques, Mori found shiitake high in many enzymes and vitamins that were not usually found in plants. Working for years with human subjects he discovered that shiitake was effective in treating a long list of ailments.

For more about shitake read on here.

And of course, it comes into play with the effect on the bacteria living in our gut. And that’s where, experts say, a lot starts to go wrong with our health. It’s interesting when you get to researching what happens in the gut and how it affects the immune system – do google it - and maybe why people are talking so much about probiotics nowadays. Funny isn’t it?


Using bacteria to promote human health – the microbiome

There’s been an explosion of microbiome science lately, said one article on one of the health science sites I follow. See here. So I wondered what they were talking about and asked my food guru Marlene. She said -

“We have been teaching the Microbiome for decades… but you don’t need expensive probiotics... when will humans ever learn that all they need is in their kitchen... make fermented vegetables and create your own probiotics that feed the biome, the good guys living in your gut.  A biome therefore is the environment in which living creatures dwell. Plants, animals, sea life, all have a region in which they survive in, which varies geographically.  Tundra's, forests, grasslands, prairies, are just a few examples of different biomes.  

"When I get up from my chair, ten times more bacterial cells get up than human ones,"  because the bacteria in our body outnumber our cells in our body by 10 to 1. Deep in the large intestine, layers of invisible creatures dance with food to create our bloodstream. They are superbugs, super adaptable and super sensitive and they do an amazing job protecting the body and digesting nutrients and even evolving on the spot to the get the job done. The more they thrive, the better we feel. 

The use of the word 'flora' to describe gut bacteria is apt. Just as weeds compete for space and nutrients in a garden and 'choke out' healthy plants, so 'bad' bacteria can behave the same way in the intestines, potentially threatening digestive – and therefore overall – health. In a healthy gut flora, the activities of the good bacteria predominate over those that are considered more harmful.”

So cherry pick your added ingredients to help your body’s biome, or go the whole hog and investigate the macrobiotic approach – including all sorts of shitake recommendations and making your own probiotics with fermented vegetables.

“Though we’ve tended to think of bacteria as agents of destruction, they are invaluable creators as well. Gut bugs manufacture essential vitamins (including vitamin K as well as several B vitamins) and a great many other compounds scientists are only just beginning to recognize.

Overly-processed foods typical of Western diets don’t contain enough fibre to sustain our gut bacteria – unlike probiotic foods such as pickled vegetables, miso and other fermented food.  The lack of fibre in our diet is, in effect, starving our gut and its microbial residents. We have changed the human diet in such a way that it no longer feeds the whole superorganism, as it were, only our human selves. We’re eating for one, when we need to be eating for a few trillion. 

It makes sense therefore that the more healthy bacteria you eat, the more you crowd out the bad guys, and it’s so simple to make some fermented dishes in your own kitchen”


Go here to read more on Marlene Watson Tara’s website.





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