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A fabulous group in Devon, and a sneaky bit of wonderful weather

Had such a lovely time this week in Devon, even though it was somewhat problematic! (On some levels anyway. Go below to my vlog, where there is a link to my regular weekly Facebook live, #thursdaybantz, for more about that!)

The weather took a turn for the better on a couple of other days at least, although it was so windy at the start of the week, the end of it ended quite nice. The above photo was taken in the glamorous surroundings of… The Waitrose car park in Okehampton! LOL.

My lovely writing friend Rosemary Dunn, an open university tutor, held another writing retreat telling people the basics and fundamentals of how to write a novel, and what a nice group they were. Some challenges as far as their dietary requests were concerned! (See vlog!!) but I managed okay. 

On the final night I did a tuna Nico Ferri variation, and I can tell you now I will be doing this again! Firstly it looks great, very colourful. Secondly, it’s really good for you, and thirdly how easy and simple it was! The only thing I had to wash up was the steamer! Yum Yum Yum. I could eat it again now LOL.

And on one day I did my trademark “pie meringue lemon“, only with a meringue at the bottom, crumbled digestive at the top, (all variation of), and in the middle the most delicious lime Easiyo yoghurt (except for the non-dairy people who had a coconut yoghurt).

They loved the food, and they loved the week. And I had to wash up for nine people with a dodgy dishwasher on the blink! I managed it though! Hope the next lot are just as nice, I have the next retreat in May, but I am away at Center Parcs the week before that for my birthday week with my daughter! Yay!


Afternoon Tea chez Moi

My regular Devon ladies came to see me again briefly, and we had a good old chat talking about the way things were different when we were younger! The two in their 80s had some wonderful stories! Barbara won the contest of “I remember when we didn’t have…!” my contribution was “when we didn’t have calculators! And we had to use logbook! Remember those?” We all enjoyed a lovely big Victoria cake made by Sally, the local lady living not far from me. Always nice to catch up with my lovely friends.

Rhododendrons are blooming!

It won’t be long now, where the famous half a mile drive where I live, will be covered in rhododendrons in full bloom, one of the reasons I loved the idea of living at my flats in Surrey! You can be sure there will be some impressive pictures over the next month or so! Plus great news that the property managing agents will finally take over today (19th). It’s been a long battle but we’re nearly there! Wish us luck 🙂


Look at this set from last week on QVC – doesn’t this look beautiful, talking of wonderful colours. Yes, it does, I can hear you say. So that’s why I ordered these colour changing faceted glass solar lights in a set of 10… Except I didn’t. What a numpty! This from the person who always tells people don’t forget to complete your order! I obviously thought I’d done it but I hadn’t. Oh well it happens to the best of us. I just hope they come back in stock at some stage, I’ve ordered two sets on waitlist. If you got some I hope you love them! 

Watch – just a little thing for you  to watch this week, apart from the obvious, very obvious, final of The Apprentice! A little news story from BBC Spotlight this week, featuring a brief glimpse of a portrait of my lovely friend Alix, and some of the people who live in Belstone village in Dartmoor. Charming!

I’m looking forward to seeing ‘Back to Black,’ the Amy Winehouse story at the cinema, I’m going to go either Friday night or Saturday night! Must lay off the popcorn though, time to get sugar back out of my diet if my throbbing knuckle is anything to go by!

Funny – spotted this on the Laura Geller Instagram account, well that’s a different way to advertise! Funny! (See it here).

Podcast Go here to get the latest Inside QVC podcast from Will, and the current one if you haven’t listened yet :-). Don’t forget there’s a massive back list to catch up on, too!

This week, Julien MacDonald tells Will about his early life growing up in Wales, his incredible career in the world of fashion including working for some of the biggest fashion houses in the world, and of course his 10th anniversary here at QVC!

Vlog – you got to hear what I went through with this week’s meals in Devon! Check out this week’s #thursdaybantz here!

Book of the Week – Since I enjoyed still life so much, I thought I would explore a bit more Sarah Winman. She’s a very clever author. Lots of personification in particular. Some funny turns of phrase as well.

‘The Year of Marvellous Ways’ – has the same writing style, I thought, but not quite as punchy or polished as still life which I would’ve thought came later. Again another saga, following the relationships between a few people over different decades. And a bit confusing in places. Nice to enjoy if you liked Still Life but I would read Still Life first. They are not connected plots. 

Yeah, I have started the latest Marian Keys book, ‘My Favourite Mistake,’ I do love her characterisations and her narration, it makes me laugh out loud in places! And for some of us, it’s so wonderful to have a laugh isn’t it! Recommended so far. 

Newsletter – This week people who subscribed to my Friday newsletter will have got a beautiful picture of my grandchildren on the beach, and something weird featuring part of my body! See below on how to subscribe.


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Saturday – the weekend is exciting with an alfresco living event! I’m off for the weekend, but we will have some lovely outdoor furniture including a multifunctional garden storage bench and two chairs tsv from my garden stories today…

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Next week – Back to Black, the Amy Winehouse movie at the cinema, and a couple of extra days off in Devon as I have a big weekend – an AGM for 30 people and an important Sunday lunch, as I take and a couple of extra days off in Devon, lucky me, please let it sunshine!

Best wishes



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