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Bye-bye lovely Ali Keenan, retiring after 23 years!

Oh well, how sad for this week as Ali Keenan had her last show on QVC and is now retired. 23 years at QVC, goodness me. She joined just as I left the first time round, so it was funny watching Ali, remembering my own farewell show & how different my life became after that. Ali says she wants to spend much much more time with the family now and I’m sure she will love every minute.

These were the last minutes on her last hour, courtesy of the wonderful Alison Cork, who was standing just behind me as I filmed too! She got a longer clip so I am including Alison’s Insta post, just click here to see it.

We then went off to the pub over the road and had a really nice evening, there was even some dancing! And lots of the presenters came along as well after we had helped Ali finish up tidying her dressing room and delivered her boxes where they needed to go, then over the pub we went. We will definitely keep in touch and I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of this lovely lady. Good luck Ali in the next chapter of your life, we love you millions and you will be sorely missed.

And here (below) is the gang who all made the effort to come on set and say goodbye to Ali on her last show, and top bloke Kealan, one of our managers, who is emigrating to Australia! Bon voyage and good luck to one and all that. You will be missed.


Goodness Gracious Gatineau!

Cannot believe the incredible value of the new Gatineau offer, (see below for more details). I’ve been using it and finding it really good for radiance and smooth, glass-like skin. Do watch out for it, and I hope there’s some left for my Sunday shift!

Yum, mum!

I had a quick cup of tea in the High Street with my lovely mum and her partner this week, when the sun came out and we were very happy sitting outside edibles.

In the old days there was only edibles and Café Italia at the other end. Now there are so many coffee shops and cafés it’s become a real destination, has Banstead! Must do it more often.

New Carpet!

I know it’s a silly thing, but I managed to get a really good deal and get myself new carpet in my flat. The old one was pretty thin and had been there for 15 years or so, actually nearer 18, thinking of it! The trouble is, most of my flat is still in my spare room! Just need to work out what really needs to go in the lounge rather than just re-creating the mishmash that was there before. Three years further on, from when I first moved in, in September 2020. So it was about time for a bit of a clearout! Very cleansing 🙂 LOL. But since I’m off to France today (Friday), it will just have to stay in the spare room till I get back!

Watch – it’s a new one I discovered by accident – called ‘Poker Face’. A woman with an uncanny ability to tell if someone is lying, goes on the run when she gets involved in a murder. Harmless, quirky, made by the same people who made ‘Knives Out’. Worth a watch!

Blooper – I don’t have the clip but I just have to tell you about this, it was during the ice cream maker day and Charlie Farley (my colleague Charlie Brooke), was on with the ‘easiyo’ lady Susie, and he was gobbling down as much as he could, as fast as possible. As per! And guess what happened? He dropped a great big spoonful down his trousers, and it went all the way down his trouser leg! So funny! If I find the clip I will let you know :-), if anyone saw it let me know as well 🙂 


Go here to get the latest Inside QVC podcast from Will, and the current one if you haven’t listened yet :-). Don’t forget there’s a massive back list to catch up on, too!

This week Will interviews Dimitri James the founder of the ‘Skinn’ cosmetics brand about his career in the beauty industry.

But please don’t forget to go and have a listen to Ali’s podcast, still available online in the same place on the link above!

Vlog – Here is #ThursdayBantz, the one where I talk about just what happened behind the scenes on Ali’s last day… (See it here).

Book of the Week

I’m so excited, I have discovered a new author. And a new series! Regulars may remember I raved about an author called MRC Kasasian and his quirky detective characters set in London in the late 1800s. Well, Kate Saunders writes about ‘kind of detective’ Laetitia Rodd earlier on that century. ‘In The Secrets of Wishtide’ (castle), there is an impostor, a murder, and a mystery to solve!

Very clever turns of phrase, really enjoying it! Must try not to get too distracted though, when I’m away next week though I’m supposed to be writing my own book! (I’m not even gonna talk about it anymore because most regulars will be too bored!) 


Friday (today) – go to and search ‘today’s special value’ to see and buy what’s left of the Moda in Pelle ‘olanna’ sandal.

Saturday – stand by your phones, the Laura Geller range of cosmetics is back with a super size balance and bronze collection, it will be amazing!

Sunday – tech time and the blink video doorbell returns with a bumper offer for a low price.

Big deals ending Sunday night

Go to this section of our website each week to discover the current ones which often end on Sunday nights if there are any stocks left!

Big deals are available on air for usually a week, they may be longer online if stocks last. Occasionally they last a couple of weeks but there are new ones every Sunday night so come back again and see them on the link above. 

Next week should include:

– style – Malissa J dress! 

– extra – free spirit frisco sandal

– beauty – my gair doctor keraplex offer

– main – another Liz Earle four-peice botanical essence and beauty collection and a super bargain yet again!

Now back to the today’s special values for the rest of the week –

Monday – ultrasun time with a four-piece face fluid and body collection

Tuesday – lock unlock return with a 15-piece assorted airtight food storage containers set

Wednesday – prai I’ll back with a super-size pearl ageless throat and decolletage cream and oil collection, super affordable

Thursday – denim and co day with a printed tiered midi dress in two different lengths

Friday – braun oh here! With the silk-expert pro5 hair remover set, using laser to help to get rid of it more permanently…

Friday 9 pm – the ninja Speedi air cooker is back and goes on sale earlier in the week, don’t miss it!

Also going on sale mid week is the Gatineau age benefit new today’s special value. Specialising in even skin tone, you get a new cleanser, the wonderful serum, and two age benefit products, that really crank up the value. Fingers crossed it’s here for my 7 pm show after and Andi Peters food fest extravaganza on Sunday, next weekend (the 11th). Do try it if you can, you really do see some swift transformations and with a 60-day trial period what more could you want apart from massive value? Oh, and it’s got that as well 🙂

By the way, this week’s exclusive over on my newsletter was my Bradley’s kids, Blake and Kaleb, playing on something that fascinated them in my flat when they visited! Sign up to the newsletter by clicking the link below to get an email from me each week!

Next week – lots of updates from my week in Bordeaux, as I return to Chez Castillon writing retreat. Absolutely cannot wait!!

Best wishes


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