Debbie Flint

Author: Phil

Aspects of “Barbenheimer” / Film Fest! Kate Bush fun; & sneaky QVC peeks….

Saw three big things this week. ‘Aspects of Love’ at the theatre with my mum and sister, and the two blockbusters that are breaking records at the cinema, Barbie and Oppenheimer.  Absolutely loved Ryan Gosling in Barbie. Found it very entertaining and superbly tongue in cheek, loved what they did with the juxtaposition between real […]

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Super Siblings and Sneaky Peeks

Brother Glen and his wife Boki arrived back from Sweden for a flying visit, literally, and to go to the Bruce Springsteen concert, for the second time in a week! We had a little get-together outside my sister’s on a balmy day with a beautiful breeze. Brother-in-law Dave did a barbecue, mum and her partner […]

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