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A posse of presenters! Baby’s birthday, and Sneaky Peeks!

QVC presenters

Arrived back at work last weekend and suddenly there were five of us backstage! Usually there are only two or three so it was quite unusual to be able to take this super pic, with newest girls Rezzy, Laura and Victoria already dressed up, leaving me in the shade! Always nice to see my fellow presenters and have a catch up.

Bubba’s Visit

Had a lovely time last weekend when my daughter brought her kids down and my son visited with his two as well. We went for a lovely long walk in the woods, and even though the weather wasn’t very good, it was so nice to get together. Had the most delicious meal at one of the local cafés. Went to the playground. Had a massive family get-together! And had so little sleep as I was working every night!

walk in the woods

The girls played solo together, and my little Phoebe and Blake set up what looks like a car with two little rocking chairs from IKEA in front of two little collapsible kids’ garden chairs, they played really well! Jasper is just starting to walk and really enjoyed the family get-togethers both on Saturday with Brad and his two, and on Sunday with the family, lots of them – thank goodness my balcony was also available as it was quite a bright day with no rain! Check out the Vlog below. A good time was had by all!

I also had a retreat to run in Devon, with six lovely people, who hit it off and had some good laughs together. I was running around like a blue-bottomed one as usual, no change there then! But I was very pleased with some of the meals I did, including this delicious stuffed mushroom dish and poached pear pudding, on one of the evenings.



I have to say I’m always uplifted when the daffodils start to come out. Whilst there are hundreds and hundreds down our long drive at my flat in Banstead, virtually none have come out so far in Devon. But mum had these on her balcony. Little narcissi! Roll on spring. And watch out for the new gardening programming, see below. 

me and Jennie

Jen n Gerald

People with long memories will recall me taking my dearly departed Daisy dog, to stay with lovely Jennie, my friend in Shebbear. Her doggy Gerald used to be Daisy‘s boyfriend LOL. Jennie is a friend with whom there is never enough time to catch up with everything we need to discuss; you know like when you tumble over your words trying to get so much conversation done :-). Always a pleasure. Check out the exclusive content over on my newsletter: what Gerald got up to when I was there! If you don’t already, subscribe by pressing the newsletter button below! And a happy birthday to Jennie for the 27th. Along with my friend LJ Rich who is also celebrating that day. Plus, this week, so is Caitlynne, as is my son Brad, both on the 1st.

Lunch with mumma n co

My lovely mum took me for a slap-up meal at lunchtime in the local café where they like going, on Tattenham Corner. Their friend who they look after, came too. Always nice to spend time with my lovely mummy.

Watch – gosh, no time to watch much, I’m still catching up on ‘The Traitors’ US. But I must say I have started getting into ‘Designated Survivor’. Shenanigans at the White House when an explosion at the capitol building wipes out all of the government except one, the designated survivor, who happens to be Kiefer Sutherland! But I have got my eye on ‘Yellowstone’ and it’s two predecessors (‘1883’, and ‘1923’), just as soon as I have watched ‘Nolly’!! At least with audiobooks I can get on with doing other things at the same time, shame I can’t divide my eyes up and watch TV with one eye, while I get on with everything else with the other LOL!

Funny – saw this online this week! And considering I left my AirPods at home when I went to Devon, I was very grateful I had bought along my little Cath Kidston bee ones! So this made me laugh.

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Go here to get the latest Inside QVC podcast from Will, and the current one if you haven’t listened yet :-). Don’t forget there’s a massive back list to catch up on, too!

Will Gowing catches up with TV presenter, performer and designer, Brenda Edwards. Brenda talks all about her brand new range with QVC – Be U by Brenda Edwards – as well as some of the things that surprised her when putting the collection together.

Vlog – First one is a little look at what baby did in the kitchen, when mayhem was going on in the lounge with so many visitors for Jasper’s first birthday!

Look what happened one evening during my writing retreat in Devon, one of my guests displayed her talents! Always nice to hear it being used! (See it here).

Book of the Week – Am now listening to the first in a series of Victorian murder mysteries that came up on a special offer on audible. ‘The Mangle St Murders’ by M R C Kasasian. Hundreds and hundreds of five star reviews! I agree with one of the reviewers, who said ‘I expected it to be a light-hearted fairly shallow spoof but it turned out to be quite gripping with cleverly constructed characters’ and good twists and turns, with lots of Victorian detail woven through. Bit gory in parts a la ripperesque, but enjoying it so far! And one of a series. I’m really liking getting books that are in a series at the moment!


Friday (today) – go to and search ‘today’s special value’ to see and buy what’s left of the Nails Inc Nail Art 7pc collection.

Saturday – finally Richard Jackson is back with his flower Power, his most premium plant food in a big 2 kg tub, a really good price if you want superb plants, veg and flowers this season! Don’t miss it, launching tonight with Jilly and Michael Perry at nine.

Sunday – Laura Geller’s latest TSV deal is here and brings us some smashing favourites!! Already online, it’s the spark of radiance face, lip and Kajal Eye collection, really good value! And at 9 pm I launch the new Australian bodycare today’s special value…

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– beauty: L’occitane’s 4pc Herbar Par L’occitane Spartium collection. No, me neither. 

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Thursday – I’m looking forward to my launch on Wednesday night of the new proto-col beauty collagen and hyaluronic acid 30 day system. Their hydrating day cream is really plumping, I’m impressed so far and this is a really good price if you need to revamp your skincare.

Friday – Philip Kingsley bring us the bluebell woods three piece collection, another really good price from them. I have the 7pm show!

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Next week – being reunited with the thing I left behind! See the newsletter! And my son turns 36. My God, he is now nearer 40 than 30, even. Where did the years go! LOL. Have a great week.

Best wishes


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