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37 years of Brad; a 40 yr friendship lunch; and 7 days’ sneaky peeks! 

You know sometimes I start this by saying “another busy week?“ Well, I had the busiest seven days to cap them all, this week!

First, I just wanna say happy 37th to my boy, for today, the 1st of March (and my friend Caitlin down in Devon – which is a coincidence but they both share a birthday although not the same age ha ha. )

We had a smashing Italian meal near him in Fulham. (See top pic.) Put the world to rights as it’s been too long since we did a ‘just us.’ Then I went and got the kids after school and had another lovely time. Including being very proud of Blake when her teacher called me over and said what a lovely caring little human being she is, and to ‘tell mummy and daddy that whatever they’re doing, they’re doing it well’. How proud! Then she and I talked all the way to picking up her brother and we went to the playground. Fun times!

But the last 7 days, I’ve done so much!


Hollins on his Hols

They say you can’t make old friends – or old flames, actually, even though this one was less of an old flame and more like a little flicker – and no, that’s not a euphemism!) My lovely mate Andy Hollins also went to the National broadcasting school in Soho with me, in 1983, as did Andrew Collins with whom I celebrated in October, you might remember and with whom I now work at QVC! Anyway… Andy Hollins went on to become a successful radio presenter in the UK before he moved to LA nearly 3 decades ago with his boyfriend, now partner, Peter Bowes,) and he came over on his hols and looked me up. We get on like an absolute house on fire, you know like when you meet up with a friend that you haven’t seen for a long time and it seems like only yesterday. Enjoyed every minute and had some lovely reminiscing. Let’s do it again soon, Andy! 

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That’ll be the Day

Then it was off to the theatre, after lunch with Andy. I met mum n co for the Epsom Playhouse annual “that’ll be the day“ cabaret style music extravaganza night – and very good it was too, as ever. Well done Trevor and Gary. I was brought up at caravan site hols,  where there was always evening entertainment which was very often people doing cover versions in order to sound like the real thing. Plus some sketches in between. Well this was no exception! Our little family and friends group really enjoyed it! Well done mum for booking it and thank you :-). I hope they are back next year.

HRH and me

As promised I got the final official photographs back from my charity event at the wonderful Clarence house last week, and, this is where I met Queen Camilla, (with Gill Wright in the background who works on EastEnders and is also an ambassador). Do go back to last week’s blog to find out more about this super day out – one of my most memorable in the last couple of decades! I had just made her laugh! Very honoured to be invited by Medical Detection Dogs, my charity, for the 15th anniversary – HRH Camilla is also a patron. Hope you saw the piece on the news that night, where the littlest doggy was chewing the microphone! LOL

And There’s More….

Plus I went to the cinema, had some appointments, and the end of my trip in Devon last weekend, saw several other friends on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I must admit though, I did speak with Andy Hollins about the need to write my book and he said he would keep me to it. Still time this year to get it done… 🙂 🤞📖

Watch – here’s a particularly long one for you this week, with several short but worthwhile Recommendations, plus some TV, plus some cinema!

Watch – Online: A conductor makes sweet music when he gets the audience to become a choir! Listen to this! 

Feeling stressed? Check this out (here) LOL 🙂

Coming soon to QVC, check out the new Dyson hair product that blow dries as it straightens without the heat damage, as demonstrated by lovely Kathryn! (See it here).

Some ideas from me, for Mother’s Day, in a feature on our QVC website (See them here).

Watch – TV – One Day, on Netflix, fabulous adaptation of the successful book! I’m on approximately episode nine of fourteen thank goodness they’re not an hour long! Enjoying it though….

Or, Celebrity Apprentice Australia! Alan Sugar takes his particular kind of ‘mean’ to the ‘slebs’. Ozzie style! 

Watch – Cinema –  ‘Wicked Little Letters’ with Olivia Colman and Jessie Buckley and a lot more famous faces, Based on the true story from Littlehampton 100 years ago about poison pen letters, great fun, quite funny, and some super acting! 8.5 out of ten! Loved it 🙂

Vlog – Finally of course you could watch my Vlog! A wonderful walk in the woods when the sun came out… with one of the most inane first two minutes I think I’ve ever done! LOL. (See it here).

Or my museum post when I went to Bideford with my lovely mate Jennie on Saturday! 

I love museums! And I love what I discovered in this one… Especially the words to the song finally being explained! (See it here).

Funnies – Had to include these this week!

“Fold the clothes in the dryer please…” LOL!

And this one made me howl! Ever done this with your zoom profile picture, versus reality?

PodcastGo here to get the latest Inside QVC podcast from Will, and the current one if you haven’t listened yet :-). Don’t forget there’s a massive back list to catch up on, too!

Book of the Week – Been enjoying ‘The Library Murders’ by my lovely writing friend Merryn Allingham, as Flora steel helps Jack to solve another mystery in the 1950s South Coast Village we’ve come to love as this is book eight!


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Next week – lovely trip down to Wales to mark Mother’s Day, midweek! Looking forward to it 🙂

Best wishes



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