Debbie Flint

A Day with Blake, Dysonned, and Sneaky QVC Peeks!

First, I was very impressed with the way the Dyson Corrale straightener/curler did my hair last weekend! What an amazing saving, and a brilliant beauty tool. This was such a nice picture I thought I’d send it to you this week 🙂 It’s quite trendy now to do the little straight bits at the ends, but doesn’t it look like a very famous actress in a very famous film from many years ago, where ‘your heart will go on…?’ Know what I mean? LOL

Blake’s Big Sleepover

My lovely granddaughter came for a sleepover after I finished work early last Sunday night, and what a packed day we had! She slept through the storms during the night, very soundly even snoring a little, the nice thing about younger kids is that they sleep like logs!

Then the next morning after several versions of breakfast, a quick trip in to see GranNan, and a dressing up session featuring some of the little outfits I got for her, age 5 to 6. 

She’s only four but she’s quite tall, and has grown out of most of the others! (They will be on their way down to Wales to little Phoebe!)

Then after lunch with GranNan at a café in a local park, we went to see auntie Becky and Maggie the dog, where Blake had a little accident with a very overenthusiastic downstairs cloakroom tap and ended up having to change her outfit…! 

Then a quick shopping trip, where she insisted on doing her own checkout! 

Then we even managed to squeeze in a trip to Westcroft for a quick swimming session, which was wonderful. I’ll definitely do it with her again. We popped in to see auntie Lindy because she was also at the same place, she does nails at the spa in Westcroft leisure centre. Then home for some supper. Blake had a really deep sleep on the way home, I’m not surprised! She had woken up at 6:30 in the morning!

She loved watching the Silverchair on YouTube, the BBC version of book 4 in the Narnia series. Then I drove her all the way home to Fulham. Her dad was due to take her out on the Tuesday and then on the Wednesday she started school. A proper grown-up school, well preschool. But since she is five in January, she is very grown-up. It was lovely to spend time with her and she’s old enough now to really understand things and was no trouble at all. No tantrums no nothing!

She did get a little demanding from the armchair when she wanted more water at one point, but she was very good company and I missed her the next morning when she was gone!  She even made me a lovely robot called grumble door! Bless her little heart. Sign up for my newsletter here and you’ll see the extra special picture that nobody else sees – this week it was the robot!

Looking forward to seeing Lauren’s two next, in Wales, when I visit this weekend for Lauren‘s birthday!

I can’t wait.


Baby, Bunny, Bride…

Happy birthday to my lovely Lolly Pop. She was 33 this week and is such a good mummy herself now. Had a lovely time with her (so far!) in Wales, more next week including a spa day!

Hair Today…

My lovely hairdresser Kay has been doing my hair for more than a decade now. Based at Dare in Reigate, she is the most skilled colourist I have known. We had a lovely catch up when I went there this week and she didn’t mind a quick photograph! They do a wonderful cup of tea and I find it a very relaxing experience! It was a bit shorter than expected this time, see if you notice a difference when you see me on air this weekend!

Ladies’ Lunch

What a nice afternoon I had with my lovely colleague and friend Alison Keenan, and behind-the-scenes manager Tina. We had been meaning to meet for ages and we managed to do it at the beautiful Cote brasserie in Windsor no less, right next to the water. What an absolutely beautiful place Windsor is. The bridge was gorgeous as well. Definitely hoping to go back again soon! It’s lovely to take time out and lovely to be able to talk about things with friends I only ever normally see at work, but away from QVC!

Watch – Ridley. Yes! How good is this! Okay so the main detective woman character is a bit hammy. But seeing Ridley, (played by Adrian Dunbar who was Ted Hastings, the main older Scottish guy character from ‘Line of Duty’) in another detective (okay, Ex-detective) series, is very satisfying. Really liked the first one, if you watch it to the end, you will see why! Still has signs of wokery, as some people would say, but several regular characters make it worth watching as well as the main one, Ridley himself. And he ends it in a song! Who knew! It’s almost got a very 70s vibe about it. Give it a watch and see what you think. On ITV Catch up.

PS I’ve also got my eye on the second series of a very good drama, The Capture! More soon.  🙂

Blooper – Charlie Farley is always good for a laugh, especially with our across-studio teasers! Check this one out (here) from last weekend! LOL.


Not one but two mentions on this week‘s Podcasts section:

Firstly Will’s ‘Inside QVC’ podcast, out Monday (12th) is with Marisa and Kiri from Hotel Chocolat, behind-the-scenes info and upcoming offers from this delicious British chocolate brand!

Secondly, here’s a different one for you. If you remember me raving about the podcast ‘Teacher’s Pet’, and the follow-up this Summer, ‘Teacher’s Trial’, well, the verdict was announced this week. They found Chris Dawson guilty. Guilty! What a turn up for the books! Forty years later, the family finally have justice. To say the podcast world – and virtually the whole of Australia – are astounded, and delighted, is the understatement of the year. But the judge spent over 3 hours explaining why he came to his decision, then announced… ‘guilty’. I was seriously gripped by the live announcement, and could not stop listening even though it was 5:30 in the morning by the time I went to sleep! 

Chris Dawson was accused of murdering his wife, of killing her and covering it all up afterwards, in 1982. It’s been one of the most infamous cold cases in the world. There’s just got to be a movie or TV version at some stage. Again, highly recommended, just search for the titles wherever you find your podcasts, and listen to it right from the start!

Vlog here’s the link to last week #ThursdayBantz and don’t forget to join me every Thursday night for a new one!

Join me for my 60th Afternoon Tea in Nov!

In this one, news about how to join me for afternoon tea at Dottys teahouse, High Street Carshalton, on Sunday, the 13th of November, at 2:30 pm! In aid of medical detection dogs, we will do a little raffle and an auction but you just ring up and book your spot by calling Dottys to book your spot. Already about half of the places have gone! There will only be 20 to 25 available! More info here.

Book of the Week

Subterranean Homesick Blues. Technically not an audiobook, it’s a radio play! But starring Bill Nighy, one of my favourite actors, I couldn’t resist. He plays an older almost-lothario, revisiting a lost romance after an accidental meeting, in this double hander, opposite Anna Calder Marshall. It follows the ups and downs of the various follow-up reunions and is very very funny. A little bit corny, and a tiny bit cliched, but well worth a listen!

But obviously I am now heavily into my next big read which will take quite a while! The latest from Robert Galbraith… Ice Black Heart, coming soon to a blog near you… 🙂


UPDATE: since this blog was written and scheduled prior to the sad events of Thursday 8th, some of the below information may be superseded by changes to QVC schedule.

Friday (today) – go to the homepage of the website (here) to see and buy what’s left of The JM fashion by Julien MacDonald metallic biker jacket. And from 5 pm our mini series with a fashion event featuring other celebrities, Brenda Edwards, Dannii Minogue, and Ruth Langsford! Who brings us…

Saturday – Ruth Langsford’s faux suede coatigan with ribbed shawl collar. This should be a stonking success, I have seen the price!

Also a further fashion focus at 10 am with a whole hour of modest fashion, for anyone who wants to cover up.

Sunday – The only LG television today’s special value of the year, either 48 inch or 55 inch in size, the A26LA, smart 4K ultra HD, OLEDTV with an extra, FN3 earbuds. And join me at 9 pm for the brand-new offer from Korres.

Big deals are available on air for usually a week, they may be longer online if stocks last. New ones every Sunday night!

These ones mostly finish on Sunday:

  • Le Creuset’s premium nonstick 4pc bakeware set is on three easy pays, On the main channel.
  • Helene Berman brings us the Diana wool mix button up blazer, on style channel.
  • The beauty channel big deal is an ultra sun three-piece collection, good to stock up now.
  • and QVC extra one, is the Ninja perfect temperature kettle, this will be interesting!

New Big Deals from this Sunday:

– Main channel – Neom for peace all about sleep bedtime ritual collection. If this includes the amazing magnesium body butter I am definitely going to stock up! I swear by it and use it every single night. Deep asleep, beautifully moisturising, really powerful and effective in my opinion!

– EXTRA channel – TP Link Tapo C320WS 2K colour outdoor security Wi-Fi camera. Unbelievably affordable!

– STYLE channel – Helene Berman brings us the Diana wool mix button up blazer, so stylish!

– BEAUTY channel – Moremo miracle hair three-piece collection

Now back to the today’s special values for the rest of the week –

Monday – I will be launching on Sunday night, the new three-piece set from Korres, the pure Greek olive oil skincare collection. Featuring an amazing eye treatment, a huge part of the famous olive oil soap, and their famous facial oil! Smells amazing, really good value, and very moisturising!

Tuesday – Cozee Home reversible carved faux fur and velvet soft throw. We will all be needing to find better ways of keeping warm at home this winter and this is a very affordable solution!

Wednesday – Doll 10 are back with some wonderful new cosmetics – including the eight-piece gift of beauty colour collection!

Thursday – Marla Wynne Stretch faux suede jeans make an appearance, in different lengths and a very good price for Marla Wynne! And the word stretch, what’s not to like!

Also watch out for the Lola Rose jewelry designers outlet to our special with Nikki and Anna at 10 pm!

Friday – and how about a compact air fryer with viewings screen from cooks essentials, a small 4 L size and very affordable, what a great way of saving fuel this winter.

Friday 9 pm – skechers are back with a go walk stability suede boot. Plus look out mid-week for the Elemis for peace procollagen targeted result skincare collection going on pre-sale early as usual.

Next week – more from my lovely trip to Wales to see the kiddies and my daughter for her birthday. In addition to which I will be reporting for the first few days of my long-awaited return to show Castillon, writing retreat, in France! I absolutely cannot wait. It will be followed by a Devon retreat where I’m looking after writers at Retreats For You and the roles are reversed! So I won’t actually be back on QVC for a couple of weeks. 

Best wishes


PS we have a new prime minister. Glad it’s all over and best of luck!

PS (2) so sad at the passing of our lovely Queen this week. God rest the Queen. Long live the King.